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Biśvabidyālaẏa Calcutta
Calcutta (India) University of Calcutta
Calcutta University
Kalikātā Biśvabidyālaẏa
Kalikata Bisvabidyalaya (Calcutta)
University Calcutta
University of Calcutta
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India West Bengal Kolkata
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Language material
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Das, Tarakchandra
Dasgupta, Surendranath
Husain 'Ali, Sayyid
Italy. Ambasciata (India). Cultural Centre
Italy. Consolato generale (Calcutta, India)
Ray, Ranjana
Schwartz, Bernard
Sen, Dineshchandra
Ācārya-vandanā : D.R. Bhandarkar birth centenary volume
Acharya Prafulla Chandra Rāy; birth centenary souvenir volume.
Adapting to changing environment : studies in anthropology
Ancient Indian numismatics
Annual report - University of Calcutta.
Arab kingdom and its fall, The
Arabische Reich und sein Sturz.
Asian Colloquy on Teachers' Organisations and Higher Educational Institutions in the Service of Economic, Social and Cultural Development, Calcutta, India, 23-25 January 1973
Asutosh Lectures
Asutosh Sanskrit Series, The
bamla chanda samiksha
Bāṃlā sāhitya patrikā
Bengali Ramayanas being lectures delivered to the Calcutta University in 1916, as Ramtanu Lahiri research fellow in the history of Bengali language and literature, The
Benoy Kumar Sarkar and Italy : culture, politics, and economic ideology
Bhela samhita; Sanskrit text., The
Bihārīlālera kābya-saṃgraha
Bihārīlālera kābyasaṃgraha
Calcutta rev.
Calcutta review, The
Catalogue of doctoral dissertations, 1957-1982
Civil service in India under the East India company, a study in administrative development.
Conflict and co-operation in modern history lectures delivered at the Calcutta University, March 1943
Corporate life in ancient India
crisis of Indian civilisation in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries the genesis of Indo-Muslim civilisation, The
Descriptive catalogue of university publications
development of Hindu iconography, The
Development of post-graduate studies in arts and letters in the University of Calcutta, 1907-48.
economic and commercial publications of the post-graduate teachers of Calcutta University, The
folk-literature of Bengal (being lectures delivered to the Calcutta University in 1917, as Ramtanu Lahiri research fellow in the history of Bengali language and literature.), The
Ganges delta, The
History of Bengali language and literature. A series of lectures delivered as Reader to the Calcutta University
history of Sanskrit literature classical period, A
Hos of Seraikella, The
Hundred years of the University of Calcutta, a history of the university issued in commemoration of the centenary celebrations.
In search of an entente, India and Italy, from the XIX to the XX century : a survey
India and China : the next decade : papers and proceedings of a seminar organised by the Observer Research Foundation and the University of Calcutta
Indian cultural influence in Cambodia
IUAES Inter Congress on Mega Urbanization, Multi-ethnic Society, Human Rights, and Development
J. Dep. Lett., Univ. Calcutta
journal of ancient indian history 1983 84
Journal of the Department of Letters
Kalikātā Biśvabidyālaẏa o lokasāhitya carcā.
[Kusumāñjalikārikā] Kusumāñjalikārikā of Udayanācārya ; with the commentary Kusumāñjalikārikāvyākhyā of Rāmabhadra Sārvabhauma and Sanskrit notes compiled by Chandidasa Nyaya-Tarkatirtha ; edited by Narendrachandra Vedantatirtha.
Land system of Bengal
Lectures on ancient Indian numismatics
Life & philosophy of Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinath Kaviraj : papers presented at the seminar.
M.A. Pali course
modern trends of diplomatic law, The
Muntak̲h̲abāt-i Urdū
Nāma-rūpa and dharma-rūpa origin and aspects of an ancient Indian conception
Nyāya theory of knowledge, a critical study of some problems of logic and metaphysics, The
On some aspects of the doctrines of Maitreya (Nātha) and Asaṅga being a course of five lectures delivered at the University of Calcutta
Orissa in the making;
Pāli Literatur und Sprache.
Pāli literature and language.
Parliamentary privileges in India.
Philosophical essays
Philosophy of medicine
Piṅgalacchandaḥsūtra : a study : e sṭaḍi
Political history of ancient India, from the accession of Parikshit to the extinction of the Gupta dynasty
Pre-Aryan and pre-Dravidian in India
Problems of rural India; being a collection of addresses delivered on various occasions in India and in England
Purums an old Kuki tribe of Manipur, The
Redefining humanism : selected essays of D.P. Mukerji
Rediscovering the familiar : an anthroplogical approach
Regulations with amendments up to 30th June, 1919.
Research papers of Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy : a complete collection
Santal insurrection of 1855-57, The
Selections from classical Gujarati literature ...
Selections from Hindi literature ...
Sino-Indica : publications de l'Université de Calcutta
Some makers of American law
spirit of Indian civilization, The
Studies in philosophy and religion
Studies in Spenser
successors of the Sätavähanas in lower Deccan, The
Tables of Persian metres, for the use of students
Tagore Law Lectures
Training in leadership and citizenship for young India
Translation from English into Persian
Types of early Bengali prose
University studies
Upaniṣadyoga and Pātañjalayoga : a comparative approach : a kamapārāṭibha aproca
Vedānta: the culmination of Indian thought
Yoga philosophy of Patañjali : containing his yoga aphorisms with commentary of Vyāsa in original Sanskrit : and annotations thereon with copious hints on the practice of Yoga by Sāṁkhya-Yogāchārya Swāmi Hariharānanda Āranya ; rendered into English by P.N. Mukerji