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Angeliki Laiou (Greek politician and byzantinist)
Angeliki Laiou (politica uit Griekenland (1941-2008))
Angeliki Laiu (grecka historyk)
Laïou, Aggelikê
Laḯou, Aggelikī́
Laḯou, ̓Aggelikī̀ E.
Laiou, Angelika E.
Laiou, Angelikē E.
Laïou, Angeliki
Laḯou, Angelikí E.
Laiou-Thomadakdis, Angeliki E.
Laïou-Thômadakê, Aggelikê E.
Laiou-Thōmadakē, Angelikē E.
Laiou-Thomadake, Angeliki E.
Laiou-Thōmadakī, Aggelikī E.
Laḯou-Thōmadákī, ̓Aggelikī̀ E. (married name)
Laḯou-Thomadáki, Angelikí E. (married name)
Laiou-Thomadakis, A. E.
Laiou-Thomadakis, Angeliki
Laiou-Thomadakis, Angeliki E.
Laiou-Thomadakis, Angeliki E. (married name)
Laïu, Angelikē
Laïu-Thōmadakē, Angelikē
Laïu-Thōmadakē, Angelikē E.
Thōmadakē, Angelikē E.
Thōmadakī, Aggelikī E. Laiou-
Thōmadákī, ̓Aggelikī̀ E. Laḯou- (married name)
Thomadáki, Angelikí E. Laḯou- (married name)
Thomadakis, Angeliki E. Laiou-
Thomadakis, Angeliki E. Laiou- (married name)
Thomadakis, Angeliki L.-
Αγγελική Λαΐου (Ελληνίδα ακαδημαϊκός και πολιτικός)
Θωμαδάκη, Ἀγγελικὴ Ε. Λαΐου- (married name)
Λαïου, Αγγελική Ε
Λαΐου, Αγγελική
Λαΐου, Ἀγγελικὴ Ε
Λαΐου-Θωμαδάκη, Ἀγγελικὴ Ε (married name)
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