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Author of Percy
Chip, Will
Hannah More (Brits schrijver)
Hannah More (englische Philanthropistin)
Hannah More (English religious writer and philanthropist)
Hannah More (escritora y filántropa inglesa)
Hannah More (filantropa inglese)
Moore, Hannah
More, H.
More, Hanna
More, Hannah
Morre, Hannah
One of the laity
Percy, Author of
Мор, Ханна
Хана Мор
هانا مور (نویسنده بریتانیایی)
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Augustini, Jacobus Luberti (Haarlem)
Cheap Repository for Religious and Moral Tracts
Demers, Patricia (1946-)
Dix, E. R. McC. (1857-1936)
Dix, Ernest Reginald McClintock (1857-1936)
Johnson, Benjamin (d. 1822)
Marian S. Carson Collection (Library of Congress)
More, Hannah (1745-1833))
Newton, John (1725-1807)
O'Kelley, Francis J. (d. 1951)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Roberts, William (1767-1849)
Smith, Nicholas D. (1975-...)
Apprentice's monitor
Black Giles, the poacher. Part 1
Black Giles, the poacher Part 2
Cheap repository tracts
Christian morals:
Cœlebs in search of a wife
cottage cook; or, Mrs. Jones's cheap dishes Shewing the way to do much good with little money, The
Dram shop.
Essays on various subjects, principally designed for young ladies
estimate of the religion of the fashionable world., An : By one of the laity [i.e. H. More].
fatal falsehood, 1780:, The
Florio : a tale, for fine gentlemen and fine ladies : two poems
grand assizes, The
Happy waterman
History of Charles Jones, the footman
history of Hester Wilmot Part 1, The
history of Mary Wood, the house-maid; or, the danger of false excuses, The
history of Mr. Fantom, the new fashioned philosopher, and his man William., The
history of the two shoemakers Part 4, The
history of Tom White Part 1, The
history of Tom White Part 2, The
inflexible captive., The : A tragedy. By Miss Hannah More.
Memoirs of the life and correspondence of Mrs. Hannah More
Moral and entertaining tracts Vol. 2
Ode to Dragon, Mr. Garrick's house-dog, at Hampton.
Parley the porter : an allegory : shewing how robbers without can never get into an house unless there are traitors within.
Percy, a tragedy : As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden.
Practical piety;
Remarks on the speech of M. Dupont : made in the National Convention of France [Dec. 14th 1792], on the subjects of religion and public education. By Hannah More.
riot, or, Half a loaf is better than no bread in a dialogue between Jack Anvil and Tom Hod, The : to the tune of "A cobler there was," &c.
Robert and Richard; or, the ghost of poor Molly, who was drowned in Richard's mill pond. To the tune of Collins's Mulberry tree
Sacred dramas : chiefly intended for young persons : the subjects taken from the Bible, to which is added, Sensibility, a poem.
search after happiness: a pastoral drama., The
Selected writings of
shepherd of Salisbury Plain Part 1, The
shepherd of Salisbury Plain Part 2, The
Shopkeeper turned sailor.
Sir Eldred of the bower, and the bleeding rock: two legendary tales. By Miss Hannah More.
Spirit of prayer
Strictures on the modern system of female education
Sunday reading. On carrying religion into the common business of life. A dialogue between James Stock and Will. Simpson, the shoemakers, as they sat at work. To which is added, The hackney coachman, &c.
Sunday school, The
Tales for the common people
Tawney Rachel; or, The fortune-teller: with some account of dreams, omens, and conjurers. To which is added The bad bargain
Tawny Rachel
Thoughts on the importance of the manners of the great to general society.
'Tis all for the best.
two shoemakers Part 1, The
two shoemakers Part 2, The
two shoemakers Part 3, The
two shoemakers Part 4, The
two soldiers, The
two wealthy farmers Part 1, The
two wealthy farmers Part 2, The
two wealthy farmers Part 3, The
two wealthy farmers Part 4, The
two wealthy farmers Part 5, The
two wealthy farmers Part 6, The
two wealthy farmers Part 7, The
Village politics
Way to wealth.
wife reformed., The
works of Miss Hannah More, The : in prose and verse.
Works. Selections.