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Feldstein, M.
Feldstein, M. S.
Feldstein, Martin
Feldstein, Martin S.
Feldstein, Martin Stuart
Martin Feldstein (American economist)
Martin Feldstein (Amerikaans econoom)
Martin Feldstein (amerikansk ekonom)
Martin Feldstein (amerikansk økonom)
Martin S. Feldstein (US-amerikanischer Ökonom)
Фельдстейн, Мартин
מרטין פלדסטיין
مارتن فلدستين
フェルドシュタイン, マーティン
フェルドスタイン, M
フェルドスタイン, マーティン
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Aaron, Henry
Altman, Daniel
Auerbach, Alan
Auerbach, Alan J.
Auerbach, Alan J. (co-author)
Bacchetta, Philippe
Barro, Robert J. (co-author)
Bejaković, Predrag
Blank, Rebecca
Blough, Roy
Boskin, Michael J
Brown, Douglas
Buchholz, Todd G. (co-author)
Campbell, John Y.
Chamberlain, Gary
Clotfelter, Charles
Dicks-Mireaux, Louis
ebrary, Inc
Eckstein, Otto
Ellwood, David T.
Elmendorf, Douglas W
Elmendorf, Douglas W.
Fabricant, Solomon
Fane, George
Feenberg, Daniel
Feenberg, Daniel R.
Feldstean, Martin
Feldstei, Martin
Feldstein, M.
Feldstein, Martin
Feldstein, Martin S
Feldstein, Martin S.
Flemming, J S
Foot, David K
Fraga, Arminio
Friedman, Bernard
Friedman, Milton
Frisch, Daniel J.
Green, Jerry
Green, Jerry R
Gruber, Jonathan
Hartman, David
Hartman, David G.
Harvard University (Cambridge,Mass.). Harvard Institute of Economic Research
Harvard University / Department of Economics
Hines, James R.
Hines, James R. Jr
Horioka, Charles
Hubbard, R. Glenn
James R. Hines, Jr
Jun, Joosung
King, Mervyn
Krugman, Paul
Krugman, Paul R.
Lane, Philip R. (1969-)
Lapan, Harvey
Liebman, Jeffrey
Liebman, Jeffrey B
Liebman, Jeffrey B.
Lindsey, Lawrence
Lindsey, Lawrence B.
MacGuineas, Maya
Metcalf, Gilbert
Metcalf, Gilbert E
Meyer, John R.
Modigliani, Franco
Mohan, Rakesh
Morck, Randall
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Bureau of Economic Research (Cambridge, MA)
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
Ott, Attiat
Oxford University
Pellechio, Anthony
Pellechio, Anthony J.
Poterba, James
Poterba, James M.
Ranguelova, Elena
Rothschild, Michael
Samwick, Andrew
Samwick, Andrew A.
Seligman, Stephanie
Sheshinski, Eytan
Siebert, Horst
Siebert, Horst (co-author)
Sinai, Allen
Slemrod, Joel
Solow, Robert
Stock, James H.
Summers, Lawrence
Summers, Lawrence H.
Taylor, Amy
University of British Columbia. Department of Economics
Vaillant, Marian
Wrobel, Marian Vaillant
Yellen, Janet L.
Yitzhaki, Shlomo
宮崎, 勇 (1923-2016)
2006 Economic Report of the President: Comment on Chapter One (The Year in Review) and Chapter Six (The Capital Account Surplus), The
Accumulated Pension Collars: A Market Approach to Reducing the Risk of Investment-Based Social Security Reform
Achieving price stability; overview
Adam Smith address: Competing in the world economy - Trade competition vs. growth competition, The
Adjusting Depreciation in an Inflationary Economy: Indexing versus Acceleration
Allocating Payroll Tax Revenue to Personal Retirement Accounts to Maintain Social Security Benefits and the Payroll Tax Rate
Alternative Approaches to Compensatory Education: Expenditure Effects
Alternative methods of estimating a CES production function for Britain
Alternative Tax Rules and Personal Saving Incentives: Microeconomic Data and Behavioral Simulations
Alternative Tax Rules and Personal Savings Incentives: Microeconomic Data and Behavioral Simulations
American economic policy and the world economy
American Economic Policy in the 1980s: A Personal View
American economy in transition, The
Anna Schwartz at the National Bureau of Economic Research
Appendix: OECD Statistical and Analytical Information on Aging
Are High Income Individuals Better Stock Market Investors?
