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Annie Get Your Gun
Balin, Isidore
Balin, Israel
Baline, Israel
Baline, Israel Isidore (Wirklicher Name)
Berlin, I.
Berlin, Irvin
Berlin, Irving
Berlin, Irving (American composer of Russian birth, 1888-1989)
Berlin, Irving, (componist.)
Berlin (Irving; pseud)
Berlin, Irwing
Berlin, J.
Berlins, I.
I. Berlin
I. Berlins
Irving Berlin
Irving Berlin (American composer)
Irving Berlin (Amerikaans straatartiest (1888-1989))
Irving Berlin (amerykański kompozytor pochodzenia rosyjskiego)
Irving Berlin (compositeur américain)
Irving Berlin (compositore statunitense)
Irving Berlin (orosz származású amerikai zeneszerző és szövegíró)
Irving Berlin (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Irwing Berlin
Israel Baline
Бейлин, Израиль Исидор
Бейлин, Израиль Моисеевич
Берлин, И
Берлин, Ирвинг
Ирвинг Берлин
Ірвінг Берлін
Ірвінг Бэрлін
Ървинг Бърлин
אירווינג ברלין
בערלין, אירוינג
ברלין, אירווינג
ברלין, אירוינג
إرفينغ برلين
ایروینگ برلین
เออร์วิง เบอร์ลิน
어빙 벌린
バーリン, アーヴィング
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Related names: 
Allevi, Giovanni (co-performer)
American Musicological Society
Arlen, Harold (1905-1986)
Astaire, Fred (1899-1987)
Beaudry, R. (1882-1932)
Beaudry, Roméo (1882-1932)
Berlin, Irving (1888-1989)
Bvegadzi, Leo (co-author)
Carmichael, Hoagy (1899-1981)
Clurman, Judith (co-performer)
Crosby, Bing (1904-1977)
Crosby, Harry Lillis (1904-1977)
Curtiz, Michael (co-author)
Del Ruth, Roy (co-author)
en piano 4 handen
Fernie, Alan (1960-)
Gershwin, George (1898-1937)
Goulet, Robert (1933-2007)
Gruber, Franz (skladatelj)
Hearshen, Ira (co-author)
Irving Berlin Collection (Library of Congress)
Kern, Jerome (1885-1945)
Lang, Walter (co-author)
Marx Brothers (co-performer)
Monroe, Marilyn (co-performer)
Naxos Digital Services
Peterson, Oscar (co-performer)
Porter, Cole (1891-1964)
Porter, Cole (co-author)
Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe "Polskie Nagrania Muza"
Rodgers, Richard (1902-1979)
Sandrich, Mark (co-author)
Santley, Joseph (co-author)
Shamroy, Leon (1901-1974))
Trotti, Lamar
Walters, Charles (co-author)
Warren, Harry (1893-1981)
גרוסמן, אירוינג (1900-1964)
松原, 美子
Act I: Don't Be Afraid of Romance
Act I: Empty Pockets Filled With Love
Act I: I've Got to Be Around
Act I: In Our Hide-Away
Act I: Is He the Only Man in the World?
