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Carleton Gadjusek, Daniel
Carleton Gaidusek
Carleton Gajdusek
D. Carleton Gajdusek
Daniel Carleton Gajdusek (Amerikaans arts (1923-2008))
Daniel Carleton Gajdusek (amerikansk medicinforskare)
Daniel Carleton Gajdusek (médecin américain)
Daniel Carleton Gajdusek (medico statunitense)
Daniel Carleton Gajdusek (Nobel Prize-winning medical researcher)
Daniel Carleton Gajdusek (pediatra amerykański, noblista)
Daniel Carleton Gajdusek (US-amerikanischer Virologe und Entdecker der so genannten langsamen Viren)
Gajdusek, Carleton
Gajdusek (D. Carleton)
Gajdusek (Daniel Carleton)
Gajdusek, Daniel Carlton
Gajdušek, Daniél Karlton
Гайдушек, Даниэл Карлтон
Даниел Карлтон Гайдузек
Даніэл Карлтан Гайдузек
Деніел Карлтон Гайдушек
دانیل گایداشک
ڈینئیل کارلیٹون گیجڈسک
ڈینیل گیجسک
كارلتون غايدوشك
ড্যানিয়েল কার্লটন গ্যাজডুসেক (Nobel Prize-winning medical researcher)
대니얼 칼턴 가이듀섹
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Language material
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Alpers, Michael Philip
Brown, Paul (medicus.)
Brown, Paul medicus
Gibbs, Clarence J. (1924-)
McKhann, Guy M.
National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness (U.S.). Study of Child Growth and Development and Disease Patterns in Primitive Cultures
National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke
National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke. Study of Child Growth and Development and Disease Patterns in Primitive Cultures
National institute of neurological disorders and stroke Etats-Unis
National Institutes of Health
Plato, Chris C.
Rogers, Nancy G.
Simmons, Roy T.
United States. National institutes of health
United States. Public Health Service
Zigas, Vincent
Acute infectious hemorrhagic fevers and related diseases in the USSR.
Adolescent diaries : January 1, 1937 to September 14, 1940
Annotated Anga (Kukukuku) bibliography
Annual reports, 1970-1994, Laboratory of Central Nervous System Studies
Anutan concepts of disease a polynesian study
Arrest journal : assent [sic] to the zenith was magnificent : denouement was a bit difficult.
Bibliography of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Bibliography of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (muroid virus nephropathy)
Bibliography of Kuru
Bibliography on scrapie
Colombian expeditions to the Noanama Indians of the Rio Siguirisua and to the Cofan and Ingano Indians of the Putumayo, August 22, 1970 to September 14, 1970
Correspondence on the discovery and original investigations on Kuru Smadel _ Gajdusek correspondence, 1955-1958
Curriculum vitae, lectures and awards, journals, published papers, index to published papers
D.C. Gajdusek journal, November 16, 1975-December 31, 1976
Dermatoglyphics of the Asmat and Tjitak peoples of West New Guinea
Evolution and neurology of language : a report of the 1993 FESN Study Group on Evolution and neurology of language
Experimental Kuru encephalopathy in chimpanzees and spider monkeys electron microscopic studies
Factors governing the genetics of primitive human populations
Foamy viruses of chimpanzees electron microscopy and fluorescent-antibody staining
Generative disease of the central nervous system in New Guinea the endemic occurence of "Kuru" in the native population
Gruppa podostryh spongioznyh éncefalopatkij medlennye infekcii centralʹnoj nervnoj sistemy
Haptoglobins and transferrins in Melanesia relation to hemoglobin, serum haptoglobin and serum iron levels in population groups in Papua-New Guinea
Histoire de la vache folle
Isolated and migratory population groups : health problems and epidemiologic studies
Isolation of Adenovirus 32 from human brain in a case of chronic Encephalitis
Jail journal, April 29, 1997 to April 27, 1998
Journal of a trip to the shepherd, Banks and Torres Islands and to Espiritu Santo and Efate in the New Hebrides November 15, 1963 to December 25, 1963
Journal of an expedition in the Libyan Sahara to Kufra, October 9 to November 14, 1960
Journal of expeditions to the Soviet Union, Africa, the islands of Madagascar, la Réunion and Mauritius, Indonesia and to East and West New Guinea, Australia and Guam, to study kuru and other neurological diseases, epidemic influenza, endemic goitrous cretinism, and child growth and development, with explorations on the Great Papuan Plateau and on the Lakes Plain and inland southern lowlands of West New Guinea, June 1, 1969 to March 3, 1970
Journal of further explorations in the Kuru Region and in the Kukukuku Country, Eastern Highlands of Eastern New Guinea and of a return to West New Guinea : December 25, 1963 to May 4, 1964
Kuru an appraisal of five years of investigation
Kuru clinical study of a new syndrome resembling paralysis agitans in natives of the Eastern Highlands of australian New Guinea
Kuru : early letters and field-notes from the collection of D. Carleton Gajdusek
Kuru epidemiological patrol from the New Guinea highlands to Papua, August 21, 1957 to November 10, 1957
Kuru research laboratory at the Awande Kuru Center, A
Measles antibodies in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with multiple sclerosis (35704)
Melanesian and Micronesian journal : return expeditions to the New Hebrides, Caroline Islands, and New Guinea : July 29, 1965 to December 20, 1965
Neuropathological findings in exotic neurologic disorders among natives of the Highlands of New Guinea
New Guinea journal : June 10, 1959 to August 15, 1959
Nutrition in the Kuru region.
