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Stephens, Thomas
Stephens, Thomas W.
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Shepard, Roy J.
Stratfield Weston Library
Tiebout, John (1772?-1826))
United Nations
Volney, Constantin-François de Chasseboeuf (1757-1820; comte de))
Wayland, Levi (d. 1795))
Weems, M. L. (1759-1825) (Mason Locke))
Willis, Henry
Winterbotham, William (1763-1829))
Woodward, William Wallis
Young, Edward (1681-1765))
centaur, not fabulous In six letters to a friend, on the life in vogue. [One line from Ezekiel], The
Enquête promotion de la santé Canada 1990 : rapport technique
estimate of the religion of the fashionable world By one of the laity. [Four lines from Bacon], An
geographical, commercial, and philosophical view of the present situation of the United States of America comprehending a description of the United States ... To which is prefixed, a general account of the discovery of America, by Columbus; general description of the whole continent of America, and the numerous tribes of American Indians, their manners, customs, &c. &c. And to which is added, a view of the present state of the Spanish, French, English and Dutch possessions in America and the West-India islands. Also, an appendix, containing various interesting and valuable papers and instructions relative to cultivating tobacco, rice, maize, sugar, maple tree. &c. In four volumes. Illustrated with numerous large maps, charts, and plates. ... By the Rev. W. Winterbotham, A
Geschichte der wälschen Literatur vom XII. bis zum XIV. Jahrhundert, gekrönte Preisschrift
law of nature, or Principles of morality, deduced from the physical constitution of mankind and the universe By C-F. Volney. [Two lines from Pope], The
Literature of the Kymry... 2nd edition, The
Loi naturelle.
Physical activity, fitness, and health : international proceedings and consensus statement : [proceedings of the second international conference on physical activity, fitness and health, held in Toronto in may 1992]
Stephens's Philadelphia directory, for 1796; or, Alphabetical arrangement: containing the names, occupations, and places of abode of the citizens with a register of the executive, legislative, and jucidcial magistrates of the United States, and th state of Pennsylvania ... and the magistrates of the city: also, an account of the different societies, charitable and literary institutions, with the names of their present officers: and an accurate table of the duties on goods, wares, and merchandize ... With an alphabetical list of the streets, lanes, and alleys.
United Nations disaster relief office, The : the politics and administration of international relief assistance
Th. sc. pol. Genève, 1978 ; HEI 303