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Residents Musical group (Musical group or band)
The Residents
The Residents (Musical group or band)
began 1966
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Brown, James
Cook, Nolan (hasMember)
Fabrizio, Carla (hasMember)
Fox, Hardy (hasMember)
Gershwin, George
Harvey, Molly (hasMember)
Lenz, Maximilian (1965-)
Ludtke, Jim
Matthews, Ian
Popol Vuh
Randy (hasMember)
Voyager Company
1-10 (With a Touch of 11) Pt. 1
1-10 (With a Touch of 11) Pt. 4
1-10 (With a Touch of 11) Pt. 5
1-10 (With a Touch of 11) Pt. 6
1-10 (With a Touch of 11) Pt. 7
1-10 (With a Touch of 11) Pt. 8
12 Days of Brumalia + Prelude to “The Teds”, The
19 Mysterious Tracks
1983-06-02: Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
1986-01-27: Peabody’s Down Under, Cleveland, OH, USA
1986-02-08: The Palms, Milwaukee, WI, USA
1986-10-05: Norske Opera, Oslo, Norway
1989-07-21: Lincoln Center, Alice Tully Hall, New York City, NY, USA
1989-07-22: Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York City, NY, USA
1990-03-09: Cube-E – Piece 3: The Baby King: Brueckenkopf Forum, Bonn-Beuel, Germany
1990-03-19: Teatro Ciak, Milano, Italy
1990-11-23: Beacon Theatre, New York City, NY, USA
1999-07-03: Roskilde Festivalen, Roskilde, Denmark
2001-02-14: Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA, USA
2008-10-17: Lakeshore Theater, Chicago, IL (Early & Late set)
7733 Variations
80 Aching Orphans: 45 Years of the Residents
96 Tears
Act of Being Polite, The
Adobe Disfigured Night 1 (2.0)
Adobe Disfigured Night 3
Adobe Disfigured Night 4
Adventures of a Troubled Heart
Aging Musician (edit), The
Ain’t Seen No Rats, I
Aircraft Damage
All Shook Up
All tha’ Freaks
Almost Perfect
American Band Story
And I Was Alone
Andy Atom
Anganok (excerpt)
Anganok Instrumental
Angry Angakok, The
Animal Lover Instrumental
Animal Lover: Lover Seven
Another Land / Narration
Anvil Forest
[applause] / Peter Cotton Tail
Arctic Hysteria
Around the Midway We Go
Art, the White Elephant
Ascetic, The
Assorted Secrets
Atomic Shopping Carts
Attitude Is Everything (David, Part 3) (Tamara’s Tumor)
Aura Flex
Baby King: A Fool Such as I, The
Baby King: All Shook Up, The
Baby King: Burning Love, The
Baby King: Devil in Disguise, The
Baby King: Don’t Be Cruel, The
Baby King: Heartbreak Hotel, The
Baby King: Hound Dog / Out, The
Baby King: Love Me Tender, The
Baby King: Ober, The
Baby King, Part 1, The
Baby King, Part 2, The
Baby King, Part 3, The
Baby King, Part 4, The
Baby King, Part 5, The
Baby King: Teddy Bear, The
Baby King: The Baby King (1), The
Baby King: The Baby King (2), The
Baby King: The Baby King (3), The
Baby King: The Baby King (4), The
Baby King: Viva Las Vegas, The
Baby Sex
Baby Sister
Baby Skeletons and Dogs
Bach Is Dead (1980 studio demo)
Bach Is Dead (1982 Rehearsal)
Bach Is Dead (Re - Imagined)
Bad Day on the Midway: Music From the Game Reconsidered
Bad Day Re Emerges
Bad Mood Day
Bath of Stars / The Skeleton, The
Bathesheba Bathes (David, Part 2)
Bathsheba Bathes
Be Kind to U-WEB Footed Friends
Beatles Play The Residents and The Residents Play The Beatles, The
Beautiful Dreamer
Beekeeper’s Daughter, The
Benny Bounces
Benny Live – Icky Flix Tour (2001)
Benny the Bouncing Bump
Best Left Unspoken… Volume One: Pollex Christi and Other Selections
Best Left Unspoken… Volume Three: For Elsie and Other Selections
Best Left Unspoken… Volume Two: High Horses and Other Selections
Betty [Demons Dance Alone]
Betty’s Body
Between a Rock and a Hard Space
Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life
Big Bubble / Hop a Little / Cry for the Fire
Big Hand
Big Hunk o’ Love
Birds in the Trees
Birth of Mush Room, The
Birthday Boy (1982 Rehearsal)
Black Barry: Black Barry
Black Barry: Forty-Four
Black Barry Set: Engine 44
Black Barry Set: Fourty-Four
Black Barry Set: New Orleans
Black Barry Set: Organism
Black Barry Set: Shortnin’ Bread
Black Barry Set: The Gospel Truth
Black Barry Set: Voodoo Queen
Black Barry Set: What Am I Gonna Do?
Black Behind/Secret Room, The
Black Berry / Engine 44 / Voodoo Queen
Black Cats
Black Scars
Black [The Bunny Boy]
Black Velvet Original
Blood on the Bunny - Live From the Bunny Boy Tour
Blow Row
Blue Rosebuds (live 2014)
Blue Rosebuds RMX
Blue Suede Shoes
Blue Tongues
Boarding House, The
Boneless Boys (remix 2004)
Bonus Brumalia
Boo Who?
