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Li, Yaose
Li Ynese
Li, Yo-sê
Li, Yueeh-se
Li, Yüeh-se
Li, Yüeh-she
Li, Yuese
Needham, J.
Needham, Joseph
Needham, Noël Joseph Terence Montgomery
Ni, Yüeh-se
Ni, Yuese
Nīdamu, Jozefu
Sheng, Jung Tzu
Tzu, Sheng Jung
نيدهام، جوزيف،
Creation class: 
Language material
Projected medium
Creation role: 
author of introduction, etc.
Related identities: 
Holorenshaw, Henry (pseud. de Joseph Needham; other identity, same person)
Holorenshaw, Henry (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Cao, Tianqin
Holorenshaw, Henry (1900-1995; see also from)
Li, Guohao (1913-)
Lu Gwei-Djen
Needham, Joseph (1900-1995; see also from)
Pagel, Walter
Price, Derek John de Solla
Robinson, Kenneth Girdwood
Ronan, Colin Alistair
Sivin, Nathan
Wang Ling
Zhang, Mengwen
جودة، محمد غريب
Background to modern science : [ten lectures at Cambridge arranged by the History of Science Committee, 1936]
Biochemistry and morphogenesis
Biology and biological technology
Celestial lancets : a history and rationale of acupuncture and moxa
Celestial lancetsa history and rationale of acupuncture and moxa
Ceramic technology
Changing perspectives in the history of science : essays in honour of Joseph Needham
Chemical embryology
Chemistry and chemical technology. Paper and printing
chemistry of life, The : eight lectures on the history of biochemistry
China land of discovery and invention
Chinese astronomy and the Jesuit mission: an encounter of cultures.
Civil engineering and nautics
Clerks and craftsmen in China and the West : lectures and addresses on the history of science and technology
creator Spirit, The : a survey of Christian doctrine in the light of biology, psychology and mysticism. The Hulsean lectures, Cambridge, 1926-7, the Noble lectures, Harvard, 1926
development of iron and steel technology in China., The
Explorations in the history of science and technology in China
Fermentations and food science
Ferrous metallurgy
genius of China, The : 3,000 years of science, discovery, and invention
Grand titration, The : science and society in East and West
great amphibium, The : four lectures on the position of religion in a world dominated by science
Gunpowder as the fourth power, East and West : first East Asian History of Science Foundation lecture presented at the University of Hong Kong 20 October 1983
Hall of Heavenly Records, The : Korean astronomical instruments and clocks 1380-1780
Heavenly clockwork : the great astronomical clocks of medieval China, by Joseph Needham,... Wang Ling,... and Derek J. de Solla Price,...
Heavenly clockworkthe great astronomical clocks of medieval China
History is on our side : a contribution to political religion and scientific faith
history of embryology, A
History of scientific thought
Human Law and the Laws of Nature in China and the West : Delivered on 23 May 1950 at Bedford College London
Introductory Orientations
life and works of Joseph Needham, The
Man a machine; in answer to a romantical and unscientific treatise written by Sig. Eugenio Rignano & entitled "Man not a machine"
Mathematics and the sciences of the heavens and the earth
Mechanical Engineering
Military technology : missiles and sieges
Military technology: the gunpowder epic
Moulds of understanding : a pattern of natural philosophy
Order and life
Perspectives in biochemistry : thirty-one essays presented to Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins by past and present members of his laboratory
Physics and physical technology
refiner's fire; the enigma of alchemy in East and West: the second J. D. Bernal lecture, delivered at Birkbeck College, London, 4th February 1971, The
sceptical biologist (ten essays), The
Science and civilisation in China, by Joseph Needham,... With the collaboration of Wang Ling,... and the special co-operation of Kenneth Girwood Robinson,...
Science and Civilisation in China : History of Scientific Thought
Science and Civilisation in China : Introductory Orientations
Science and Civilization in China.
science chinoise et l'Occident, La : (Le grand titrage)
Science in traditional China : a comparative perspective
Science, religion & [and] reality
selection from the writings of Joseph Needham, A
shorter science and civilisation in China, The : an abridgement of Joseph Needham's original text
shorter science and civilisation in Chinaan abridgement of Joseph Needham's original text, The
Situating the history of science : dialogues with Joseph Needham
social origins of modern science, The
Some thoughts about China;
Spagyrical discovery and invention: apparatus, theories and gifts
Spagyrical discovery and invention: historical survey from cinnabar elixirs to synthetic insulin
Spagyrical discovery and invention: magisteries of gold and immortality
Spagyrical discovery and invention: Physiological alchemy
Spagyrical discovery and inventionapparatus, theories and gifts
Spagyrical discovery and inventionmagisteries of gold and immortality
teacher of nations, The : addresses and essays in commemoration of the visit to England of the great Czech educationalist Jan Amos Komenský Comenius 1641 1941
Time and Eastern man.
Time : the refreshing river : essays and addresses, 1932-1942
Trans-Pacific echoes and resonances : listening once again
Wissenschaft und Zivilisation in China
Wissenschaftlicher Universalismus über Bedeutung u. Besonderheit d. chines. Wiss.
Within the four seas : the dialogue of East and West
Yo banfa! : (we have a way!)
Zhen jiu : li shi yu li lun
Zhongguo gu dai dong wu xue shi
Zhongguo gu dai ke xue si xiang shi
Zhongguo ke ji shi tan suo : Zhonghua wen shi lun cong zeng kan
Zhongguo ke xue ji shu shi
Zhonghua ke xue wen ming shi
موجز تاريخ العلم و الحضارة فى الصين
中國科技史探索 : 中華文史論丛增刊
針灸 : 歷史與理論