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Georgio Moroder
Giorgio G Moroder
Giorgio Moroder
Giorgio Moroder Projekt, The
Giorgio (pseudonym)
Giorgo Moroder
Giovanni Giorgio Moroder
Hansjörg Moroder
Moroder, G.
Moroder, Giorgio
Moroder, Giorgio G
Moroder, Giovanni Giorgio
Moroder, Hansjörg
The Giorgio Moroder Projekt
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Einzelgänger (pseud)
Einzelgänger (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Milk, Harvey (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Bellotte, Pete
Bellotte, Pete (co-performer)
Bennett, Chris (co-performer)
Björklund, Mats (co-performer)
CBS (Etats-Unis)
CBS (Europe)
CBS disques SA France
Children of the Mission (isMemberOf)
Common Cause (isMemberOf)
Engemann, Paul
Forsey, Keith
Holm, Michael (co-performer)
Möll, Günther (co-performer)
Moroder, Giorgio (1940-...)
Munich Machine (isMemberOf)
Oakey, Phil (1955-...)
Pokorný, Václav (1918-2011)
Spinach (isMemberOf)
Stone, Oliver
Summer, Donna
The Banana Crew (isMemberOf)
Unwin, Gary (co-performer)
Virgin France
Whitlock, Tom
Wissnet, Stephan (co-performer)
2 dollars sur 1 tocard
4 U With Love
74 Is the New 24 (Lifelike & Kris Menace remix)
Adama's Theme
All I Need Is You
Alle Analphabeten – Auf Die Plätze Fertig Los!
alte Melodie (Lonely Lovers Symphony), Eine
am alive (4 min 18 s), I
American dream (4 min 09 s)
American gigolo : original soundtrack recording
Apartment, The
Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In
Arizona Man (Jerk)
Atari Baby (Uzi Baby)
Autopsy, The
Autumn Changes
Baby blue (4 min 17 s)
Back in Love Again
Bad Boy
Bad Girls (George Morel club mix)
Bad Love
Bad Moon Rising
Barfuß im Regen
Battle Star Galactica (disco version)
Battlestar Galactica (Medley)
Be my lover now (3 min 51 s)
Believe in Me
beso de la pantera Cat people, El
Best of Electronic Disco
Best of Giorgio Moroder, The
Bla Bla Diddly (alternative version)
Black Lady
Bleu des regrets, Le
Blood from a stone (3 min 37 s)
Blue Jean Girl
Body Next to Body
Boogie Oogie Oogie
Book of Falling Kings, The
Born to Be Alive
Brand new love (3 min 59 s)
Break the Rules
Bricks and Mortar
Bring the Prod
Cage of freedom (4 min 04 s)
Call Me (instrumental)
Can See You Dancing, I
Can See You (instrumental), I
Carry on
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
Cemetery Stroll
Chase (1985 remix by Brian Reeves)
Chase 2011 (Martin Brodin Dubbed Out mix)
Chase (AL-Faris & Carmelo Carone Remix), The
Chase (David Mayer Remix), The
Chase (Denis Naidanow Remix), The
Chase (DJ Sneak's Beatchase remix), The
Chase (DJ Werner club mix), The
Chase (DJ Werner radio mix), The
Chase (From "Midnight Express"), The
Chase (Jam & Spoon club mix), The
Chase (Jam & Spoon radio mix), The
Chase (Junior's Retro remix), The
Chase (Junior Sanchez Retro mix), The
Chase (Nu Pilgrims Remix), The
Chase (original 12″ version)
Chase (Paul Oakenfold mix), The
Chase (Paul Oakenfold remix), The
Chase (Perfecto mix), The
Chase (Perfecto remix), The
Chase (SIS Remix), The
Chase (The Classic Mixes Europe), The
Chase (The Classic Mixes US), The
Cigarettes, Women and Wine
City Lights
Color of Snow, The
Colour all my days
Crazy World
Crippled Words
Cuerno De Chivo
Dance Dance Dance
Danger Zone
Danse ta vie
Day by Day
Déjà vu
DeLuxe Collection
Destruction (4 min 09 s)
Destruction of Peace
Destruction of the Robotrix
Deux dollards sur un tocard
disco, La
Dolce Vita, La
Don't Leave Me This Way
Dreaming of Spain
Dreams We Dream
Duel (3 min 47 s), The
E = APC2 Audioporn Central Giorgio Moroder Remix Project
E = MC2 (+Vat Relativity mix)
E = MC2 (A Copycat remix)
E = MC2 (Dirty McKenzie Evolution remix)
E = MC2 (Divide & Kreate remix)
E = MC2 (Dunproofin' Refix)
E = mc² (LP version mix)
E = MC2 (Phil Retrospector mix)
E=MC 2 (Rodion Gran Manigheo remix)
E=MC² (Alexander Robotnick remix)
E=MC2 (Andrew Becks Remix)
E=MC² (Baldelli & Dionigi remix)
E=MC2 (DJ Linus Remix)
E=MC² (I-Robots remix)
E=MC² (Lis rework)
E=MC² (No More Klein & Mbo remix)