Booker Tease (Re - Imagined), The
Boots Again
Bop Bop (Shoobop Bop)
Bop Bop Shu Bop Bop
Bourbon Street
Boxes Full of Armageddon
Boy in Love
Breath and Length Version
Bridegroom of Blood
Bridgeroom of Blood
Broccoli and Saxophone
Broken Brake
Broken Irony
Brown Cow
Brumalia 01 (Partridge Pairing)
Brumalia 02 (Turtle Dove)
Brumalia 03 (Chicken of the Oui)
Brumalia 04 (Calling Bird)
Brumalia 05 (Golden Ring)
Brumalia 06 (Lying Goose)
Brumalia 07 (Swami Swan)
Brumalia 08 (Maid Being Milked)
Brumalia 09 (Wiggling Wahinis)
Brumalia 10 (Leaping and Lords)
Brumalia 11 (Pieta Piper)
Brumalia 12 (Big Hand)
Brumalia 13 (Feast of the Epiphany)
Buckaroo Blues Set: Buckaroo Blues Theme (reprise)
Buckaroo Blues Set: Bury Me Not
Buckaroo Blues Set: Cowboy Waltz
Buckaroo Blues Set: From the Plains to Mexico
Buckaroo Blues Set: Saddle Sores
Buckaroo Blues Set: The Stampede
Buckaroo Blues Set: The Trail Dance
Buckaroo Blues Set: Theme From Buckaroo Blues
Buckaroo Blues: The Theme From Buckaroo Blues (reprise)
Bugs for Commas
Bunny Boy 1
Bunny Boy 2
Bunny Boy 3
Bunny Boy 4
Bunny Boy 5
Bunny Boy 6
Bunny Boy 7
Bunny Boy 8
Bunny Boy 9
bunny boy, The
Burn Baby Burn.Road
Burn My Bones
Burning Love (live TV version)
Burning Madrone
Bury Me Not
Butcher Shop, The
Cain and Abel.Road
Call of the Wild
Calling All Aliens
Calling Bird
Campus Stroll
Can't Help Falling in Love
Cantaten to der Dyin Prunen
Car Thief, The
Carlos Buys a Round
CB Contraption 1
CB Contraption 2
Census Taker Returns, The
Charlie Chan
Chewing hides the sound
Chicken of the Oui
Chicken Scratching With The Residents
Christmas Morning Foto
Chuck’s Ghost Music
Claire’s Response
Clumsy Climb
Cold Metal Strikes a Soldier’s Bible
Cominf of the Corn
Coming of the Crow / Eva’s Warning, The
Coming of the Crow II, The
Commercial Album Suite
Commercial Album, The
Commercial Single
Conceiving Ada Titles
Concerto in R Flat Minor
Confused by What I Felt Inside
Confused Transsexual, The
Constantinople (1982 Rehearsal)
Constantinople (Adobe)
Constantinople (Icky Flix version)
Consuelo’s Departure
Consuelo’s Return
Crash at Crush, The
Crawling Kingdom, The
Creeping Dread
Cry for the Fire
Cry of a Crow, The
Crystal Shards
CUBE E Concentrate
Cube E: The History of American Music in 3 E-Z Pieces: Live in Holland
Curtain Call
D*ck S*ab: 35th Anniversary
D Is for Doorknob
Daddy’s Poems
Dagmar, the Dog Woman
Dancing Duck, The
Dangerous Sea, The
Dark Found Light Lost
Dark Man, The
David Flashes God (David, Part 1) (When Davis Displays His Dick)
David Sanborn’s Greeting
Dawn of the Dragons
Day 1
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Daydream B Liver
Daydream Believer
Daydream in Space
Dead Men
Dead Wood
Deadly Game, The
Dear Brother
Death Harvest
Death in Barstow
Deep Sea Diver Song
Deepsea Diver Song
Demon Dance Alone
Demonic! The Residents Live in Oslo!
Demons dance alone
Devil in Disguise
Dimples and Toes
Dinah and the Unclean Skin.Road
Disfigured Night 3
Disfigured Night 4
Disfigured Night 5
Disfigured Night 6
Disfigured Night 7
Disfigured Night (excerpt 1)
Disfigured Night (excerpt 2)
Disfigured Night (intro)
Disguised as Meat
Diskomo (1980 studio demo)
Diskomo 1992
Diskomo 2000
Diskomo (edit)
Diskomo / Goosebump
Diskomo – Live in San Francisco
Diskomo (The Festival of Death) (incomplete)
Dixie Brings It Home
Dog Glue
Dollar General: One Lost Night in Van Horn, Texas
Dolor Generar: Una noche Lost en Van Horn, Texas
Don't be Cruel
Don’t Mind, I
Double Shot
Doubting the Past
Dream 3
Dream 4
Dream I Almost Remember, The
Dream Number 2
Dream Wheel
Dreaming of an Anthill (Teeming)
Dreaming of Night
Dropped Pain
Drunk Again in Van Horn, Texas
Ds/Bag Suite (Tromsø Inconvenienced, 1986)
Duck Stab + Buster & Glenn + Goosebump
Duck stab ; Buster & Glen
Dumbo, the Clown
Dung Beetles at Work
Dying Oilman, The
Earth vs. Flying Saucers
Easter Woman / Amber / Red Rider / Die in Terror / Coming of the Crow / Eva's Warning
Easter Woman Guitar Solo
Easter Woman (live)
Easter Woman / Simple Song
Easter Women
Eat Exuding Oinks! Ralph Records' 1977 Radio Special
Edweena (extract)
[Electric kingdom] - Dancing with the rebels, Electrickingdom
Electrocutioner (Re - Imagined), The
Elmer’s Song
Elvis and His Boss
Emotional Music
End of Home
[enter stage] / I Have Got a Story to Tell
Entrance to Crypt
Episode 1: The Kid Who Collected Crimes!
Episode 2: Gator Hater!
Episode 3: Misdelivered Mummy!
Episode 4: The Beards!
Episode 5: Termites From Formosa!
Eskimo Concentrate
Eskimo Opera
Eskimo Outtake 1
Eskimo Outtake 2
Eskimo Outtake 3
Eskimo Outtake 4
Eskimo Outtake 5
Eskimo Outtakes, Part 1
Eskimo Outtakes, Part 2
Eskimo Outtakes, Part 3
Eskimo Outtakes, Part 4
Eskimo Outtakes, Part 5
Eskimo Outtakes: The Complete Edition
Eva's Warning / The Coming of the Crow II
Every Day I Masturbate on a Merican Fag
Everyone Comes to the Freak Show
Evil Disposer, The
Excerpt From “For Elsie”
Excerpt From “Never Known Questions”
Excerpt From “Rest Aria”
Excerpt From “Six Things to a Cycle”
Excerpt From “The Making of a Soul”
Excerpt From “The Party – ’72”
Excerpt From “The Snakey Wake”
(excerpt) Hades - From the Exhibition, Hades
(excerpt) "In the Dark" - From The Ughs!
