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Keyserling, Leon H.
Keyserling, Leon Hirsch
Leon Keyserling
Leon Keyserling (American economist)
Leon Keyserling (Amerikaans econoom (1908-1987))
Leon Keyserling (amerikansk ekonom)
Leon Keyserling (amerikansk økonom)
Leon Keyserling (US-amerikanischer Ökonom)
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Conference on Economic Progress (U.S.)
Israel Bond Drive
Javits, Benjamin A. (1894-1973)
Javits, Benjamin Abraham (1894-)
Javits, Benjamin Abraham (1894-1973)
Keyserling, Mary Dublin
Tugwell, Rexford G. (1891-1979)
Tugwell, Rexford Guy (1891-1979)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Banking and Currency. Subcommittee on Domestic Finance
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor. Subcommittee on Employment Opportunities
United States. Department of Labor. Manpower Administration
Achieving nationwide educational excellence; a ten-year plan to save the schools
Agriculture and the public interest;
coming crisis in housing, and its adverse impact upon economic growth and employment, The
flow of funds, to date and potential, from the United States to Israel, The : being primarily a study of fund raising by the American Jewish Community for Jewish causes
Full employment without inflation : prepared for the task force of the Committee on Full Employment
Goals for teachers' salaries in our public schools; a vital test of the sincerity of our great national purposes
How to cut unemployment to a 4 percent and end inflation and deficits by 1987, 1983:
How well is the Employment act of 1946 achieving its goal?
Inflation, recession, and a new approach to both.
Israel's needs and our responsibilities
lawyer's interest in public housing": address of Leon H. Keyserling, deputy administrator and general counsel of the United States housing authority, under the auspices of the Committee on the comparative laws of housing of the Section of international and comparative laws of the American bar association, on Monday, March, 6, 1939 ... in the Mayflower hotel, Washington, D.C., "The
Leon H. Keyserling
"Liberal" and "conservative" national economic policies and their consequences, 1919-1979 : a study to help implement promptly the Humphrey-Hawkins full employment and balanced growth act of 1978
Money, credit, and interest rates : their gross mismanagement by the Federal Reserve system : the Fed's assist to inflation, recessions, and injustice, and the readily available remedies in the perspective of the whole economy
move toward railroad mergers, a great national problem., The
Peace by Investment Corporation; to build people-to-people economic relations, The
prevalent monetary policy and its consequences; analysis, The
Progress or poverty; the U.S. at the crossroads
Redirecting education.
role of wages in a great society; stressing minimum-wage gains to help the working poor., The
scarcity school of economics, and the shortages it has wrought, The
Speeding Israel's progress : an analysis of achievement in its first ten years and prospects for future economic development
Taxation of whom and for what; "tax reform" versus tax reform
Toward full employment within three years : restrain inflation, reform Federal Reserve Board policies, improve Federal budget policies
Wages, prices, and profits; Phase II guidelines vs. appropriate policies
World Development Corporation, a giant peace and prosperity plan, The