Argentina's Fall
Aspects of Global Economic Intergration: Outlook for the Future
Balancing the Goals of Health Care Provision and Financing
Behavioral responses to tax rates: Evidence from the Tax Reform Act of 1986
Behavioral responses to tax rates evidence from TRA86
Behavioral simulation methods in tax policy analysis
Black Monday in Retrospect and Prospect: A Roundtable
Budget and Trade Deficits Aren't Really Twins, The
Budget Deficit and the Dollar, The
Budget deficits and debt: issues and options (overview)
Budget Deficits, Tax Incentives, and Inflation: A Surprising Lesson from the 1983-1984 Recovery
Budget deficits, tax incentives and inflation: a surprising lesson from the 1983-84 recovery
Budget Deficits, Tax Rules, and real Interest Rates
Can an Increased Budget Deficit Be Contractionary?
Can state taxes redistribute income?
Capital Income Taxes and the Benefit of Price Stability
Capital taxation
Capping individual tax expenditure benefits
case against trying to stabilize the dollar, The
case for privatization, The
CEA, 1997:, The
CEA: from stabilization to resource allocation, The
CEA, The : From Stabilization to Resource Allocation
Choice of Technique in the Public Sector: A Simplification.
College scholarship rules and private saving
Comment on "Fiscal Policy and Interest Rates: The Role of Sovereign Default Risk"
Comment on "Multilateral Economic Cooperation and the International Transmission of Fiscal Policy"
Comment on "The Breakup of the Euro Area"
Commentary : avoiding currency crises
Commentary : Is there a role for discretionary fiscal policy?
Coordination in the European Union
Corporate Financial Policy and Taxation in a Growing Economy.
Corporate tax integration : a quantitative comparison of alternatives
Corporate Taxation and Dividend Behaviour: A Reply and Extension.
Correcting the Trade Deficit
Cost-benefit analysis and investment in the public sector
Costs and Benefits of Going from Low Inflation to Price Stability, The
Council of Economic Advisers and Economic Advising in the United States., The
Council of Economic Advisers: From stabilization to resource allocation, The
Debt and taxes in the theory of public finance
Designing institutions to deal with terrorism in the united states
Did wages reflect growth in productivity?
Distinguished Lecture on Economics in Government: Thinking about International Economic Coordination.
Distributing Federal Education Aid to Low Achievement Pupils: The Predicted Achievement Method.
Distribution of the U.S. Capital Stock Between Residential and Industrial Uses., The
Distributional Aspects of Social Security and Social Security Reform, The
Distributional Effects of an Investment-Based Social Security System, The
Distributional Equity and the Optimal Structure of Public Prices.
Do Private Pensions Increase National Saving?
Do private pensions increase national savings?
Does one market require one money?
Does the United States Save too Little?