(excerpt) - The Voice of Midnight: Instrumental
(excerpt) - Tweedles Instrumentals
Exit Music
Eye of the Serpent
Eye’s Scream, The
Fabrics Drape the Unseen God
Failed Eyes
Falling in Love With Love
Fear for the Future
Feast of the Epiphany, The
Festival of Death 1 (1980 studio demo), The
Festival of Death 2 (1980 studio demo), The
Festival of Death (alternative)
Festival of Death (excerpt), The
Fever Dream
Fever Dreams
Final Confrontation
Fine Fat Flies
Fingerprince Concentrate
Fire ’99 / Santa Dog 2nd Millennium
Fire Fall.Road
Firefly / The Big Bubble
Flight of the Bumble Roach
Floating Down the Nile, Part 2
Floating Down the Nile Pt2
Florence - The Fat Ghost
Fly Me to the Moon
Flying Blind
Fool such as I, A
For Elsie (excerpt)
For Elsie, Part 1
For Elsie, Part 2
For Elsie, Part 3
For Elsie, Part 4
For Elsie, Part 5
For Elsie, Part 6
For Elsie, Part 7
For Elsie, Part 8
For Elsie, Part 9
Forty-Four No More
Fourth Crucifixion, The
Fourth Cruxifiction in Five Years
Freak show CD-ROM original soundtrack
Freak Show Concentrate
Freak Show Live / Herman
Freak Show Live / Intro
Freak Show Remix (2001)
From the Plains to Mexico
Game Ends, The
Genesis Reprise
George & James: American Composer Series, Volume 1
German Slide Music Pt1
German Slide Music Pt2
German Slide Music Pt4
German Slide Music Pt5
German Slide Music Pt6
Ghost Child
Ghost Music
Ghost of Hope, The
Ghost Snake, The
Giant Grizzlies, The
Ginger’s Lament
Gingerbread Man Concentrate, The
Gingerbread Man Instrumental, The
Give It to Someone Else (1980 studio demo)
Go Where You Wanna Go
God in 3 Persons Concentrate
God in Three Person’s Over
God in three persons soundtrack
God of Darkness
God's Business
God’s Magic Finger.Road
God’s Teardrops
God Song (1982 Rehearsal)
God Song (studio Rehearsal)
Gods Magic Fingers
Going to Arcata Blues
Gold Ring
Golden Guy
Gone Again
Good Lovin’
Good Night (Cruel World)
Google God
Got Rhythm / Passing the Bottles / Monkey & Bunny / Theme for an American TV Show / Man's Man's Man's World, I
Gotta Gotta Get
Graveyard (Haeckel’s Tale) - From the Soundtrack, The
Great Circus Train Wreck of 1918, The
Green Feathers and the Blood of Circumcision
Greener postures
Guitar Picnic
Guylum Bardot ` 78
H.E.L.L. No!
Haeckel’s Tale Cue 1
Haeckel’s Tale Cue 10 (Credits)
Haeckel’s Tale Cue 2
Haeckel’s Tale Cue 3
Haeckel’s Tale Cue 4
Haeckel’s Tale Cue 5 (The Graveyard)
Haeckel’s Tale Cue 6
Haeckel’s Tale Cue 7
Haeckel’s Tale Cue 8
Haeckel’s Tale Cue 9
Haeckel’s Tale Main Theme
Hallowed Be Thy Wean, 1971 - A) Sandman - B) Eat Me Mother - C) Eloise - D) For Doorknob - E) Kamikaze Lady
Hallowed Be Thy Wean - 1971: Sandman / Eat Me Mother / Eloise / For Doorknob / Kamikazi Lady
Hallowed Be Thy Ween
Handful of Desire
Hanging by His Hair (David, Part 4)
Hanging by his Hair.Road
Happy Home (excerpt from Act II of Innisfree)
Happy Home / Star Spangled Banner
Happy Thanksgiving
Hard and Tenderly
Harry’s Introduction
Harry the Head
Hassled by Mamasan
hate heaven, I
Have a Bad Day Concentrate
He Also Serves
Hear ya Got Religion (1969 studio demo) (extended), I
Heartbreak Hotel
heaven sr p
Held Loosely
Hello Skinny / Constantinople
Hello Skinny (Icky Flix version)
Hello Skinny (Re - Imagined)
Herman, the Human Mole
Herman Watches TV (Mexican Porn)
Hey Good Lookin’
Hidden Hand (instrumental)
Hidden Hand (vocal)
Hills Bros.
His Latest Flame
History of Digital Music I (Music Box Punch Card System), The
History of Digital Music II (The Macintosh Computer – Pre-MIDI), The
Hit the Road Jack (extended version)
Hit the Road Jack (remix)
Hit the Road Jack (special almost dance mix)
Hitler Was a Vegetarian
Holy kiss of flash
Holy Kiss of Flesh (edit)
Holy Kiss of Flesh (remix)
Home Age Conversation
Honey Bear
Hop a Little (cut)
Horns of Haynesville, The
Horrors of the Night
Hound Dog
How to Get a Head (edit)
How to Get a Head.Road
Hunters Concentrate
Hunters Prelude
Hunters Räuber der Wildnis ; original soundtrack recording ; die Musik zur VOX-TV-Serie
Hunters (reprise)
Hunters: The World of Predators and Prey
I’ll Go Crazy
I’m Dreaming of a White Sailor
I’m Not Crazy
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Icky Flix (closing theme)
Icky flix original soundtrack recording
IMM Presentation
Importance of Evergreen (excerpt), The
In an Ugly Mood
In Between Dreams
In Between Screams (Intermission Music From the Residents’ Wormwood)
In San Francisco
in Terror (1980 studio demo), Die
in Terror / Eva’s Warning, Die
In the Beginning
In The Dark
In the Diary
In the Out Hole
In the Still of the Night Again
In the Way
Infant Tango
Ingrid’s Oily Tongue
Inka Don’t Dry
Inner Space
Innocence Decayed
Instrumental (1983 studio demo)
Intermission, extraneous music from the Residents' Mole show
Intro / Somethin’ Devilish
Intro: Version
Introducing a Little Light
Inuit Katajjaq (Eskimo Throat Singing Tape From Residents' Home Archives)
Is He Really Bringing Roses (The Replacement)
It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World
It Was Me
Jack Amuses the Crowd
Jack’s Lament
Jack, the Boneless Boy
Jailhouse Rock
Jam on a Sunday Afternoon
Japanese Watercolor
Jello Jack (edit)
Jelly Jack / Deadwood
Jelly Jack the Boneless Boy
Jesus Loves Me
Jimi Hendrix Dildo
Jingle Bells
Judas Saves.Road
Jungle Bunny
Just for You (Disfigured Night Part 7)
Kamakaze Lady
Kamakazi Lady
Kamikaze Lady (encore)
Kamikazi Lady
Kaw-Liga (Dancemix)
Kaw-Liga (Horror mix)
Kaw-Liga (Housey mix)
Kaw-Liga / Jambalaya
Kaw‐Liga (Moody Boys remix)
Kaw-Liga (Nightmare mix)
Kaw-Liga (original mix)
Kaw-Liga (original version)
Kaw Liga Pain
Kaw-Liga (Prairie mix)
Kaw-Liga (Prairiemix)
Kaw-Liga (single mix)
Kaw-Liga (single version)
Kaw-Liga / Stars & Stripes Forever!