Act I: It Gets Lonely in the White House
Act I: Laugh It Up
Act I: Let's Go Back to the Waltz
Act I: Meat and Potatoes
Act I: Opening
Act I: Pigtails and Freckles
Act I: The First Lady
Act I: The Secret Service
Act I: They Love Me
Act II: Glad to Be Home
Act II: I'm Gonna Get Him
Act II: The Only Dance I Know
Act II: The Washington Twist
Act II: This Is a Great Country / Finale
Act II: You Need a Hobby
After You Get What You Want (You Don’t Want It)
Alexander's Ragtime Band (arr. E. Solot)
Alexander’s snøgg time band
All Alone
All by Myself
All of My Life
Alles was du kannst
Als der Mond purpurrot wie Burgunder war
Als klokken in de nacht luiden
Alter Tzigayner / White Christmas, Der
Always / The Bells / I Need You
Always: The Best of Irving Berlin
Always: The Great Songs of Irving Berlin
Am Schießeisen beißt keiner an
American Songbook Series: Irving Berlin
Angels of mercy
Annie Get Your Gun (1946 original Broadway cast)
Annie Get Your Gun (1963 Berlin cast)
Annie Get Your Gun (1963 studio cast)
Annie Get Your Gun (1986 London revival cast)
Annie Get Your Gun (1991 studio recording)
Annie Get Your Gun (1999 Broadway revival cast)
Annie Get Your Gun: Anything You Can Do
Annie get your gun. Moonshine lullaby
Annie get your gun. My defenses are down
Annie Get Your Gun: Original London cast
Annie Get Your Gun: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Annie get your gun. Selections
Annie get your gun. Take it in your stride
Annie Get Your Gun: The Girl That I Marry
Annie Get Your Gun: There's No Business Like Show Business
Annie Get Your Gun: They Say It's Wonderful
Annie get your gun. Who do you love I hope
Annie get your gun. With music
Annie Get Your Gun: You Can't Get a Man With a Gun
Any Bonds Today?
Anything You Can Do (Annie Get Your Gun)
Anything You Can Do (feat. Bernadette Peters & Tom Wopat)
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
As thousands cheer. Debts
As thousands cheer. Man bites dog
As thousands cheer Metropolitan opening
As thousands cheer. Skate with me
As thousands cheer. Society wedding
As thousands cheer. To be or not to be
At peace with the world
Aust balts Ziemassvētku rīts
Back to Back
Ballroom Scene
Baltie Ziemassvētki
Be Careful, It's My Heart
Beautiful Faces Need Beautiful Clothes
Because I Love You
Becky's got a job in a musical show
Begging for love
Best Thing For You (Cha-Cha), The
Best Thing for You (Would Be Me), The
Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing, The
Better Luck Next Time
Bianco Natale
Biele Vianoce (White Christmas)
Bin ein Bösewicht
Binale Ultimo (Steppin' Out with My Baby / I'll Capture Your Heart / Cheek to Cheek)
Bird of Paradise
Blanca Navidad
Blue Skies (arr. J. Krush)
Blue Skies: Irving Berlin Songbook
Blue skies (Motion picture music). Couple of song and dance men
Blue skies (Motion picture music). Selections
Blue skies (Motion picture music). You keep coming back like a song
Blue Skies/ Shaking the Blues Away (reprise)
Blue Skys
Bonus Track: Entr'acte
Broadway Musicals Series: Annie Get Your Gun, The
Buffalo Bill
But Not Too Much
But Where Are You
C’est beau de faire un show (There’s No Business Like Showbusiness)
Call Me Madam (1950 Decca studio cast)
Call Me Madam (1995 New York cast)
Call me madam. Anthem for presentation scene
Call me madam. I like Ike
Call Me Madam: It's a Lovely Day
Call me madam. Lichtenburg
Call me Madam. Our day of independence
Call me madam. Selections
Call Me Madam: The Hostess With the Mostes' on the Ball
Can't Tell a Lie, I
Can You Use Any Money Today?
