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Moloko (Musical group or band)
began 1993 until 2006
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Brydon, Mark (hasMember)
Murphy, Róisín (hasMember)
100 Percent
11.000 Clicks
11000 Clicks
2003-07-18: Live at Wiesen Jazzfest, Vienna, Austria
Absent Minded Friends
After work club abtanzen bei House, Funk & Soul
All back to the mine
am not a doctor, I
Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
band), (the
Bankrupt Emotionally
Be Like You
Being Is Bewildering
Best of dance 2000
Bingo Massacre
Blow X Blow
Bring It Back (Boris Dlugosch mix)
Butterfly 747
Can’t Help Myself, I
Cannot Contain This (Future Funk Squad Deep Tech dub mix)
Cannot Contain This (Future Funk Squad Funkatech mix)
Cannot Contain This (Gugus Mi)
Cannot Contain This (Gus Gus mix)
Cannot Contain This (J.D. S Electronic mix)
Cannot Contain This (JDS Electronic mix)
Cannot Contain This / Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Cannot Contain This (Lief Relocation mix)
Cannot Contain This (Lief remix)
Cannot Contain This (live)
Cannot Contain This (radio edit)
Cannot Contain This (Tom Neville dub mix)
Cannot Contain This (Tom Neville remix)
Cannot Contain This (Tom Neville vocal mix)
Cannot Contains This (ATFC remix)
Caught in a Whisper
Coffee shop
Come On
Cool house
Day for Night (live)
Day for Night (Quarter Master mix)
Day for Night (radio edit)
Day tripper the soundtrack
Dirty Monkey
Disco royal the finest in modern house
Do you like my tight sweater?
Dominoid (Baroque Vapid mix)
Dominoid (Cynthia Hi-Fli's Fuzzy Logic mix)
Dominoid (Cynthias Hi-Flis Fuzzy Logic mix)
Dominoid / Fun for Me
Dominoid (Panty Sniffer mix)
Dominoid (radio mix)
Dr Zee
Drop in the Ocean, A
Dumb Inc.
Entertainment XXL the sound of the city
Essential millennium
exciting sunset in Miami, An
Familia Deeling
Familiar Feeling (live)
Familiar Feeling (Martin Buttrich mix)
Familiar Feeling (Martin Buttrich remix edit)
Familiar Feeling (Max Reich dub)
Familiar Feeling (Max Reich vocal mix) (edit)
Familiar Feeling (Plankton’s Country Slice remix)
Familiar Feeling (radio edit)
Familiar Feeling (Robbie Rivera's Dark & Sexy mix) (edit)
Familiar Feeling (Robbie Rivera's vocal mix)
Familiar Feeling (Timo Maas dub)
Familiar Feeling (Timo Maas main mix) (edit)
Familiar Feeling (Timo Maas remix)
Familiar Feeling (Timo Mass Main Mix)
Familiar Feelings (Martin Buttrich remix)
Fe Fi Fungle Fool (Tadpole dub)
First class - Best of
Firstclass - Best of the finest in house
Flipside (7" version), The
Flipside (Album Version), The
Flipside (All Seeing I Dubside), The
Flipside (All Seeing I Upside mix), The
Flipside (Aphrodite's vocal mix), The
Flipside (DJ Krust dub), The
Flipside (DJ Plankton's mix), The
Flipside (Herbert’s Surround Sound mix), The
Flipside (Pigs in Space mix), The
Flipside (Pigs in Space remix), The
Flipside (Swag’s Mocoder dub), The
Forever More (Can 7 Hometree mix)
Forever More (Can 7 Safari club mix)
Forever More (FKEK dub mix)
Forever More (FKEK remix)
Forever More (FKEK vocal mix edit)
Forever More (François K vocal mix)
Forever More (François Kevorkian dub mix)
Forever More (François Kevorkian radio edit)
Forever More (François Kevorkian remix)
Forever More (François Kevorkian vocal mix)
Forever More (Herbert's instrumental Nobody dub)
