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Dyson (George)
Dyson, George (Sir,)
George Dyson
George Dyson (britisk komponist)
George Dyson (Brits componist (1883-1964))
George Dyson (brittisk kompositör)
George Dyson (composer)
George Dyson (compositeur britannique)
George Dyson (englischer Komponist)
Georgius Dyson
Sir George Dyson
ダイスン, ジョオジ
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
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Campaux, S.
City of London Sinfonia
Dyson, Freeman J. (1923-; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
For 4 soloists (SATB), chorus and orchestra
Herrick, Robert (1591-1674))
Hickox, Richard (1948-2008)
Naxos Digital Services
Ootaguro, Motoo (1893-1979)
Roberts, Stephen (1949-)
Royal College of Music (Great Britain). Chamber Choir
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Trotter, Thomas (1957-)
Wikeley, Jonathan
Wilde, Oscar (1854-1900)
Willcocks, David (1919-2015)
Wither, George (1588-1667)
大田黒, 元雄 (1893-1979)
Agincourt. Cantata for chorus and orchestra. Words from Shakespeare's Henry V and from the hymn after Agincourt (1415). [Réduction pour chant et piano]
ami dévoué (24 min 20 s)
At the Tabard inn
Bach's Birthday: I. Comodo
Bach's Birthday: II. Cantabile
Bach's Birthday: III. Allegretto
Bach's Birthday: IV. Vivace possibile
blacksmiths & other choral and instrumental music, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: I. Prologue, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: II. The Knight, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: III. The Squire, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: IV. The Nun, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: IX. The Shipman, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: V. The Monk, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: VI. The Clerk of Oxenford, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: VII. The Haberdasher and his Fraternity. The Merchant, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: VIII. The Sergeant of the Law. The Franklin, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: X. The Doctor of Physic, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: XI. The Wife of Bath, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: XII. The Poor Parson of a Town, The
Canterbury Pilgrims: XIII. L'envoi, The
Cello Sonata: I. Poco andante
Cello Sonata: II. Allegretto con moto
Cello Sonata: III. Allegro con spirito
Children's Suite after Walter de la Mare: I. Leggiero
Children's Suite after Walter de la Mare: II. Pastoral: Tranquillo
Children's Suite after Walter de la Mare: III. March: Alla marcia
Children's Suite after Walter de la Mare: IV. Whirligig: Di Ballo
Choral hymns. Hymn to the stars
Choral hymns. Morning and evening
Choral Symphony: I. Overture: Adagio - Allegro energico - Adagio e tranquillo
Choral Symphony: II. Allegro agitato, ma non troppo - Quasi adagio e molto tranquillo - Allegretto cantabile
Choral Symphony: III. Largo
Choral Symphony: IV. Allegro molto - Andante tranquillo - Con moto comodo
Christmas And Advent Music (Fear and Rejoice, O People) (St. John's College Choir, Robinson)
Christmas garland
Concerto da Camera: I. Allegro assai
Concerto da Camera: II. Andante
Concerto da Camera: III. Larghetto - Con brio
Concerto da Chiesa for String Orchestra: I. Veni, Emmanuel
Concerto da Chiesa for String Orchestra: II. Corde natus
Concerto da Chiesa for String Orchestra: III. Laetatus sum
Concerto Leggiero: I. Allegro - Vivace - Andante sostenuto et espressivo
Concerto Leggiero: II. Andante - Largamente sempre - Molto largamente
Concerto Leggiero: III. Vivace
Concertos, violin, orchestra, E flat major
Dyson Concertos ; Children's Suite.
Ejercicios correspondientes al Tratado de armonía, con bajos y cantos dados de Scholz, Sociedad didáctico-musical, Döuel [sic], Barclay Wilson, Reber, Durand, Koechlin, Dyson y Gaujac. Libro I
En honneur de la cité
English sacred music of the twentieth century
Epigrams: No. 1. A capriccio
Epigrams: No. 10. Alla cappella: semplice espressivo e cantabile
Epigrams: No. 2. All'improviso
Epigrams: No. 3. Sostenuto
Epigrams: No. 4. Ritmico
Epigrams: No. 5. Cantabile
Epigrams: No. 6. Sonore
Epigrams: No. 7. Di ballo
Epigrams: No. 8. Grazioso
Epigrams: No. 9. Con fuoco
Evening Service in D: Magnificat
Evening Service in D: Nunc dimittis
Fantasia and ground bass, organ
Fiddling while Rome burns; a musician's apology.
Four Songs for Sailors: I. To the Thames (Sempre largamente e sonore)
Four Songs for Sailors: II. Where Lies the Land? (Energico)
Four Songs for Sailors: III. Sea Music (Con moto molto moderato)
Four Songs for Sailors: IV. A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea (Allegro)
géant égoïste (16 min 40 s)
Gezangboek van Christian science - Christian science hymnal. Waronder zeven gezangen van the reverend Mary Baker Eddy,.... With seven hymns written by the reverend Mary Baker Eddy,...