Carefree. Since they turned Loch Lomond into swing
Celebrating the American spirit musical expressions of nationhood
Ceremonial Chant / I'm an Indian Too / Adoption Dance
Change partners
Cheek to Cheek (Feat. Louis Armstrong)
Cheek to Cheek (Top Hat)
Christmas for you
Circus Dance ("Ballyhoo")
Cocoanuts (medley), The
coconuts, The
Colonel Buffalo Bill
Come to the Land of the Argentine
Count for Blessings Instead of Sheep
Count your blessings instead of sheep
Couple of Song and Dance Men, A
Couple of Swells, A
Dance With Me (Tonight at the Mardi Gras)
Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly
Doin' What Comes Naturally
Drum Crazy
Drum Dance (Wild Horse Ceremonial dance)
Du kommer till mig i en sång
Easter parade (Motion picture music). Fella with an umbrella
Easter parade (Motion picture music). Mr. Monotony
Empty Pockets Filled With Love
En suivant la flotte
Encore: Simple Melody
End Title
Entr'acte (The European Tour)
Ev'rybody's Doin'It Now
Everybody Knew But Me
Everybody's doing it now
Everybody Step (With Chick Webb Orchestra)
Everything in America is Ragtime
Face the music. Let's have another cup of coffee
Face the music. Soft lights and sweet music
Falling Out of Love Can Be Fun / Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep (reprise)
Fella With an Umbrella, A
Finale Act I (You Can't Get a Man With a Gun)
Finale Act II (They Say It's Wonderful)
Finale Ultimo
Fingerstyle jazz guitar
Follow the Fleet Medley
Follow the fleet. We saw the sea
Fools Fall in Love / Old Man's Darling - Young Man's Slave
For Your Country and My Country
Frau meiner Träume, Die
Freedom Train, The
Gee I Wish I Was Back in the Army / White Christmas (reprise)
George Gershwin
Get Thee Behind Me, Satan (arr. J. Krush)
Getting Nowhere
Girl on the Magazine Cover, The
Girl on the Police Gazette, The
Girl That I Marry (reprise), The
Give me your tired, your poor
Glad to Be Home
God Bless America (Houston Symphony)
got lost in his arms, I
got the sun in the morning, I
Gots to Get Her (Inspired by "Puttin' on the Ritz")
Gotta Go Back to Texas, I
Great Stars Salute Irving Berlin, The
Grizzley Bear, The
Happy Easter
Happy Holiday / Let Yourself Go
Harlem On My Mind (arr. J. Krush)
Hate You, I
He Ain't Got Rhythm
Heat Wave (arr. J. Krush)
Holiday Inn. Happy holiday
Holiday Inn. Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn. I'll capture your heart singing
Holiday Inn. Selections
Homeward Bound
Hostess With the Mostes' on the Ball (Encore)
How about me?
How Deep Is the Ocean (How High Is the Sky)
How Deep Is the Ocean (reprise)
How Many Times
How's Chances?
Hvid jul
I'd Love to Be Shot From a Cannon With You
I’d Rather Lead a Band
I'll Be Home This Christmas
I'll Capture Your Heart
I’ll Miss You in the Evening
(I'll See you in) Cuba (arr. J. Krush)
I'll Share It All With You / Dance
I'm a Bad, Bad Man (Annie Get Your Gun)
I'm a Bad, Bad Man / Dance
I'm a Dancing Teacher Now
I’m an Indian Too
I’m Beginning to Miss You
I’m On My Way Home
I'm Playing With Fire
I'm putting all my eggs in one basket
I'm Sorry for Myself
I've Go My Love to Keep Me Warm
I've got my captain working for me now
I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For
I've Gotta Go Back to Texas
Ich bin wehrlos vor ihr
Ich hab' die goldenen Sonne und den Silbermond
If I Had You
If You Believe
In Old New York
In Our Hide-Away
Inside My Mind (Blue Skies)
International rag
Irving Berlin 100th Anniversary Collection, The
Irving Berlin: A Hundred Years
Irving Berlin in Hollywood
Irving Berlin's White Christmas (2006 San Francisco cast)
Irving Berlin's White Christmas: The Musical
Irving Berlin Songbook: A Centennial Celebration, The
Is He the Only Man in the World?
Isn't this a lovely day ?
It All Belongs to Me
It'll Come to You
It Only Happens When I Dance With You
It's a Lovely Day Today (reprise)
It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow
Jack O'Lantern. I'll take you back to Italy
Jolly Bachelors, The
(Just One Way to Say) I Love You
Kiss me Kate best of Broadway musical
Laisse faire la musique et danse
Latins Know How
Lazy (arr. M. Hood)
Lazy / No Strings / Blue Skies
Lead Me to Love
Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen, I
Let Me Sing and I’m Happy
Let's face the music and dance
Let’s Go Back to the Waltz
Let's Go Round the Town
Let’s Go West Again
Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee
Let's Say It with Firecrackers
Let’s Start the New Year Right
Let's Take an Old Fashion Walk
Let’s Take an Old-Fashioned Walk
Let's Take on Old-Fashioned Walk
Let Yourself Go (arr. J. Krush)
Let Yourself Go / Steppin' Out With My Baby
Lichtenburg (Cosmo's Opening)
Listening (arr. M. Hood)
Little Fish in a Big Pond, A
Little Old Church in England, A
Little Things in Life, The
Lock Me in Your Harem
Lord Done Fixed Up My Soul, The
Louisiana Purchase (1996 Original New York Cast)
Louisiana Purchase. Fools fall in love
Louisiana Purchase. It's a lovely day tomorrow
Louisiana Purchase (reprise)
Louisiana Purchase. Selections
Love a Piano / Snooky Ookums / When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam’, I
Love and the Weather
Love Is Worth Waiting For
Love the Winter Weather / I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm, I
Love to Have the Boys Around Me, I
Love You Didn't Do Right by Me / How Deep Is the Ocean?