E=MC² (Rodion Gran Manigheo remix)
E=MC2 (SIS Remix)
Electric dreams
Electronic Dancefloor Classics 1
Electronic Dancefloor Classics 2
En frappant dans nos mains
Erotic Mix, The
Everybody Join Hands
Evolution (DK edit)
Evolution (Roger Sanchez remix)
Evolution (Roger Sanchez tha S-Mans Extra Terrestrial mix)
Éxitos de Donna Summer
Fair game
Fair gameBO
Fairy Tale High
False Maria, The
Faster and Faster
Faster Than the Speed of Love
Feel It (Nivea)
Feel Love, I
Fight, The
First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love
Flashdance (What a Feeling) (Fastbeat mix)
Flashdance (What a Feeling) (Full mix)
Flashdance (What a Feeling) (karaoke mix)
Flashdance (What a Feeling) (radio mix 2)
Flashdance (What a Feeling) (Ralf Gum Dubbed With Feeling mix)
Flashdance (What a Feeling) (Ralf Gum Garage vocal mix)
Flashdance (What a Feeling) (remix 99 Two)
Flashdance (What a Feeling) (Trance remix)
Flashdance (What a Feeling) (Tranced Again mix)
Flooding, The
Fly Too High (instrumental)
Forever Dancing
Four seasons of love
From Her To Eternity
From Here to Eternity (12″ mix)
From here to eternity (3 min 22 s)
From Here to Eternity (Aeroplane remix)
From Here to Eternity... And Back
From Here to Eternity (Antilope remix)
From Here to Eternity (Attar! remix)
From Here to Eternity (Cambis & Wenzel & Oliver Deuerling Tribute Mix)
From Here to Eternity (Compuphonic remix)
From Here to Eternity (Danny Tenaglia extended club remix)
From Here to Eternity (Danny Tenaglia Radio Edit)
From Here To Eternity (Danny Tenaglia Superdub)
From Here to Eternity (Daryl remix)
From Here to Eternity (David Mayer Remix)
From Here to Eternity (Enne Utopia Remix)
From Here to Eternity (extended mix)
From Here to Eternity (Fusty Delights remix)
From Here to Eternity (reprise)
From Here to Eternity (Single version)
From Here to Eternity (SIS Remix)
Full of Emptiness
Full Stop
Future Is Past, The
Galaxie přání
Geh zu ihm
Get on the Funk Train
Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin’
Gina’s and Elvira’s Theme
Giorgio by Moroder
Giorgio Moroder Club Remixes Selection 3 - Back to the Roots
Giorgio Moroder Medley
Giorgio’s Music
Giorgio’s Theme
Giving Up, Giving In
Glaub an mich
Gong. osm písniček pro zpěv a kytaru
Good-bye bad times (3 min 51 s)
Good for Me
Good Grief Christina
Gospel of Teresa, The
Grand Illusion
Greatest Hits
Greatest Show on Earth, The
Greedy Man
Gypsy Soul
Halfway to Heaven
Hand in hand
Happy Birthday (German version)
He ain't heavy, he's my brother
Heaven Helps the Man (Who Helps Himself)
Heaven knows
Heaven now (3 min 50 s)
Hello Mr. W.A.M. (Finale)
Her mit dem Geld
Here's my heart (4 min 54 s)
Here she comes (3 min 48 s)
Highway Runner
Hilf dir selbst (Heaven Helps the Man (Who Helps Himself))
histoire sans fin, L'
historia interminable Die unendliche Gestchichte, La
Hollywood Dreams (instrumental)
Hollywood express
Hollywood expressclub mix
Hollywood expressdub mix
Hostage, The
Hot Stuff (Arj Snoek extended mix)
Hot Stuff (Christian Burkhardt & Daniel Roth Remix)
Hot Stuff (Christian Burkhardt & J.C. Fous De La Mer Remix)
Hot Stuff (ENNE into Jazz Remix)
Hot Stuff (Marat Taturas Cats Meow Remix)
Hot Stuff (Plaster Hands Remix)
Hot Summer Night
How Much Longer Must I Wait, Wait
I’m Free Now
I'm Hot Tonight
I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone
Ich Komm’ nach Haus
Ich liebe dich, so wie du bist
Ich sprenge alle Ketten
If You Weren't Afraid
In Love With Love
In My Wildest Dream
In My Wildest Dreams
In the Middle of the Knight
In the Name of Love
In This Country
In transit
Irena’s Theme
Istanbul Blues (vocal)
Istanbul Opening
It's a Crime
It’s a Shame
It's All Wrong (But It's Alright)
It's for You
It's in the Book
It's Love, Love, Love
Ivory Tower (12")
Ivory Tower (Instrumental)
Ja, ja, ja (wie ist Werbung wunderbar)
Journey to the Centre of Your Heart
Kari Tapio
King of Snake
Knights in White Satin / In the Middle of the Knight / Knights in White Satin
Knights in White Satin (single version B-side)
Knock Me on My Feet (instrumental)
