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Davy, H.
Davy, H. (Sir)
Davy, Humphrey
Davy, Humphrey (barone)
Davy, Humphrey (Sir)
Davy, Humphry
Davy, Humphry (Bart)
Davy, Humphry (seras)
Davy, Humphry (Sir)
Davy, Humphry (sir; baronnet)
Davy, Humphry (Sir, bart)
Dévi, Gemfri
Hamfri Dejvi
Hamfrijs Deivijs
Hemfri Devi
Humphrey Davy (angol kémikus)
Humphry Davy (angielski chemik i fizyk)
Humphry Davy (britisk kemiker)
Humphry Davy (britisk kjemikar)
Humphry Davy (britisk kjemiker)
Humphry Davy (Brits scheikundige (1778-1829))
Humphry Davy (brittisk kemist)
Humphry Davy (chimico inglese)
Humphry Davy (chimiste et philosophe des sciences, fils de Robert Davy et Grace Millett)
Humphry Davy (englischer Chemiker)
Humphry Davy (English chemist)
Humphry Davy (químico córnico)
Гемфрі Деві
Гемфры Дэві
Дэви, Гемфри (Английский химик)
Хамфри Дејви
Хамфри Дејви (англиски хемичар)
Хъмфри Дейви
ჰამფრი დეივი
Հեմֆրի Դևի
האמפרי דייווי
دافي، همفري،
سر ہمفری ڈیوی
همفري دافي،
همفري ديفي
همفری دیوی (شیمی‌دان بریتانیایی)
ہمفری ڈیوی
हंफ्री डेवी
हम्फ्री डेव्ही
ਹੰਫ਼ਰੀ ਡੇਵੀ
ହମ୍ଫ୍ରୀ ଡେଭୀ
ஹம்பிரி டேவி
హంఫ్రీ డేవీ
ಹಂಫ್ರಿ ಡೇವಿ
ഹംഫ്രി ഡേവി
ฮัมฟรี เดวี
험프리 데이비
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Bedford, John Russell Duke of, 1766-1839
Bulos, Antoine
Bulos, Jean-Antonin (179.-18.)
Clusius, Klaus (1903-1963)
Davy, Jane (1780-1855; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Davy, John (1790-1868)
Douglas, A.G.
Douglas, Anthony Gilbert
Flammarion, Camille (1842-1925)
Marchais de Migneaux, D.-M. (17..-18.)
Ostwald, Wilhelm (1853-1932)
Royal Institution of Great Britain
Siegfried, Robert
Sinclair, George
Van Mons, Jean Baptiste (1765-1842)
Whitehurst, John (1713-1788)
Wolff, Friedrich (1888-1953))
Art de préparer les terres et d'appliquer les engrais, ou Chimie appliquée à l'agriculture, L'
Beiträge zur Erweiterung des chemischen Theils der Naturlehre
Bref utgifna af Kungl. svenska vetenskaps akademien genom H.G. Söderbaum.
Brefväxling mellan Berzelius och Sir Humphry Davy (1808-1825)
Chemik : rozmowy
Chymistry [sic] applied to agriculture
Collected works
Consolations in travel, or, The last days of a philosopher
Conversations on chemistry : in which the elements of that science are familiarly explained and illustrated by experiments and plates : to which are added, some late discoveries on the subject of fixed alkalies
decomposition of the fixed alkalies and alkaline earths., The
Derniers jours d'un philosophe entretiens sur la nature, les sciences, les métamorphoses de la terre et du ciel, l'humanité, l'âme et la vie éternelle
Early miscellaneous papers, from 1799 to 1805 : with an introductory lecture, and Outlines of lectures on chemistry, delivered in 1802 and 1804
Electrochemische untersuchungen
Élémens de chimie agricole, en un cours de leçons, pour leté d'agriculture.
Élémens de philosophie chimique ...
elementary nature of chlorine., The
Elemente der Agrikultur-Chemie in einer Reihe von Vorlesungen gehalten vor der Gesellschaft zur Beförderung des Ackerbaues
Elements of agricultural chemistry, in a course of lectures for the Board of agriculture
Elements of chemical philosophy
Experimental researches in electro-chemistry including the Bakerian lectures, and memoirs read before the Royal Society, in the years 1806, 1807, and 1808 on the chemical agencies of electricity, and on the metals of the alkalies and earths
Four hitherto unpublished geological lectures
Fragmentary remains, literary and scientific, of Sir Humphry Davy, bart., late president of the Royal society, etc., with a sketch of his life and selections from his correspondence.
Girls and boys' miscellany, 1848:, The
Halogènes et composés oxygénés du chlore : Mémoires
Humphry Davy on geology : the 1805 lectures for the general audience
I.i. Richard Lovell Edgeworth's correspondence on matters of science and experimentation
Jac. Berzelius Bref
laatste dagen van eenen wijsgeer, De
Lezione Bakeriana di Humphrey Davy intorno le relazioni dei cambiamenti elettrici e chimici
Nouveau manuel de chimie agricole
On a combination of oxymuriatic gas and oxygene gas
On the analysis of soils, as connected with their improvement.
On the fire-damp of coal mines. -
On the safety lamp for coal miners with some researches on flame
Researches, chemical and philosophical, chiefly concerning nitrous oxide.
Salmonia, or, days of fly fishing in a series of conservations : with some account of the habits of fishes belonging to the genus Salmo
Six discourses delivered before the Royal Society at their anniversary meetings, on the award of the Royal and Copley medals preceded by an address to the Society, on the progress and prospects of science
Some new researches on flame : [some researches on flame ; [suivi de:] Some new experiments and observations ...]
Storia della chimica
syllabus of a course of lectures on chemistry, delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain., A
Traduction libre et abrégée des leçons de chimie
Tröstende Betrachtungen auf Reisen, oder die letzten Tage eines Naturforschers
Über die sicherheitslampe zur verhütung von explosionen in gruben, gasbeleuchteten häusern, spritlagern oder schiffsräumen u. dgl. mit einigen untersuchungen über die flamme;
ultimi giorni di un filosofo, Gli
Últimos días de un filósofo, Los : diálogos sobre la naturaleza, las ciencias, las metamorfosis de la tierra y del cielo, la humanidad, el alma y la vida eterna