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Negeri Sabah
Sabah (Malaysia)
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
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Malaisie (see also from)
Ajmal aghānī The very best of
Anggaran emolumen bagi tahun ...
Anggaran hasil dan perbelanjaan bagi tahun
Anggaran pembangunan bagi tahun
Aydī al-nāʻimah, al-
Aywah yā ʻamm
Bārīs wa-al-ḥub
Constitution of the State of Sabah.
Estimates of development for the year
Estimates of emolument for the year ...
Estimates of revenue and expenditure
Everyone's woman.
External trade for ...
Festival of love.
Fire of Passion., The
First supplement to the government gazette
Fourth supplement to the government gazette
Government gazette extraordinary
ʻAtabah al-khaḍrāʼ, al-
Investment guide, Sabah, Malaysia
Jawz marātī
Jūz Mrātī
Laḥn ḥubb Symphony of love
Law of Sabah
Laws, etc. (Acts)
Laws, etc. (Laws of the State of Sabah)
Laws, etc. (Subsidiary legislation)
laws of State of Sabah, The : annual volume.
Limitation Ordinance : (Sabah Cap. 72) : incorporating all amendments and modifications up to 1st January, 1966.
Limitaton Ordinance
Mahrajān al-ḥubb
My Wife's Husband
Nār al-shawq
Paris and love
Penyata kewangan
Perangkaan estet-estet kelapa sawit, kelapa dan koko, Sabah. Oil palm, coconut and cocoa estates statistics, Sabah.
Qalb lahuh wāḥid, al-
Rancangan Malaysia yang kedua, 1971-1975 Second Malaysia plan (Sabah).
Report of the Director of Audit, Sabah.
reprint of the laws of that part of the Colony of North Borneo formerly known as the State of North Borneo, in force on the 31st day of December, 1946., A
Revolution of the city.
Sabah annual report
Sabah development plan, 1965-1970.
Sabah fi al-masrahiyah al-ghinaiyah Sitt al-kul
Ṣabāḥ fī Hūlīwūd
Sabah government gazette
Sabah in Hollywood.
Sabah's 10th anniversary of independence within Malaysia : a review of progress and achievements during the first decade of independence from 1963-1973.
Sabah statistics.
Second Malaysia plan (Sabah)
Second supplement to the government gazette
Shāriʻ al-ḥubb
Shāriʻa al-ḥubb
Sitt al-kul
State development budget for the year 1970.
State laws of Sabah
State of Sabah directory:
State of Sabah first supplement to the government gazette
State of Sabah fourth supplement to the government gazette
State of Sabah second supplement to the government gazette
State of Sabah trade marks supplement to the government gazette
Street of love
Symphony of love
Thawrat al-madīnah
Trade marks supplement to the government gazette
Very best of Sabah
Warta kerajaan Negeri Sabah
Yā abu kalām ʻālkayf ajmal al-aghānī.
Yes, Sir.
ڤ ارب مس تپ.
لحن حبي Symphony of love