Kaw-Liga (Stripped mix)
Keep Talkin’
Kettles of Fish on the Outskirts of Town
Kick a Picnic
Kill Him! (Abraham, Part 2)
Killed at a Crossing
Killed Him, I
King and Eye, The
King & Eye: RMX, The
King Kong / Demons Dance Alone Instrumental
King of Kings
Kiss of Flesh (instrumental)
Knees Bent, Toes Painted Orange
Knife Fight, The
Krafty Cheese
Kula Bocca Says So
La, La
Land of 1000 Dances • Double Shot
Land of 1000 Dances (Scott Colburn 1992 mix)
Last Rites for Billy Bago
Laughing Song - From Duck Stab Re-Imagined Sketches
Lazy Morning
Leaping and Lords
Leapmus (February, 1976)
Left My Heart in San Francisco, I
Less Not More
Letter (1980 studio demo), The
Letter (1982 rehearsal), The
Liberty Bell, The
Life Would Be Wonderful (live in Oslo)
Light’s Out
Lights Out (Prelude)
Lights Out / Shorty’s Lament
Lights Out / Where Is She
Like Black, I
Listen to the planet a musical journey around the world
Little Sister
Live at the Fillmore
Live in Holland: 13th Anniversary Show
Live in the USA: 13th Anniversary Tour
Live in Tokyo: 13th Anniversary Show
Live Radio Broadcast, A
Liver Music
Lizard Lady / Hello Skinny (live 2005)
Lizard Lady (live 2011)
Lizard Lady / Semolina / Hello Skinny / Constantinople / Jailhouse Rock / Where Is She? / Picnic in the Jungle
Lonely Lotus, The
Lonely Teenager
Lord, It’s Lonely
Loser = Weed
Loser ≅ Weed (live 2013)
Loser ≅ Weed / Picnic in the Jungle (Mashup)
Loser~Weed/Picnic in the Jungle
Loss of a Loved One
Loss of Innocence
Loss of Loved One (extended version)
Lost Someone
Lots of Knots
Lottie as an Old Lady
Lottie [Bad Day Book bonus disc]
Lottie [Have a Bad Day]
Lottie the Human Log
Love Is…
Love Leaks Out (1980 studio demo)
Love Me, Please Love Me
Love Me Tender
Love Theme from a Major Motion Picture
Low Rain
Lying Goose
Lying Horse Rock
Mad Gasser, The
Mad Sawmill of Copenhagen, Germany, The
Maggie's Farm
Maggies Farm
Mahogany Wood
Maid Being Milked
Main Title (God in Three Persons)
Main Titles (God in Three Persons)
Make Me Moo
Making of a Soul, The
Man’s World (Australia)
Man’s World (San Francisco)
March de la Winni
March of the Residents
Marching [Mole Suite]
Marching to the Sea / Intermission (Mashup)
Marching to the See: The Wonder of Weird Tour
Marching Toward A E I O U Blues
Margaret Freeman
Mark of the Male
Mark of the Mole Part 1
Mark of the Mole Part 2
Mark of the Mole Part 3
Marlboro Experience 1, The
Marlboro Experience 2, The
Marvelous Mayhem
Marvels of Mayhem, The
Mary Achi
Maze of Jigsaws, A
Medicine Man
Meet the Residents Concentrate
Melancholy Clumps
Melon Collie Lassie (live 2014)
Memories for Sale
Memory of a Light
Memory of Transgression
Mental Decay
Menu Music
Merican Fag, A
Mickey Macaroni
Mickey, the Mumbling Midget
Midnight [The Sandman Waits]
Midnight [The Ughs]
Milton - The Melted Man
Mind Sight
Mister Misery
Mole Show (End Of Act 1)
Mole Show: Live in Holland June 6th 1983
Mole Trilogy Concentrate, The
Moles Are Coming (Intermission), The
Monkey and Bunny (1983 studio demo)
Monkey Man, The
Monstrous (intro)
More Rain
Mother Love
Mother No More
Mourning Glories
Mourning the Undead
Mr. Bee’s Bumble
Mr. Lonely / The Man in the Dark Sedan (Mashup)
Mr. Misery
Mr Sandman
Mr. Skull’s New Year’s Eve Song
Mr. Skull’s Rave:1
Mr. Skull’s Rave:2
Mr. Skull’s Rave:3 (Melancholy Clumps in Background)
Mr. Skull’s Rave:4 / Abraham-Consisting Of
Mr Skull’s Rave:5 / David-Consisting Of
Mr. Wonderful
Mummy Show, The
Murdered Mommy, I
Mush Room
Musical Chairs in 3/4
My Brother Paul
My Brother’s Skin
My Nigerian Friend
My Second Wife
My Window
My Work Is So Behind
N-er-gee (Crisis Blues)
N-ER-GEE Crisis (outro)
Nameless Soul, The
Nameless Souls, The
Nanook Part 1 - Eskimo (remake)
Nanook Part 2 - Eskimo (remake)
Narration / Call of the Wild
Nebent.: Intermission.
