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Finn Tarp
Finn Tarp (Danish economist)
Tarp, F.
Tarp, Finn
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Abbott, Philip
Abott, Philip
Addison, Tony
Ajakaiye, Olu
Andersen, Thomas Barnebeck
Arndt, C.
Arndt, Channing
Bach, Christian F.
Barslund, Mikkel
Bautista, Romeo M et al
Bautista, Romeo M.
Benfica, Rui M.S.
Bentzen, Jeanet
Boys, Kathryn
Brixen, Peter
Broeck, Katleen Van den
Byiers, Bruce
Channing, Arndt
Chinowsky, Paul
Coung, Tran Tien
Cruz, Antonio
Cuong, Tran Tien
Dalgaard, Carl-Johan
Dinh, Van An
ebrary, Inc
Framroze, Niels
Garcia, Andres
Hansen, Henrik
Hansen, Henrik (1962-...)
Harr, Thomas
He, Jingjing
Heltberg, R.
Heltberg, Rasmus
Hjertholm, Peter
Hong, Vu Xuan Nguyet
Howard, Emma
Huang, Yongfu
Huong, Pham Lan
Huong, Thi Lan
Hussain, M. Azhar
Jens, Kovsted
Jensen, H. T.
Jensen, Henning Tarp
Jensen, Tarp
Jones, E. Samuel
Jones, Sam
Juselius, Katarina
Københavns Universitet / Økonomisk Institut
Københavns Universitet Affiliation (see also from)
Kovsted, Jens
Kragh, Mads Váczy
Lau, Morten Igel
Markussen, Thomas
Matusse, Cristina
McCoy, Simon
Mekasha, Tseday Jemaneh
Mensbrugghe, Dominique van der
Narciso, Gaia
Newman, Carol
O.Toole, Conor M.
Østerdal, Lars Peter
P–rtner, Claus C.
Rand, John
Resnick, Danielle
Robinson, S.
Robinson, Sherman
Roland-Holst, David
Schiller, Rico
Shorrocks, Anthony F.
Simler, Kenneth
Sonne-Schmidt, Christoffer
Strzepeck, Kenneth
Tarp Jensen, Henning
Tarp, F.
Tarp, Finn
Tarp, Finn et al
Tarp, Henning
Tarp, Jensen Finn
Thurlow, James
Van Den Broeck, Katleen
World Institute for Development Economics Research Affiliation (see also from)
2003 Merged Model for Vietnam, The
Adapting to Climate Change: An Integrated Biophysical and Economic Assessment for Mozambique
African Economic Research Consortium plenary session December 2010
Agrarian Transformation in Mozambique
Agricultural supply response and poverty in Mozambique.
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Aid, Growth, and Development: Have We Come Full Circle?
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Business cycles in developing countries: are they different?
CGE Modelling and Trade Policy: Reassessing The Agricultural Bias
Characteristics of the Vietnamese business environment
Child health and mortality: does health knowledge matter?
Corruption and the Efficiency of Capital Investment in Developing Countries
Credit demand in Mozambican manufacturing
Critical Review of Studies on the Social and Economic Impacts of Vietnam’s International Economic Integration, A
Đặc điẻ̂m môi trường kinh doanh ở Việt Nam : ké̂t quả điều tra doanh nghiệp nhỏ và vừa năm 2005
Danish Aid Policy: Theory and Empirical Evidence
Danish Balance of Payments Support
Debt relief for poor countries
Does Gender Influence the Provision of Fringe Benefits? Evidence From Vietnamese SMEs
Dragon by the Tail, Dragon by the Head, Bilateralism and Globalism in East Asia
Economic Costs of Climate Change: A Multi-Sector Impact Assessment for Vietnam, The
Economic Development under Climate Change
Economic Growth, Poverty, and Household Welfare in Vietnam
Economic Instruments and the Pollution Impact of the 2006-2010 Vietnam Socio-Economic Development Plan
Economic structure and development in an emergent Asian economy: evidence from a social accounting matrix for vietnam
Enterprise Growth and Survival in Vietnam: Does Government Support Matter?