Forever More (Herbert's Somebody radio edit)
Forever More (Herbert's Something instrumental)
Forever More (Herbert Someone mix)
Forever More (live)
Fun for Me (Brian Bristol Dub)
Fun for Me (Brian Bristol Main mix)
Fun for Me (DJ Plakton's Pond Life mix)
Fun for Me (DJ Plankton’s Pondlife mix)
Fun for Me (Doctor Rocket remix)
Fun for Me (Doctor Rockit mix)
Fun for Me (Doctor Rockit remix)
Fun For Me (extended play)
Fun for Me (Hallucination Drum Dub)
Fun for Me (Hallucination's Dreamcatcher Dub)
Fun for Me (Hypnagogic Hallucination Vocal mix)
Fun for Me (live)
Fun for Me (Loko Mole mix)
Fun for Me (Monster mix)
Fun for Me (Mr. Scruff instrumental)
Fun for Me (Mr Scruff mix)
Fun for Me (Mr. Scruff Vocal)
Fun for Me (Nudie mix)
Fun for Me (radio edit)
Fun for Me (Stepping Mole mix)
Fun for Me (Tadpole dub)
Ghostriders of German gothic
Glamour girls in the house
Globus mix
Godfathers of German gothic
Groove guide house
Haute fidélité
Ho Humm
House ball
House club hottest
House legends
ID, The
If You Have a Cross to Bear You May as Well Use It as a Crutch
Indigo (12 Step mix)
Indigo (All Seeing I Glamoko Edit)
Indigo (All Seeing I Glamoloko edit)
Indigo (Gus Gus remix)
Indigo (live)
Indigo (radio edit)
Indigo (Robbie Rivera’s Dark mix)
Indigo (Robbie Rivera's Rhythm Banger mix)
Indigo (Robbie Rivera's vocal mix)
Intro / Familiar Feeling
It’s Nothing
It’s Your Problem
John Acquaviva meets Jamie Lewis
Just You and Me Dancing
Keep Stepping
Killa Bunnies
Knee Deepen (Salt City Orchestra edit)
Latin club
Latin party summer the mix
Lotus Eater (Wagon Christ remix)
Lotus Eaters (Ashley Beedle’s Funk in Your Neighbourhood mix)
Lotus Eaters (Fila Brazillia remix)
Lotus Eaters (Luke Vibert’s Plug mix)
Lotus Eaters (Wagon Christ mix)
LotusEaters (Ashley Beedle's Funk in Your Neighbourhood mix)
Lovemania mixed by Lovemania DJ Team & Celvin Rotane
Luxury house for an exciting sunset in Miami
Massive beats
(menu music 1)
(menu music 2)
Ministry of Sound - The annual 2000 made in Germany ; mixed by Tom Novy
Moloko EP
On My Horsey
Only Ones, The
Only the Flipside (radio edit)
Over My Head
Over & Over
Party Weirdo (Wackdown mix)
Planet radio maximum music ; best dance & house on planet
Pretty Bridges
Prinz - Massive beats
Pure Pleasure Seaker (Murk Dep South mix)
Pure Pleasure Seaker (Oscar Cuba Libre dub)
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Disco Seeker dub)
Pure Pleasure Seeker (live)
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Murk Deep South vocal mix)
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Oscar G. Deeper dub)
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Oscar G’s Cuba Libre dub)
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Pizzicato mix 2)
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Plankton Vox Pontinental (edit))
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Pleasure for Dub UK dub)
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Pure and Stripped disco vocal)
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Pure Pleasure disco vocal)
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Pure Pleasure Seeker edit)
Pure Pleasure Seeker (Todd Edwards Pleasure for Life UK vocal)
Radio Moscow
Remain the Same
Sex sounds & NY City
Should’ve Been Could’ve Been
