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Hogben, Lancelot
Hogben, Lancelot T.
Hogben, Lancelot Thomas
Hogben, Lanycelot Thomas
Lancelot Hogben (British zoologist, statistician, science writer)
Lancelot Hogben (Brits wiskundige (1895-1975))
Lancelot Hogben (englischer Zoologe, Genetiker, Statistiker und Schriftsteller)
Лансэлот Хогбэн
Ланцелот Хогбен
הוגבן, לאנסלוט
הוגבן, לאנסלוט תומאס
הוגבן, לאנסלוט תומס
הוגבן, לנסלוט
ボグベン, L
ホグベン, ランスロット
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Language material
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André (co-author)
Bodmer, Frederick
Bodmer, Frederick (co-author)
Cartwright, Maureen
Cartwright, Maureen (co-author)
Honeysett, Jean-Pierre (co-author)
Horrabin, J. F.
Horrabin, J. F. (1884-1962)
Horrabin, James Francis
Horrabin, James Francis (1884-1962)
Horrabin, James Francis (co-author)
Larrouy, F. H. (co-author)
Larrouy, F.H.
Magalhães, Marcello Marques
Neurath, Marie
Palmer, Richard
Sallin, Achille Auguste Marie (18..-....))
Sudre, René (co-author)
Wild, Jacob Henry (co-author)
Wilkosz, Witold
שליונסקי, דב
25.000 años de matemáticas : historia ilustrada de los números, el cálculo y las medidas
25.000 años de mecánica : hombres, músculos y máquinas a través de los siglos
Alfred Russel Wallace ... 1918.
Alfred Russel Wallace, the story of a great discoverer by Lancelot T. Hogben,...
Beginnings of science
Chance and choice by cardpack and chessboard : an introduction to probability in practice by visual aids.
Comparative physiology
Compter, mesurer, construire
consequenties van 1= 1, De : wiskunde, óók voor U!
Dangerous thoughts
Design of documents : a study of mechanical aids to field enquiries
England, a history of the homeland.
Essential world English, being a preliminary mnemotechnic programme for proficiency in English self-expression for international use, based on semantic principles.
Filial and fraternal correlations in sex-linked inheritance [communicated to the Royal society of Edinburgh, June 20, 1932]
first great inventions., The
From cave painting to comic strip : a kaleidoscope of human communication
genetic busis of alkaptonuria [communicated to the Royal society of Edinburgh, May 2, 1932], The
Genetic principles in medicine and social science
Hommes, missiles et machines : la merveilleuse histoire de l'énergie
How the first men lived.
How the world was explored
Huoli shuo yu jixie shuo
Interglossa a draft of an auxiliary for a democratic world order, being an attempt to apply semantic principles to language design
Introduction to mathematical genetics, An
Knaurs Buch der Energie Vom Hebel zur Atomkraft
L'univers des nombres
la pintura rupestre a la historieta gráfica, De : un caleidoscopio de los medios humanos de expresión gráfica
Lancelot Hogben,... La Science pour tous...
Lancelot Hogben. Les Mathématiques pour tous
Lancelot Hogben. Mensch und Wissenschaft
Lancelot Hogben. Science for the citizen
Lancelot Hogben, scientific humanist : an unauthorised autobiography
Loom of language, a guide to foreign languages for the home student, by Frederick Bodmer. Edited and arranged by Lancelot Hogben, The
Loom of language, The : a guide to foreign languages for the home student
Maps, mirrors, and mechanics
Maravilhas de matemt́ica, influência e função da matemática nos conhecimentos humanos.
Matemática, La : en la vida del hombre
Matematica, La : nella storia e nella vita
Matematika pro každého
Matematyka dla milionów
Mathematics for the million
Mathematik für alle
Mathématiques pour tous, Les
Mensch und Wissenschaft Die Entstehung und Entwicklung der Naturwissenschaft aus den sozialen Bedürfnissen. Ein Buch zur Weiterbildung
Mensch und Wissenschaft ["Science for the citizen"], die Entstehung und Entwicklung der Naturwissenschaft aus den sozialen Bedürfnissen... [Übersetzung von Peter Christoffel, M. Favarger, C. Grob, A. E. Meier, E. Müller, J. H. Wild.]
Meten is weten : de betekenis van de wiskunde voor onze beschaving
mother tongue, The
Nature and nurture
Nature of living matter
new authoritarianism., The
O Homem e as Línguas : Guia para o Estudioso de Idiomas
pigmentary effector system; a review of the physiology of colour response., The
Political arithmetic : a symposium of population studies
Primers for the age of plenty
Principles of animal biology
¿Qué es la materia viva?
Report on papers of Lancelot Thomas Hogben ... 1981:
Retreat from reason;
Science for the citizen; a self-educator based on the social background of scientific discovery.
Science for the citizen. Swedish. [from old catalog]
Science in authority : essays
science pour tous, La
signs of civilisation., The
Statistical theory: the relationship of probability, credibility, and error; an examination of the contemporary crisis in statistical theory from a behaviourist viewpoint.
Sve o matematici
Univers des nombres., L'
Vetenskap för alla; människans och naturvetenskapens utveckling, en handbok för självstudier.
Visual science
vocabulary of science, The
Welt der Mathematik Zahlen formen e. Weltbild
Whales for the Welsh: a tale of war and peace, with notes for those who teach or preach
What is ahead of us?
Wikipedia, viewed June 1, 2015
Wonderful world of energy
wonderful world of mathematics, The
Wunderbare Welt der Mathematik Vom Einmaleins z. Computer
Wunderbare Welt der Nachrichtentechnik Vom ABC z. Fernsehsatelliten
Wunderbare Zahlenwelt 5 Jahrtausende Mathematik
Zahl und Zufall : Eine Einführung in die Kombinatorik Wahrscheinlichkeitslehre und Statistik mit anschaulichen Hilfsmitteln
מתמטיקה למליון