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Major (R. H.)
Major, Ricardo Enrique
Major, Ricardo Henrique
Major, Richard H.
Major (Richard Henry)
Richard Henry Major
Richard Henry Major (British geographer and map librarian)
Richard Henry Major (Brits geograaf (1818-1891))
メジャー, R. H
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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[Zeno, Niccolò] (1515-1565)
Bontier, Pierre
Colomb, Christophe (1450?-1506)
Colombo, Christoforo (1451-1506)
Colombo, Cristoforo (1451-1506)
Columbus, Christopher (1446?-1506)
Herberstein, Siegmund von (1486-1566)
Herberstein, Sigmund (1486-1566)
Jane, Lionel Cecil (1879-1932))
Le Verrier, Jean
Orléans, Pierre Joseph d' (1641-1698)
Sousa, António Alberto Marinho Duarte de (1896-1950)
Strachey, William
Strachey, William (1572?-1612)
Verbiest, Ferdinand (1623-1688)
佐藤, 亮一 (1907-1994)
Biography of R. H. Major
Canarian; or, Book of the conquest and conversion of the Canarians in the year 1402, The
Columbus letter of March 14th, 1493., The
Columbus's memorial to Ferdinand and Isabella. Memorial of the results of the second voyage of the admiral, Christopher Columbus, to the Indies, 30th of January, 1494.
Dello scoprimento dell' isole Frislanda. English & Italian
Descobrimento da Australia pelos Portuguezes em 1601, communicado á Sociedade dos antiquarios de Londres pelo Sr. Richard Henry Major,... Traduzido... pelo socio effectivo D. José de Lacerda
Discovery of Australia.
Early voyages to Terra Australis, now called Australia : a collection of documents and extracts from early ms., maps, ... from the beginning of the sixteenth century to the time of Captain Cook
Epistola de insulis nuper inventis.
first letter of Christopher Columbus to the noble lord Raphael Sanchez announcing the discovery of America; reproduced in fac-simile from the copy of the Latin version of 1493 now in the Boston public library; with a new translation., The
Hind fī al-qarn al-hāmis ʿašar al-mīlādī
Histoire de la premiere descouverte et conqueste des Canaries
historie of travaile into Virginia Britannia expressing the cosmographie and comodities of the country, togither with the manners and customes of the people
history of the great and mighty kingdom of China and the situation thereof, The
History of the two Tartar conquerors of China : including the two journeys into Tartary of Father Ferdinand Verbiest, in the suite of the Emperor Kang-hi, from the French of Père Pierre Joseph d'Orléans, to which is added Father Pereira's journey into Tartary in the suite of the same Emperor, from the Dutch of Nicolaas Witsen
India in the fifteenth century being a collection of narratives of voyages to India, in the century preceding the Portuguese discovery of the Cape of Good Hope ; from Latin, Persian, Russian, and Italian sources, now first translated into English
Lettera dell isole che ha trovato nuovamente il re d'Ispagna
life of Prince Henry of Portugal, surnamed the Navigator, and its results, The : comprising the discovery within one century of half the world, with new facts in the discovery of the Atlantic islands, a refutation of French claims to priority in discovery, Portuguese knowledge (subsequently lost) of the Nile lakes, and the history of the naming of America : from authentic co[n]temporary documents
Memoir on a mappemonde by Leonardo da Vinci : being the earliest map hitherto known containing the name of America: now in the Royal Collection at Windsor
Notes upon Russia : being a translation of the earliest account of that country, entitled Rerum Moscoviticarum commentarii
Segredos da descoberta da Australia pelos portugueses, 2009:
Select letters of Christopher Columbus : with other original documents, relating to his four voyages to the New World
Talant de bien faire
true date of the English discovery of the American continent ..., The
Vida do infante Dom Henrique de Portugal apelidado o navegador e seus resultados...
voyages of the Venetian brothers, Nicolò & Antonio Zeno, to the northern seas in the XIVth century, comprising the latest known accounts of the lost colony of Greenland and of the Northmen in America before Columbus., The
Ware shintairiku o hakkenseri : Kodoku no eiyū koronbusu tankenki
われ新大陸を発見せり : 孤独の英雄コロンブス探検記