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Clutch (Musical group or band)
began 1990
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Fallon, Neil (hasMember)
Gaster, Jean-Paul (hasMember)
Maines, Dan (hasMember)
Schauer, Mick (hasMember)
Smalls, Roger (hasMember)
Sult, Tim (hasMember)
10,000 Witnesses
12 Ounce Epilogue
12 Oz. Epilogue
1996-08-05: The Fenix, Seattle, WA, USA
2003-01-04: 9:30 Club, Washington DC, USA
24 Earth Years
50,000 Unstoppable Watts
7 Jam
8 Times Over Miss October
Abe Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
Affidavit, The
Algo ha cambiado
Amazing Kreskin, The
American Sleep
Animal Farm
Army of Bono
Bacchanal (demo)
Basket of Eggs (acoustic)
Bass the Final Frontier
Behold the Colossus
Bertha's Big Back Yard
Big Fat Pig-Going to Market
Big News I / Big News II
Big News II Tease > Pure Rock Fury
Big News III
Big News (radio edit)
Binge and Purge
Black Umbrella
Blast Tyrant
Book of bad decisions
Book, Saddle, and Go (Live in San Antonio, TX - Meltdown Festival - 5/26/13)
Bottoms Up, Socrates
Box Car Shorty's Confession (acoustic)
Burnin' Hell / How Many More Years
Burning Beard
Careful With That EP...
Careful With That Mic... (radio edit)
Cattle Car (Polar Bear Lair demo)
Child of the City
Circus Maximus
Clutch: B-Sides & Rarities
Cross Eyed Mary
Crucial Velocity (Live in San Antonio, TX - Meltdown Festival - 5/26/13)
Curandera (Polar Bear Lair demo), La
Cyborg Bette (Live in Houston, TX - House of Blues - 5/25/13)
Cypress Grove
D.C. Sound Attack! (Live in Lincoln, ND - Bourbon Theater - 5/23/13)
Dance 2002
David Rose
Day of the Jackalope
Decapitation Blues
Devil and Me, The
Dig a Slow Hole to China
Doom Saloon
Dragonfly / 05, The
Dragonfly / David Rose, The
Dragonfly / Gifted & Talented, The
Dragonfly (Live), The
Drifter, The
Drink to the Dead (live acoustic)
E Jam
Earth Rocker (Live in Houston, TX - House of Blues - 5/25/13)
Earth Years
Easy Breeze
Eight Times Over Miss October
Electric Worry / One Eyed Dollar
elephant riders, The
(encore call)
Escape From the Prison Planet
Exclusive Australian Interview
Face (Live in Houston, TX - House of Blues - 5/25/13), The
Far Country
Fortune Tellers Make a Killing Nowadays
Four Lords
Frankenstein (extended)
From Beale Street to Oblivion
Full Fathom Five: Audio / Video Field Recordings 2007/2008
Funky Jam / Careful With That Mic / Cowbell Jam
Gifted and Talented
Gifted & Talented / David Rose / 05
Gnome Enthusiast
Going to Market / Drum Solo
Gone Cold (Live in Lincoln, ND - Bourbon Theater - 5/23/13)
Gravel Road
Great Outdoors!, The
Green Buckets
Guild of Mute Assassins
Hale Bopp Blues
Have the Body of John Wilkes Booth, I
Heard It All Before: Live at the Hifi Bar
Heirloom 13
High Caliber Consecrator
Hoodoo Operator / Jam
Hot Off the Grill
House That Peter Built, The
House That Peterbilt, The
Immortal (remix)
Impetus (cont)
Impetus (demo)
Impetus EP
(In the Wake of) The Swollen Goat
Incomparable Mr. Flannery, The
Jam Room
Jefe Speaks, El
Juggernaut (12" vinyl version)
King of Arizona
Land of Pleasant Living
Let a Poor Man Be
Live at the 9:30
Live at the Corner Hotel
Live at the Googolplex
Live in Flint, Michigan
Mad Sidewinder
Metro, Chicago, IL 19_12_2001, The
Metroliner Special
Mice and Gods
Milk of Human Kindness (demo)
Mob Goes Wild, The
Motherless Child (acoustic)
Mr. Freedom (Live in Houston, TX - House of Blues - 5/25/13)
Mr. Shiny Cadillackness
Muchas Veces
Neil Thinks We're Done
Nero's Fiddle
Never Be Moved
Nickel Dime
Nickle & Dime
Night Hag
Noble Savage
(Notes From the Trial of) La Curandera
Oh, Isabella (Live in Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue - 5/19/13)
One Eye Dollar
Open Up the Border
Opossum Minister
Our Lady of Electric Light
Outland Special Clearance
