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Hieronymus Kern
Jerome David Kern
Jerome David Kern (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Jerome Kern
Jerome Kern (American composer of musical theater and popular music)
Jerome Kern (Amerikaans componist (1885-1945))
Jerome Kern (amerikansk komponist)
Jerome Kern (amerikansk kompositör)
Jerome Kern (compositeur américain)
Jerome Kern (compositore statunitense)
Kern, Dž
Kern & Harbach
Kern (J.)
Kern, Jerome
Kern, Jerome D.
Kern, Jerome David
Τζερόμ Κερν
Джеръм Кърн
Керн, Джером
ג'רום קרן
קרן, ג'רום
جروم کرن (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
جيروم كيرن
カーン, ジェローム
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Manuscript notated music
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Anderson Galleries, Inc
Arlen, Harold (1905-1986)
Astaire, Fred (1899-1987))
Berlin, Irving (1888-1989)
Fields, Dorothy
Gershwin, George (1898-1937)
Hammerstein, Oscar
Hammerstein, Oscar (1895-1960)
Hammerstein, Oscar Greeley Clendenning
Harbach, Otto (1873-1963)
Kerwin, Simon
Mazur, muzykolog
Mazur, Paweł
Naxos Digital Services
Porter, Cole (1891-1964)
Rodgers, Richard (1902-1979)
Romano, V. F. ca 18--
Von Stade, Frederica
Warren, Harry
Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Contra
Act 1, Scene 1: Cap'n Andy's Ballyhoo: 'Here Comes the Show Boat Parade!...'
Act 1, Scene 1: Cap'n Andy's Ballyhoo: 'Hey Julie...'
Act 1, Scene 1: Cap'n Andy's Ballyhoo: 'It's a Man...'
Act 1, Scene 1: Cotton Blossom: 'Andy!!!...'
Act 1, Scene 1: Cotton Blossom: Niggers All Work on De Mississippi...
Act 1, Scene 1: Make Believe: Only Make Believe I Love You...
Act 1, Scene 1: Ol' Man River: 'Oh, Joe!...'
Act 1, Scene 1: Where's the Mate for Me?: Who Cares If My Boat Goes Upstream...
Act 1, Scene 2: Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man: 'What Cher Doin' All by Yourself, Miss Nola?...'
Act 1, Scene 3: Life on the Wicked Stage: Why Do Stage Struck Maidens Clamor...
Act 1, Scene 3: Till Good Luck Comes My Way: The Man Who Ventures With Chance...
Act 1, Scene 4: Mis'ry's Comin' Aroun': 'Hello, Windy...'
Act 1, Scene 4: Mis'ry's Comin' Aroun': 'Looks Like a Swell...'
Act 1, Scene 4: Mis'ry's Comin' Aroun': Mis'ry's Comin' Aroun'...
Act 1, Scene 4: Mis'ry's Comin' Aroun': 'Take Her Up, Rubberface!...'
Act 1, Scene 4: Mis'ry's Comin' Aroun': 'You Needn't All Look at Us...'
Act 1, Scene 5: I Might Fall Back on You: Little Girl, You Are Safe With Me...
Act 1, Scene 5: I Would Like to Play a Lover's Part: Her Face Is Fair to Look Upon...
Act 1, Scene 5: Queenie's Ballyhoo: 'Is De Theatre Fillin' Up, Cap'n Andy?...'
Act 1, Scene 6: Villain Dance
Act 1, Scene 7: You Are Love: 'That You, Nola?...'
Act 1, Scene 8: Finale Act 1: Oh Tell Me, Did You Ever!...
Act 2, Scene 1: At the Fair: When We Tell Them About It All...
Act 2, Scene 1: In Dahomey: Dyunga Doe!...
Act 2, Scene 1: Why Do I Love You?: I'm Walking on the Air, Dear...
Act 2, Scene 3: Convent Scene: Alma Redmptoris Mater...
Act 2, Scene 4: 'all Right, Jake...'
Act 2, Scene 4: Bill: I Used to Dream...
Act 2, Scene 6: After the Ball: 'Ladies and Gentlemen...'
