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Birtwistle, Harrison
Birtwistle, Harrison Sir
Harrison Birtwislte
Harrison Birtwistle
Harrison Birtwistle (British composer)
Harrison Birtwistle (britisk komponist)
Harrison Birtwistle (Brits componist)
Harrison Birtwistle (brittisk kompositör)
Harrison Birtwistle (compositeur britannique)
Harrison Birtwistle (compositore e clarinettista inglese)
Harrison Birtwistle (englischer Komponist)
Harrisson Birtwistle
Sir Harrison Birtwistle
Харрисон Пол Бёртуистл
הריסון ברטוויסל
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Atherton, David (1944-)
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
Boulez, Pierre (1925-...)
Celan, Paul
Celan, Paul (1920-1970)
Etcetera Éditeur phonographique
Hamburger, Michael
Hamburger, Michael (1924-...)
Howarth, Elgar (1935-...)
London Sinfonietta
Lutyens, Elisabeth (1907-1983)
Pruslin, Stephen
Sydney Alpha Ensemble
The Fires of London (see also from)
Thomson, Bryden (1928-1991)
Tomlinson, John (1946-)
Universal Edition
Zinovieff, Peter
4 Poems by Jaan Kaplinski: No. 1. Ashes of One World...
4 Poems by Jaan Kaplinski: No. 2. Ant Trail...
4 Poems by Jaan Kaplinski: No. 3. Heart of Rain...
4 Poems by Jaan Kaplinski: No. 4. The Way turns...
agm ..., ...
Angel fighter
Antiphonies for piano and orchestra
Antiphonies Piano, orchestre
Axe manual
Berceuse de Jeanne
Betty Freeman: her tango
Birtwistle in Context
Bogenstrich. Liebes-Lied, no. 1
Bogenstrich. Liebes-Lied, no. 2
Bogenstrich – Meditations on a Poem of Rilke: I. Liebes-Lied 1
Bogenstrich – Meditations on a Poem of Rilke: II. Lied ohne Worte
Bogenstrich – Meditations on a Poem of Rilke: III. Variationen
Bogenstrich – Meditations on a Poem of Rilke: IV. Wie eine Fuge
Bogenstrich – Meditations on a Poem of Rilke: V. Liebes-Lied 2
Bow down
Cantata, soprano, piano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, glockenspiel
Cantus Iambeus
Carmen arcadiae mechanicae perpetuum
Carmen paschale
Choral music. Selections
Choral-Präludien (1973)
Chorale from a toy-shop
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
Concertos Violon, orchestre
Cry of Anubis, The
cry of Anubis Tuba, orchestre
Deep Time
Deowa Soprano, clarinette
die Musik Soprano, ensemble instrumental, An
Dinah and Nick's Love Song
Down by the Greenwood Side
Duets for Storab: I. Urlar
Duets for Storab: II. Stark Pastoral
Duets for Storab: III. Fanfare with Birds
Duets for Storab: IV. White Pastoral
Duets for Storab: V. From the Church of Lies
Duets for Storab: VI. Crunluath
Earth dances Orchestre
Endless parade
Entr'actes and Sappho Fragments: IX. Cantus II
Entr'actes and Sappho Fragments: VI. Untitled
Entr'actes and Sappho Fragments: VII. Cantus I
Entr'actes and Sappho Fragments: VIII. Entr'acte II (2nd version)
Entr'actes and Sappho Fragments: X. Entr'acte III (2nd version)
Entr'actes and Sappho Fragments: XI. Cantus III
Entr'actes and Sappho Fragments: XII. Entr'acte V (2nd version)
Entr'actes and Sappho Fragments: XIII. Cantus IV
Entr'actes and Sappho Fragments: XIV. Cantus V
Exody Orchestre
Fantasia Upon All the Notes
Fields of Sorrow / Verses for Ensembles / Nenia: The Death of Orpheus, The
Five distances for five instruments Basson, clarinette, cor, flûte, hautbois
For O, for O, the Hobby-Horse is Forgot
For o, for o, the hobbyhorse is forgot Percussions (6)
Four poems by Jaan Kaplinski Soprano, ensemble instrumental
Gawain's Journey: He Strikes the Blow
Gawain's Journey: Introduction
Gawain's Journey: Lullaby