Package, The
Passive Restraints (demo)
Pigtown Blues
Pile Driver
Pitchfork & Lost Needles
Pond [Live], The
Power Player
Profits of Doom
Promo Named Marcus, A
Promoter (of Earthbound Causes)
Promoter (Polar Bear Lair demo)
Psychic rockers from the west group
Psychic warfare
Pulaski Skyway
Pure Rock Fury Sampler
Quick Death in Texas, A
Raised by Horses
Rapture of Riddley Walker
Red Horse Rainbow
Red Horse Rainbows
Regulator (acoustic), The
Release the Dub
Release the Kraken
Rising Son
Rising Sun
Robot Hive / Exodus
Rock and Roll Outlaw
Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw
Run, John Barleycorn, Run
Sea of Destruction
Send Pictures, I
Ship of Gold (West Virginia)
Shogun Named Marcus, A
Sink 'em Low
Sittin' on Top of the World [Live 11/5/99]
Sleestak Lightning
Slow hole to China : Rare and rereleased
Slow Hole to China: Rare and Unreleased
Small Upsetters
Smoke Banshee
Soapmakers, The
Son of Virginia
Songs of Much Gravity
Spacegrass (demo)
Spleen Merchant
Steve Doocy (Polar Bear Lair demo)
Strange Cousins at the Prince
Strange Cousins From the West
Struck Down
Subtle Hustle
Sucker for the Witch
Super Duper
Swamp Boot Upside Down
Texan Book of the Dead
This Tent, 2007 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival Manchester, TN June 14th, 2007
Tight Like That (acoustic)
Tight Like That (edit remix)
Tim Sult vs. The Greys
Transnational speedway league: anthems, anecdotes and undeniable truths
Tripping the Alarm
Unto the Breach (Live in Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue - 5/19/13)
Video Clip: CrCrucial Velocity
Video Clip: Easter Egg
Video Clip: Gone Cold
Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks
Walpole Man (Polar Bear Lair demo)
We Need Some Money
What Would a Wookie Do?
Wheel [Live], The
When Vegans Attack
White’s Ferry
Who’s Been Talkin’?
Who's Been Talking?
Who Wants to Rock (Cont)
Willie Nelson
Wishbone [Live 1/4/03]
Wishbone Mini E.P., The
Wolf Man Kindly Requests... (Live in Fargo, ND - The Venue - 5/22/13), The
Worm Drink
X-Ray Visions
X-Rays Visions
Yeti / Big News I, The
You Can't Stop Process
You Can’t Stop the Progress
You Gonna Wreck My Life
Your Love Is Incarceration
Contributed to or performed: 
2015: The Best of the Year
All Areas, Volume 178
Bam Margera Presents: Viva La Bands, Volume 2
Bam Margera Presents...Viva La Bands
Buzz Bands: Spring/Summer 2001
Certain Damage! Volume 64
Classic Rock Presents: The Best of 2009
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 57: May 1998
Diabolus in Musica Tour Sampler
Discover Download
Doom Capital: Maryland / DC Heavy Rock Underground
Download 2006 - The Dog's Bollocks
Escape From L.A.
Explore: Columbia 1998 New Music Sampler #1
Full Metal Racket 2
High Volume: The Stoner Rock Collection
JägerMusic Volume 2
Large Compilation CD 7
Metal CD, Volume 12
Metal Hammer #164
Metal Hammer: July 2004 (Razor, Volume 6)
Metal Hammer: Noise Inc. Volume 4
Metal Hammer: Razor, Volume 16 - Music From the Cutting Edge
Metal Survival Kit
Metal: A Headbanger's Companion
Monitor This! April/May 2001
Music From and Inspired by Saw V
Need for Speed ProStreet
Obdurate - The Best Music Around
Ozzfest '98, The
Ozzfest Doggy Bag: Second Helping
Post-Hardcore Nuggets
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, June 2001
Red Hot Mama
Run, John Barleycorn, Run / Ether Madness
Sampler 158 Rock Hard
Saw V
Spew 3 Sampler
Sucking the 70's
Sucking the 70s: Back in the Saddle Again
SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artists
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 40
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 105
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 81
Wicked Good Sampler, Volume IV
Worldwide Metal