Nebent.: The big bubble.
Never Known Questions
New Hymn (Recessional), The
New Machine, Part 2, The
New Machine (Success), The
New Orleans
Nice Old Man
Night of Lost Sight
Night of the Hunters
Night Train to Nowhere!
Ninth Rain
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
Nobody Is Listening
Nobody Laughs When They Leave
Not Available Concentrate
Numb Erone / Inka
Numb Erone ‘Live’
Numb Erone / Satisfaction / Kick a Cat
Observer, The
Oh God You're a Pie in the Sky
Oh Mommy Oh Daddy Can't You See That It's True Again
‘Oh Mummy’ Backing Tape Concentrate
Oh Mummy! Oh Daddy! Can’t You See That It’s True, What the Beatles Did to Me I Love Lucy Did to You
‘Oh Mummy’ Show (live, 1976), The
Oh Yea Uhh Bop Shu Bop
Ohm Is Where the Art Is
Oil Jobber
Old Hound
Old Soldier, The
Old Time Religion
Old Woman, The
Olive and Gray
Olive and Grey
On the Highway, Sick One (Abraham, Part 1)
On the Way (To Oklahoma)
Once I Went to Barstow (live 2011)
One Minute Movies
Only Room for One More Mush
Open Up
Or Maybe a Marine
Original Disfigured Night 1
Original Disfigured Night 2
Original Disfigured Night 3
Our finest flowers
Our tired, our poor, our huddled masses
[outro music]
Outtake (1969 studio demo)
Overlay at High Speed
Ow Boutthat
Ozan 2-Step, The
Pain and Pleasure
Paint It Black
Paintings of a Clown
Pardon Me
Part 1: Buckaroo Blues: Bury Me Not
Part 1: Buckaroo Blues: Cowboy Waltz
Part 1: Buckaroo Blues: From the Plains to Mexico
Part 1: Buckaroo Blues: Saddle Sores
Part 1: Buckaroo Blues: The Stampede
Part 1: Buckaroo Blues: The Theme From Buckaroo Blues (reprise)
Part 1: Buckaroo Blues: The Trail Dance
Part 1 – The Aging Musician
Part 2: Black Berry: Black Barry
Part 2: Black Berry: Engine 44
Part 2: Black Berry: Forty-Four
Part 2: Black Berry: New Orleans
Part 2: Black Berry: Organism
Part 2: Black Berry: Shortnin' Bread
Part 2: Black Berry: The Gospel Truth
Part 2: Black Berry: Voodoo Queen
Part 2: Black Berry: What Am I Gonna Do?
Part 2 – The Old Woman
Part 3: The Baby King: Burning Love
Part 3: The Baby King: Devil in Disguise
Part 3: The Baby King: Don't Be Cruel
Part 3: The Baby King: Hound Dog / Out
Part 3: The Baby King: Love Me Tender
Part 3: The Baby King: Ober
Part 3: The Baby King: Teddy Bear
Part 3: The Baby King: The Baby King I
Part 3: The Baby King: The Baby King II
Part 3 – The Sold-Out Artist
Part 4
Part Four: Never Known Questions
Part One: Edweena
Part Three: Ship’s a Goin’ Down
Part Two: The Making of a Soul
Partridge Pairing
Pass the Peanuts
Passing the Bottle
Passing Time by Passing Gas
Peace & Love
Penn Jillette’s Greeting
Perchance to Dream
Perfect Goat / Golden Goat
Perfect Love
Perfect Lover, The
Petting zoo
Phantom Fingers, The
Piano Dittie
Piano Doodle
Picnic Boy
Picnic in the Jungle
Picnic [Our Finest Flowers]
Pictures From a Little Girl
Pictures of Life’s Other Side
Pie in the Sky
Pietà Piper
Plains to Mexico / Golden Goat / Shoe Salesman
Play Wormwood
Please Do Not Steal It!
Please, Please, Please
Poem to Claire
Poisoned Popcorn
Pollex Christi (abridged)
Pollex Christi, Part 1
Pollex Christi, Part 2
Pollex Christi, Part 3
Pollex Christi, Part 4
Pollex Christi, Part 5
Poor kaw-liga's pain
Postcards From Patmos
Praise for the Curse
Prelude for Accordian Sousaphone and French Horn
Prelude to “The Teds”
Professor Caligari
Proposal, The
Psychedelic and Orgasmic Finale
Pudding in Disguise
Quick Brain Tuesday
Rabbit Habit
Radio Drama
Ramblin’ Man
Rats Fight for Water
Re Smell My Picture, Volume 1 – Pardon Me, I’m Taking a Shit
Re Smell My Picture, Volume 2 – Twilight Zone
Real Fib
Red Head of Death, The
Red Powder, The
Red Rider / Die in Terror
Red River
Rediscovered Lust
Refusing the Final Light
Relief From Notchi
Rendered Fat
Rendering the Bacon
Replacement: Dumbo the Clown, The
Replacement: In San Francisco, The
Replacement: Is He Really Bringing Roses?, The
Replacement: Time's Up, The
Resident's commercial album, The
Resident's present the commercial album
Residents commercial album, The
Residents' Eskimo, The
Residents' Gingerbread man, The
Residents' petting zoo, The
Residents present Our finest flowers, The
Residents present The bunny boy, The
Residents present The mole show : live in Holland
Residents Radio Special, The
Residents’ Snakey Wake, The
Residents' Third Reich 'n' roll special edition, The
Residue deux
Residue of the Residents
Rest Aria
Restrained in the Ward
Return to Sender
Rhapsody in Blue
Rich Shupe’s Greeting
River of Crime!, The
Rivers of Hades, The
Roadworms the Berlin sessions
ROC Instrumental
Romanian / Nice Old Man
Roosevelt 2.0
Rubber Robber, The
Rulers of the Deep
Rushing Like a Banshee
Sad Saint John
Safety Is a Cootie Wootie (edit)
Safety Is a Cootie Wootie, Part 2: Toddler's Lullaby
Safety Is a Cootie Wootie, Part 3: Safety Is a Cootie Wootie
Safety Is the Cootie Wootie, Part 1: Prelude for a Toddler
Safety Is the Cootie Wootie, Part 2: Toddler Lullaby
Safety Is the Cootie Wootie, Part 3: Safety Is the Cootie Wootie
Sailor Song, The
Saint Nix
Sandman Waits, The
Sandman Watches
Santa Dog `78
Santa Dog 2006
Santa Dog 2012
Santa Dog ’78 (Fire)
Santa Dog ’84 (unfinished) (a work in progress)
Santa Dog ’88
Santa Dog ’92
Santa Dog for Gamelan Orchestra
Santa Dog (live – Cube N.Y.E.)
