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Common sense
Pain, Thomas
Paine, ..
Paine (Thomas)
Paine, Tom
Paine, Tomas
Payne, Thomas
Payne (Thomas; 1737-1809)
Payne, Tomas
Peĭn, Tomas
Pein, Tomasu
Pejn, Tomas
Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine (Brits filosoof (1737-1809))
Thomas Paine (English and American political activist)
Thomas Paine (intellectuel, pamphlétaire, révolutionnaire anglais puis américain)
Thomas Paine, Jr
Thomas Paine (pisarz i filozof angielski)
Thomas Paine (rivoluzionario e politico inglese)
Thomas Paine (Schriftsteller und Erfinder)
Tomas Peinas
Tomas Pejn
Tomas Peyn
Tomass Peins
Τόμας Πέιν
Пейн, Томас
Томас Пейн
Томас Пейн (англо-американский писатель, философ, публицист)
Томас Пејн
ტომას პეინი
Թոմաս Փեյն
פיין, תומס
פין, תומס
פעין, טאמאס
תומאס פיין
بين، توماس،
تھامس پین
توماس بين،
توماس پین
تۆماس پاین
थॉमस पेन
টমাস পেইন (Pamphleteer)
ਥਾਮਸ ਪੇਨ
தாமஸ் பெய்ன்
തൊമസ് പെയ്ൻ
โทมัส เพน
토머스 페인
ペイン, トーマス
ペイン, トウマス
ペイン, トマス
彼因, 多馬
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Language material
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Notated music
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Brongers, Hendrik (jr., Amsterdam)
Buisson, François (1753-1814)
Collins, Henry (1918-....))
Condorcet, Jean-Antoine-Nicolas de Caritat (1743-1794 marquis de)
ebrary, Inc
Great Britain. Court of King's Bench
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Kramnick, Isaac
Lanthenas, François-Xavier
Meyer, Jan (Rotterdam)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Müller, Hans Alexander (1888-1962)
Philp, Mark
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Santos Fontenla, Fernando
Slaughter, Thomas P.
Slaughter, Thomas Paul
Veríssimo, Isabel
Warburton, Thomas (1918-)
Watson, Richard (1781-1833)
William Duane Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Wolfe, James (1727-1759)
נירגד, ליה (1962-)
الجمل، احمد امين
深間内, 基 (1846-1901)
Age of reason; being an investigation of true and fabulous theology
Age of reason. Part 1
Age of reason. Part 2
age of reason, The
Agrarian justice, opposed to agrarian law, and to agrarian monopoly : Being a plan for meliorating the condition of man, by creating in every nation a national fund, to pay to every person, when arrived at the age of twenty-one years, the sum of fifteen pounds sterling, to enable him or her to begin the world; and also, ten pounds sterling per annum during life to every person now living of the age of fifty years, and to all others when they shall arrive at that age, to enable them to live in old age without wretchedness, and go decently out of the world. By Thomas Paine, author of Common sense, Rights of man, Age of reason, &c. &c.
American crisis
Answer to the declaration of the king of England respecting his motives for carrying on the present war
Brief aan 't Fransche volk
Burgerpligt-leerende redevoering aan het volk
Citizen Tom Paine
Collected writings
Colonial pamphlets.
Common sense addressed to the inhabitants of America, on the following interesting subjects: ... A new edition, with several additions ... To which is added, an appendix; together with an address to the people called Quakers. ... By Thomas Paine.
Common sense : addressed to the inhabitants of America, on the following interesting subjects: I. Of the origin and design of government in general, with concise remarks on the English Constitution. II. Of monarchy and hereditary succession. III. Thoughts on the present state of American affairs. IV. Of the present ability of America, with some miscellaneous reflections.
Correspondence between Thomas Paine and William Carver.
daaling en val van het systhema der Engelsche finantiën., De
decline and fall of the english system of finance
Derechos del hombre, Los
dialogue between the ghost of General Montgomery and an American delegate., A
Dissertation on first-principles of government
Dōri no yo
Droits de l'homme, Les
Eeuw der misleiding, of tegenschrift tegen de Eeuw der reden van Th. Paine
Eeuw der Rede, De : zijnde eene nasporing van ware en fabelachtige godgeleerdheid
Examination of the Prophecies
Gevoelens betreffende gerechtelyke beoordeeling van Lodewijk XVI
gezond verstand, Het
Independencia de la costa firme justificada por Thomas Paine treinta años ha, La
Justice agraire opposée à la loi et monopole agraire
l'origine de la franc-maçonnerie, De
Letter addressed to the abbe Raynal on the affairs of North-America, in which the mistakes in the abbe's account of the revolution of America are corrected and cleared up, by Thomas Paine,...
Letter addressed to the addressers on the late proclamation
Letter to George Washington
Letter to Mr. Henry Dundas
Letter to the Earl of Shelburne, now Marquis of Lansdowne, on his speech, July 10, 1782.
Living thoughts of Tom Paine, The
On the origin of free-masonry
Opinion de Thomas Payne [sic], député du Département de la Somme, concernant le jugement de Louis XVI, precédée de sa lettre d'envoi au président de la Convention ...
Political writings
Prospects on the Rubicon, or an Investigation into the causes and consequences of the politics to be agitated at the meeting of Parliament
Prospects on the war and Paper currency, by Thomas Paine,...
Public good, being an examination into the claim of Virginia to the vacant western territory, and of the right of the United States to the same: to which are added, proposals for laying off a new state, to be applied asa fund for carrying on the war, or redeeming the national debt.
Recherches sur la vraie théologie et sur la théologie fabuleuse
Rechte des Menschen
Rechten van den mensch, beginsels en practijk vereenigende
Rechten van den mensch, of De aanval van den heer Burke op de Fransche omwenteling
Remarques sur les erreurs de l'histoire philosophique et politique de Mr. Guillaume Thomas Raynal, par rapport aux affaires de l'Amérique-septentrionale &c.
Republik oder Monarchie ?beantwortet durch Thomas Paine's "gesunder Menschenverstand" und "Menschenrechte". Nach den Originalquellen bearbeitet von John Greis
Rights of man: being an answer to Mr. Burke's attack on the French revolution
Rights of man, pt.1.
Rise Columbia!
Selected work of Tom Paine, The
Selected workof Tom Paine. Edited by Howard Fast
Selections. [from old catalog]
sens commun, addressé aux habitants de l'Amérique, sur [...] la fin du gouvernement [...] la constitution Angloise [...] la monarchie & [...] la puissance actuelle de l'Amérique., Le
Sentit comú
Siècle de la raison...
theologischen werke, Die
Thomas Paine au Conseil des Cinq-Cents. Séance du 9 pluviôse an VI
Thomas Paine : selections from his writings
Trial of Thomas Paine
Two letters addressed to Lord Onslow
Untersuchungen über wahre und fabelhafte Theologie.
"Vues sur le Rubicon", ou Recherches sur les causes et les conséquences des affaires politiques qui doivent être agitées à l'Assemblée du Parlement.
writings of Thomas Paine, The
Избранные сочинения, 1959:
שכל ישר
منطق العقل