Dollar and the Trade Deficit in the 1980s: A Personal View, The
Domestic saving and international capital flows [lecture]
Domestic saving and international capital movements in the long run and the short run
Domestic Savings and International Capital Flows, W.A. Mackintosh Lecture 1979
Econometric Model of the Medicare System: Reply., An
Economic analysis for health service efficiency: econometric studies of the British national health service
Economic and Financial Crises in Emerging Market Economies.An Overview of Prevention and Management
Economic Conditions and U.S. National Security in the 1930s and Today
Economic policy for the information economy : overview
Economic Problems of Ireland in Europe - incorporating 2 other Papers The Cost and Distribution of Tax Expenditure on Occupational Pensions in Ireland by G Hughes and The National Pensions Reserve Fund: Pitfalls and Opportunities by Philip R Lane
economics of art museums, The
economics of bequests in pensions and social security, The
economics of health and health care: What have we learned? What have I learned?, The
Economics of Prefunding Social Security and Medicare Benefits, The
economics of public services proceedings of a conference held by the International economic association at Turin, Italy, The
effect of a consumption tax on the rate of interest, The
Effect of a Differential Add-On Grant: Title I and Local Education Spending., The
Effect of Federal Tax Deductibility on State and Local Taxes and Spending., The
Effect of Increased Tax Rates on Taxable Income and Economic Efficiency: A Preliminary Analysis of the 1993 Tax Rate Increases, The
Effect of Inflation on the Prices of Land And Gold, The
effect of marginal tax rates on taxable income: A panel study of the 1986 Tax Reform Act, The
Effect of Marginal Tax Rates on Taxable Income: A Panel Study of the1986 Tax Reform Act, The
Effect of Marginal Tax Rates on Taxable Income, The : A Panel Study of the 1986 Tax Reform Act
Effect of National Health Insurance on the Price and Quantity of Medical Care, The
Effect of Social Security on Private Savings: the Time Series Evidence, The
Effect of Social Security on Saving, The
Effect of Taxes on Efficiency and Growth, The
Effect of Unemployment Insurance on Temporary Layoff Unemployment., The
effective tax rate and the pretax rate of return, The
Effects of Fiscal Policies when Incomes Are Uncertain: A Contradiction to Ricardian Equivalence., The
Effects of Outbound Foreign Direct Investment on the Domestic Capital Stock, The
effects of tax-based saving incentives on government revenue and national saving, The
Effects of Tax Rules on Nonresidential Fixed Investment: Some Preliminary Evidence from the 1980s, The
Effects of taxation on capital accumulation, The
Effects of Taxation on Multinational Corporations, The
Effects of Taxation on the Selling of Corporate Stock and the Realization of Capital Gains: Comment/Reply, The
Effects of taxes on economic behavior
Effects of the Ageing European Population on Economic Growth and Budgets: Implications for Immigration and Other Policies, The
effects of the capital gains tax on the selling and switching of common stock, The
Effects of the Charitable Deduction on Contributions by Low Income and Middle Income Households: Evidence from the National Survey of Philanthropy.
Effects on Taxation on Risk Taking., The
efficiency of tax expenditures, The : Reply
Empirical foundations of household taxation
Employment policy of the middle Reagan years: what didn't happen and why it didn't happen
EMU and international conflict
Equity and Efficiency in Public Pricing.
Error of Forecast in Econometric Models when the Forecast-Period Exogenous Variables are Stochastic., The
Estimating the supply curve of working hours
Euro and European Economic Conditions, The
euro and the stability pact, The
euro at ten, lessons and challenges, The : fifth ECB Central Banking conference 13-14 November 2008
European Central Bank and the Euro the first year, The
Expenditure Effects of Alternative Approaches to Compensatory Education., The
Facing the Social Security Crisis
Fiscal Framework of Monetary Economics., The
Fiscal Framework of Monetary Policy, The
Fiscal policies, capital formation, and capitalism
Fiscal Policies, Inflation, and Capital Formation.
From Crisis to Renewed Growth
Fundamental Determinants of the Interest Rate., The
future of social security pensions in Europe, The
General discussion : demographic changes and international factor mobility
General discussion : overview panel : commentary : economic impacts and policy challenges
General discussion : the fiscal challenges of population aging : international perspectives
Global economic integration : opportunities and challenges : overview
Government Debt, Government Spending, and Private Sector Behavior Revisited: Comment.
Government deficits and aggregate demand
Government Spending and Budget Deficits in the 1980s: A Personal View
Handbook of public economics
Has the Rate of Investment Fallen?
Health care economics
Health sector planning in developing countries
High Cost of Hospitals--and What to Do about It, The
Hospital cost inflation: a study of nonprofit price dynamics
Hospital costs and health insurance, 1981:
Hospital costs in Masachusetts : a methodological study
Hospital costs in Massachusetts: a methodological study.
Hospital planning and the demand for care
Housing and monetary policy: general discussion
Housing and the monetary transmission mechanism: general discussion
Housing, credit and consumer expenditure: general discussion
Housing, credit markets and the business cycle
Housing, housing finance, and monetary policy: a symposium sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City: concluding remarks
How big should government be?
How far has the dollar fallen?