Act 2, Scene 6: Apache Dance
Act 2, Scene 6: Goodbye, My Lady Love: So You're Going Away...
Act 2, Scene 6: Trocadero Opening Chorus: Let's Make the New Year...
Act 2, Scene 7: Hey, Feller!: When You Yen for a Gent...
Act 2, Scene 7: Ol' Man River (reprise): Ol' Man River...
Act 2, Scene 8: You Are Love (reprise): 'That You, Nola?...'
Act 2, Scene 9: Cottom Blossom (reprise): Cotton Blossom...
Act 2, Scene 9: Finale Ultimo: 'Hello, Gay...'
Act 2, Scene 9: It's Getting Hotter in the North: Now Up in the Northern Land...
Act 2, Scene 9: It's Getting Hotter in the North: 'Say, Cap'n Andy...'
Act I. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
Act I. Cotton Blossom / Cap'n Andy's Ballyhoo
Act I. Finale – The Wedding Celebration
Act I. I Have the Room Above Her
Act I. Life Upon the Wicked Stage
Act I. Make Believe
Act I. Mis'ry's Comin' Aroun'
Act I. Ol' Man River
Act I. Queenie's Ballyhoo
Act I. 'Till Good Luck Comes My Way
Act I. You Are Love
Act II. After the Ball
Act II. Alma Redemptoris Mater
Act II. Bill
Act II. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (reprise)
Act II. Finale
Act II. Goodbye, My Lady Love
Act II. Kim's Charleston
Act II. Montage II: Ol' Man River
Act II. Why Do I Love You? / Montage I: The Sports of Gay Chicago
After the Ball / Ol' Man River (reprise)
Ah Still Suits Me
All in Fun
All the Things You Are (Very Warm for May)
All Through the Day (instrumental)
All Through the Day (waltz)
And When They Ask Us
Appendix: A Pack of Cards (Act 1, Scene 6?; Unused: 1927): One Night as I Sat by My Fireside So Weary...
Appendix: Ah Still Suits Me (Universal Film: 1936): 'Joe! Dere You Go Again!...'
Appendix: Dance Away the Night (Act 2, Scene 9; London: 1928): Music in the Air...
Appendix: Gallivantin' Aroun' (Universal Film: 1936): Liza Matilda Hill...
Appendix: I Have the Room Above Her (Universal Film: 1936): 'Seems to Me I've Seen That Stocking Someplace...'
Appendix: Kim's Imitations (Why Do I Love You?) (Act 2, Scene 9; Ziegfeld Production: 1927): Why Do I Love You?...
Appendix: Nobody Else but Me (Act 2, Scene 9; 1946 Revival): I Was a Shy, Demure Type...'
Appendix: Out There in an Orchard (Act 2, Scene 4; Unused: 1927): There Was a Sun Sinking Slowly in the West...
Appendix: Pantry Scene (Act 1, Scene Two; Deleted: 1927): 'What Cher Doin' All by Yourself, Miss Nola?...'
Appendix: The Creole Love Song (Act 1, Scene 7; Unused: 1927): 'That You, Nola?...'
Appendix: Waterfront Saloon Scene (Act 1, Scene 3; Deleted: 1927): 'Number Four, Black!...'
Appendix: Yes, Ma'am (Act 1, Scene 3; Unused: 1927): Bet Your Hat...
At the Chicago World's Fair
Babes In The Wood
Ballroom Fanfare
Beauty prize. Non-stop dancing
Bill (feat. Ava Gardner)
Bill's a Liar
Blue, Blue
Blue eyes
Bojangles of Harlem
Broadway Musicals Series: Show Boat, The
Buck & Wing
Bungalow In Quogue
By the Country Stile
Cabaret girl. Shimmy with me
Call me Flo'
Can I forget you
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (feat. Ava Gardner)
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (reprise)
Can't Help Loving 'Dat Man (from "Showboat")
Can't help singing
Cap’n Andy’s Ballyhoo
Cap'n Andy's Presentation
Cap't Andy's Calliope
Carrier Letter / The Stairway, The
Cat and the fiddle. Night was made for love
Cat and the fiddle. Selections
Centennial summer. In love in vain
Centennial summer. Up with the lark
Cinderella Sue
City chap. No one knows
City chap. Selections
City chap. Sympathetic someone
Clock, The
Cotton Blossom
Cover girl
Crickets Are Calling / Finale Act 1, The
D'ye love me ?
