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Peter J. Stang (Amerikaans scheikundige)
Peter J. Stang (amerikansk kemiker)
Peter J. Stang (amerikansk kemist)
Peter J. Stang (amerikansk kjemikar)
Peter J. Stang (amerikansk kjemiker)
Peter J. Stang (chemist)
Peter J. Stang (chimiste américain)
Peter J. Stang (US-amerikanischer Chemiker)
Peter John Stang
Stang, P. J.
Stang, Peter
Stang, Peter J.
Stang, Peter John
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Computer file
Language material
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Diederich, François (1952-....))
Diederich, François (1952-..)
Diederich, François (1952-.)
Laszlo, Pierre
Laszlo, Pierre (1938-....))
Rappoport, Zvi
Tykwinski, R. R.
Tykwinski, R.R.
Tykwinski, Rik R.
University of California, Berkeley, Dec
2D assembly of metallacycles on HOPG by shape-persistent macrocycle templates.
Abiological Self-Assembly via Coordination : Formation of 2D Metallacycles and 3D Metallacages with Well-Defined Shapes and Sizes and Their Chemistry
Ambidentate ligands capable of variable bond angles in the coordination-driven self-assembly of discrete Pt macrocycles.
Ambidentate pyridyl-carboxylate ligands in the coordination-driven self-assembly of 2D Pt macrocycles: self-selection for a single isomer.
Archimedean solids: transition metal mediated rational self-assembly of supramolecular-truncated tetrahedra.
Bidentate ligands capable of variable bond angles in the self-assembly of discrete supramolecules.
Construction of coordination-driven self-assembled [5 + 5] pentagons using metal-carbonyl dipyridine ligands.
Construction of endo-functionalized two dimensional metallacycles via coordination-driven self-assembly.
Construction of Functionalized Metallosupramolecular Tetragonal Prisms via Multicomponent Coordination-Driven Self-Assembly.
Construction of hexagonal prisms of variable size via coordination-driven multicomponent self-assembly.
Construction of multifunctional cuboctahedra via coordination-driven self-assembly.
Control of supramolecular rectangle self-assembly with a molecular template.
Coordination-driven face-directed self-assembly of trigonal prisms. Face-based conformational chirality.
Coordination-driven self-assemblies with a carborane backbone.
Coordination-driven self-assembly of cavity-cored multiple crown ether derivatives and poly[2]pseudorotaxanes.
Coordination-driven self-assembly of functionalized supramolecular metallacycles.
Coordination-driven self-assembly of M3L2 trigonal cages from preorganized metalloligands incorporating octahedral metal centers and fluorescent detection of nitroaromatics.
Coordination-driven self-assembly of metallodendrimers possessing well-defined and controllable cavities as cores.
Coordination-driven self-assembly of predesigned supramolecular triangles.
Coordination-driven self-assembly of supramolecular cages: heteroatom-containing and complementary trigonal prisms.
Coordination-driven self-assembly of three-dimensional supramolecular dendrimers.
Coordination-driven self-assembly of truncated tetrahedra capable of encapsulating 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene.
Design, synthesis, and crystallographic studies of neutral platinum-based macrocycles formed via self-assembly.
Dicoordinated Carbocations
Dynamic equilibrium of a supramolecular dimeric rhomboid and trimeric hexagon and determination of its thermodynamic constants.
Engineering of linear molecular nanostructures by a hydrogen-bond-mediated modular and flexible host-guest assembly.
Engineering the structure and magnetic properties of crystalline solids via the metal-directed self-assembly of a versatile molecular building unit.
facile approach toward multicomponent supramolecular structures: selective self-assembly via charge separation., A
Facile self-assembly of neutral dendritic metallocycles via oxygen-to-platinum coordination.
Facile self-assembly of predesigned neutral 2D pt-macrocycles via a new class of rigid oxygen donor linkers.
Facile synthesis of enantiopure chiral molecular rectangles exhibiting induced circular dichroism.
Flexible bidentate pyridine and chiral ligands in the self-assembly of supramolecular 3-D cages.
From solvolysis to self-assembly.
Geometry directed self-selection in the coordination-driven self-assembly of irregular supramolecular polygons.
Giant micelles of organoplatinum(II) gemini amphiphiles.
Hexanuclear self-assembled arene-ruthenium nano-prismatic cages: potential anticancer agents.
High-symmetry coordination cages via self-assembly.
Highly Efficient Approach to the Self-Assembly of Hexagonal Cavity- Cored Tris[2]pseudorotaxanes from Several Components via Multiple Noncovalent Interactions, A
Hydrogen bond partner reorganization in the coadsorption of a monodendron and pyridylethynyl derivatives.
Incorporating a flexible crown ether into neutral discrete self-assemblies driven by metal coordination.
Incorporation of 2,6-di(4,4'-dipyridyl)-9-thiabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane into discrete 2D supramolecules via coordination-driven self-assembly.
Incorporation of a flexible, pyridine-functionalized Diaza-crown ether into discrete supramolecules via coordination-driven self-assembly.
Introduction of heterofunctional groups onto molecular hexagons via coordination-driven self-assembly.
JACS Policy on Manuscript Organization : Changes Concerning Back-to-Back Publications and Length of Communications
JACS Virtual Issues
Kinetics and mechanism of boron fluoride-alcohol alkylations
Mesoscopic self-organization of a self-assembled supramolecular rectangle on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite and Au(111) surfaces.
Metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions
Metalla-supramolecular rectangles as electron reservoirs for multielectron reduction and oxidation.
Metallosupramolecular tetragonal prisms via multicomponent coordination-driven template-free self-assembly.
Modern acetylene chemistry
Modern supramolecular chemistry : strategies for macrocycle synthesis
Molecular architecture via coordination: self-assembly of nanoscale hexagonal metallodendrimers with designed building blocks.
Multicomponent supramolecular systems: self-organization in coordination-driven self-assembly.
Nanopatterning of donor/acceptor hybrid supramolecular architectures on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite: a scanning tunneling microscopy study.
new family of multiferrocene complexes with enhanced control of structure and stoichiometry via coordination-driven self-assembly and their electrochemistry., A
Polyvalent iodine in organic chemistry.
Post-self-assembly covalent chemistry of discrete multicomponent metallosupramolecular hexagonal prisms.
Preparation and Solid State Properties of Self-Assembled Pt(II) and Pd(II) Dinuclear Rhomboids from Carbon and Silicon
Pyridine ligand rotation in self-assembled trigonal prisms. Evidence for intracage solvent vapor bubbles.
Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of a supramolecular self-assembled three-dimensional chiral prism on a Au(111) surface.
Second-order self-organization in coordination-driven self-assembly: exploring the limits of self-selection.
Self-assembled arene-ruthenium-based rectangles for the selective sensing of multi-carboxylate anions.
Self-assembled molecular squares containing metal-based donor: synthesis and application in the sensing of nitro-aromatics.
self-assembled supramolecular optical sensor for NiII, CdII, and CrIII., A
Self-assembly of a triangle-shaped, hexaplatinum-incorporated, supramolecular amphiphile in solution and at interfaces.
Self-assembly of dendritic tris(crown ether) hexagons and their complexation with dibenzylammonium cations.
Self-assembly of discrete cyclic nanostructures mediated by transition metals
Self-assembly of flexible supramolecular metallacyclic ensembles: structures and adsorption properties of their nanoporous crystalline frameworks.
Self-assembly of heterobimetallic neutral macrocycles incorporating ferrocene spacer groups: spectroelectrochemical analysis of the double two-electron oxidation of a molecular rectangle.
Self-assembly of molecular prisms via an organometallic "clip".
Self-assembly of nanoscale cuboctahedra by coordination chemistry.
Self-assembly of nanoscale supramolecular truncated tetrahedra.
Self-assembly of nanoscopic coordination cages of D(3h) symmetry.
Self-assembly of nanoscopic coordination cages using a flexible tripodal amide containing linker.
Self-Assembly of Nanoscopic Dodecahedra from 50 Predesigned Components
Self-assembly of neutral platinum-based supramolecular ensembles incorporating oxocarbon dianions and oxalate.
Self-Assembly of Porphyrin Arrays via Coordination to Transition Metal Bisphosphine Complexes and the Unique Spectral
Self-assembly of supramolecular platinum complexes with bis-4-pyridyl cavitands.
Self-assembly of three-dimensional M3L2 cages via a new flexible organometallic clip.
Self-organization in coordination-driven self-assembly.
Self-Organization of a Self-Assembled Supramolecular Rectangle, Square, and Three-Dimensional Cage on Au(111) Surfaces
Self-organization of a self-assembled supramolecular rectangle, square, and three-dimensional cage on Au111 surfaces.
Self-recognition in the coordination driven self-assembly of 2-D polygons.
Self-recognition in the coordination-driven self-assembly of three-dimensional M3L2 polyhedra.
Self-selection in the self-assembly of isomeric supramolecular squares from unsymmetrical bis(4-pyridyl)acetylene ligands.
Size selective self-sorting in coordination-driven self-assembly of finite ensembles.
Solution and solid state studies of a triangle-square equilibrium: anion-induced selective crystallization in supramolecular self-assembly.
Spectroscopie organique; principes et applications
Substituent effects on the intramolecular charge transfer and fluorescence of bimetallic platinum complexes.
Supramolecule-to-supramolecule transformations of coordination-driven self-assembled polygons.
Surface confined metallosupramolecular architectures: formation and scanning tunneling microscopy characterization.
Synthesis and crystal structure of two new discrete, neutral complexes of manganese and zinc using a rigid organic clip.
Synthesis and structural characterization of carborane-containing neutral, self-assembled Pt-metallacycles.
Synthesis and X-ray structural analysis of platinum and ethynyl-platinum corannulenes: supramolecular tectons.
Synthesis of a bis(pyridyl)-substituted perylene diimide ligand and incorporation into a supramolecular rhomboid and rectangle via coordination driven self-assembly.
Synthesis of a new family of hexakisferrocenyl hexagons and their electrochemical behavior.
synthesis of new 60 degrees organometallic subunits and self-assembly of three-dimensional M3L2 trigonal-bipyramidal cages., The
Synthesis of six-component metallodendrimers via [3 + 3] coordination-driven self-assembly.
Templated organic synthesis
Ultrafast optical excitations in supramolecular metallacycles with charge transfer properties.
Vinyl cations
Contributed to or performed: 
Thesis (Ph. D. in Chemistry)--University of California, Berkeley, Dec. 1966