How the CEA advises presidents
impact of social security on private saving evidence from the U.S. time series, The
Imperfect annuity markets, unintended bequests, and the optimal age structure of social security benefits
Importance of Temporary Layoffs: An Empirical Analysis, The
Imputing Corporate Tax Liabilities to Individual Taxpayers
Incidence of a capital income tax in a growing economy with variable savings rates
Incidence of the Social Security Payroll Tax: Comment., The
Income inequality and poverty
income tax and charitable contributions: aggregate and distributional effects, The
Individual Risk and Intergenerational Risk Sharing in an Investment-Based Social Security Program
Individual risk in an investment-based social security system
Inflation and taxes in a growing economy with debt and equity finance
Inflation and the Choice of Asset Life
Inflation and the Excess Taxation of Capital Gains on Corporate Stock
Inflation and the Stock Market: Reply.
Inflation and the Taxation of Capital Income in the Corporate Sector
Inflation, Capital Taxation, and Monetary Policy
Inflation, Income Taxes, and the Rate of Interest: A Theoretical Analysis.
Inflation, Portfolio Choice, and the Price of Land and Corporate Stock
Inflation, portfolio choice, and the prices of land and corporate stock.
Inflation, Specification Bias, and the Impact of Interest Rates.
Inflation, tax rules, and capital formation
Inflation, Tax Rules and Investment: Some Econometric Evidence.
Inflation, Tax Rules, and the Accumulation of Residential and Nonresidential Capital
Inflation, Tax Rules, and the Long-term Interest Rate
Inflation, Tax Rules, and the Long Term Interest Rates
Inflation, tax rules, and the prices of land and gold
Inflation, tax rules and the stock market
Inroduction. International Economic Cooperation
International Capital Flows
International Debt Service and Economic Growth: Some Simple Analytics
International differences in social security and saving
International economic cooperation
International trade effects of value added taxation
Introduction: An American Perspective
Introduction: International Capital Flows
Introduction to "Behavioral Simulation Methods in Tax Policy Analysis"
Introduction to "Costs and Benefits of Price Stability, The"
Introduction to "Empirical Foundations of Household Taxation"
Introduction to "Privatizing Social Security"
Introduction to "Risk Aspects of Investment-Based Social Security Reform"
Introduction to "Taxing Multinational Corporations"
Introduction to "The Distributional Aspects of Social Security and Social Security Reform"
Introduction to "The Economics of Art Museums"
Introduction to "The Effects of Taxation on Capital Accumulation"
Introduction to "The Effects of Taxation on Multinational Corporations"
Introduction to "The Risk of Economic Crisis"
Introduction to "The United States in the World Economy"
Introductory Overview, An
Inventory Behavior in Durable-Goods Manufacturing: The Target-Adjustment Model
Inventory Fluctuations, Temporary Layoffs and the Business Cycle
Is the Rate of Profit Falling?
ISPE conference on social insurance, The : An introduction
Local Government Budgeting: The Econometric Comparison of Political and Bureaucratic Models
Lock-In Effect of the Capital Gains Tax: Some Time Series Evidence, The
Long run implications of the increase in taxation and public debt for employment and economic growth in Europe: By G. Tullio
Lowering the Permanent Rate of Unemployment.
Luncheon in Honor of Individuals and Institutions Participating in the First Income and Wealth Conference (December 1936 - January 1937)
Maintaining financial stability in a global economy; overview
Maintaining Social Security Benefits and Tax Rates through Personal Retirement Accounts: An Update Based on the 1998 Social Security Trustees Report
major risk approach to health insurance reform, A
Mean-Variance Analysis in the Theory of Liquidity Preference and Portfolio Selection.
Measuring money growth when financial markets are changing
missing piece in policy analysis: Social Security reform, The
Missing Piece in Policy Analysis, The : Social Security Reform
Monetary Policy and Inflation in the 1980s: A Personal View
Monetary policy and the control of inflation: commentary
Monetary policy and uncertainty : adapting to a changing economy -a symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, August 28-30, 2003
Monetary Policy in a Changing International Environment: The Role of Global Capital Flows
Monetary policy in an uncertain environment
Multicollinearity and the Mean Square Error of Alternative Estimators.