Lady, Lady, Lady
Lady of the Night
Last Kiss
Last Night (7th District Disco Radio Mix)
Last Night (Dave Sears Radio Mix)
Last Night (Eric's Hysteric Future Classix Mix)
Last Night (Steve Anderson Mardi Gras Mix)
Last Night (Steve Anderson Radio Mix)
Last Night (T&f Crushed Mendoza Radio Mix)
Lead Me On
Legend of Babel (3 min 55 s), The
Leopard Tree Dream
Let it ride
Let's Take the Night
Let the Music Play (single version A-side)
Lie, Lie, Lie
Life in Tokyo
Lifestyle, The
Lilly Belle
Lina con la luna (Italian version of ‘Moody Trudy’)
Listen to your heart (4 min 17 s)
Llamame (Call Me)
London Traffic
Lonely Lovers Symphony (Based on ‘For Elisa’)
Looking Up
Looky, Looky
Lord Release Me
Lost Angeles
Love Affair, A
Love and Passion
Love Fever
Love is love (3 min 50 s)
Love kills (4 min 29 s)
Love's in you, love's in me
Love’s Morning Land
Love’s Theme (taken from the film “Midnight Express”)
Love’s Unkind
Love Theme From 'Flash Dance'
Love theme from "Flashdance"
Love to love you, baby
Love to Love You (Marcel Krieg disco mix)
Love Will Always Find You
Love Will Find a Way
Love You, I
Luky Luky (Italian version of ‘Looky Looky’)
Machine Explosion and Freder’s Vision
Machines (4 min 11 s)
Machines (Disconet remix)
Machines (Opening Titles)
Machineworks, the Clock, and Whistle, The
Madeline's Theme
Mah na mah na
Make Me Your Baby
Malý taneční soubor. [upravili Zdeněk Krotil a Václav Pokorný]
Massive Retaliation (M-A-D!!)
Meet Me Half Way
Mein Herz kann man nicht kaufen
Metropolis (Vídeo)
Metropolisoriginal motion picture soundtrack
Midnight Express (Main Theme)
Midnight express music from the original motion picture soundtrack
Midnight Express: The Chase
Midnight Love
Mind Over Matter
Mony Mony (Italian version)
Moody Trudy
Mr. Strauss
Muny Muny Muny
Music From "Battlestar Galactica"
My Other Voice
My Secret Wish
Myth, The
Nachts scheint die Sonne
Naughty Girl
Need-a-Man Blues
Never ending story (3 min 32 s)
Never Ending Story (DJ B.N.O. remix)
Never Ending Story (DJ Tomcraft remix)
Never Ending Story (Marat Taturas Magicwave Remix)
Never Ending Story (Petko Turner’s & Chew Solo’s Munich Disco Remix)
Never Ending Story (Russ Danoff Disco Remix)
Never Ending Story (Tox N' Stone karaoke mix)
Never Ending Story (Tox N' Stone remix 1)
Never Ending Story (Tox N' Stone remix 2)
Neverending Story (reprise), The
Night Drive (reprise)
Night Life
Night Rabbit
Night time is the right time (3 min 58 s)
Nights in white satin (4 min 02 s)
No See, No Cry
Non ci sto (Italian version of ‘Underdog’)
Now You're Mine
Number One Song in Heaven, The
Obra selecta.
Official World Cup Theme 90
Oh l’Amour (single version B-side)
Oh What a Night
On the Groove Train, Volume 1: 1975 - 1993
On the Groove Train, Volume 2: 1974 - 1985
On the Radio (Eva Be Radio Back Remix)
On the Radio (instrumental)
On your own (4 min 09 s)
Once Upon a Time
One of a Kind
One on one (3 min 28 s)
Onze vader
Opening (4 min 50 s)
Original soundtrack from the motion picture Flashdance
Our Love
Out of Love Again
Over the top
Palm Springs Drive
Pandora’s Box
Pared, La
Party Goes On, The
Paul’s Theme (Jogging Chase)
Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder
precio del poder Scarface, El
Proud Mary
Pursuit and Death of Rotwang, The
Queen is Born Not Made, A
Queen of the South, The
Quicksilver Lightning
R.A.M. Interview, Part 1, The
R.A.M. Interview, Part 2, The
Raggi di sole
Reach out (3 min 43 s)
Reach Out (instrumental)
Rech Out (Go for Gold)
Reesy Beesy
Remember Yesterday, I
Return of the “G”
Revolt Against the Machines (Machines reprise)
Rhythm of Love, The
Risi e bisi (Italian version of ‘Reesy Beesy’)
Robotrix Comes to Life, The
Rock On
Rotwang Pursues Maria (Part 1)
Rotwang Pursues Maria (Part 2)
Rotwang’s Party (Robot dance)
Rotwang Unveils the Robotrix
Ruined Landscape
Rumor Has It
Runner, The
Rush Rush
Sacrament for the Mule
Saga De Sangre
Sally Don’t You Cry
Samba Si, Trabajo No
Scarface (Brian de Palma)
Scarface music from the original motion picture soundtrack.
