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Aleixandre Severo
Alejandro Severo (emperador romano, último de la dinastía Severa)
Aleksandar Sever
Aleksander Sever
Aleksander Severus
Aleksander Sewer
Aleksandr Sever
Aleksandras Severas
Aleksandro Severo
Alessandro Severo (Emperor of Rome)
Alessandro Severo (imperatore romano)
Alexander, M. Aurelius Severus (imperatore romano)
Alexander Severus
Alexander Severus, Alexianus Bassianus (římský císař)
Alexander Severus av Romarriket
Alexander Severus (Emperor of Rome)
Alexander Severus (Imperium Romanum, Imperator)
Alexander Severus, Marcus Aurelius
Alexander Severus (římský císař)
Alexander Severus (Roman Emperor)
Alexander Severus (Römisches Reich, Kaiser)
Alexandre Sever
Alexandre Sévère
Alexandre Sévère (empereur romain)
Alexandre Sévère (Emperor of Rome)
Alexandre Severo
Alexandro Severo
Alexandru Sever
Alexianus Bassianus, Gessius
Alexianus (římský císař)
Alissandru Severu
Aurelius Severus, Alexander (imperatore romano)
Aurelius Severus Alexander, Marcus
Bassianus, Alexianus Gessius
Gessius Alexianus Bassianus
Gessius Bassianus Alexianus
Marco Aurelio Severo Alessandro
Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander
Marcus Severus Alexander
Marcus Severus Alexander (empereur romain)
Sever Alexandre
Sévère Alexandre
Sévère Alexandre (empereur romain)
Sévère Alexandre (Empereur romain qui régna de 222 à 235)
Sévère, Alexandre (římský císař)
Severo, Alessandro (Emperor of Rome)
Severo Alessandro, Marco Aurelio
Severos (von Alexandrien)
Seversus Alexander, Alexianus (římský císař)
Seversus Alexander, Marcus Aurelius (římský císař)
Severus, Alexander
Severus Alexander, Aurelius
Severus, Alexander (Emperor of Rome)
Severus Alexander (imperatore romano)
Severus Alexander (Imperium Romanum, Imperator)
Severus Alexander, Marcus Aurelius
Severus Alexander, Marcus Aurelius (Emperor of Rome)
Severus Alexander (politicus uit Oude Rome (208-235))
Severus, Alexander (římský císař)
Severus Alexander római császár (a Római Birodalom császára)
Severus Alexander (römischer Kaiser bis März 235)
Severus Alexander (Römisches Reich, Kaiser)
Severus (Alexandrinus)
Severus, Aurelius Alexander
Severus Sophista (Alexandrinus)
Severus (van Alexandrië)
Αλέξανδρος Σεβήρος (Ρωμαίος αυτοκράτορας)
Александар Север
Александр Север (римский император, последний из династии Северов)
Александър Север
Аляксандр Север
ალექსანდრე სევერუსი
Ալեքսանդր Սևերոս
אלכסנדר סוורוס
ألكسندر سيفيروس
الکساندر سوروس
จักรพรรดิอเล็กซานเดอร์ เซเวรัส
세베루스 알렉산데르
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Adrianus, Tyrius
Amato, E. (1974-)
Amato, Eugenio (1974-)
Callinicus, Petrae
Chandon de Briailles, François (co-author)
Chassanaeus, Alexander
Chasseneux, Alexandre de (16..?-16..?))
Cynopolitae, Theodori
Fischer, Johann Friedrich
Gale, Thomas (1636-1702))
Hénault, Mathurin (15..-165.; imprimeur-libraire))
Kindt, Bastien
Libanius (0314-0393?))
Mascardi, Vitale (16..?-1666?))
Porphyrogennetae, Is
Sévères (dynastie)
Tiberius Rhetor
Tyrii, Adriani
Ventrella, Gianluca
Waddington, William Henry (co-author)
Whetstone, George (1544?-1587?))
Axiomata politica et ethica
Dott. Ettore Callegari,... Delle Fonti per la storia di Alessandro Severo
enemie to vnthryftinesse publishing, by lawes, documents and disciplines. A right rule, for reformation of pride, and other prodigall and riotous disorders, in a common wealth: for the worthines of directions, a perfect mirrour for all maiestrates: (especially) of cities. And for sound counsels, and admonitions, a carde to compasse, or euery yong gentleman, honorablie and profitably to gouerne his actions. Partely, drawne out of the sage gouernme[n]t, of the most worthie emperour, Alexander Seuerus: and (generallye) discoueringe the vnsufferable abuses now raigning in our happie English co[m]mon wealth. By George Whetstons gent, The
Excerpta varia Graecorum sophistarum, ac rhetorum Heracliti, Libanii Antiocheni, Nicephori Basilacae, Severi Alexandrini, Adriani Tyrii, Is. Porphyrogennetae, Theodori Cynopolitae & aliorum. Ex primo tomo nondum edito variorum antiquorum Leonis Allatii. Nunc primum ab eodem Allatio vulgata, et Latine reddita.
Mirour for magestrates of cyties
most excellent eloquent speech made, not by an irreligious, rebellious, improbous, impious, sedicious, pestiferous, pernicious, factious, flagitious, vicious, vafritious, mischievous, malicious, mutinous, luxurious, letcherous, &c. noble peer, but by a most noble and wise pious and vertuous emperor, viz., Alexander Severus to the common people of Rome, assembled before him in Pompey's Theatre, A : with the causes, as likewise the effects thereof, which were an humble and real cordial verbal address, to his imperial majesty, of all their lives and fortunes : being a rare pattern of pagan piety and obedience : with a few quintessential queries and remarques thereupon : calculated for the meridian of the famous city of London, buy may prove of singualr service and infallible use to all the atheistical, dissenting, disloyal, and phanatical subjects of His Sacred Majesty of Great-Brittain, France, and Ireland, &c. without the least preceptible error or mistake in the world
Ninfei ed edifici marittimi severiani del Palatium imperiale di Baia, c1997:
Progimnasmi di Severo di Alessandria (Severo di Antiochia?), I
Rhetores selecti, 1676:
Severus Alexander and the Severan Women, 1982 (subj.)