Santa Dog NYE (live)
Satisfaction / Happy Home / [outro music]
Satisfaction (live, Madrid, 1983)
Satisfaction Residents / Happy Home
Savage Pack, The
Save the World
Scattered Thoughts
Scent of Mint
Sea Monkey
Search for the Short Man
Search for Truth
Seasoned Greetings
Secret Message
Secret Room
Secret Seed, The
Seeing What’s Gone
Sell American
Semolina - From Duck Stab Re-Imagined Sketches
Semolina (live, 1986)
Semolina (live 2011)
Semper Fidelis
Serenade for Missy
Service (Part 1), The
Service (Part 2), The
Seven Cats
Seven Tattoos, The
Seven Ugly Cows, The
Shadow Stories
Shame on Me
Ship of Fools
Ship’s a’Goin’ Down, The
Ship’s a’Going Down (extract)
Shoe Salesman, The
Shoebox, The
Shoeless Thorn Game
Short Circuit Comes to Town
Shortnin’ Bread
Shorty And Shirley
Shorty's Lament (Intermission)
Shroud of Flames
Shut Up! Shut Up!
Silk From Spiders
Silver, Sharp, and Could Not Care
Simple Song, The
Sinister Exaggerator
Siren Song (Of the Shrunken Head)
Six Amber Things
Six More Miles (to the Graveyard)
Six Things to a Cycle, Part 1
Six Things to a Cycle, Part 2
Six Things to a Cycle, Part 3
Six Things to a Cycle, Part 4
Six Things to a Cycle, Part 5
Six Things to a Cycle, Part 6
Six Things to a Sickle
Skull Prayer
Skull Speech 1
Skull Speech 2
Skull Speech 3
Skull Speech 4
Skull Speech 5
Slabs That Shine
Sleeper, The
Sleepwalker, The
Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)
Smell My Picture
Smelly Tongues / Eloise / Ship's Agoin' Down / Tourniquet of Roses
Smelly Tongues (mono)
Snakey Wake (excerpt)
Snakey Wake, The
Snot and Feces live at the Grunt Festival
Sold American
Sold-Out Artist, The
Something Devilish
Song for Grace
Song of the Wild
Songs for Swinging Larvae
Soulful Sax
Soulless Flies Visit the Grave of Ancestors
Sour Smell
Sour Song, The
Spaghetti Sunda
Spilling the Seed
Spirit Steals a Child, A
Spot, The
Spotted Pinto Bean / Tuesday #5
Spotted Pinto Queen
Squeaky Wheels
Stained Hands Pass the Silverware
Stalking Dream
Stars & [and] Hank forever
Stars and Stripes Forever, The
Stars & Hank Forever! The American Composer’s Series, Volume II
Stay Go, Die
Sticks and Logs
Stop Signs
Strange Culture Cue 1 (Title)
Strange Culture Cue 2
Strange Culture Cue 3
Strange Culture Cue 4
Strange Culture Cue 5
Strange Culture Cue 6
Strange Culture / The Rivers of Hades / Haeckel’s Tale
Stranger than super
Stranger Than Supper
Strawberry Fields Forever
Stuck on You
Stuck to My Eyelids
Suburban Bathers
Susie Smiles
Swami Swan
Swastikas on Parade
Sweet Meat
Tabasco: Tweedles Instrumental
Talk of Creatures (1980 studio demo), The
Talking Light - From Talking Light
Talking Light Live in Rehearsal, Santa Cruz, California
Talking Light, The
Tastes Like Chicken
Tears of the Taxman
Teddy Bear
Telephone Call
Telescope, The
Temple of Dragan
Ten Little Piggies
Ten Two Times
Tension of the String
Tent Peg in the Temple.Road
Their Early Years
Theme for an American TV Show (cut)
Theme From American TV Show
Theme From the Walrus Hunt, Bladder Music, Crossing the Tundra, Spirit Battle, Sunrise/Reprise Theme From the Walrus Hunt
There Is Power in the Chord
There’s Blood (On the Bunny)
They Are the Meat / Mr. Misery
Thing About Them, The
Third Reich (Icky Flix DVD mix)
Third Reich (live 2001)
Third Reich ’n’ Roll Concentrate, The
Third Reich Outtakes Reel
Third Second Night
This is a Man’s Man’s Man’s World
This Is a Mans Mans Mans World
Thoughts Busily Betraying
Thunderer, The
Thundering Skies
Time's Up
Timmy Is Now an Adult
Tired Old Man
Title - Strange Culture
Tongue Story Part 1
Tongue Story Part 2
Tongue Story Part 3
Tongue Story Part 4
Tooth and Claw
Touch, The
Tourniquet of Roses (Tromsø, Inconvenienced, 1986)
Tower, The
Toy Factory, The
Tracks of the Cat
Tragic Bells
Train vs. Elephant
Tried to Cry, I
Troubled Man
True Love
Try Me
Tryin’ to Beat It
Tuesday #1 / Guylum Bardot Version
Tuesday #2 / Smelly Tongues Version
Tuesday #3
tunes of two cities, The
Turtle Dove
Tweedles (Tabasco) Instrumental
Twiddling Thumbs
Twilight Zone
Twinkle 2000
Twlight Zone
Two Clown Paintings
Two Lips
Two Testes
Ty’s Freak Show (NEC)
Ughs!, The
Ugly (At the End)
Ugly Beauty
Ugly Liberation
Ultimate Disaster (excerpt), The
Un-American Band
Una Noche Lost
Unseen Sister - From Talking Light, The
Ups and Downs
Valley Brothers, The
VF Mom’s House
VF The Banquet Hall
VF The Cave 2
VF The Nightclub 1 (Eloise)
VF The Nightclub 2
Video Game
Vileness Fats - Title
Viva Las Vegas
Voice of Midnight, The
Voiceless Midnight
Voices in the Air / The Secret Seed
Voices of the Air
Walrus Hunt, The
Walter Westinghouse (1980 studio demo)
Walter Westinghouse (1982 Rehearsal)
Walter Westinghouse (live 1997)
Wanda Does Her Act
Wanda’s Letters, Part 17
Wanda the Worm Woman
War Zone
Warner Bros. Album, The
Washington Post, The
Way We Were Goodnight, The
We Are the World
We're a Happy Family / Bali Ha'i
We Stole This Riff
Weather Man
Weatherman, The
Weaver, The
Weight-Lifting Lulu
Weightlifting Lulu (live 2014)
Weightlifting Lulu (Re - Imagined)
West & Kembrell
What Have My Chickens Done Now?