Main Title
Mammy. Selections
Man Chases A Girl (Until She Catches Him), A
Man sagt Verliebtsein das wäre wundervoll
Marching Along with Time
Marie aux yeux candides
Marilyn Monroe 50 ans édition spéciale 50ème anniversaire
Marrying for Love
Marx brothers 1929-1933, 5 films des années Paramount, The
Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much
Me and My Bundle
Medley: It's a Lovely Day Today / You're Just in Love
Medley: Marie / Cheek to Cheek
Metropolitan Nights
Miss Liberty / Call Me Madam: Mr. Monotony Dance
Miss Liberty. I'll know better the next time
Miss Liberty. Just one way to say I love you
Miss Liberty. Let's take an old-fashioned walk
Miss Liberty. Selections
Miss Liberty. Sing a song of Sing Sing
Moonshine Lullaby
Most Expensive Statue in the World, The
Motion picture music. Selections
Move Over
Mr. Monotony
Mr. President (1962 original Broadway cast)
Mr. President. If you haven't got an ear for music
Mr. President. Selections
Mr. President. The only dance I know
Mrs. Sally Adams (reprise)
Music Box revue (1921). Everybody step
Music Box revue (1921). Say it with music
Music Box revue (1921). Schoolhouse blues
Music box revue (1922). Crinoline days
Music box revue (1922). Lady of the evening
Music box revue (1923). Little butterfly
Music box revue (1924) All alone
Musicals. Selections
Must see musicals
My British buddy
My Defences Are Down
My Defenses are Down
My sweetie
My Walkin' Stick
My Walking Stick
Never Had a Chance (Frome Like Someone in Love), I
New Ending, A
No Strings (arr. J. Krush)
No Strings (I'm Fancy Free)
Noël blanc
Noix de coco
Not for All the Rice in China
Nothing more to say
Now It Can Be Told
Ocarina, The
Office Hours
Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning (From "This Is the Army")
Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning (This Is The Army / Original Broadway Cast)
Oh How That German Could Love!
Old Fashioned Walk (Waltz)
Old Fashioned Wedding (Annie Get Your Gun), An
Old Man, The
On the avenue
Once Upon a Time Today
One O’Clock in the Morning
Only for Americans
Opera (medley)
Oscar Peterson plays
Outside of That I Love You
Overture Act I
Pack Up Your Sins and Go to the Devil (With Chic Webb Orchestra)
Panama Hattie: I've Still Got My Health (1940 studio cast)
Panama Hattie: Let's Be Buddies (1940 studio cast)
Panama Hattie: Make It Another Old Fashioned, Please (1940 studio cast)
Panama Hattie: My Mother Would Love You (1940 studio cast)
Parade de printemps
Paris Wakes Up and Smiles
Piccolino, The
Pigtails and Freckles
Play a Simple Melody (original mono version)
Plenty to be Thankful For
Policeman's Ball, The
Poured My Heart Into a Song, I
Pretty Girl is Like a Melody, A
Puttin' on the Ritz (arr. D. Sorenson)
Putting on a Ritz (Top Hats & Tails)
Putting on the Ritz
Ragtime Soldier Man
Ragtime Violin, The
Rap jul
Reaching for the moon. When the folks high up do the mean low-down
Reprise: The Girl That I Marry
Reprise: There's No Business Like Show Business
Revival Day
Roses of Yesterday
Russian Lullaby
Sadie Salome
Sailor's Not A Sailor ('Til a Sailor's Been Tattooed), A
Sanovat sitä ihmeelliseksi
Say It Isn't So
Say It's Wonderful, The
Say It With Music
Secret Service, The
Settle Down in a One Horse Town
Sex Marches On
Shakin’ the Blues Away
Shaking the Blue Away
Shaking the Blues Away
Show Us How to Do the Fox Trot
Simple Melody / Old Fashioned Wedding / Your Just in Love
Since They Turned "Loch Lomond" Into Swing
Sisters (reprise)
Slumming on Park Avenue
Snookey Ookums
Soft Lights and Sweet Music
Some Sunny Day
Someone Else May Be There While I’m Gone
Something to Dance About
song books, The
Song for the U.N.