Explaining Poverty Evolution: The Case of Mozambique
Explaining the Evolution of Poverty: The Case of Mozambique
Facing the development challenge in Mozambique: an economywide perspective
Finance and Economic Development in Africa: Introduction and Overview
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Financial liberalization, financial development and economic growth in LDCs
Financial Sector Reforms in Vietnam: Selected Issues and Problems
Firm-Level Corruption in Vietnam
Foreign aid and development : lessons learnt and directions for the future
Forgotten Property Rights: Evidence on Land Use Rights in Vietnam, The
Forgotten Property Rights: Restrictions on Land Use in Vietnam, The
Formal and Informal Rural Credit in Four Provinces of Vietnam
From monobank to commercial banking
General equilibrium measures of agricultural policy bias in fifteen developing countries
Globalization Crises, Trade,and Development in Vietnam
Globalization, Economic Reform, and Structural Price Transmission: SAM Decomposition Techniques with an empirical application to Vietnam
Grain transport and rural credit in Mozambique: solving the space-time problem
Guinea-Bissau war, reconstruction and reform
Household Income Determination in Vietnam: A Structural Analysis with Implications for Market Reform
IMF and economic reform in developing countries
Impact of an aquaculture extension project in Bangladesh
Impact of the Global Commodity and Financial Crises on Poverty in Vietnam, The
Industry Switching in Developing Countries
Is the Clean Development Mechanism Promoting Sustainable Development?
Land Titles and Rice Production in Vietnam
Land Use Rights and Productivity: Insights from a 2006 Rural Household Survey
Learning to compete in industry
Long-Run Impact of Foreign Aid in 36 African Countries: Insights from Multivariate Time Series Analysis, The
Macroeconomic Performance and Critical Development Issues
Marketing margins and agricultural technology in Mozambique:
Measuring Agricultural Policy Bias: General Equilibrium Analysis of Fifteen Developing Countries
Measuring Industry Agglomeration and Identifying the Driving Forces
Multivariate Discrete First Order Stochastic Dominance
nouvelles perspectives pour l'efficacité de l'aide, De
On the Choice of Appropriate Development Strategy: Insights Gained from CGE Modelling of the Mozambican Economy
On the empirics of foreign aid and growth
On Trade Policy Reform and the Missing Revenue: an Application to Mozambique
On US politics and IMF lending
Ordinal Comparison of Multidimensional Deprivation: theory and application
Parameter estimation for a computable general equilibrium model: a maximum entropy approach
Policy bias and agriculture: partial and general equilibrium measures
Political Connections and Investment in Rural Vietnam
Political Economy of Green Growth: Illustrations from Southern Africa, The
Poverty Reduction and Economic Structure: Comparative Path Analysis for Mozambique and Vietnam
Prototype Specification for a Real Computable General Equilibrium Model
Public spending and poverty in Mozambique
robustness of poverty profiles reconsidered, The
Role of Technology, Investment and Ownership Structure in the Productivity Performance of the Manufacturing Sector in Vietnam, The
Rural credit in Vietnam
Sector Switching: An Unexplored Dimension of Firm Dynamics in Developing Countries
Simple Macroeconomic Framework for South Africa, A
Situations- og perspektivanalyse : Sydafrika
SME Access to Credit
SME Fringe Benefits Provision
SME Growth and Survival in Vietnam: Did Direct Government Support Matter?
Social accounting matrices for Mozambique, 1994 and 1995:
Social Capital and Savings Behaviour: Evidence from Vietnam
Social Capital, Network Effects and Savings in Rural Vietnam
South Africa, background and possibilities for Danish transitional assistance
South Africa: Macroeconomic perspectives for the medium term
South African economy macroeconomic prospects for the medium term
Stabilization and structural adjustment in Mozambique: an appraisal
Stabilization and structural adjustment : macroeconomic frameworks for analysing the crisis in sub-Saharan Africa
Structural Characteristics of the Economy of Mozambique: A SAM-Based Analysis.
Studies in development economics and policy
Taxation in a low-income economy : the case of Mozambique
Trade and Development in Vietnam: Exploring Investment Linkages
Trade and Development: Lessons from Vietnam's Past Trade Agreements
Trade and income growth in Vietnam: Estimates from a new social accounting matrix
Trade liberalisation and spatial inequality
Trade Liberalization and Spatial Inequality: a Methodological Innovation in a Vietnamese Perspective
Trade Policy Reform and the Missing Revenue[dagger]
Trade Policy Reform and the Missing Revenuexref ref-type="author-notes" rid="FN1"†/xref
Trade Reform and Gender in Mozambique
Triple Crisis and the Global Aid Architecture, The
Triple Crisis: Finance, Food and Climate Change, The
Understanding Victimization: The Case of Mozambique
Vietnam’s Accession to the World Trade Organization: Economic Projections to 2020
Vietnam's accession to the WTO : lesson from the past trade agreements
Vietnam’s Accession to the WTO: Lessons from Past Trade Agreements
Vietnam Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for the Year 2003, A
What can Africa expect from financial development
Who gets the goods? : a general equilibrium perspective on food aid in Mozambique