Panel discussion viruses and autoimmune disease
Pathology of Kuru paper presented at the Annual meeting of the American association of neuropathologists, Atlantic City, june 15-16, 1958
Persistent asymptomatic infection of the laboratory mouse by simian foamy virus type 6 a new model of retrovirus latency
Physiological and psychological characteristics of stone age man
Population control by child sacrifice and the teaching of cannibalism by children in a nomadic, polyandrous, hunting-gathering group Guayaki Indians of Paraguay
Quantitative and qualitative dermatoglyphics as a basis to study the relationship between Pacific populations
Rediscovery of persistent high incidence amyotrohic lateral sclerosis/Parkinsonism-dementia in West New Guinea (Irian Jaya, Indonesia)
Research use of ethnographic research films
Serum pseudocholinesterase levels and variants in the peoples of Papua and New Guinea
Sex avoidance and pederasty with juvenile fellatio as traditional homosexuality among bisexual southwestern Kukukuku people in New Guinea
Slow, latent, and temperate virus infections.
Solomon Island, New Britain, and east New Guinea journal, January 7, 1960 to May 6, 1960
South Pacific expedition to the New Hebrides and to the Fore, Kukukuku, and Genatei peoples of New Guinea, January 26, 1967 to May 12, 1967
Spectrum of congenital defect in Melanesian populations suffering from hyperendemic goitrous cretinism in Western Papua
Studies on Kuru.
study in nascent literacy, A : Neo-Melanesian correspondance from a Fore, New Guinea youth
study of child behavior and development in primitive cultures, The : a research archive for ethnopediatric film investigations of styles in the patterning of the nervous system
Transmission experiments with Kuru in chimpanzees and the isolation of latent viruses from the explanted tissues of affected animals
Transmission of two subacute spongiform encephalopathies of man (Kuru and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) to New World monkeys
Unconventional viruses and the origin and disappearance of kuru : [Nobel lecture]
Untersuchungen über die Pathogenese von Kuru eine klinische, pathologische und epidemiologische Untersuchung einer chronischen, progressiven, degenerativen und unter den Eingeborenen der Eastern Highlands von Neu Guinea epidemische Ausmaβe erreichenden Erkrankung des Zentralnervensystems
Valokeilaluento and Arctic Saami to Stone Age AWYU victims of ALS/PD on the Upper Edera in West New Guinea and from volcanic Atlantic Islands to Jamaica and Cuba, the Gobi Desert, and Siberia in an attempted escape from senility into the Arctic, Oceania, and East Asia, January 1, 1993 to December 31, 1993. Selections
Variation in the brain of man genetic and environmental factors which may influence the neurological endowment of diverse human groups
Viral antibodies in human beings and chimpanzees with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Viral diseases of the central nervous system
Virus hemorraghic fevers in childhood
Virus of the 1918 influenza pandemic era new evidence about its antigenic character
West New Guinea journal, May 6, 1960 to July 10, 1960
Western Pacific journal, January 4, 1978 to August 14, 1978
year in the Middle East, A : expeditions in Iran and Afghanistan, with travels in Europe and North Africa : February 4, 1954 to December 22, 1954 (Bahman 25, 1332 to Dey 1, 1333)