Song Is Ended (But the Melody Lingers on), The
Song is ... Irving Berlin, The
Song of Freedom
Songs. Selections (100 years)
Songs. Selections (Songs of Irving Berlin)
Spiel mir eine alte Melodie
Stay Down Here Where You Belong
Steppin' Out with My Baby / I'll Capture Your Heart
Stop! look! listen! Girl on the magazine cover
Stop! Look! Listen! I love a piano
Stop! Look! Listen! (medley)
Strike up the band
Strolling Through the Park
Supper Time (arr. J. Krush)
Syncopated Walk
Take Me to the Ball Game / God Bless America
That International Rag (arr. J. Krush)
That mysterious rag
There's No Business Like Show Business - Annie Get Your Gun
There's No Business Like Show Business (arr. D. Sorenson)
There's No Business Like Show Business (Bows)
There's no business like show business (Motion picture music). Selections
There's No Business Like Show Business: Opening Titles
There's No Business Like Show Business (reprise)
There's no business like show business Vol.2
There's No Business Like Showbusiness
They Follow Me Around
They Like Ike
They Say It's Wonderful (arr. D. Sorenson)
This Is a Great Country
This is the Army. Army's made a man out of me
This is the Army. Aryans under the skin
This is the Army. Cozy little foxhole by the sea
This Is the Army: I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen
This is the Army. I'm getting tired so I can sleep
This is the Army. Mandy
This Is the Army, Mister Jones
This is the Army, Mr. Jones
This Is the Army: Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning
This is the Army. Selections
This is the Army. This time
This Year’s Kisses
Threw a Kiss in the Ocean, I
Together, We Two
Top Hat / Blue Skies
Top Hat Medley
Top Hat, White Tie and Tails (arr. J. Krush)
Top Hat White Tie & Tails: The Irving Berlin Songbook
Top Hats and Tails: Puttin' on the Ritz
Trumpet No End (Blues Skies)
Used to Be Color Blind, I
Used to Be Colour Blind, I
Valged jõulud
Valkea joulu
Very Best of the Irving Berlin Songbook, The
Waiting at the End of the Road
Want to Be in Dixie, I
Want to Go Back to Michigan (Down on the Farm), I
Washington Square Dance
Washington Twist, The
Watch Your Step (2001 off-Broadway cast)
Watch Your Step (medley)
Watch your step. Simple melody
We have much to be thankful for
We'll Follow the Old Man (reprise)
We Saw the Sea
Weil es ganz von selber geht
Weil ich Indianerin bin
Weiße Weihnacht
What Am I Gonna Do?
What are we gonna do with all the jeeps?
What Can You Do With a General?
What Chance Have I with Love? (Louisiana Purchase)
What Do I Have to Do to Get My Picture Took?
What does it matter?
