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Crescentius Matherus
Increase Mather (Amerikaans schrijver (1639-1723))
Increase Mather (amerikansk författare)
Increase Mather (amerikansk skribent)
Increase Mather (pastore protestante e scrittore statunitense)
Increase Mather (Puritan minister, academic, activist)
Increase Mather (Puritanischer Pfarrer)
Mather, Crescentius
Mather, I.
Mather, Increase
Mathero, Crescentio
Matherus, Crescentius
Мэзер Инкриз
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Brinley, George (1817-1875)
Broedelet, Willem (Utrecht)
Marks, Joseph E. (co-author)
Mather, Cotton (1663-1728)
Mather, Cotton (co-author)
Mather, Increase (1639-1723))
Mey, Adrianus de Henr. f., 1675 fl
Offor, George (1787-1864)
Offor, George (co-author)
Scheick, William J. (1941-..)
Scheick, William J. (co-author)
Specht, Harmannus (1670-1672 fl)
Stoddard, Solomon (1643-1729)
Stoddart, Solomon (co-author)
Valentyn, François (1666-1727)
« An Arrow against profane and promiscuous dancing drawn out of the quiver of the Scriptures »
Autobiography of increase mather
brief history of the warr with the Indians. -, A
Cases of conscience concerning evil spirits personating men, witchcrafts, infallible proofs of guilt in such as are accused with that crime; all considered according to the Scriptures, history, experience, and the judgment of many learned men.
Cloud of witnesses
confession of faith, A
De Successu evangelii apud Indos occidentales in Nova-Anglia epistola ad... D. Johannem Leusdenum,... a Crescentio Mathero,...
Diatriba de signo Filii Hominis, et de secundo Messiae adventu : ubi de modo futurae Judaeorum conversionis; nec non de signis novissimi diei, disseritur.
discourse concerning the maintenance ... [MI] 1706:, A
discourse concerning the subject of baptisme, A : wherein the present controversies that are agitated in the New English churches are from Scripture and reason modestly enquired into
discourse on the holiness of the Sabbath-Day Being a sermon preached at Boston, New-England, October 29th. 1704. By Jer. Dummer, A.L.M. & Philosop. Doct., A
discourse proving that the Christian religion is the only true religion, A : wherein the necessity of divine revelation is evinced in several sermons
disquisition concerning the state of the souls of men (especially of good men) when separated from their bodies, A : in which some late very remarkable providences relating to apparitions, are considered
dissertation concerning the future conversion of the Jewish nation Answering the objections of the Reverend and learned Mr. Baxter, Dr. Lightfoot, and others. With an enquiry into the first resurrection. By Increase Mather., A
divine right of infant-baptisme asserted and proved from Scripture and antiquity, The
Doctrine of divine providence opened and applyed also sundry sermons on several other subjects
Early history of New England : being a relation of hostile passages between the Indians and European voyagers and first settlers ... : (1614-1675)
Early history of New England being a relation of hostile passages between the Indians and European voyagers and first settlers: and a full narrative of hostilities, to the close of the war with the Pequots, in the year 1637; also a detailed account of the origin of the war with King Philip
Essay for the recording of illustrious providences wherein an account is given of many remarkable and very memorable events which have hapned this last age, especially in new-england
Essay to block up the sinful wayes of young people
God giveth the increase An ordination sermon, preached at Bristol, N.E. Aug. 30. 1721. When Mr. Nathanael Cotton was ordained the pastor of the church there. By Joseph Belcher A.M. Pastor of the church in Dedham. [Six lines of quotations].
