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Holyoake, ..
Holyoake, G. J.
Holyoake, George
Holyoake, George J.
Holyoake, George Jacob
Holyoake, George James
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Language material
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Ion (other identity, same person)
Praed, Landor (other identity, same person)
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Grant, Brewin
Ion (1817-1906; see also from)
Moret, Marie (1840-1908)
Praed, Landor (1817-1906; see also from)
Ryall, M. Questell
Sociologic Society of America
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Among the Americans and a stranger in America
Bygones worth remembering;
Case of Thomas Pooley, the Cornish well-sinker, sentenced to a year and nine months' imprisonment for writing on a clergyman's field gate... by G. J. Holyoake, The
Christianity and secularism. Report of a public discussion between Brewin Grant and George Jacob Holyoake, Esq. Held in the Royal British Institution, London, commencing Jan. 20 and ending Feb. 24, 1853.
co-operative movement to-day, The
Commercial co-operation as respects including the consumer
Cruelty and intolerance of Christianity displayed in the prosecution, for blasphemy, of Charles Southwell, editor of the Oracle of Reason
Dějiny poctivých průkopníků rochdalských
George Jacob Holyoake : checklist of books, pamphlets, press-cuttings & MSS. in the library of the Co-operative Union Ltd.
geschichte der rochdaler pioniere
history of co operation in england its literature and its adv, the
History of co-operation in England, The : its literature and its advocates, by George Jacob Holyoake...
History of the co-operation, by George Jacob Holyoake, revised and completed..., The
history of the last trial by jury for atheism in England a fragment of autobiography, submitted for the perusal of Her Majesty's attorney-general and the British clergy., The
Hostile & generous toleration; a new theory of toleration; A discourse delivered in South Place Chapel, on Sunday, February 28th, 1886.
Last trial for alleged atheism in England, a fragment of autobiography, by George Jacob Holyoake, 3d edition..., The
life and character of Richard Carlile, The
Life and last days of Robert Owen, of New Lanark.
Life of Joseph Rayner Stephens, preacher and political orator;
Limits of atheism, or Why should sceptics be outlaws', by G. J. Holyoake..., The
logic of co-operation, The
Logic of cooperation
Logic of death, or Why should the atheist fear to die ? by George Jacob Holyoake,..., The
Manual of co-operation, being an epitome of Holyoake's "History of co-operation."
Movement and anti-persecution gazette., The
New defence of the ballot, in consequence of Mr. Mill's objections to it, by George Jacob Holyoake..., A
origin and nature of secularism; showing that where freethought commonly ends secularism begins., The
Paley refuted in his own words, a reply to his natural theology, by G. J. Holyoake. 6th edition...
People's review (London, England : 1850)
People's review of literature and progress
people's review., The
policy of commercial co-operation as respects including the consumer, The
premier school board primer, the
Public lessons of the hangman, by G. J. Holyoake...
Public speaking and debate, a manual for advocates and agitators, by George Jacob Holyoake,...
Reasoner, journal of free thought and positive philosophy... Vol. XXIV. 10 July [-25 December] 1859, The
Rudiments of public speaking and debate: or, Hints on the application of logic.
secularims scepticism and atheism mi
Secularism distinguished from unitarianism, a reply to six of the unitarian clergy, by George Jacob Holyoake
selbsthilfe des volkes
Self-help a hundred years ago
Self-help by the people. The history of the Rochdale pioneers
Self-help by the people, thirty-three years of co-operation in Rochdale... by George Jacob Holyoake
short and easy method with the saints, A
Sixty years of an agitator's life, by George Jacob Holyoake,... 5th impression
spirit of Bonner in the disciples of Jesus, or, The cruelty and intolerance of Christianity displayed in the prosecution, for blasphemy, of Charles Southwell, editor of the Oracle of Reason, The
suppressed princess, a
Travels in search of a settler's guide-book of America and Canada
trial of George Jacob Holyoake on an indictment for blasphemy ... at Gloucester, August the 15th, 1842, The
Trial of theism, by George Jacob Holyoake..., The