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Mono Inc (Musical group or band)
began 2000
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Antoni, Manuel (hasMember)
Engler, Martin
Engler, Martin (hasMember)
Fornia, Carl (hasMember)
Mia, Katha (hasMember)
Mono, Miky (hasMember)
Across the Waves (Takatiktok mix by Eisfabrik)
Admiration Hill
After the War (Alive & Acoustic)
After the War (extended version)
Alles was bleibt
Alter Mann
Arabia (Alive & Acoustic)
Banks of Eden, The
Beggars and Kings
Best of You (Alive & Acoustic), The
Best of You (unplugged), The
Better Way to Die, A
Boatman (original version)
Burn Me (album version)
C'est la vie
Can’t Get You Out of My Head
Cemetary of Hearts
Chasing Cars
Children of the Dark (Faderhead Synthwave remix)
Children of the Dark (original version)
Clock Ticks On: 2004–2014, The
Condemned, The
Damn Happy Man
Days Like This
Don’t Let It Go Wrong
Don’t Mind (demo), I
Drumbattle Part 1
Drumbattle Part 2
Eden (reprise)
Emory Peak
Feel You, I
Flies (classic version)
For All We Have to Suffer
Forever and a Day (Infinity RMX by Solitary Experiments)
Forgiven (live)
Forgiven (original demo)
From the Ashes
Funeral Song (classic version)
Get Some Sleep (Alive & Acoustic)
Get Some Sleep (exclusive version)
Get Some Sleep (original demo)
Ghost Ship
Ghost Town Gates
Gothic Queen (Alive & Acoustic)
Grown (acoustic)
Head under water
Heart of the Raven (classic version), The
Heiland (Sonic Seducer remix)
Heile, Heile Segen (live)
Heile, heile Segen (Uncut remix)
Hole, The
House on Fire
Ich teile dich nicht
If I Fail (Servantes remix by Heimatærde)
In My Darkest Hours
In My Heart (Acoustic Version)
In My Heart (Alive & Acoustic)
In My Heart (original demo)
In the End
Interview With Mono Inc., Part 2
It Never Rains
Just Because I Love You
Kein Weg Zu Weit (Intl. version)
klaren Tagen (Piano version), An
Last Waltz (Acoustic Version), The
Last Waltz (album version), The
Last Waltz (Vientiane remix), The
Life Hates You (original demo)
Long Live Death (classic version)
Long Way Home, The
Looking Back
Love Lies
Love That Never Dies, A
My Deal With God (Alive & Acoustic)
My Dear Recipe
My Sick Mind TV (Acoustic Version)
My Songs Wear Black
My Sorrow
My Worst Enemy
Never-Ending Love Song
Never Say Die
Nimmermehr - Tour Edition
No More Fear
Not Like Me
Noten deines Lebens, Die
One Time in Your Life
Out in the Fields
Pain, Love & Poetry (Collector’s Cut)
Pain Machine (piano version)
Pain (Rimshot remix)
Paranoid (demo)
Passenger, The
Planet Shame
Potter’s Field (Alive & Acoustic)
Promise, The
Reign of Rats (classic version)
Rest in Grace
Revenge (Afterglow version)
Revenge (Alive & Acoustic)
Revenge (Degradation mix)
Revenge (live)
Risk It All (classic version)
Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
Saving Grace (original demo)
Saving You
Seligkeit (Alive & Acoustic)
Seligkeit (exklusive Zillo-Version)
Sleeping My Day Away
So Long Farewell
Somberland (Alive & Acoustic)
Somberland (Angkor remix)
Somewhere Else Than Here
Study Butte
Surge (Auf Kiel), The
Symphonies of Pain: Hits and Rarities
Symphony of Pain (Alive & Acoustic)
Symphony of Pain (live)
Tag X
Teach Me to Love (album version)
Teach Me to Love (single edit)
Temple of the Torn (Alive & Acoustic)
There Comes a Time (Back to Life)
This Is My Life (Kondensat remix by Blitzmaschine)
This is the Day (Alive & Acoustic)
Tide, The
Time to Go
Tired of the Day
Together till the end
Torn (reprise), The
Torture Me (original demo)
Trail of Thorns (Agra-remix)
Twice in Life (Alive & Acoustic)
Two Sinners (remix by Combichrist)
Under a Coal Black Sun (classic version)
Viva Hades
Voices of Doom (Alive & Acoustic)
Voices of Doom (live)
Wave No Flag
Welcome to Hell (classic version)
Welcome to Hell (Sonic remix) (Exklusiv)
Welcome to hell ; Welcome to heaven
When All My Cards Are Played
When Love's Gone (Backstage, Live & Unplugged 2012)
When the Raven Dies Tonight (classic version)
Why Can’t I
Won’t Forget This Day
Contributed to or performed: 
13th Street: The Sound of Mystery 3
20 Years Songs of Faith and Devotion - A Tribute to Depeche Mode
Aderlass, Volume 8
Am Ende des Wegs (remix)
Amphi Festival 2014
Amphi Festival 2016
Beside & Beyond
Best of Dark Visions
Boatman (album edit)
Boatman (Piano version)
Boatman (single edit)
Boatman (unplugged version)
Children of the Dark
Dry the Rain (orchestra version)
Extreme Traumfänger 4
Goth Is What You Make It [Four]
Gothic Compilation, Part XLI
Gothic Compilation, Part XLVI
Gothic Compilation, Part XXV
Gothic Compilation, Part XXXV
Gothic Compilation, Part XXXVII
Gothic File 02
Gothic File 05
Gothic Rock Box
Gothic Romance 2
Gothic Romance 3
Gothic Romance 4
Gothic Romance 5
Gothic Spirits 10
Gothic Spirits 11
Gothic Spirits 12
Gothic Spirits 13
Gothic Spirits 14
Gothic Spirits 16
Gothic Spirits 6
In My Darkest Hours
In My Heart
Kein Weg zu weit
Kein Weg zu weit (radio edit)
Kein Weg zu weit (unplugged)
Last Waltz, The
M'era Luna Festival 2011
M'era Luna Festival 2013
My Sick Mind TV
Potter’s Field (live & unplugged)
Schwarz in Schwarz
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Vol. 175
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Vol. 200
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 145
Subway to Sally XX
Teach Me to Love
Teach Me to Love (album version)
Teach Me to Love (radio version)
Vagabond’s Life (classic version), A
Vagabond’s Life, A
Viva Hades
Zillo CD 07-08/07
Zillo CD-09/2012
Zillo CD-10/2013