Multimarket Expectations and the Rate of Interest.
National Saving and International Investment
National Security Aspects of United States-Japan Economic Relations in the Pacific Asian Region
Net social benefit calculation and the public investment decision
New Approach to National Health Insurance, A
New directions in public health care : an evaluation of proposals for national health insurance
new economic geography, The : effects and policy implications : overview
new economics and government policy, The
new era of Social Security, A
New Evidence on the Effects of Exchange Rate Intervention
New ideas from dead economists : an introduction to modern economic thought
Note on Feldstein's Criticism of Mean-Variance Analysis: A Reply., A
On the optimal progressivity of the income tax
On the Theory of Optimal Taxation in a Growing Economy
On the theory of tax reform
Optimal Level of Social Security Benefits., The
Optimal Taxation of Foreign Source Investment Income, The
Other Half of Gross Investment: Replacement and Modernization Expenditures., The
Overview : income inequality : issues and policy options
Panel Discussion
Pension Funding Decisions, Interest Rate Assumptions, and Share Prices
Pension Funding, Share Prices, and National Saving
Pension Funding, Share Prices, and National Savings.
Perceived Wealth in Bonds and Social Security: A Comment.
Personal Taxation and Portfolio Composition: An Econometric Analysis.
Personal Taxation, Portfolio Choice, and the Effect of the Corporation Income Tax.
Policies to grow the U.S. standard of living
political economy of the European economic and monetary union: political sources of an economic liability, The
Political Economy of the European Economic and Monetary Union, The : Political Sources of an Economic Liability
Potential Paths of Social Security Reform
Prefunding medicare
Preventing a national debt explosion
pricing of public intermediate goods, The
private and social costs of unemployment, The
Private Pensions and Inflation.
Private Pensions as Corporate Debt
Privatizing social security
problem of time-stream evaluation: present value versus internal rate of return rules, The
Production with Uncertain Technology: Some Economic and Econometric Implications.
Public Education: Comment/Reply
Public Education: Reply [Wealth Neutrality and Local Choice in Public Education].
Public policies and private saving in Mexico
Public Policy and Financial Markets: Privatizing Social Security.
Quality Change and the Demand for Hospital Care.
rate of return, taxation and personal savings, The
recent failure of U.S. monetary policy, The
Reducing poverty, not inequality
Reducing the Risk of Economic Crisis
Reducing the Risk of Investment-Based Social Security Reform
Reflections on Americans' views of the euro ex ante
Refocusing the IMF
Reforma mirovinskog sustava : dio koji nedostaje u političkim analizama
Research Leadership
Resolving the global imbalance the dollar and the U.S. saving rate
Resource allocation model for public health planning; a case study of tuberculosis control
Rethinking international economic coordination
Rethinking social insurance
Rethinking the Role of Fiscal Policy
Retreat from Keynesian Economics, The
Reviews of the 2006 Economic Report of the President
Reviews of the 2006 iEconomic Report of the President/i
rising cost of hospital care, The
Rising Price of Physicians' Services: A Clarification., The
Rising Price of Physicians' Services: A Reply., The
Risk Aspects of Investment-Based Social Security Reform
risk of economic crisis, The
Role for Discretionary Fiscal Policy in a Low Interest Rate Environment, The
role of currency realignments in eliminating the us and china current account imbalances, The
Roundtable discussion
Ruiseki saimu mondai to daisan sekai shokoku no keizai hatten : Nichi bei ō iinkai tasuku fōsu hōkoku
Second Best Theory of Differential Capital Taxation., The
self-help guide for emerging markets, A
Self-Protection for Emerging Market Economies
Sengo amerika keizairon.
Should Private Pensions Be Indexed?
Should Social Security Benefits Be Means Tested?
Should Social Security Benefits Increase with Age?
Simulating Nonlinear Tax Rules and Nonstandard Behavior: An Application to the Tax Treatment of Charitable Contributions
Social Security and Household Wealth Accumulation: New Microeconometric Evidence.
Social Security and Household Wealth Accumulation: New Microeconomic Evidence
Social Security and Private Saving: Reply.