Sign It Back (Can 7 Supermarket radio mix)
Sind It Back (Boris Musical mix)
Sing It Back (album mix)
Sing It Back (B.M.R. Clubcut mix)
Sing It Back (BMR Clubcut mix)
Sing It Back (Booker T Loco mix)
Sing It Back (Boris beats)
Sing It Back (Boris Blugosch mix edit)
Sing It Back (Boris D'Luglosch Musical mix edit)
Sing It Back (Boris D’Lugosch musical mix)
Sing It Back (Boris Dluglosch Musical mix edit)
Sing It Back (Boris Dluglosch Musicl mix)
Sing It Back (Boris Dlugosch main mix edit)
Sing It Back (Boris Dlugosch Musical mix edit)
Sing It Back (Boris Dlugosch remix)
Sing It Back (Boris Dlugosch's Musical mix)
Sing It Back (Boris Dlugosh Music mix)
Sing It Back (Boris Dlugosh Musical mix)
Sing It Back (Boris Music Al mix)
Sing It Back (Boris' Musical mix - Echo)
Sing It Back (Boris Musical remix)
Sing It Back (Boris radio edit)
Sing It Back (Boris reprise)
Sing It Back (Borris Dlugosh Musical main mix)
Sing It Back (Can 7 1930’s mix)
Sing It Back (Can 7 1930's remix)
Sing It Back (Can 7 Supermarket mix) (edit)
Sing It Back (Can 7 Supermarket radio)
Sing It Back (Can7 Supermarket mix)
Sing It Back (Chez Maurice mix)
Sing It Back (DJ Plankton's dub)
Sing It Back (Herbert’s Tasteful dub mix)
Sing It Back (House of Lords Wig Out mix)
Sing It Back (Levent's Funk-O-Rama dub)
Sing It Back (live)
Sing It Back (Moloko Album version)
Sing It Back (Moose T mix)
Sing It Back (Mousse T Remix)
Sing It Back (Mousse T's beats)
Sing It Back (Mousse T.'s Bootleg dub)
Sing It Back (Mousse T.'s Bootleg edit)
Sing It Back (Mousse T.'s "Feel Love" mix)
Sing It Back (original album version)
Sing It Back (Tee’s Freeze mix)
Sing It Back (Tee's radio mix)
Sing It Back (Tees Freeze mix)
Sing It Back (Todd Terry mix)
Sing It Back (Todd Terry remix)
Somebody Somewhere
sound of the city, The
Stylophone Pet
Take My Hand
Tatty Narja
Things to make and do
Tight Sweater
Time Is Now (Bambino Casino mix), The
Time Is Now (Can 7 Jungle Boogie mix)
Time Is Now (Can 7 Jungle Boogie), The
Time Is Now (Can 7" Jungle mix), The
Time Is Now (Can 7 Soulfood edit), The
Time Is Now (Can 7 Soulfood extended mix), The
Time Is Now (DJ Plankton edit), The
Time Is Now (DJ Plankton mix), The
Time Is Now (Donnie 1 Legs 2 Step dub), The
Time Is Now (FK Blissed Out dub mix)
Time Is Now (FK’s Blissed Out dub), The
Time Is Now (FKs Blissed Out dub mix)
Time Is Now (Francois K Blissed Out dub), The
Time Is Now (Francois K Blissed Out mix), The
Time Is Now (Francois K main vocal edit), The
Time Is Now (François K main vocal mix), The
Time Is Now (Full Length mix), The
Time Is Now (Full Length version), The
Time Is Now (live), The
Time Is Now (Matt Darey dub), The
Time Is Now (Matt Darey vocal edit mix), The
Time Is Now (Matt Dareys original mix), The
Time Is Now (Nmesh Remix), The
Time Is Now (radio edit), The
Time Is Now (Superfix Backyard mix), The
Tribes of da undaground
Unique house sweet and sexy house sounds from your club
Want You, I
"West" formula dance
Where Is the What If the What Is in the Why?
Where Is the What If the What Is in Why? (live)
Where Is The What If The What Is In Why? (Radio edit)
Where Is the What If the What Is in Why? (Wonderbook remix)
Where Is the What If the What Is in Why? (Wondervox mix)
Where Is the What (Wonderbook mix)
Who Shot the Go Go Dancer?
