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Catell, R. B.
Cattel, Raymond B.
Cattell, R. B.
Cattell, Raimond Bernard
Cattell, Raymond
Cattell, Raymond B.
Cattell, Raymond Bernard
Cattell, Raymond Bernhard
Raymond Bernard Cattell
Raymond Bernard Cattell (britisch-US-amerikanischer Psychologe)
Raymond Bernard Cattell (Brits psycholoog (1905-1998))
Raymond Cattell (psicologo inglese)
Raymond Cattell (Psychologist)
Кэттелл, Рэймонд Бернард
Реймънд Кетъл
რეიმონდ კეტელი
Ռայմոնդ Բեռնարդ Քեթթել
رايموند كاتل
ریموند کاتل
キャッテル, レイモンド・B
Creation class: 
Language material
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
A thesis approved for the degree of doctor of philosophy in the University of London."
Beloff, Halla (co-author)
Cahen, Muriel (co-author)
Cattell, A. K. S.
Cattell, K.B. (co-author)
Cohen, John (1911-...)
Cohen, John (1911-.)
Damarin, Fred L.
Eber, Herbert W.
Eber, Herbert W. (co-author)
Geblewicz, Eugeniusz (1904-1974))
Hundleby, John D.
Karol, Darcie L.
Kline, Paul (1937-)
Kretschmer, Ernst (1888-1964)
Nesselroade, John R. (co-author)
Scheier, Ivan H. (co-author)
Scheier, Ivan Henry
Schumacher, Gerhard
Seisdedos Cubero, N.
Sweney, Arthur B. (1923-)
Tatsuoka, Maurice M.
Travers, Robert Morris William (1913- ))
Travers, Robert Morris William (1913-...)
Travers, Robert Morris William (co-author)
University of Hawaii Affiliation (see also from)
Vandenberg, Steven G.
Weiss, Rudolf H. (1936- ))
斎藤, 耕二 (1933-)
16 PF-5 : manual
16PF fifth edition administrator's manual
Beyondism religion from science
Cattell group and individual intelligence tests : handbook for scales I II and III with revised norms
CFT 20-R Neutralny kulturowo test inteligencji Cattella - wersja 2: zrewidowana przez Rudolfa H. Weißa we współpracy z Bernhardem Weißem : podręcznik
Crooked personalities in childhood and after an introduction to psychotherapy
Culture fair intelligence test a mesure of «g», scale 2, forms A et B
Description and measurement of personality
dimensions of groups and their relations to the behavior of members A large-scale experimental study and a theoretical model, The
empirische Erforschung der Persönlichkeit
ESPQ : cuestionario de personalidad para niños : manual
Factor analysis; an introduction and manual for the psychologist and social scientist
Factor "g" 1 : forma abreviada colectiva
fight for our national intelligence, The
Formal representation of human judgment.
general plasmode (no. 30-10-5-2) for factor analytic exercises and research, A
Geniale Menschen.
guide to mental testing for psychological clinics, schools, and industrial psychologists, A
Handbook for the IPAT anxiety scale : (Self analysis form)
Handbook for the jr sr high school personnality questionnaire
Handbook for the sixteen personality factor questionnaire (16 PF)
Handbook of multivariate experimental psychology
Human affairs
Human motivation and the dynamic calculus
inheritance of personality and ability research methods and findings, The
Intelligence and national achievement
Intelligence its structure, growth, and action
Kwestionariusz Cattella
La Personnalité['Personality'], étude systématique, théorique et concrète... traduit de l'anglais par Muriel Cahen
Manuel d'application du H.S.P.Q. questionnaire de personnalité pour le niveau secondaire
Manuel d'application du test 16 PF de R.B. Cattell questionnaire de personnalité en 16 facteurs
Manuel du test de facteur F
meaning and measurement of neuroticism and anxiety, The
Methods and goals in human behavior genetics
Motivation and dynamic structure
moule culturel les inadaptations, les étapes de la vie, Le
New morality from science, A : beyondism
new morality from science beyondism, A
Objective personality & motivation tests : a theoretical introduction and practical compendium
Pāsonariti no shinrigaku
Personality a systematic theoretical and factual study
Personality and learning theory
Personality and mood by questionnaire
Personality and social psychology collected papers of Raymond B. Cattell
Personality factors in early childhood and their relation to intelligence
Personality factors in objective test devices : a critical integration of a quarter of a century's research
personnalité étude systématique, théorique et concrète, La
personnalité, La : étude systématique, théorique et concrète
prediction of achievement and creativity, The
psychological measurement of culture patterns., The
Psychology and the religious quest : an account of the psychology of religion and a defence of individualism
psychology of men of genius, The
Psychotherapy by structured learning theory
Real base true zero factor analysis
revaluation of our civilization, A
Scientific analysis of personality
scientific use of factor analysis and behavioral and life sciences, The
SMAT : test de motivaciones en adolescentes : manual
structure of personality in its environment, The
Structured personality learning theory a wholistic multivariate resarch approach
subjective character of cognition, 1929., The
subjective character of cognition and the pre-sensational development of perception, The
Test 16 PF de R. B. Cattell : (questionnaire de personnalité en 16 facteurs)
Test d'intelligence de Cattell : échelle 2
Test de facteur «g» une mesure du facteur «g», échelle 2, forme A et B
Test de persévération
Tests de factor "g", Escalas 2 y 3 : Manual
Your mind and mine : an account of psychology for the inquiring layman and the prospective student
パーソナリティの心理学 : パーソナリティの理論と科学的研究
"A thesis approved for the degree of doctor of philosophy in the University of London."