Hymnen (1951)
In honour of the city
Instrumental music. Selections
Jane Birkin raconte deux contes d'Oscar Wilde
Konzerte, Vl Orch Es-Dur
Loved a lass part song for men's voices (unaccompanied), I
Lyrics, piano. Intermezzo
Lyrics, piano. Melody
Lyrics, violin, piano. Barcarolle
Lyrics, violin, piano. Rêverie
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis, D major
Morning service in D. - [1989]
My Birthday: I. Delicately
My Birthday: II. Brightly
My Birthday: III. Quietly
My spirit hath rejoiced
New music, by George Dyson
O praise God in his holiness
Ongaku bunkashi
Orchestra music. Selections
Organ and choral aspects and prospects.... Foreword by John Dykes Bower. Compiled and edited by Max Hinrichsen
Prayer for the King
Prelude and ballet
Prelude and postlude, organ
Prelude & Ballet: Ballet
Prelude & Ballet: Prelude
Prelude, Fantasy and Chaconne: Chaconne
Prelude, Fantasy and Chaconne: Fantasy
Prelude, Fantasy and Chaconne: Prelude
Primrose Mount
Progrès de la musique : histoire de la musique en Europe depuis le Moyen âge jusqu'a nos jours
Progress of music
Psalmen 150
Quo vadis ; a cycle of poems set to music for soprano, contralto, tenor and bass soli, chorus and orchestra
Quo Vadis: I. Our birth is but a sleep
Quo Vadis: II. Rise, O my soul
Quo Vadis: III. O whither shall my troubled muse incline
Quo Vadis: IV. Night hath no wings
Quo Vadis: IX. To find the western path
Quo vadis. Nocturne
Quo Vadis: V. O timely happy, timely wise
Quo Vadis: VI. Dear stream! dear bank!
Quo Vadis: VII. Come to me, God
Quo Vadis: VIII. They are at rest
Reverie (1924)
Rhapsodies, violins (2), viola, cello
Rhapsody no. 1: Allegretto
Rhapsody no. 2: Lento
Rhapsody no. 3: Adagio - Allegretto
River Music
Rustic Songs: No. 1. The Wassail
Rustic Songs: No. 2. Farewell to the River
Rustic Songs: No. 3. The Hock-Cart
Sinfonien G-Dur
Six Metamorphoses after Ovid
Sonata, cello, piano, A major
Songs for sailors
Songs of courage. Seekers
Songs of courage. Valour
Songs of praise. Praise
Soviet music musical education and music making
Spring garland
St. Paul's voyage to Melita
Storia della musica
Sweet Thames run softly
Symphony, G major
Symphony in G: I. Energico
Symphony in G: II. Andante
Symphony in G: III. Allegro risoluto - L'istesso tempo - Molto moderato - Vivace - Molto sostenuto - Poco andante - Poco allegretto - Presto - Grazioso -
Symphony in G: IV. Poco adagio - Andante - Allegro assai - Andante molto moderato
Te Deum laudamus. - [1989]
Three Choral Hymns: Hymn for a Musician
Three Choral Hymns: Hymn to the Stars
Three Choral Hymns: Morning and Evening
Three Lyrics: No. 1. Reverie
Three Lyrics: No. 2. Arabesque
Three Lyrics: No. 3. Barcarolle
Three Songs of Praise: A Poet's Hymn
Three Songs of Praise: Lauds
Three Songs of Praise: Praise
Three songs to Julia : for medium voice
Three Violin Pieces: No. 1. Melody
Three Violin Pieces: No. 2. Intermezzo
Three Violin Pieces: No. 3. Reverie
Three War Pieces: No. 1. An autograph
Three War Pieces: No. 2. Con moto tranquilo
Three War Pieces: No. 3. Sostenuto ed espressivo
To music
Twilight: No. 1. Tranquillo
Twilight: No. 2. A Capriccio
Twilight: No. 3. Grazioso
Twilight: No. 4. Sostenuto
Violin Concerto: I. Molto moderato
Violin Concerto: II. Vivace
Violin Concerto: III. Poco andante
Violin Concerto: IV. Allegro ma non troppo
Vocal music. Selections
Voluntaries Orgue Ré majeur
War pieces
Westminster Abbey Choir and Ely Cathedral Choir Choral Festival (A)
Wife of Bath, The
Woodland Suite.
Works. Selections
Contributed to or performed: 
Canterbury Pilgrims, The
Chamber Works
Choral Symphony / St. Paul's Voyage to Melita
Concerto Leggiero / Concerto da Camera / Concerto da Chiesa
Gibbs: Odysseus / Dyson: Four Songs for Sailors
Howells: In Gloucestershire / Dyson: Three Rhapsodies
In Honour of the City / At the Tabard Inn / Sweet Thames Run Softly
Music for Cello and Piano
Quo Vadis
Symphony in G
Symphony in G major / Concerto da Chiesa
Violin Concerto / Children’s Suite after Walter de la Mare
Duration: about 110-120 min
For 4 soloists (SATB), chorus and orchestra