Contributed to or performed: 
'Pure' Euphoria: Level 4
♥ 90s, I
♥ Ibiza, I
10 Days Off: The Soundtrack, Volume 5
100 Chillout Classics: The Ultimate Chillout Collection
100 Hits Dancefloor
100 Hits Lounge
100 Hits: 2000s
100 Hits: 90s Pop
100 Hits: Chilled
100 Hits: Club Hits 1991-2010
100 Hits: Dance Anthems
100 Hits: Dance Mix
100 Hits: Dancefloor, Vol. 2
100 Hits: Football Anthems
100 Hits: Indie
100 Hits: Mum
100 Hits: Party
100 Hits: Pop
100 Zinderende Zomerhits 2006
100% Chilled
100% Disco
100% Hits Dance
100% Números Uno
100% Old Skool
101 90s Hits
101 Club Anthems
101 Dance Hits
101 Floorfillers
101 Ibiza Anthems
110% Hits
12 Inch Dance: 90s Club
20 Top Hits aus den internationalen Charts 6/99
2CLUB2: Progressive House vs. Electronic Beats
30 Years Of Central Station Records: The House Years
40 Years of Music
50 Greatest Floor Fillers
538 Dance Smash Hits 1999, Volume 3: After Summer
538 Dance Smash Hits 2000, Volume 1: Spring
80 From the 00s
90 Club Hits From the 90’s
90 Hits of the… 90s
90's Club Classix Top 100
90's Dance Hits!
90s Groove
90s Smooth Grooves
90s XL
Absolute Dance Opus 28
Absolute Music 35
Acoustic 04
Acoustic 3
Afrekening, Volume 22, De
Afrekening, Volume 23, De
Afrekening, Volume 31, De
Afrekening, Volume 32: Best of 2003, De
After Work Club (disc 2)
Album Network Retail Tuneup 42
All the Hits Now: Estate 2000
Altered States: Distorted Dance & Remix Rock
Alternative Moments IV
Alternative Moments V
Altid Sommer Hits
American Rag Cie
Amnesia Ibiza Anthems
Angel Beach: The Second Wave
Angel Beach: The Third Wave
Annual 2004, The
Annual Millennium Edition, The
Annual: Spring 2003, The
Anthems 07, The
Anthems 90s 2
Anthems Collection
Anthems of: House
Anthems of: Ibiza
Anthems, The
Anthems: 1991–2008
Antwerp Is Burning 2003 (Mixed by Boss Nova)
Aphrodite vs. Mickey Finn
As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 4
As If
Audio Couture
Auténtico Ibiza ’99
Axe Nightguide
Axion Two
Ayia Napa Discovered
Ayia Napa: The Album
Azuli Presents: Miami 2000
Back to Love
Back to the Old Skool: Ibiza Anthems
Balance 008: Desyn Masiello
Banana Moon 003
Bar Grooves: Hip Beats for the 21st Century Bar Culture
Bargrooves: Bar Anthems
Bass Box: First Beat
Batman & Robin
Batman & Robin: Music From and Inspired by the “Batman & Robin” Motion Picture
Batman & Robin: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture
Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre: Autodiscographie: Balladen vom äusseren Leben
Best Club Anthems 2000 ...Ever!, The
Best Club Anthems 2001... Ever, The
Best Club Anthems... Ever! 2K, The
Best Dance Album in the World... Ever! Part 10, The
Best Dance Classics
Best Ever Chillout Mix, The
Best Ibiza Anthems... Ever! 2K, The
Best Millennium Party …Ever!, The
Best of Acoustic
Best of Dance
Best of Disco Nouveau, The
Best of Lounge Music
Best of Mix, Volume 2
Best of Old Skool Ibiza, The
Best of Scorpio Music
Best of the 90s
Best Party in Town... Ever!, The
Best Summer Album 2002, The
beste uit de Homo 100, Deel 2, Het
Big Brother
Big Club Hits
Big Hits 99
Big Tunes 2000
Biggest Club Album of the Year, The
Blue Cafe
Bolero Mix 16
Brain Waves
Bravo 20 Hits 7
Bravo Hits 27
Brazilification Remixes 95-99
Breakdown: The Very Best of Euphoric Dance
Breakdown: The Very Best of Euphoric House
Breakthrough Breast Cancer Presents Ladies' Night
Brit Awards 2000
Brit Awards 2001
Café d’Afrique
Cafe Latino: New Experience
Cafe Mambo Ibiza ’99
Cafe Mambo: The Real Sound of Ibiza
Cafe Puls Sommer Hits 13
Café Puls Sommerhits ’11
Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise 2003, A
Carat 8
Central Energy 8
Chill Out Experience
Chill Out in Ibiza 2
Chill Out Mix 2
Chill Out! Chapter 1
Chilled 1991–2008
Chilled House: Classics
Chilled II 1991-2009
Chillout Album, Volume 1: The Essential Late Night Mix, The
Chillout Compilation
Chillout Experience
Chillout Mix, The
Chillout Moods
Chillout Session 2003: The Winter Collection, The
Chillout, The
