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Čepmen, S.
Chapman, S.
Chapman, Sydney
Sydney Chapman (britischer Astronom und Geophysiker)
Sydney Chapman (British mathematician and geophysicist)
Sydney Chapman (britisk matematikar, astronom og fysikar)
Sydney Chapman (britisk matematiker, astronom og fysiker)
Sydney Chapman (Brits wiskundige)
Sydney Chapman (brittisk matematiker, astronom och fysiker)
Сидни Чепмен (английский математик, геофизик и астроном)
سيدني تشابمان
سیدنی چپمن (ریاضیدان) (ریاضی‌دان، ستاره‌شناس، و فیزیک‌دان بریتانیایی)
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Akasofu, Syun-Ichi
Bartels, Julius (1899-1964)
Burnett, D.
Cowling, T. G.
Cowling, Thomas George
Fogle, Benson
Kozłowski (2005))
Lindzen, Richard S.
Sugiura, Masahisa
University of Alaska (College). Geophysical Institute
Arthur Schuster 1851-1934
Atmosfernye prilivy : termičeskie i gravitacionnye
Atmospheric tides thermal and gravitational
Auroral observations in India and Pakistan
average morphology of geomagnetic storms with sudden commencement, The
comparison of the annual mean solar and lunar atmospheric tides in barometric pressure, as regards their worldwide distribution of amplitude and phase, A
composition, ionisation and viscosity of the atmosphere at great heights., The
cotton industry and trade, The
Earth and its environment, The
earth's magnetism and its changes., The
earth's magnetism with 39 diagrams, The
Edmond Halley as physical geographer and the story of his charts
Edmond Halley; F. R. S., 1656-1742
einfaches Elevometer für Polarlichtbeobachtungen
Electrical Conductivity of the Ionosphere: a Review, The : Brochure
emission spectra of the night sky and aurorae, The
Fredrick Carl Mülertz Störmer 1874-1957
Geomagnetic activity data, in connection with the aurora in lower latitudes
history of trade between the United Kingdom and the United States With special reference to the effect of tariffs, The
IGY: year of discovery : the story of the International Geophysical Year
Ionization of the upper atmosphere by low-energy charged particles from a solar flare
Ionized gases in magnetic fields
Julius Bartels, gest. am 6. März 1964
Labour and capital after the war
lunar and solar daily Variations of the horizontal geomagnetic vector at Greenwich, 1848 - 1913 with an appendix on the lunar daily variation of magnetic declination at Pavlovsk and Sitka. Mit e. Bildanh.
lunar atmospheric tide at Helwan, Madras and Mexico, The
Magnetospheric boundary layers : a Sydney Chapman conference : proceedings of an international conference held in Alpbach, Austria, 11-15 June 1979
Magnetotail physics
Matematičeskaja teorija neodnorodnych gazov
mathematical theory of non-uniform gases; an account of the kinetic theory of viscosity, thermal conduction and diffusion in gases, The
Mathematical theory of non-uniform gases, The : an account of the kinetic theory of viscosity, thermal conduction and diffusion in gases
Międzynarodowy Rok Geofizyczny
Notes on isomagnetic charts.
Notes on the solar corona and the terrestrial ionosphere
number of stars of each photographic magnitude down to 17m. 0, in different galactic latitudes, The
On the aurora of 19 August 1950, photographed from Greece
Political economy
Rate of ion- production at any height in the earth's atmosphere, The
Social Science Series
Solar and lunar daily geomagnetic variations at San Fernando and Greenwich in relation to the associated electric current systems
Solar-terrestrial physics: an account of the wave and particle radiations from the quiet and the active sun, and of the consequent terrestrial phenomena
solar wind proceedings of a conference held at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, U.S.A., April 1-4, 1964, The
Solnečno-zemnaâ fizika.
Some cosmical problems in gas dynamics
Speculations on the atomic hydrogen and the thermal economy of the upper ionosphere
study of magnetic storms and auroras, A
Sydney Chapman, eighty; from his friends.
theoretical note on the magnetic field of a circular sunspot, A
Winds in the ionosphere