Scarface (Push It to the Limit)
Scarfacemusic from the original motion picture soundtrack
Schlagermoroder, Volume 1: 1966-1975
Schlagermoroder, Volume 2: 1965-1976
Seduce Me Tonight
Seduction (Love Theme), The
Senza te, senza me (Italian version of ‘Happy Birthday’)
Shake it up (4 min 16 s)
Shake Your Booty
Shame on You
Shannon's eyes
She's on Fire
Singing to the sky (4 min 12 s)
Sleepy Dragon
So Long
So Young (Slow)
Solitary Man
Son of My Father, Part 1 (mono version)
Son of My Father, Part 2 (instrumental) (mono version)
Sooner or Later
Sorry Suzanne
Space Ibiza: 1989-2016 Disc 2 (continuous DJ mix)
Spanish Disaster
Spring Affair (J.C. Fous De La Mer Ibiza Spring Mix)
Spring Affair (Joss Remix)
Spring Affair (Vaskeez, Dereka Dub Version)
Spring Reprise
Stadium and Garden of Delights, The
Stop (alternative version)
Stop (German version)
Street thunder (4 min 01 s)
Summer Fever
Superman III
Suspense (4 min 33 s)
Swamps of Sadness
Take It Higher
Take It, Shake It, Break My Heart
Take Me Home
Take My Breath Away (Werner mix)
Tarnished Crown
Tears (Organ Donor)
Tempo d’amore (Italian version of ‘Make Me Your Baby’)
That’s Bubble Gum — That’s Giorgio
That's Enough
That’s How I See Her
That's the Way (I Like It)
Theme From "Battlestar Galactica"
(Theme From) Midnight Express (vocal)
Theme from Superman II
They Won’t Get Me
Thief of hearts (3 min 39 s)
Through the Fire
Til the End of Time
To Be Number One
To the Bridge
To turn the stone (3 min 13 s)
Today’s a Tomorrow
Together in electric dreams (3 min 52 s)
Toglimi il respiro
Tony's theme (3 min 12 s)
Tony's Theme, Part 2
Too Hot to Handle
Tráfico del centro (London Traffic – Spanish version)
Transformation Seduction
Transmitter, Part I
Transmitter, Part II
Trouble Maker
Try Me, I Know We Can Make It
Tryouts for the Human Race
Tu sei mio padre (Italian version of ‘Son of My Father’)
Turn Out the Light
Un'Estate italiana (4 min 07 s)karaoke version
Un'Estate italiana (4 min 07 s)single version
Un'Estate italiana (4 min 50 s)stadium version
Underdog (mono version)
unendliche Geschichte, Die
Utopia (Me Giorgio)
Utopia (Todd Terje edit)
Valérie (3 min 24 s)
Valey of the Dolls (instrumental)
Valley of the Dolls (instrumental) (single version)
Valley of the Dolls (slow version) (instrumental)
Vamos A Bailar
Viel Glück, Christina (Good Grief Christina)
Viele Phrasen (Crippled Words)
Wanderer, The
Wanna Funk With You Tonight, I
Wanna Funk With You Tonite (single version A-side), I
Wanna Rock You (Boris The Spyder Remix), I
Wanna Rock You (Denis Naidanow Mix), I
Wanna Rock You (Felix da Housecat remix), I
Wanna Rock You (Felix da Housecat Vocal Mix), I
Wanna Rock You (Luca Cassani mix), I
Wanna Rock You (Luca Cassini DN Re-Edit), I
Watch Your Step (mono version)
What a Night
What's going on (3 min 49 s)
What’s Your Name
Wheel, The
When the Love Is Good
Whispering Waves
White Hotel
Why must the show go on ? (4 min 10 s)
Will Be Strong, I
Winner Takes It All
Winter Melody
With Your Love
Wo bist du
Your Body
Yummy Yummy Yummy
Zigaretten und Mädchen und Wein (Cigarettes, Women and Wine)
Žízeň lásky
손에 손잡고
スカーフェイス(Push it to the limit)
Contributed to or performed: 
(Theme From) Midnight Express
100 ans de musiques de films
100 Hits: Disco Classics
100 Movie Hits
100 Seventies Classics
101 80s Anthems
101 80s Hits
101 Disco Anthems
101 Electronic 80s
101 More Housework Songs
101 Movie Songs
1999-09-26: BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: Rojam, Shanghai, China
1999-11-28: BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: Liverpool University, Liverpool, UK
20th Century Disco
22 Explosive Hits, Volume Two
40 Dance 2015
538 Dance Smash Hits 2000, Volume 1: Spring
611 Time Out
611 Time Out (Autechre remix)
80's Disco
80's Disco Non Stop Dancing
80's Grandmaster
80’s Box
80’s Comeback
80’s Movie Hits
80er Chart Kult-Hits, Die
80s 12″ Summer
80s Car Songs
80s Maxi: Best of 12 inches
80s Movie Hits
80s XXL Hits - Maxi versionen, The
80s: 110 Original Hits