ChillOutMix 2000
Club [V], Volume 2
Club 2K, Volume 2
Club Anthems 2005, Volume 2
Club Anthems 99: The Wise Buddah Mix
Club Delicious 2
Club Fever
Club Hits 99
Club Mix 99
Club Mix Ibiza 2000
Club Rotation, Volume 10
Club Rotation, Volume 8
Club Sounds: Best of 10 Years
Club Sounds: The Hottest Club Dance Collection: Summer 2015
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 11
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 14
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 29
Club Sunshine: The Holiday Hits
Club Zone 3
Clubbed to Death
Clubber's Guide to 2001
Clubber’s Guide: Summer 2003
Clubbers Guide 2004
Clubbing Anthems: 60 Massive Dance Hits
Clubbing DJ #1
Clubclass: 40 of the Finest Dance Anthems
Clube Casa do Castelo
Clubmix Classics
Clubmix Ibiza
Clubmix Summer 2003
Coffeeshop, Volume 1
Cold Feet
Connected: 90's 12" Mixes
Contender for the Record of the Year 2000
Cool & Deadly
Cool House
Cool Vibes, Volume 2
Cream Anthems 2000: Once in a Lifetime
Cream Anthems 2001
Cream Anthems: 20th Anniversary
Cream Classics
Cream Ibiza: Departures
Cream Live 2000
Cream of TripHop, The
Cruisin': The Best of Drivetime
Dance 99
Dance Attack 2000
Dance Decades: A Complete History of Dance
Dance Hits 2000
Dance Into the Sun
Dance Nation 7
Dance Remember
Dance Train 1999, Volume 4
Dance Train 1999, Volume 4: Club Edition
Dance Train 2000, Volume 3: Club Edition
Dance Train 2001, Volume 1: Club Edition
Dance Train 2003, Volume 1: Club Edition
Dance Train Classics, Platform 3
Dance Train: Final Edition
Dance, Volume 2: Some of the Greatest Dance Anthems Ever
Dave Pearce Presents: 40 Classic Dance Anthems, Volume 2
Dave Pearce Presents: 40 Classic Dance Anthems, Volume 3
Day Tripper
Dead Like Me: The TV Soundtrack
Dead Like Me: The Unofficial Soundtrack
Deep House Sounds, Volume 1
Defected in the House: Eivissa ’06
Digging in the Crates: 1999 Vol. 1
Dinner Party Songs
Discazo 2005
Disco Nouveau 7
Disco Nouveau, Volume 2
Disco Royal
Discohouse 1
DJ Convention: Winter Edition
DJ Feelgood presents the F-111 House Session
DJ Only: White Label
DJ's for War Child
Donnamour, Volume 8
Doudingue, La
Dr. Martens Music Sampler
Drink Me
Electro Baby
Elle Collection: The Most Stylish Sounds of Summer
Essential Millennium
Essential Selection Ibiza 1999
Essential Selection Spring 2000
Essential Trance 2
Euphoria: Return to Ibiza
Eutopia: The Future Sound of Trance
Everything I Do
Fat Pop Hits
FCD (FreeCompactDisc)
Female Touch, The
Fetenhits: The Real House Classics
FG. Dancefloor Summer Hits 2015
Firstclass: The Finest in House
Firstclass: The Finest in House, Volume II
Flaix History, Volume 1
Flight 2000 - 2
Flirty Dancing
Floorfillers Anthems
Floorfillers: The Ultimate Party Album
FM4 Soundselection: 3
FM4 Soundselection: 5
Forever More / Elle
Forever More / Elle (EOL Ritual) / Love Generation (a cappella)
Fresh Hits, Volume 1
Fresh, Volume 4 (disc 2)
Fresh, Volume 8: Fresh FM Summer '05-'06
Funky Divas
Funky Divas 3
Funky Divas: The Autumn Collection
Funky House Classics
Further Self Evident Truths 3
Future Chill
Future Groove: Sounds of the New Generation
Galaxy Dance Anthems
Galaxy Hit Mix
Galaxy Mix
Galaxy Weekend
Gatecrasher: National Anthems
Girls 2k
Girls Say
Glamour - Fits Your Life, Your Handbag And Your Stereo
Globus Mix, Volume 5: Letsallmakemistakes
Glowsticks of Steel
Godskitchen: Divine
gotv: be part of it, Vol 01
Grand Theft Auto V Radio
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Radio
GrandMix Nouveau Disco
Grandmix: The Millennium Edition
Greatest Ever! 90s Dance Classics
Greatest Ever! 90s Groove
Greatest Hits of the 90s: The Story of the Decade, The
Greatest Office Xmas Party Double Album!, The
Greatest Switch Box, The
Greatest Switch, The
Groove Zone
Groovejet: The Compilation
Gurtenfestival 2000: The Compilation
Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten: Out Now
Hairbrush Divas
Handbag: The Soundtrack to the Perfect Girl's Night Out!