Dance the Night Away
Dear Sir
Dearly Beloved
Doll Girl (medley), The
Don’t Ask Me Not to Sing
Don't Ever Leave Me
Don't you want a paper, dearie?
dream too much, I
Dym (Smoke Gets in Your Eyes)
Edinboro Wriggle, The
Encore on Deck
End Title
Every Little Star
Fascinating Flora: Ballooning
Fashion Show
Finale Act I
Finale Act II
Finale Act One
Finale: Ol' Man River
Finale Ultimo
Fine Romance, A
Folks Who Live on the Hill, The
Frank & Ellie
Girl From Utah (medley), The
Gloria's romance. Little Billie
Gloria's romance. Suite
Go little boat
Goblin's Guide, De
Good Bye My Lady Love
Good morning, dearie. Blue Danube blues
Good morning, dearie. Ka-lu-a
Good Night Boat
Good Old Atwater
Goodbye My Lady Love
Have a Heart (medley)
Have the Room Above Her, I
Head over heels
Here Am I
Hey, Feller!
High, wide and handsome
Honeymoon Inn
Hoop-la-la papa
Hot Dog!
How'd You Like to Spoon With Me?
I'll be hard to handle
I'm Going to Find a Girl
I'm old fashioned
I'm Well Known
I've a Little Favor
I've Got To Dance
I’ve Told Ev’ry Little Star
If You're A Friend Of Mine
If You Would Only Love Me
In Dahomey
In London and Hollywood
In Love in Vain (alternate waltz)
In Pavilion (alternate)
In the Heart of the Dark
Irish Husband, An
Isn't It Great To Be Married
Jerome Kern Songbook: A Fine Romance
Jerome Kern Songbook: All the Things You Are, The
Jerome Kern Treasury (London Sinfonietta and London Sinfonietta Chorus feat. conductor John McGlinn)
Jesse and Phillipe
Joy of living. Just let me look at you
Julie Leaves the Boat
Just because you're you. Duet
Just Let Me Look at You
Just The Way You Look Tonight
Just You Watch My Step
Katy Was a Business Girl
Land Where the Good Songs Go (reprise), The
Last Time I Saw Paris, The
Laughing Husband (medley), The
Leave It to Jane (medley)
Leave it to Jane. Selections
Leave it to Jane. Sir Galahad
Leave it to Jane. Siren's song
Left All Alone Again Blues
Let's begin
Life on the Wicked Stage
Life Upon the Wicked Stage
Little Bit of Silk, A
Little Thing Like a Kiss, A
Long Ago and Far Away (Cover Girl)
Look for the Silver Lining (feat. B.G. DeSilva)
Love o' Mike. Baby vampire
Love O' Mike (medley)
Lovely to Look at
Lucky (medley)
Lui, toi et moi
Magnolia's Audition: Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (reprise): Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly...
Magnolia's Audition: Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (reprise): 'Whaddaya Say, Boss?...'
Main Title - Centennial / Long Live Our Free America
Make Believe (Foxtrot)
Make Believe (reprise)
Mark Twain (A Portrait for Orchestra): I. Hannibal Days
Mark Twain (A Portrait for Orchestra): II. Gorgeous Pilot House
Mark Twain (A Portrait for Orchestra): III. Wandering Westward
Mark Twain (A Portrait for Orchestra): IV. Mark in Eruption
Mark Twain suite
Marriage Market (medley), The
Men of the sky
Might Fall Back on You, I
Mind the Paint
Miss 1917. Land where the good songs go
Miss 1917. Tell me all your troubles, cutie
Moon Of Love
More and More
Music in the air. I've told every little star
Music in the air. Selections
Musicals Collection 6: Show Boat, The
Musicals. Selections
Natchez Dock
Never Gonna Dance
Night boat. Left all alone again blues
Night Boat (medley), The
Night boat. Whose baby are you
Night Was Made for Love, The
Nobody else but me
Nobody Home (medley)
Nodding Roses
Nothing at All
Now that we are one
Nun's Processional
O, Lady ! Lady !