What Is Love
What'll I Do? (arr. J. Krush)
When I Discovered You
When I leave the world behind
When I Lost You (arr. M. Hood)
When That Man Is Dead and Gone
When the midnight choo-choo leaves for Alabam'
When Winter Comes
When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked Right In
White Christmas (2000 Municipal Theatre Association of St. Louis cast)
White Christmas (arr. E. Solot)
White Christmas ; for treble voices (SSA)
White Christmas (Motion picture music). Selections
White Christmas (Motion picture music). Snow
Who Do You Love, I Hope / Dance
Wild About You
Wild Horse Ceremonial Dance
Wit kerstfeest
Wonder Why?) You're Just in Love (Call Me Madam), (I
Woodman, woodman, spare that tree
Works. Selections
Yam Step (Explained), The
Yiddle on your fiddle, play some ragtime
Yip, yip, Yaphank. Dream on, little soldier boy
Yip, yip, Yaphank. I can always find a little sunshine in the Y.M.C.A.
Yip, yip, Yaphank. Kitchen police
Yip, yip, Yaphank. Oh! How I hate to get up in the morning
Yip, yip, Yaphank. Sterling silver moon
Yip, yip, Yaphank. We're on our way to France
You Can Have Him
You Can't Brush Me Off
You can't get a man with a gun
You can't lose the blues with colors
You'd Be Surprised
You Keep Coming Back like a Song
You'll First Have to Swing It
You're Easy to Dance With
You're Just in Love (Finale)
You're Laughing at Me
You're Lonely and I'm Lonely
Your're Laughing at Me
Zoom Theme
Zufällig trifft man sich
Það sést ekki sætari mey
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Greatest Musicals
100 Hits: Wartime Memories
101 Songs From the Musicals
Alexander's Ragtime Band
America's Musical Landscape, Fourth Edition
America’s 25 Favorite Christmas Songs
American Musical Theater, Volume II
Aren't You Glad We Did?
Assembly / At the YMCA
Back on Broadway
Ballroom Dancing
Band Picks It Up, The
Berlin for Brass
Berlin, Gershwin, Porter: The Gold Collection
Best of Broadway
Best of Broadway, The
Best of Broadway: The Early 40's, The
Best Xmas Party Ever!, The
Big Bus, The
Blue Skies
Blue Skies Encore
Bluegrass Christmas
Broadway Collection
Broadway Collection: Top Songs From Musicals, Part Three
Broadway Showstoppers, Volume 2
Broadway Through the Gramophone, Volume 3: The Musical Stage in the War Years: 1914-1920
Broadway Through the Gramophone, Volume 4: From the Great War to the Talkies: 1920-1929
Broadway: The American Musical
Broadway's Greatest Musicals
Café Java Bongo
Carols & villancicos
Chantons Noël
Charlie and Alex Reunited
Cheek to Cheek
Christmas Classics
Cliff House / Stella's Performance, The
Cliff House Announcement / Charlie's New Song
Clint Eastwood's Iwo Jima (Flags of Our Fathers - Letters from Iwo Jima)
Complete BML, Volume 1
Day War Broke Out, The
Decca Masters, Volume 2, The
Deer Hunter, The
Deer Hunter: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Dinah / Alexanders Rag Time Band
Dirty Eddie's
Dressing Room Showdown
Easter Parade
Ella Sings Irving Berlin: Jazz Manifesto
Embraceable You
Encores From Encores
End Title / End Cast
Everybody Step / All Alone
Everybody's Doin' It Now
Face the Music
Faith / You’re Just in Love
Film Musicals Collection: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The
Flags of Our Fathers
Foggy Day (In London Town), A
For Your Country and My Country
Frank Sinatra Introduces Irving Berlin / Alexander's Ragtime Band
From Avenue A to the Great White Way
Front Row Center: The Broadway Gold Box 1935-1988
Fun of the Fair, Vol. 1, The
Girl on the Magazine Cover: Songs of Irving Berlin, The
God Bless America: United We Stand!
Golden Greats: Greatest Broadway Hits
Good Shepherd, The
Got the Sun in the Morning, I
Great American Songwriters: Irving Berlin
Great Broadway Collection, The
Great EMI Recordings, The
Great Songs From the Musicals 30s and 40s
Great War Montage
Great War Songs, The
He's a Rag Picker
Heat Wave
Help Me to Help My Neighbor / Irving Berlin Commentary on Frank Sinatra Winning the Jefferson Award
Heroes & Sweethearts: A Salute to the Greatest Wartime Songs
Hits from the Blitz: 20 Unforgettable Recordings
Hits from the Musicals
Hits of the War Years (The Ultimate Wartime Collection)
Holiday Favorites featuring the QVC Family
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra & John Mauceri: Greatest Hits
Home for the Holidays
Hyvää joulua!