Abflug Die Skischanzenparty
Absolute Almighty, Volume 8
Adult Swim Singles Program 2014
Ahora ’01
All New Wave
All the Best
All the Hits 80 Forever
Alle 40 Goed: Disco
American Dream
American Dream (Disconet remix)
Analog... Ist noch lang nicht tot
And They Danced the Night Away
Années 80 Mega
Années 80 Mega 10CD
Anthology: Weighed & Measured, An
Arriva la bomba
As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 12
Atmospheric Synthesizer Spectacular - Vol. 3
Atreju's Flug
Atreju's Quest
Azuli Presents Louie Vega: Choice: A Collection of Classics
Baby Love: Superstarke No. 1 Hits
Back and Forth
Back to Mine: New Order
Back to the Eighties
BackPack 80's: Pop-O-Rama
Ballermann Mallorca-Hits 2000
Bang Your Party: 20 Years of Caus-n-ff-ct
Bastian's Happy Flight
Be My Lover Now
Be My Lover Now (12" remix)
Be My Lover Now (instrumental)
Beautiful Day
Best 100 Music of the Eighties
Best Electronic Album In The World...Ever!, The
Best Movie Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Movie Hits
Best Mum in the World Ever!, The
Best of New Romantic
Best of the 80’s: 60 Fantastic Songs
Best Party Album in the World Ever!
Beste aus 25 Jahren Popmusik, Das
Bild am Sonntag: Die besten deutschen 80er Hits des Jahrtausends
Bolero Mix 19
Book of Falling Kings, The
Booming on Pluto: Electro for Droids (Ocean Of Sound Volume 3)
Born on the Fourth of July: Music From the Films of Tom Cruise
Born to Die
Brainfreeze Breaks
Brand New Love
Bravo Supershow 2000
Bridge, The
Broken Hearts Club, The
Bubblegum Party of the 60's & 70's
Bugged Out Mix by Felix da Housecat, A
Burning the Midnight Oil
Call Me
Call Me By Your Name: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Can See You (dance version), I
Can See You, I
Can't Wait, I
Can’t Wait, I
Carry On
Carry on ’97 (Outta Control radio edit)
Carry On (Definitive radio mix)
Carry On (extended mix)
Carry On (Fired Up mix)
Carry On (Hot Tracks mix)
Carry On (Hysteria Club mix)
Carry On (Hysteria mix)
Carry On (Hysteria radio mix)
Carry On (Hysteria radio)
Carry On (Hysteriastrumental)
Carry On (instrumental version)
Carry On (Outta Control extended)
Carry On (Outta Control Radio)
Carry On (radio version)
Carry On (Slammin’ Cox mix)
Carry On (Slammin’ Cox radio)
Casablanca Records Greatest Hits
Casablanca Records Story, The
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
Cemetery Stroll
Champagne, Secrets, & Chanel (Electric Bodega remix)
Chariots of Fire
Chartboxx Back to the 80s
Charts Only! Pop
Chase (1985 remix by Brian Reeves)
Chase (club mix), The
Chase (DJ Sneak Beatchase Remix), The
Chase (DJ Werner radio mix), The
Chase (Jam & Spoon club mix), The
Chase (Jam & Spoon mix), The
Chase (Jam & Spoon radio mix), The
Chase (Jam & Spoon Remix), The
Chase (Junior Sanchez mix), The
Chase (Paul Oakenfold mix), The
Chase (Paul Oakenfold Remix), The
Chase (radio mix), The
Chase (Todd Terry mix), The
Chase 2011 (Martin Brodin Dubbed Out), The
Chase 2011 (Martin Brodin remix), The
Chase 2011, The
Chase, The
Childlike Empress, The
Chilled Electronic 80s
Ciné Dancing
Ciné HITS Les Plus Grandes Musiques De Film
Cinema Hits Album, The
Classic Alternatives, Volume 1
Classic Cuts Presents 80’s Night: The Ultimate DJ Collection
Classic Love at the Movies
Classic Movies
Club Class: 40 Club Anthems in the Mix
Club Remixes Selection Two
Club Rotation, Volume 10
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 13
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 14
Club System 15
Color of Snow, The
Complete Eighties
Complete Introduction to Disco, A
Corné Klijn's Disco Classics Top 100
Cuéntame cómo pasó: La generación de los 70
Cuerno de chivo
Cult Files: Re-Opened, The
D.C. Cab
Dance Classics Gold II
Dance Classics, Volume 11
Dance Classics, Volume 11 & 12
Dance Classics, Volume 4
Dance Classics: Volume 11 & 12
Dance Connexion 16
Dance Train 2000, Volume 2: Club Edition
Dance with Angels
Dancefloor Summer Hits 2019
Dancemania Speed Best 2001
Dawn of Electronica – Uncut
DCM: Volume 2
Déjà Vu