Oh, Boy! (medley)
Oh boy! Rolled into one
Oh boy! You never knew about me
Oh, I Say! (medley)
Oh lady! lady! Kissless days
Oh, Lady! Lady! (medley)
Oh lady! lady! Will you marry me?
Oh You Beautiful Spring
Ohio Dance
Ol' Man River (Finale)
Ol' Man River (reprise)
Ol' Man River (vocal)
Old Boy Neutral
Ole Man River
On the Beam
Once in a Blue Moon
Once there were two of us
Opening Act 1 / Cotton Blossom
Opening Act 2
Opening Act II: Sports of Gay Chicago
Orchestral Interlude (Scene 4)
Packet Boat
Pick yourself up
Poor Pierrot
Poor Prune
Queenie’s Ballyhoo
Qui ? (Who?)
quoi a-t-elle l’air ce soir ?, De
Raggedy Ann
Railroad Song
Ravenal Is Gone
Red Petticoat: The Ragtime Restaurant, The
Remind me
Richmond Street
Right Romance (reprise), The
Roberta: Let's Begin
Roberta. Selections
Roberta. Touch of your hand
Rock-A-Bye Baby (medley)
Sally - Act I: Ah, glamour-puss... On with the Dance
Sally - Act I: Dear Little Girl
Sally - Act I: Good evening!
Sally - Act I: Hello, Sally... Look for the Silver Lining
Sally - Act I: Joan of Arc
Sally - Act I: Now what's this?
Sally - Act I: Opening
Sally - Act I: So, Rosie
Sally - Act I: The Nighttime
Sally - Act I: Your Highness!
Sally - Act II: Church 'Round the Corner
Sally - Act II: Finale: Our Anxious Eyes
Sally - Act II: Mme Nockerova... Whip-poor-will
Sally - Act II: Mme. Nockerova... Wild Rose
Sally - Act II: Pardon me!
Sally - Act II: Rosie, there you are
Sally - Act II: The Butterfly Ballet
Sally - Act II: The Lorelei
Sally - Act II: The Schnitze-Komisski
Sally - Act II: To a Celebration
Sally - Act III: Dear Little Church
Sally - Act III: Wasn't Sally?
Sally. Selections
She Didn't Say Yes (Swing)
She's a good fellow. First rose of summer
She's a Good Fellow (medley)
She's a good fellow. Selections
“Shorty George”, The
Show Boat (1951 film cast)
Show Boat (1962 studio cast)
Show Boat (1966 Lincoln Center cast)
Show Boat (1971 London revival cast)
Show Boat (1988 studio cast)
Show Boat (1993 Toronto revival cast)
Show Boat: Act I
Show Boat: Act II
Show boat. Creole love song
Show Boat: Finale Act 1
Show boat (fragmenty)
Show boat. I would like to play a lover's part
Show boat. It's getting hotter in the north
Show boat. Life upon the wicked stage
Show Boat: Main Title
Show Boat: Make Believe (London Sinfonietta feat. conductor: John McGlinn)
Show Boat Medley
Show boat Ol' man river
Show Boat Original MGM Soundtrack
Show boat. Pack of cards
Show boat. Pantry scene
Show Boat: Scenario for Orchestra
Show boat. Selections
Show boat. Trocadero opening chorus
Show boat. Waterfront saloon scene
Show boat. Yes, ma'am
Since the Days of Grandmama
Sir Galahad
Siren's Song, The
Sitting pretty. Enchanted train
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (from "Roberta")
Some Sort Of Somebody
Something Had to Happen
song is you, The
Songs. Selections
Soon (Quickstep)
Square Dance
Stepping Stones
Still Suits Me (No Matter What You Say), I
Sun Shines Brighter (Reprise), The
Sunny (medley)
Sunny. Selections
Sur Le Balcon / La Tentateur / Solitaire
Sure thing
Suzette and Her Pet
Sweet Adeline. Don't ever leave me
Sweet Adeline. We were so young
Swing Time Medley
Take a chance
Take Care
There It Is Again
They didn't believe me
Thirteen Collar
Three sisters. Lonely feet
Three sisters. Selections
Till Good Luck Comes My Way
Till the clouds roll by
Title Music
Toch ben ik dol op jou
Toot, toot!