Hangover Cure, Volume 2, The
Hangover Cure, Volume 3, The
Hangover Cure: Time to Chill, The
Haute Fidélité - King Kamehameha Club
Heart Beats, Volume One
Hed Kandi Anthems
Hed Kandi: Back to Love 2017
Hed Kandi: Beach House 2010
Hed Kandi: Classics
Hed Kandi: Nu Cool 3
Hed Kandi: Nu Cool 4
Hit Club 99.4
Hit Club: Very Best of 2003
Hit Machine 26
Hit Machine 28
Hit-Giganten: Best of 90s, Die
Hit-Giganten: Best of Dance, Die
Hit-Giganten: Dancefloor Hits, Die
Hitbox Best of 2003
House 2005: The Vocal Session
House Anthems
House Classics
House Classics: Classic Uplifting House
House Club Hottest 005
House Gold Classics: Unmixed Tales of House Music
House Nation Classics
House Top 100, Volume 4
Hugo Boss: In Store Music 2004-2005-2006
Humo: Alle 2000 Goed
Humo: Top 2003, Zomer Editie
Humo’s Top 2003
Ibiza 2000
Ibiza Annual 2005
Ibiza Annual: Summer 2000, The
Ibiza Annual: Summer Ninety Nine, The
Ibiza Chillout
Ibiza Club Mix (disc 2)
Ibiza Del Mar
Ibiza Euphoria
Ibiza Lounge
Ibiza Lounge and Grooves (disc 1)
Ibiza Summer Anthems
Ibiza Uncovered the Return
Ibiza: The Closing Party
Ibiza: The History of House
Iced Up: The Stoned Cold Chillout Session
ID&T Classics - The Megamixes II
Illusion 2000: The Mercury Edition
In the Mix: Ibiza Classics
In the Mix: Revival
In Your Space
Indie 2000, Volume 7
Innovators: From Trip Hop to Big Beat – An Exciting Journey Into Sound
Introduced 100: 100 Issues Intro | Essential Music 1991–2002
Jedna ruka netleská
Johnny English
Just the Best: 90s - Die Neunziger Partyhits
Karma Lounge 2
Karma Lounge: Chilled Global Beats
Keinijg 1
Kiss Classics
Kiss Clublife
Kiss Hitlist: Summer 2003
Kiss House Nation 2001
Kiss Ibiza 2000
Kiss Ibiza 99
Kiss: House Nation 2000
Kiss90FM, Volume 1
Kisstory 2014
Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 26
Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 5
Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 7
Koppertop: Charge
Ladyhits: For Women Only
Late Night Mix, The
Late Night Sessions
Late Night Sessions: Autumn Collection
Later... with Jools Holland: The First 15 Years
Latest & Greatest Chart Anthems
Latest & Greatest Indie Love
Latin Club, Volume 1
Latin Club, Volume 2
Life is Music: 100 onsterfelijke Studio Brussel songs
Line Dance Fever 14
Loaded, Volume 1
London Lounge
Lounge Box: The Ultimate Chill Out Collection, The
Lounge Music: The Must Have Selection - Paris Vol.2
Love 90s, I
Love House, I
Love Summer, I
Loved Up
M.C. Mario - Dance 2002
Mad for It
Made in the 90s
Malkasten [Lounge & Club MK-2], Volume II
Manumission Ibiza Classics Collection
Massive 2001
Massive Dance 2001
Massive Dance Hits 2000
Masterclass 01
Mastercuts Chilled
Mastermix Classic Cuts: 90s Night
Masters of House, Volume 2
Matinée Group: Old Hits, Volume 2
Maxi Power Dance, Volume 8
Maxima Reserva
Maxx Long Player 2, De
Maxx Long Player 20: All Time Classixx Edition, De
Maxx Long Player 27, De
Mega Dance '95, Volume 4
Mega Dance 1999
Mega Dance 1999, Volume 3
Mega Dance 2000
Mega DJ, Volume 2 (disc 1)
Mega Soleil
Meltdown 2000
Members Only #5
Members Only #7
Mes Soirées 90
Metro Life Summer Festival
Mijn Restaurant!
