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Robert Simson (British mathematician)
Robert Simson (Brits wiskundige (1687-1768))
Robert Simson (schottischer Mathematiker und Geometer)
Simpson, Robert
Simson, Robert
Simson, Robertus
Роберт Сімсон
Симсон, Роберт
रॉबर्ट सिम्सन
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Apollonius de Perga (0262?-0190? av. J.-C.)
Apollonius, of Perga
Euclide (0323-0285 av. J.-C.)
Euclides, m (300 aC)
Foulis, Robert (1707-1776))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Reder, Mathias
Tweddle, Ian (1942-...)
British symphony in the twentieth century, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Robert Simpson and Michael Tippett
Bücher des Apollonius von Perga "De Sectione determinata" wiederhergestellt von Robert Simson, und die angehängten Bücher des letzteren nach dem lateinischen, frei bearbeitet von Dr. W. A. Diesterweg,...
Ebene Oerter (Apollonius, of Perga)
Élémens de géométrie;
elements of Euclid, The : viz, the first six books, together with the eleventh and twelfth : the errors, by which Theon, or others, have long ago vitiated these books, are corrected, and some of Euclid's demonstrations are restored : also, The book of Euclid's data, in like manner corrected
Elements of Euclid, viz. the first six books, together with the eleventh and twelfth. The errors, by which Theon, or others, have long ago vitiated these books, are corrected, and some of Euclid's demonstrations are restored. Also, the book of Euclid's Data, in like manner corrected., The
elements of plane geometry, The : containing the first six books of Euclid, from the text of Dr. Simson, with notes critical and explanatory : to which are added book VII, including several important propositions which are not in Euclid, and book VIII, consisting of practical geometry, also, book IX, of planes and their interesections, and book X, of the geometry of solids
Elements of the conic sections by the late Dr Robert Simson, ... Translated from the Latin original.
Euclid's elements of geometry : the first six books, and the portions of the eleventh and twelfth books read at Cambridge : chiefly from the text of Dr. Simson, with explanatory notes and questions : together with a selection of geometrical exercises from the senate-house and college examination papers : designed for the use of the higher forms in public schools and students in the universities
Euclidis Elementorum libri priores sex, item undecimus et duodecimus, ex versione latina Federici Commandini, sublatis iis quibus olim libri hi a Theone aliisve vitiati sunt et quibusdam Euclidis demonstrationibus restitutis a Roberto Simson,...
Euklid's Data. -
Euklidesa Początków Geometryi ksiąg ośmioro ...
first book of Euclid made easy for beginners, The
Locorum planorum libri II
Notes critical and geometrical : containing an Account of those things in which this edition differs from Greek text... by Robert Simson.
Oeuvres complètes
Opera quaedam reliqua. -
porismatibus tractatus, De
sechs ersten Bücher, nebst den eilften und zwölften der Elemente des Euklids, Die
Sectionum conicarum libri quinque Auctore Roberto Simson, M.D
Sectionum conicarum libri V Auctore Roberto Simson
seis primeros libros, y el undecimo, y duodecimo de los Elementos de Euclides, Los
Simson on porisms an annotated translation of Robert Simson's posthumous treatise on porisms and other items on this subject
treatise concerning porisms, A
trois livres de porismes d'Euclide, Les
Works. Selections.
Zur Begründung der Handels- und Verkehrs-Statistik Deutschlands mit einer statistischen Tafel der Frachtgut-Bewegung auf den preussischen Eisenbahnen
הסימפוניה האנגלית במאה העשרים : רלף ווהאן ויליאמס, רוברט סימפסון ומייקל טיפט - בין מסורתיות לחדשנות, בין אוניברסאליות לפרטיקולריזם