Social Security and saving: new time series evidence
Social Security and Saving: The Extended Life Cycle Theory.
Social Security Benefits and the Accumulation of Preretirement Wealth
social security explosion., The
Social Security, Induced Retirement, and Aggregate Capital Accumulation:A Correction and Updating
Social security pension reform in China
Social security pension reform in Europe
Social Security Rules and Marginal Tax Rates
Social Security Wealth: The Impact of Alternative Inflation Adjustments
social time preference discount rate in cost benefit analysis, The
State and Local Taxes and the Rate of Return on Nonfinancial Corporate Capital (revised as W0740)
Structural Reform of Social Security
Summary of the Theoretical Models, A
Supply Side Economics: Old Truths and New Claims.
Surprising Incidence of a Tax on Pure Rent: A New Answer to an Old Question., The
Tax avoidance and the deadweight loss of the income tax
Tax incentives and charitable contributions in the United States : A microeconometric analysis
Tax incentives, corporate saving, and capital accumulation in the United States
Tax Incidence in a Growing Economy with Variable Factor Supply.
Tax policies for the 1990's: personal saving, business investment, and corporate debt
Tax policy and international capital flows [Festvorlesung anlässlich der Verleihung des Bernhard-Harms-Preises für das Jahr 1994 am 24. Juni 1994 im Institut für Weltwirtschaft]
Tax Policy, Corporate Saving and Investment Behaviour in Britain.
Tax Policy For The 1990s: Personal Saving, Business Investm
Tax policy for the 1990s : personal saving, business investment, and corporate debt
Tax Policy in the 1980s: A Personal View
Tax rates and business investment: reply
tax reform act of 1986 comment on the 25th anniversary, The
Tax Rules and Business Investment
Tax Rules and the Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on U.S. National Income
Tax Rules and the Mismanagement of Monetary Policy
Tax Rules and the Mismanagment of Monetary Policy.
Tax subsidies, the rational demand for insurance and the health care crisis
taxation of two earner families, The
Taxes, Budget Deficits ad Consumer Spending: Some New Evidence
Taxes, corporate dividend policy and personal savings ; the British postwar experience
Taxes, Inflation and Capital Formation
Taxes, Leverage and the National Return on Outbound Foreign Direct Investment
Taxes on Investment Income Remain Too High and Lead to Multiple Distortions
Taxing multinational corporations
Teenage Unemployment: What is the Problem?
Temporary Layoffs in the Theory of Unemployment.
Toward a reform of social security
Towards an Economic Theory of Replacement Investment.
transformation of public economics research: 1970-2000, The
transition path in privatizing Social Security, The
Transition to a fully funded pension system five economic issues
transition to investment-based social security when portfolio returns and capital profitability are uncertain, The
tribute to Richard Abel Musgrave, A
'Twas a Night in the Sixties.
Two lectures on macroeconomic policy
Two percent personal retirement accounts : their potential effects on social security tax rates and national saving
U.S. Budget Deficits and the European Economies: Resolving the Political Economy Puzzle.
U.s. growth in the decade ahead
Uncertain macroeconomic forecats and optimal portfolio investment
Unemployment compensation: adverse incentives and distributional anomalies
Unemployment insurance and reservation wages
Unemployment insurance savings accounts
United States in the world economy; summary report, The
Use of a Monetary Aggregate to Target Nominal GDP, The
Wealth Neutrality and Local Choice in Public Education.
Welfare Cost of Capital Income Taxation., The
Welfare Cost of Permanent Inflation and Optimal Short-Run Economic Policy., The
Welfare Cost of Social Security's Impact on Private Saving, The
Welfare Loss of Excess Health Insurance., The
What Powers for the Federal Reserve?
What's Next for the Dollar?
Why Do Companies Pay Dividends?
Why is productivity growing faster?
Why is the dollar so high?
Why the Dollar Is Strong
Why the Dollar Will Weaken Further
Would a Consumption Tax Reduce Interest Rates?
Would privatizing social security raise economic welfare?
戦後アメリカ経済論 : 変貌と再生への途.
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Thesis--Oxford University, 1966