What If It’s True?
Whatever happened to Vileness Fats and The census taker
When Johnny Comes Marching
When the Wealthy Were Wise
When We Were Young
Where Are Your Dogs? Show Us Your Ugly!
Where Is She / Earth Vs the Flying Saucers
Whispering Boy, The
Whispering Boys, The
Whoopy Snorp
Why Didn’t I Think of That?
Wiggling Wahines
Window [Animal Lover]
Window [Talking Light Show]
Winged Serpent Repents to the Father, The
Winter Wonderland (Unknown session).
Wish the Remote Could Control Me, I
Wistful Break
Woman’s Weapon (1983 studio demo)
Wonder of Weird: The 40th Anniversary Show Live in Mainz, Frankfurter Hof (2013-05-16), The
Wonderful 1
Wonderful 2
Wonderful 3
Wondering Jew, The
Wormwood curious stories from the Bible
Wormwood (opening)
Would We Be Alive (Intermission)
Wrong Path, The
Yellow Marrow
You Yesyesyes Again
You Yesyesyes ('Oh Mummy' mix)
Yummy Yummy Yummy
Contributed to or performed: 
[applause] / [outro music: The Bunny Trail (Peter Cottontail)]
[band entering stage] / I Have Got a Story to Tell
[curtain call music]
[group enters the stage] / I Have Got a Story to Tell
[intermission (DVD mini clips)]
[intermission music]
[intro] / Eyeball Eulogy / Lizard Lady / Semoline / Hello Skinny / Constantinople
[narration 1]
[narration 10]
[narration 2]
[narration 3]
[narration 4]
[narration 5]
[narration 6]
[narration 7]
[narration 8]
[narration 9]
100x New Wave
1983-06-09: Volkhaus, Zurich, Switzerland
1983-06-13: Rolling Stone, Milano, Italy
1986-02-07: The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
1986-10-05: Den Norske Opera, Oslo, Norway
1990-03-07: 3 Uneasy Pieces in Duesseldorf: Robert Schumann-Saal, Düsseldorf, Germany
1990-11-19: Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
1998-10-30: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA
1999-04-04: Pearl Street, Northampton, MA, USA
2001-02-22: Orpheum Theater, Madison, WI, USA
2008-11-28: Kulturbahnhof, Heidelberg, Germany
2008-12-04: Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany
Absolutely Live 2003
Act 1: Buckaroo Blues
Act 2: Black Barry
Act 3: The Baby King
Africa Tree
Art Bears Revisited
Art Box, The
Baby King: A Fool Such as I, The
Baby King: All Shook Up, The
Baby King: Burning Love, The
Baby King: Devil in Disguise, The
Baby King: Don’t Be Cruel, The
Baby King: Heartbreak Hotel, The
Baby King: Hound Dog / Out, The
Baby King: Love Me Tender, The
Baby King: Ober, The
Baby King: Teddy Bear, The
Baby King: The Baby King 1, The
Baby King: The Baby King 2, The
Baby King: The Baby King 3, The
Baby King: The Baby King 4, The
Baby King: Viva Las Vegas, The
Back to the Penguin: The Dark Side of the 80's, Volume 1
Bad Day on the Midway
Balearic Beats, Volume 1: The Album
Bathsheba Bathes
Bathsheba Bathes (David, Part II)
Benny (The Bouncing Bump)
Best of Ralph
Big Bubble / Hop a Little / Cry for the Fire
Big Bubble, The
Big Songs for Little Attention Spans, Volume 2
Black Barry: Black Barry
Black Barry: Engine 44
Black Barry: Fourty-Four
Black Barry: New Orleans
Black Barry: Organism
Black Barry: Shortnin’ Bread
Black Barry: The Gospel Truth
Black Barry: Voodoo Queen
Black Barry: What Am I Gonna Do
Black Behind / Secret Room (reprise), The
Blood on the Bunny
Blue Rosebuds
Bouquet of Dreams, Volume 3
Boxes Full of Armageddon
Bridegroom of Blood
Bridegroom of Blood (Moses)
Buckaroo Blues: Bury Me Not
Buckaroo Blues: Cowboy Waltz
Buckaroo Blues: Saddle Sores
Buckaroo Blues: The Stampede
Buckaroo Blues: The Theme From Buckaroo Blues
Buckaroo Blues: The Theme From Buckaroo Blues (reprise)
Buckaroo Blues: The Trail Dance
Bunny Boy 1
Bunny Boy 10
Bunny Boy 2
Bunny Boy 3
Bunny Boy 4
Bunny Boy 5
Bunny Boy 6
Bunny Boy 7
Bunny Boy 8
Bunny Boy 9
Bunny Boy, The
Burn Baby Burn
Butcher Shop
Buy Or Die #14 1/2
Buy or Die 1980
Cain and Abel
Club Wave 1
Colette N°6 Limited Edition for Comme Des Garçons
Collectors Series, Part 2: Danse, Gravité Zéro
Coming of the Crow, The
Condo Painting
Constantinople (with sax solo)
Cont 1-12
Coochie Brake
Cry for the Fire
Curtain Call Gospel Music
Curtain Call Music
Dance to the Beat: Best of 80's New Beat / Dance
Dark Man, The
David Flashes God (David, Part I)
Dinah and the Unclean Skin
Disco Surry
DJ Morpheus: I Can’t Live Without My Radio
DJ-Kicks: Marcel Dettmann
Dog Song
Dos Décadas Dance
Easter Woman
Easter Woman / Amber / Red Rider / Die in Terror / Coming of the Crow / Eva's Warning
Easter Woman / Amber / Red Rider / Die in Terror / Eva's Warning / The Coming of the Crow
England's Dreaming: 25 Tracks Before, During & After Punk
Epilogue / Old Time Religion
Eva’s Warning
Exclusive Mixtape for Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay
Exotic Sounds From Many Worlds
Extra: Version
Festival of Death
Fever Dreams
Fire Fall
Frank Johnson's Favorites
Funny Song
Gingerbread Man, The
Glimmers ®, The
God’s Magic Finger
Golden Guy
Got Rhythm / Passing the Bottle / Monkey and Bunnie / Theme for an American TV Show / Man's Man's Man's World, I
Got Rhythm, I
Guitar Loop
Hang All DJ’s, Volume 5
Hanging by His Hair
Hanging by His Hair (David, Part IV)
Hank Williams: Das Leben einer Country-Legende
Happy Home
Harry the Head
Hate Heaven, I
He Also Serves
Hello Skinny
Here It Is, the Music
High Horses
High Horses, Part 1
High Horses, Part 2
High Horses, Part 3
High Horses, Part 4
High Horses, Part 5
High Horses, Part 6
Hiss End
Hole-Workers at the Mercies of Nature: God of Darkness
Hole-Workers at the Mercies of Nature: Migration (March to the Sea / The Observer / Hole-Workers’ New Hymn)
Hole-Workers at the Mercies of Nature: The Secret Seed
Hole-Workers at the Mercies of Nature: The Ultimate Disaster (Won’t You Keep Us Working? / First Warning / Back to Normality? / The Sky Falls!)