Déjà vu (Benny Benassi club remix)
Déjà Vu (Markus Schulz remix)
Delta Antliae (Invalid Path Revisited - Nicholls remix)
Delta Antliae (Patten remix)
Diamond Lizzy
Dim All the Lights
Director's Cuts: Brian de Palma, The
Disco - Night Fever
Disco Boys, Volume 10, The
Disco Boys, Volume 3, The
Disco Boys, Volume 9, The
Disco Dance Fever
Disco Dancin’ 2
Disco Discharge: Euro Disco
Disco Discharge: European Connection
Disco Fever: Young Hearts Run Free
Disco Fox
Disco Funk Volume 3
Disco Inferno III
Disco Nights, Volume 10: Disco's Greatest Movie Hits
Disco Nights, Volume 3: The Best of EuroDisco
Disco Rotic
Disconet Greatest Hits, Volume 4
Disconet Remix Greatest Hits, Volume 24
Discoteca Papagaio
Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats?
Do This for You, I
Dolce Vita, La
Don’t Let Go
Dreaming of Spain
Dreams We Dream
Dreams We Dream (instrumental)
Dual: Super Sound-Test-CD
Edge of the Seventies, The
Eldorado 5
Eldorado Jul Lux - Eldorado Party Lux
Electric Dreams
Electric Dreams: Original Soundtrack from the Film
Electric Moods: An Odyssey for the Soul
Electro Chic
Endtroducing… (The Samples)
Envelope Please…: Academy Award Winning Songs, Volume 5 (1982-1993), The
Essential 80's
Essential Movies, The
European Collection: …A Foreign Affair! Volume 2
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Exclusive 12-Track Mix CD of Classics
FabricLive 11: Bent
Face to Face
Fan-Fete, Die
febbre del sabato sera, La
Feel Love, I
Feel the Thunder
Fetenhits: 70's Disco Classics
Fetenhits: Disco Best Of
Fetenhits: Essential Disco
Film Hits
Film Parade
Flaix History, Volume 1
Flashdance… What a Feeling
Flight of the Condor: The Magical Sound of the Pan Pipes
Flight to the Ivory Tower
Floorfillers: Summer Party
Free and Single, Volume 2
From Here to Eternity
From Here to Eternity (Danny Tenaglia dub mix)
From Here to Eternity (Danny Tenaglia extended club mix)
From Here to Eternity (Danny Tenaglia Papadella)
From Here to Eternity (Danny's New dub)
From Here to Eternity (Falko Niestolik video mix)
From Here to Eternity (Papadella)
From Here to Eternity (radio edit)
From Here to Eternity (Superdub)
Full 12" Mixes & Re-edits, Volume 3
Fußballwunder: Die Kult-Party-Hits
Gay Happening Presents: Disco Divas Remixed Hits
Generation Techno: The Classix 1990-2000
Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion
Get It, Volume 1
Get It, Volume 1: Die Besten Songs aus der RTL Plus-Werbung
Get to Know - Disco
Get to Know: Disco
Giorgio by Moroder
Global Underground: Nubreed 003
Gold Instrumental Collection, Volume 1
Gold Instrumental Collection, Volume 6
Good for Me
Good Times No.1 Hits
Good-Bye Bad Times
Good-Bye Bad Times (12" remix)
Good-Bye Bad Times (instrumental)
Gospel of Teresa, The
Grand 12‐Inches
Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories (Music From Flashback FM 95.6)
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Radio
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Radio
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories: Flash FM
Grandmix 2014
Grandmix: The Disco Edition
Greatest 80s Hits Collection, The
Greatest Ever! Electric
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits of the 80s
Greatest Switch 2009, The
Greatest Switch Box, The
Grew Up in the 80s, I
Heaven Is Here
Heaven's Just a Heartbeat
Hellboys: Italo Megamix by DJ Hell
High Energy
High School Reunion
History of House Nation, Volume 4 (disc 1), The
History of Pop 1984-1986, The
Hit Collection
Hit-Giganten: Best of Maxi-Hits, Die
Hit-Giganten: Pop & Rock Hymnen, Die
Hit-Giganten: Tanzsongs, Die
Hot Classics Box Set, The
Hot Hits: Pop Dancin', Volume 52
Hot Rod
Houseworks 2
I'm Yours (Tom Lorenz mix)
Ibiza Selection, The
Ich bin ein Bass-Liner
In This Country: 明日への勝利
In Transit
Infamous Queensbridge Collection (25 original Songs Sampled by Mobb Deep), The
Inrockuptibles : Sex Tape : 50 chansons pour le sexe, Les
Instrumental Hits, Volume 1
Instrumental Moods
Instrumental Music: Best World's Hits.