Gawain's Journey: Morgan Goes Through Into the Blizzard
Gawain's journey Orchestre
Gawain's Journey: Seduction Scene
Gawain's Journey: The Challenge
Gawain's Journey: The Court Becomes Visible
Gawain's Journey: The Journey
Gawain's Journey: The Opening of the Door
Gawain's Journey: Vision of the Hunt I
Gawain's Journey: Vision of the Hunt II
Gawain's Journey: Vision of the Hunt III
Gigue Machine
Grimethorpe Aria
Harrison Birtwistle talks with Jonathon Cross about The Last Supper
Harrison's clocks Piano
Hector's dawn
Hoquetus Irvineus
Hoquetus Irvinius
Hoquetus Petrus
imaginary landscape
In broken images
Instrumental music. Selections
Interludes from a tragedy
Interrupted Endless Melody: I., An
Interrupted Endless Melody: II., An
Interrupted Endless Melody: III., An
Introduction to the story and music
Io Passion: Aubades and Nocturnes, The
last supper Choeur à 6 voix Three latin motets
Last Supper - Guide, The
Last Supper: Musical Extract 1, The
Last Supper: Musical Extract 2, The
Last Supper: Musical Extract 3, The
Last Supper: Musical Extract 4, The
Latin motets. O bone Jesu
Lied Violoncelle, piano
Little antiphonies for Amelia
Lullaby, women's voices
Machaut à ma manière
Mask of Orpheus: Act I, The
Mask of Orpheus: Act II, The
Mask of Orpheus: Act III, Scene 2: Third Song of Magic (a), The
Mask of Orpheus: Eurydice Puppet / Eurydice Singer, The
Medusa Ensemble instrumental
Melencolia I
Melencolia, no. 1
Message, The
Monody for Corpus Christi
Moth Requiem, The
Movement for string quartet
Movements for string quartet (1993). 1
Movements for string quartet (1993). 2
Movements for string quartet (1996)
Movements, violins (2), viola, cello. Frieze, no. 1
Movements, violins (2), viola, cello. Selections
Movements with fanfares
Narration: A Description of the Passing of a Year
Nenia on the death of Orpheus
Neruda Madrigales
Niedecker verses
Night's Black Bird / The Shadow of Night / The Cry of Anubis
Nine movements Quatuor à cordes
Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker: I.
Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker: II.
Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker: III.
Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker: IV.
Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker: IX. For Amelia
Nine settings of Lorine Niedecker Soprano, violoncelle
Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker: V.
Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker: VI.
Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker: VII.
Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker: VIII.
On the sheer threshold of the night
Oockooing bird
Orchestra music. Selections
Orpheus Elegies: No. 1
Orpheus Elegies: No. 11. Sonnet I
Orpheus Elegies: No. 12
Orpheus Elegies: No. 14. Sonnet III
Orpheus Elegies: No. 2
Orpheus Elegies: No. 20. Sonnet V
Orpheus Elegies: No. 25
Orpheus Elegies: No. 5
Ostinato with melody
Panic Ensemble instrumental
Plage, La
plage Soprano, piano, clarinettes (3), marimba
Poems by Jaan Kaplinski
Précis Piano
Pulse sampler
Pulse Shadows: I. Fantasia 1
Pulse Shadows: II. Thread suns
Pulse Shadows: III. Frieze 1
Pulse Shadows: IV. White and Light
Pulse Shadows: IX. Frieze 2
Pulse shadows Soprano, ensemble instrumental
Pulse Shadows: V. Fantasia 2
Pulse Shadows: VI. Psalm
Pulse Shadows: VII. Fantasia 3
Pulse Shadows: VIII. With Letter and Clock
Pulse Shadows: X. An Eye, Open
Pulse Shadows: XI. Fantasia 4
Pulse Shadows: XII. Todtnauberg
Pulse Shadows: XIII. Frieze 3