Touch of Your Hand / Lovely to Look At
Touch of Your Hand, The
Train Station
Two Dachschunds
Up With the Lark / All Through the Day (reprise)
Up With the Lark (alternate instrumental)
Up With the Lark / Centennial (reprise) / French Pavilion
Up With the Lark (waltz)
Very Good Eddie (medley)
Very good Eddie. Old Bill Baker
Very warm for May
Villain's Dance
Wait Till Tomorrow
Waltz in Swingtime
Waltz L’Amour
Want to Sing in Opera, I
Way You Look Tonight (Swingtime), The
We're On Our Way
We Were So Young
Wedding Bells Are Calling Me
Wedding in the Spring
When Your Heart's on Fire Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Where’s the Mate for Me? / Make Believe
Whistle When You're Lonely
Who? (Balboa)
Whose Baby Are You?
Why Do I Love You? (Show Boat)
Why was I born ?
won't dance, I
Works. Selections
Yesterdays (Roberta)
You are love
You can't make love by wireless
You couldn't be cuter
You Never Knew About Me
You’re Devastating
You were never lovelier. Selections
Young Romance
Zip goes a million
Лирический фокстрот
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Greatest Musicals (disc 1: 1927-1948)
100 Hits Only You
101 Songs From the Musicals
40 Greatest Ever Show Tunes, Part 2
70 Years of Broadway: 1924-35
A224 Inside Music
Adagio for Strings
All the Things You Are
Art of the Duo
Ballroom Dancing
Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Other Musicals, The
Best of Broadway, The
Brigadoon / Lovely to Look At
Broadway Collection
Broadway Favorites
Broadway Through the Gramophone, Volume 2: Broadway Prior to World War I: 1909-1914
Broadway Through the Gramophone, Volume 3: The Musical Stage in the War Years: 1914-1920
Broadway Through the Gramophone, Volume 4: From the Great War to the Talkies: 1920-1929
Centenary Edition 1897-1997
Concord Jazz: Collector's Series Sampler
Desert Song / Roberta, The
Encore Preview Disc
Fantastic Strings
Film Musicals Collection: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The
Front Row Center: The Broadway Gold Box 1935-1988
Girl From Utah: They Didn't Believe Me, The
Golden Sounds From the Classics
Great Broadway Collection, The
Great Songs From the Musicals 30s and 40s
Imaginary Landscapes: Sounds of America
In the Mood
Jazz zu Zweit
Kickin’ the Clouds Away: Gershwin at the Piano
Land Where the Good Songs Go, The
Late Night Moods: Bossa Lounge
Leave It to Jane / Oh, Kay
Left All Alone Again Blues
Little Lies
Lost Treasures
Love's Labour's Lost
Lucky (medley)
Magical Melodies From Great Musicals
Magical World of Melody
Medley: All the things you are, take the A train, satin doll
Musicals! 15 Hit Songs From Classic Musical Shows
New York: A Documentary Film
Night Club Music - Melancholic SAX
Oh, What a Lovely War
Ol' Man River, From "Show Boat"
Old Man River
Original Cast! 100 Years of the American Musical Theater: The Forties, Part One
Passion Shared, A
Piano Rolls, Volume Two, The
Salt Peanuts
Selections from the MGM Film Show-Boat
Show Boat
Show Boat (1951 film cast)
Show Boat (1988 studio cast)
Show Boat / Annie Get Your Gun
Show Boat & The Band Wagon: Original MGM Soundtrack Recordings
Simply Ballroom, Volume 2
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Duets Volume 2, The
Singin' in the Rain / Old Man River / Secret Love (from "Singin' in the Rain" / "Showboat" / "Calamity Jane")
Stairway to Paradise (2007-05-10 Encores! cast)
Sure Thing
Volume 01
Volume 2
Way You Look Tonight, The
Whose Baby Are You?
Yuko Mabuchi Trio