Invalid Path
Invalid Path (Darkstar remix)
Irma Cocktail Lounge, Volume 1
Island 15
Ivory Tower
Jack Pop ’90
Just the Best 1/2000
Keep It Together
kindliche Kaiserin, Die
Kings of Edits 1000
Kiss Mix 98
Kylie + Garibay
Lady Lady
Lady Lady Lady
Lady, Lady, Lady
Large Tunes
Last Night (T & F Crushed Mendoza radio mix)
Last Night, The
LateNightTales: At the Movies
Latest & Greatest Running Songs
Let the Music Play
Let This Night Go On for Days
Licht aus! Spot an! Best of Disco 1/71
Lifestyle, The
Livin' la Vida Loca
Logic Trance 3
Lost in Music: 29 Dance Hits From the 70's
Lotto präsentiert: Die Super 20
Love Action 80's: 54 Classic Love Songs
Love Affair, A
Love Kills
Love Movie Themes
Love Music 1980-1984, I
Love Music 1980-1984: It's Electric, I
Love Now, Hurt Later
Love to Love You Donna
Love's in You, Love's in Me
Love’s in You, Love’s in Me
Lust - Art & Soul, a Personal Collection Louie Vega
Magic 80s
Magic Movie Hits
Magical Sound of the Panpipes, The
Many Faces of Daft Punk, The
Many Faces of Joy Division, The
Masterbeat Sunset
Mastermix: DJ Beats, Volume 15
Matinée Group: Old Hits, Volume 3
Meet Me Half Way
Mega Dancer
Members Only #6
Members Only #7
Memorable Scores: Paramount Pictures' 90th Aniversary
Memory String
Memory String (Plaid remix)
Mes Soirées Disco N°4
Methods of Dance: Electronica & Leftfield '73-'87
Metropolis: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Ministry of House, Volume 5 (disc 1)
Ministry of Sound: Electronic 80s: The Collection
Ministry of Sound: I Love 80s
Mirror Ball Classics
Mirrorgate / Southern Oracle
Mixed Up in the Hague, Volume 1
Moods: A World of Emotions
Most Wanted Movie Hits
Movie Gold
Movie Themes Go Disco!
Music From the Motion Picture “Foxes”
música do século, volume 27, A
Musik aus Sylvester Stallone Filmen
My Girl
Mystery Trance, Volume 7
Nachtschicht, Volume 18
Never Ending Story
Never Ending Story, The
NeverEnding Story (La storia infinita), The
Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter, The
NeverEnding Story, The
Neverending Story: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
New Romantic. CLASSICS
New Romantics, The
Nicolas Winding Refn Presents: The Wicked Die Young
Night Time Is the Right Time
Nights in White Satin
Nile Rodgers Presents Disco Inferno
Nº1 Anos 80
NOW 100 Hits Movies
Now That’s What I Call Movies
Now That’s What I Call Music 4
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1984
Now That′s What I Call Music 4
Now the Music: Moods
Now You're Mine
Now You're Mine (extended)
Now You're Mine (instrumental)
Nur Nr. 1 Hits
Oldies, Volume 1: Disco
On the Radio
One More Day
One More Day (inst.)
One More Day (TAK remix inst.)