Millennium Hits
Ministry of Sound 90s
Ministry Of Sound The Annual Millenium Edition (UK)
Ministry of Sound: Anthems: 1991–2008
Ministry of Sound: Anthems: 90's 2
Ministry of Sound: Chilled 1991–2009
Ministry of Sound: Chillout Classics
Ministry of Sound: Chillout Sessions 4
Ministry of Sound: Chillout Sessions 5
Ministry of Sound: Club Classics
Ministry of Sound: Clubber’s Guide to… Australia
Ministry of Sound: Clubbers Guide to 2004
Ministry of Sound: The Annual 1999–2000
Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2000
Mission Mini
Mixmag Presents: 50 Big Tunes 2003
Mixmag Presents: Big Tunes
Mixmania 9
MNM Party 2013.1
MNM Party 2015.1
MNM Sing Your Song - The MNM Summerclub Edition
MNM Sing Your Song Summerclub Edition
More Cold Feet
Mosquito Bar, Volume 1
Most Wanted Music Vol. 2
MTV Ibiza 99
MTV Weekender
Music for Cocktails, Part 3
Music for Cocktails, Part 4
Music for the Maases 2
Music for the Millennium
Music@Work 3
My Kitchen Rules: The Dinner Party Album
Mystery Men
Narcosound: Trip Hop
National Anthems 99, Volume 2
Natural Chillout
New Attitude New Music
No.1 Euphoric Dance Album, Volume 1, The
No.1 Funky House Album, The
No.1 Ibiza Chillout Album, The
Nova Tunes 01
Nova Tunes 01_10
Now Clubbing 1
Now Dance 2000
Now Dance 2001
Now Dance 2003, Part Two
Now That's What I Call Chilled
Now That’s What I Call House
Now That’s What I Call Music! 44
Now That’s What I Call Music! 45
Now! T.W.I.C.M. Collection (1983-2000)
NRJ Dancehits 9
Office Party, The
Old Skool Ibiza
On the Beach
One Shot 1999
One Shot 2000
Only Girls 3
Only Pleasure
Oorgasm 15, Volume 01
Pacha Classics
Pacha: Ibiza Classics
Palladium - Music for You, Volume 3
Palladium 100% Summer (disc 1)
Paris Lounge
Party Animal
Party Capital Summer Mix
Party Deluxe
Party in the Park
Pepsi Chart 2001
Pepsi Chart Hits, Volume 2
Pepsi Chart Hits: Best of 2000
Pieprz i Wanilia, Volume 1
Pink Album, The
Pinkpop 2004
Pinnacle Independent News, Volume 22
Pioneer Pro DJ
Piranha: Music That Bites! Volume 1
Plastic Compilation, Volume 3
Platin, Volume 9
Play, Volume 1
Plus Grande Discothèque du Monde, Volume 19, La
Poplife™ Presents Poplife Sucks
Pozytywne Wibracje, Volume 4
Pre Club Cool Cuts & Sexy Vibes
Pre Historie 1999, Volume 2, De
Prinz Massive Beats
Promo Only: Mainstream Club, July 1999
Pure Anthems
Pure Chillout
Pure Garage Presents: Four to the Floor
Pure Garage: Anthems
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