Guide to Christ
history of God's remarkable providences in colonial New England, A
Ichabod, or, A discourse shewing what cause there is to fear that the glory of the Lord is departing from New-England : delivered in two sermons
Increase Mather vs. Solomon Stoddard two puritan tracts
Komētographia; or, A discourse concerning comets; wherein the nature of blazing stars is enquired into; with an historical account of all the comets which have appeared from the beginning of the world unto this present year, M.DC.LXXXIII, expressing the place in the heavens, where they were seen, their motion, forms, duration; and the remarkable events which have followed in the world, so far as they have been by learned men observed.
leidsman tot Christus, of Hoe men zielen moet besturen, die werkzaam zijn tot bekeering, Een
life and death of that reverend man of God Mr. Richard Mather. -, The
Mathers on dancing with a bibliography of anti-dance works, 1685-1963, The
Meditations on the glory of the heavenly world
Meditations on the sanctification of the Lord's Day and on the judgments which attend the profanation of it : to which is added, Seasonable meditations both for winter and summer
Mystery of Israel's salvation explained and applied
Narrative of the miseries of new-england by reason of an arbitrary government erected there
Order of the gospel professed and practised by the churches of christ in new england, justified by the scripture, and by the writings of many learned men, both ancient and modern divines; in answer to several questions relating to church discipline
plea for the ministers of the gospel. Offered to the consideration of the people of New-England. Being an exposition of Galat. VI. 6 ..., A
Practical truths, plainly delivered: wherein is shewed, I. That true believers on Jesus Christ, shall as certainly enjoy everlasting life in Heaven, as if they were there already. II. That there is a blessed marriage between Jesus Christ, the son of God, & the true believer. III. That men are infinitely concerned, not only to hear the voice of Christ, but that they do it, today. IV. The work of the ministry, described, in an ordination sermon.
Practical truths tending to promote godliness, wherein several important duties are urged and the evil of divers common sins is evinced : delivered in sundry sermons
Praise out of the mouth of babes: or, A particular account of some extraordinary pious motions and devout exercises, observed of late in many children in Silesia With a preface by the late Reverend Dr. Increase Mather. And Dr. Newman's opinion of this extraordinary business; who was chief minister at Breslaw.
Relation of the troubles which have hapned in New-England by reason of the Indians there from the year 1614 to the year 1675, A
Remarkable providences illustrative of the earlier days of American colonisation
righteous man a blessing;, The
Sermon on the crime of self-murder
sermon shewing that the present dispensations of providence declare that wonderful revolutions in the world are near at hand; with an appendix, ... By ... Increase Mather, A
Sermons, wherein those eight characters of the blessed, commonly called the Beatitudes, are opened and applied in fifteen discourses. : To which is added, a sermon concerning the assurance of the love of Christ. By Increase Mather D.D.
Several reasons proving that inoculation or transplanting the small pox, is a lawful practice and that it has been blessed by God for the saving of many a life Sentiments on the small pox inoculated
Several sermons wherein is shewed, I. That Jesus Christ is a mighty Saviour. II. That God converts his elect some at one age, and some at another, commonly before old age. III. That when godly men dye, angels carry their souls to another and a better world. With a preface in which there is a brief and true character of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Bridge a lately deceased pastor in one of the churches in Boston. By Increase Mather, D.D. [Four lines of quotations].
Some important truths. -
Some remarks on a late sermon, preached at Boston in New-England, by George Keith M. A. shewing that his pretended good rules in divinity, are not built on the foundation of the apostles & prophets.
Some remarks on a pretended answer to a discourse concerning the common-prayer worship : with an exhortation to the churches in New-England to hold fast the profession of their faith without wavering
Soul-saving Gospel truths delivered in several sermons, wherein is shewed: I. The unreasonableness of those excuses which men make for their delaying to come to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. II. That for men to despair of the forgiveness of their sins because they have been great is a great evil. III. That every man in the world is going into eternity. By Increase Mather. [Six lines of Scripture texts]
successu Evangelii apud Indos in Nova-Anglia epistola., De
Testimony against prophane customs: namely, health drinking, dicing, cards, Christmas-keeping, New Year's gifts, cock-scaling, saints' days, etc.
Two Mather biographies "Life and death" and "Parentator"
Way of directing souls that are under the work of conversion
wicked man's portion. -, The
Wo to drunkards : two sermons testifying against the sin of drunkenness wherein the wofulness of that evil and the misery of all that are addicted to it is discovered from the word of God
Woe to drunkards
Wonders of the invisible world, being an account of the tryals of several witches lately executed in New-England, by Cotton Mather,... To which is added a farther account of the tryals of the New-England witches, by Increase Mather,..., The
Word to the present and succeeding generation in New-England.