Pulse Shadows: XIV. Tenebrae
Pulse Shadows: XV. Fantasia 5
Pulse Shadows: XVI. Night
Pulse Shadows: XVII. Todesfuge - Frieze 4
Pulse Shadows: XVIII. Give the Word
Punch and judy/atherton
Quartets, oboe, violin, viola, cello
Quatuors Hautbois, violon, alto, violoncelle
Quintet, clarinet, violins (2), viola, cello
Refrains and Choruses
Ring a dumb carillon
Ring Dance of the Nazarene, The
Ritual fragment Ensemble instrumental
Sad song
sadness of Komachi
Salford toccata
Saraband, piano
second Mrs Kong
Secret theatre
Semper Dowland, semper dolens
Settings of Celan (1993)
Settings of Celan (1996)
Settings of Celan. Night
Settings of Celan. Selections
shadow of night Orchestre
Shadow of Night, The
Silbury air
Some petals from my Twickenham herbarium
Sonance severance 2000 Orchestre
Songs by Myself: I. O Light Set the Flame in Amber
Songs by Myself: II. I Lean Against a Shade
Songs by Myself: III. Cold Statements
Songs by Myself: IV. Steps
Songs by Myself: V. The Silence Before Light
Songs of autumn
Still movement
Tenebrae David
Theseus game
Three Brendel Settings
Three Movements with Fanfares
Three Settings of Celan: I. White and Light
Three Settings of Celan: II. Night
Three Settings of Celan: III. Tenebrae
Three settings of Celan Soprano, ensemble instrumental
Three Settings of Lorine Niedecker: I. Always North of Him
Three Settings of Lorine Niedecker: II. I Was the Solitary Plover
Three Settings of Lorine Niedecker: III. As I Shook Dust From My Father’s Door
Today too
Tombeau in memoriam Igor Stravinsky
Tragoedia Ensemble instrumental
Tragoedia: I. Prologue
Tragoedia: II. Paradox
Tragoedia: III. Episodion: Strophe I - Anapaest I
Tragoedia: IV. Antistrophe I
Tragoedia: V. Stasimon
Tragoedia: VI. Episodion: Strophe II - Anapaest II
Tragoedia: VII. Antistrophe II
Tragoedia: VIII. Exodos
tree of strings
Trio for Violin, Violoncello and Piano
Trio, piano, violin, cello
Triumph of Time, The
Verses, clarinet, piano
Verses for ensembles
Vision 1: The Crucifixion
Werke Kammermusik
White and light
Woman and the Hare, The
Words overheard
Works. Selections
world is discovered
Contributed to or performed: 
2011-09-07: BBC Proms 2011: Prom 70: Royal Albert Hall, City of Westminster, London, England, UK
Chamber Music
Discover Opera
Earth Dances
Eldritchtronica and Wyrd Bliss Mixtape
Frank Bridge - Isabella / Harrison Birtwistle - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
Melencolia 1 / Ritual Fragment / Meridian
Music for Wind & Percussion
Pulse Shadows
Punch and Judy
Refrains and Choruses
Rollerdisco / The Willows / Fizheuer Zieheuer / PWSteal.Ldpinch.D / Text / The Black Crush / Neptune City, NJ / B9 / Physical Memories / From Stardust to Sentience / Aspect Sentimental / Chronometer / Experience / Panic / Roger’s Ghost / Sundial / Look Out / Modern Harp / Dust / Won’t Do (instrumental) / Bastard Child / Life in L.A.
Secret Theatre / Silbury Air / Carmen arcadiae mechanicae perpetuum
Secret Theatre / Tragoedia / Five Distances / Three Settings of Celan
Soldier's Tale, The
Soldier's Tale: Part One: Airs by a Stream (Reprise), The
Soldier's Tale: Part One: Introduction. The Soldier's March, The
Soldier's Tale: Part One: Music for Scene 1. Airs by a Stream, The
Soldier's Tale: Part One: Music for Scene 2. Pastorale, The
Soldier's Tale: Part Two: Royal March, The
Songs 1970-2006
Theseus Games / Earth Dances
Triumph of Time / Gawain's Journey, The
Triumph of Time / Ritual Fragment / Gawain's Journey, The
Woman and the Hare, The