Hole-Workers at the Mercies of Nature: Voices of the Air
Hole-Workers Vs Man and Machine: Another Land (Rumors / Arrival / Deployment/Saturation)
Hole-Workers Vs Man and Machine: Final Confrontation (Driving the Moles Away / Don’t Tread on Me / The Short War)
Hole-Workers Vs Man and Machine: Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)
Hole-Workers Vs Man and Machine: Song of the Wild
Hole-Workers Vs Man and Machine: The New Machine (Idea / Construction / Ugly Rumors / Failure/Reconstruction / Success)
Hop a Little
Horizontal Logic
How to Get a Head
I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive: Hank Williams Revisited
I’m Not Crazy
Icky Flix (Closing Theme)
Icky Flix (Theme)
in Terror, Die
In the Beginning
Intermission Narration (Fire Eater)
Intro: Version
Jailhouse Rock
Jailhouse Rock / Where Is She (Includes Earth VS the Flying Saucers)
Jailhouse Rock / Where Is She / Picnic in the Jungle
Jesus Christ Superstar Theme
Jesus Loves Me / Mr Skull’s Rave: 1
Judas Saves
Just for You (Disfigured Night, Part 7)
Kaw Liga / Discomo
Kick a Picnic
Kill Him!
Kill Him! (Abraham, Part II)
Killed Him, I
King of Kings
Knitting on the Roof
Like Black, I
Listen To The Planet (A Musical Journey Around The World)
Live in Japan: 13th Anniversary Show
Live in the USA: 13th Anniversary Show
Lizard Lady
Lizard Lady / Semolina / Hello Skinny / Constantinople
Long Song
Love Disco, Volumen 3, I
Mahogany Wood
Mel 1
Mel 2
Melancholy Clumps
Miniatures One + Two
Mmm, Betty!
Monkey and Bunny
Monkey and Bunny / Theme From an American TV Show / It's a Man's Man's World
Mr Misery
Mr Skull’s Rave: 2
Mr Skull’s Rave: 3
Mr Skull’s Rave: 4
Mr Skull’s Rave: 5
My Nigerian Friend
My Window
Narration / The New Machine, Part 1
Nobody Laughs When They Leave
Old Time Religion (Epilogue)
On the Highway, Sick One (Abraham, Part I)
One Minute Movies
Original Sound of Ibiza, The
Oxford American: 10th Anniversary Edition (Two Southern Music CDs)
Paintings of a Clown
Passing the Bottle
Piano Banger
Picnic Boy
Picnic in the Jungle
Picninc in the Jungle
Pictures From a Little Girl
Plunderphonia & Vox
Potatoes: A Collection of Folk Songs
Presents Radio Soulwax Live – Get Yer Yo Yo’s Out, Part 4
Rabbit Habit
Ralph Before ’84: Volume II
Recommended Records Sampler
Red Rider
Revelation / Jesus Loves Me
Ritual: Magnetic North
River of No Return
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 107: All Shook Up
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 47: Another Time Another Planet: A Journey Into a Far-Out Sound
Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 1976
Rough Trade Shops: Covers 1976-2016, Vol. 1
Sailor Song, The
Save the World
Secret Message
Secret Room
Self Playing
Seven Ugly Cows, The
Ship’s a Goin’ Down
Shoe Salesman, The
Sitting on the Sand
Skull Prayer
Smelly Tongues
Smelly Tongues / Eloise / Ship's Agoin' Down / Tourniquet of Roses
Smelly Tongues / Eloise / Ships 'a' Going Down
Snakey Wake Live
Some Bizzare Album
Songs for Swinging Larvae
Stars and Stripes Forever
Steal This Disc
Steal This Disc 2
Subterranean Modern
Tamara’s Tumor (David, Part III)
Techno Pop 3
Tent Peg in the Temple
Theme for an American TV Show
Theme From Buckaroo Blues
They Are the Meat
Third Reich ’n Roll, The
This Is a Man’s Man’s Man’s World
Thrill of Colette, The
Title in Limbo
Title in Limbo + 4 Daze
Torniquet of Roses / I Got Rythm / Passing the Bottle
Tourniquet of Roses
Tribute to Polnareff, A
Turn Up the Bass, Volume 1
Twisted Cabaret, Volume 1
Wahrschauer CD zum Heft 48
Walter Westinghouse
Walther Westinghouse
Welcome to Wormwood
What If It’s True?
Where Is She?
Woman's Weapon
Woman’s Weapon