I'll Be Home For Christmas Forever Gold
I've Got a Crush on You
In My Harem
International Rag, The
It's Your Country
Jerome Robbins’ Broadway
Karácsonyi Dalok és Versek
Kickin’ the Clouds Away: Gershwin at the Piano
Kid Stays in the Picture, The
Kids Celebrate America
Late Night Moods: Bossa Lounge
Let Yourself Go
Lets Call the Whole Thing Off
Lighter Side of Fine Arts Brass Ensemble, The
Live-Mitschnitte vom Klavier-Festival Ruhr 2007
Looking for a Boy
Lost in Boston
Lounge Christmas
Love Scene
Love Walked In
Love's Labour's Lost
Magic Of Christmas, The
Magic of the Musicals
Magical World of Melody
Main Title / Nob Hill Concert
Marching Along With Time
Meet Joe Black
Meet Joe Black: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Aboard the Titanic
Music From the War Years
Music to Spy By
Musical Highlights
Musicals! 15 Hit Songs From Classic Musical Shows
My Ragtime Violin
My Walking Stick
Night at the Pops, A
Noël blanc (white christmas)
Now It Can Be Told
Of Thee I Sing
Oh How That German Could Love! / My Little Dutch Colleen
Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning
One Night on Broadway with Irving Berlin
Only Musicals Album You'll Ever Need, The
Orchestra Tunes Up
Original Cast! 100 Years of the American Musical Theater: The Forties, Part One
Original Cast! 100 Years of the American Musical Theater: The Sixties, Part Two
Our Christmas Songs for You
Overture / Marie
Pak Up Your Sins and Go to the Devil
Panpipes at Christmas
Party tyme karaoke Americana
Pass in Review
Piano Rolls, Volume Two, The
Portrait of Broadway, Vol. 1
Portrait of Broadway, Vol. 2
Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody, A
Say It With Music
Seen and Heard
Selections From Irving Berlin's White Christmas
Show Boat / Annie Get Your Gun
Simply Ballroom, Volume 2
Simply Christmas
Sing with the Choir, Volume 2 : Broadway
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Baritone/Bass Volume 4, The
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Duets Volume 2, The
Singin' in the Rain / Easter Parade
Singin’ in the Rain / Easter Parade
Slumming on Park Avenue
Some Sunny Day
Songs of Liberty
Songs That Won the War: Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of VE Day
Songs That Won the War: We'll Meet Again
Sonos Handbell Ensemble
Stairway to Paradise (2007-05-10 Encores! cast)
Stars! Gent Festival van Vlaanderen
Steelin' the Hits: A Steel Guitar Thriller!
Symphony on the Green
Teldec Sampler: Fall 1991, The
There's No Business Like Show Business
They Can't Take That Away From Me
This Is the Army / Call Me Mister / Winged Victory
This Is the Life
This Is the Remembrance Album
Tis the Season
Top du Père Noël, Le
Top Hat, White Tie and Tails
Twin Guitars — In A Mood For Lovers
Ultimate Jazz
USAF Heritage of America Band: Sleigh Ride
V-E Day: The Musical Memories of World War II
Voice on Air (1935-1955), A
War Years, The
Warring 40's, The
We'll Meet Again (disc 1)
We're on Our Way to France
We’ll Meet Again
We’ll Meet Again: Memories of the War Years
What'll I Do?
When I Lost You
When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam
White Christmas
With That Face / No Strings (I'm Fancy Free)
World at War, The
World at War: 30th Anniversary Edition, The
World of Musicals, The
World War II Songs
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Yankee Doodle Mickey
You Must Remember These - Hits of the 40s
Ziegfeld Follies of 1919
Festival edition
Oorspr. cop van deze bewerking.: 1971
Voor vrouwenkoor (SSA)--en piano 4 handen