One More Day (TAK remix)
One Shot ’80, Volume 9
One Way or Another
Only for DJ's: Techno Traxx, Volume 11
Original Hits: 80s 12″
Over the Top (The Winner Takes It All)
Over the Top: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Pacha Ibiza 40 Years: 1973-2013
pared, La
Parity Error
Parity Error (Rusko remix)
Perfect Remixes, Volume 1
Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
Plus Grands Tubes disco, Les
Pop 80er
Promo Only: Club Video, March 2017
Pure 80s
Pure 80s Pop
Pure Celtic Chill
Pure Love: 54 Original Hits by the Original Artists
Pure Pop
Queen is Born Not Made, A
Queen of the South, The
Queen of the South: Original Series Soundtrack
Radar Radio
Rainbow Love Boat
Rambo III
Rambo III: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Random Access Memories
Reach Out
Reach Out (extended dance version)
Remixes & Club Classics
Retro Remixed 2
Right here right now
Right Here, Right Now
Right Here, Right Now (7th Heaven radio edit)
Right Here, Right Now (Ant LaRock remix)
Right Here, Right Now (DJ Sneak remix)
Right Here, Right Now (extended version)
Right Here, Right Now (Felix da Housecat remix)
Right Here, Right Now (Kenny Summit club mix)
Right Here, Right Now (Kenny Summit dub mix)
Right Here, Right Now (More Remixes)
Right Here, Right Now (Ralphi Rosario club mix)
Right Here, Right Now (Ralphi Rosario's Sao Paulo remix)
Right Here, Right Now (Remixes)
Right Here, Right Now (Whiiite remix)
Right Here, Right Now (Zoo Brazil Remix)
Rise of the Synths (Official Companion album), The
Rise of the Synths: The Official Companion Album, EP 1, The
Rocken Ruller 4
Romantic Collection, Volume 1
Ruined Landscape
Run Program
Run Program (Bibio remix)
Sacrament for the Mule
Saga de sangre
Save the Date
Scarface: Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Senses: 17 Pure Moods and Themes
Senses: 20 Contemporary Moods and Themes
Serie Noire 2: Dark Pop and New Beat
Shake It Up
Shannon's Eyes
Shannon’s Eyes (12 Inch version)
Shannon’s Eyes (single version)
Shine On: The 80’s, Volume 1
Show Me the Night
Sleepy Dragon
Slurped Too!: More Original Brainfreeze Flavors
Smash Hits: The ’80s
SmoothFM Countdown Favourites
Solar Spectrums
Solid Gold, Volume 4: Hits of the 70s
Solid Sounds, Format 14
Solid Steel Presents DJ Food & DK: "Now, Listen Again!"
Solitary Man
Solitary Men
Space Ibiza: 1989 - 2016
Spirits: Music for the Soul
Spook City
Stereo 100 Hits Dance 2016
Summer Dance 98
Sümpfe der Traurigkeit, Die
Sunshine Live, Volume 31
Sunshine Live, Volume 44
Super Galactic Movie Hits
Super Maxi Dancer: Long Versions Only
Superman: The Music (1978-1988)
Synth Me Up: 14 Classic Electronic Hits
Synthesizer Hits, The
Synthétiseur: Les grands hits
Take My Breath Away
Take My Breath Away (Love Theme From “Top Gun”)
Take My Breath Away (Top Gun)
Tarnished Crown
Technodrome, Volume 4
Telarc Collection, Volume 2, The
Themes & Dreams
This Is… 1984
This Is… Electric
To Be Number One (Summer 1990)
To Be Number One (Summer 1990) (Extended Version)
To Be Number One (Summer 1990) (Guitar Version)
To Be Number One (Summer 1990) (Sing-Along-Version)
To Be Number One (Summer 1990) (Single Version)
To Turn the Stone
Together In Electric Dreams
Together in Electric Dreams (2003 Remaster)
Together in Electric Dreams (2003 Remaster) (From the Film ''Electric Dreams'')
Together In Electric Dreams (Electric Dreams)
Together in Electric Dreams (extended mix)
Together in Electric Dreams (extended)
Together in Electric Dreams (From "Electric Dreams")
Together in Electric Dreams (instrumental)
Together in Electric Dreams (remastered 2003)
Tom’s Diner
Tom’s Diner (Hibell remix)
Tom’s Diner (Leu Leu Land remix)
Too Hot to Touch
Top de la disco, Le
Trance - The Early Years (1997-2002)
Trance Nation
Trip, The
True Disco
Turn, The
Ü30 Fete: 80er Party
UK*USA Danny Rampling DJ Mix
Ultimate 80s Movie Hits
Ultimate Film Hits, The
Ultimate Party Anthems
Ultra Mix ’98
Urban Dance 14
Utopia - Me Giorgio (I-Robots 1977 Reconstruction)
Utopia - Me Giorgio (I-Robots 2014 Tape Reconstruction)
Utopia - Me Giorgio (The I-Robots Reconstructions)
Very Best of 1980s 2, The
Very Best of School Reunion, The
Very Best of The Human League, The
Very, Very, Very Best of 70s Disco, The
Vinyl Raritäten 120
Virgin Records: 40 Years of Disruptions
Wanna Rock You (Luca Cassini dub), I
Washed in the Neon Light
We Can Fly, Volume 5
We Love the Nightlife: Get Up and Boogie
We Want More! 23
Where Were You? 1985
White Hotel
Why Must the Show Go On
Why Must the Show Go On?
Why Must the Show Go On? / In Transit (instrumental)
Young Guns Go for It: Heroes of the 80's
Your Body
YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 14
Одинокий пастух: коллекция инструментальной музыки