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Gaelic storm
Gaelic Storm (Musical group or band)
began 1996
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Brown, Tom (hasMember)
Hunt, Samantha (hasMember)
Keane, Kathleen (hasMember)
Klein, Ellery (hasMember)
Lacey, Ryan (hasMember)
Lonsdale, Shep (hasMember)
Murphy, Patrick (hasMember)
Purvis, Peter (hasMember)
Twigger, Steve (hasMember)
Walsh, Brian (hasMember)
Weber, Kiana June (hasMember)
Wehmeyer, Stephen (hasMember)
After Hours at McGann’s: The Primrose Lass / Hewlett’s Reel / Reel Gan Ainm
Alligator Arms
Already Home
Another Stupid Drinking Song
Back to the Pub
Bare in the Basin
Barnyards of Delgaty, The
Bear and the Butcher Boy, The
Beer Song, The
Before the Night is Over
Beggarman: The Beggarman / Johnny McGreevy’s Favorite, The
Beidh Aonach Amárach
Black is the Colour
Blarney Pilgrims
Blind Monkey
Boathouse, The
Bonnie Ship the Diamond / Tamlinn
Born to be a Bachelor
Breakfast at Lady A.’s: Coleman’s Jig / Sean Ryan’s Jig #2 / The Lark in the Morning
Bring Yer Wellies
Broken Promise, The
Buzzards of Bourbon Street, The
Cab Ride to Kingston
Cailin Deas Rua, An
Can't Find My Way Home, I
Cape Cod Girls
Chicken Boxer
Chucky Timm
Courtin’ in the Kitchen
Crazy Eyes McGillicuddy
Crazy Eyes McGullicuddy
Cyclone McClusky
Damn Good Dog
Damn Near Died in Killalde
Dancing in the Rain
Darcy’s Donkey
Dé Luain, Dé Máirt
Dead Bird Hill
Death Ride to Durango
Devil Down Below, The
Devil Went Down to Doolin: Mack’s Fancy / The Devil Amongst the Tailors / John Brennan’s Reel / [unknown Shetland tune], The
Dodgy Pint, The
Don’t Go for "the One"
Don’t Let the Truth Get in the Way (of a Good Story)
Down to Old Maui
Down Underground
Drink the Night Away
Drowsy Maggie Dance
Essequibo River
Faithful Land
Farmer’s Frolic: Ramblin’ Pitchfork / Hag by the Churn, The
Ferryman, The
Fish and Get Fat
Floating the Flambeau
Full Irish: The Best of Gaelic Storm 2004-2014
Gaelic Storm
Galician Dinky, The
Girls’ Night in Galway
Girls of Dublin Town
Go Climb a Tree
Go Home, Girl!: Go Home, Girl / The Rose in the Heather
Green Eyes, Red Hair
Green, White, and Orange
Heart of the Ocean
Hello Monday
Herding cats
Hills of Connemara
How Are We Getting Home?
Human to a God
If Good Times Were Dollars
If You’ve Got Time
Irish Breakfast Day
Irish Party in Third Class, An
Jimmy’s Bucket
John Ryan’s Polka
Johnny jump up; Morrison's jig
Johnny Tarr
Just Ran Out of Whiskey
Kelly’s Wellies
Kesh Jig
Kiss Me I’m Irish
Leaving of Liverpool, The
Liverpool Judies
Lone‐Star Stowaway, The
Long Way Home, The
Lover’s Wreck
Marching Free
Mary’s Eyes
Matching Sweaters
McCloud’s Reel / Whup Jamboree
Me and the Moon
Mechanical Bull, The
Midnight Kiss: The Caterpillar / Miss Monaghan’s / The Midnight Kiss, The
Mingulay Boat Song
Miss My Home, I
Monday Morning Girl
My Lucky Day
My Son John
Nancy Whiskey
Narwhaling Cheesehead, The
Never Drink ’em Dry (Johnny Tarr’s Funeral)
New York Girls: New York Girls / Maggie in the Woods
Night I Punched Russell Crowe, The
Night of Tomfoolery, The
Northern Lights
One More Day Above the Roses
Out the Road
Paddy’s Rubber Arm
Park East Polkas: Barney Hare / The Cobbler / Walsh’s Polka / The Green Cottage, The
Piña Colada in a Pint Glass
Plouescat Races: The Ships Are Sailing / Miss McCleod’s / Tom Fitzmorris, The
Poc Ar Buile: An Poc Ar Buile / The Goat in the Thicket / Licking Nettles, An
Punjab Paddy
Rag and Bone Intro
Raised on Black and Tans
Road to Liskeard: Dan O’Keefe / Cearc Agus Coillach, The
Rocky Road to Dublin / Kid on the Mountain
Rum Runners
Rustling Goat Rang, The
Salt Lick, The
Sammy’s Fancy: An Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies / Atholl Highlander / Scatter the Mud
Samurai Set, The
Schooner Lake Set, The
Shanghai Kelly
She Was the Prize
Shine On
Short a Couple A’ Bob
Sight of Land: Julia Delaney / Mouth of the Tobique / Cooley's Reel
Six of One
Slim Jim and the Seven Eleven Girl
Son of a Poacher
South Australia
Space Race
Spanish Lady
Special Reserve
Spider Bite
Stain the Grout
Stone by Stone
Storks of Guadalajara, The
Storm, The
Summer’s Gone
Swimmin’ in the Sea
Teachers’ Snow Day, The
Tear Upon the Rose
Tell Me Ma
Thirsty Work: The Coalminer / Speed the Plough / The Rainy Day
Thought I Knew You, I
Time, Drink ’em Up
Titanic Set
Tornado Alley
Turn This Ship Around
Walk Through My Door
Watery Grave
Weary Whaling Grounds
Weeping Willow
What a Way to Go
What’s the Rumpus?
When I Win
Where E're You Go
Whichever Way the Wind Blows
Whiskey in the Jar
Whiskey Johnny
Whiskeyed Up and Womaned Out
William Hollander
Yarmouth Town
Contributed to or performed: 
Back to Titanic
Best in Lounge: Global Superstars
Esoterotica: An Innerplay of Love & Music
Higher Octave Is... World Fusion
Pittsburgh Irish Festival
Rock Boat 2004: Washed Ashore, The
Rock Boat 2005, The
Rock Boat IX, The
Rock Boat VI, The
Rock Boat VII, The
Rock Boat X, The
Rock Boat XI, The
Rock Boat XIV, The
Sims 2: Bon Voyage, The
Titanic: Collector’s Anniversary Edition
Titanic: Music From the Motion Picture
Titanic: Music From the Motion Picture - 20th Anniversary Edition
Trésors Celtes, Les
World Is Mine, The