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Goat punishment
Weezer Musical group (Musical group or band)
Weezer (Musical group or band)
began 1992-02-14
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bell, Brian (hasMember)
Cropper, Jason (hasMember)
Cuomo (Rivers; 1970-....; see also from)
Cuomo, Rivers (1970-)
Cuomo, Rivers (hasMember)
Freese, Josh (hasMember)
Lil Wayne
Sharp (Matt; 1992-1998; see also from)
Sharp, Matt (hasMember)
Shriner, Scott (hasMember)
Simple Minds
Smoking Popes
Stabbing Westward
Two Is One
Welsh, Mikey (hasMember)
White Zombie
Wilson, Patrick (hasMember)
Young, John Paul
1000 Years
1994-09-09: 1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA
1996-10-19: Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan
1996-11-25: Rochester, NY, USA
1997-06-20: Y-100 Sonic Session, Philadelphia, PA, USA
2000-09-01: Runwayz, Buffalo, NY, USA
2001-06-16: Hultsfred, Sweden
2002-02-17: Albany, NY, USA
2002-03-20: Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK
2002-03-24: Brixton Academy, London, UK
2002-08-23: Reading Festival, UK
2005-10-04: Assembly Hall, Champaign, IL
2005-10-17: The Howard Stern Show: New York, NY, USA
2008-09-24: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA
2008-10-14: The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2011-01-21: The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA
2012-01-19: Live on the Weezer Cruise - Lido Deck
2012-01-20: Live on the Weezer Cruise - Palladium Lounge
2012-01-21: Live on the Weezer Cruise - Palladium Lounge
5 Album Set
Across the Sea (acoustic)
Across the Sea Piano Noodles
Africa (RAC remix)
Ain't Got Much Time
Ain’t Got Nobody
All My Friends Are Insects
Always (remix)
Always Try to Scrub These Songs Clean (interview), I
American Gigolo
American Holiday
Angel and the One, The
Angeles, Los
Angus music from the motion picture
Any Friend of Diane’s
Are Friends Electric
B-Roll From Japan Concert
B-Sides and Rarities, Volume 1
Baby (Rivers acoustic live)
Back to the Shack
Beach Boys
Been in the Storm
Berlin Berlin
Bet on You
Better Off Alone
Beverly Hill
Beverly Hills (acoustic)
Beverly Hills (live)
Beverly Hills (Radio Disney edit)
Beverly Hills (Urbanix mix)
Big Me
Billie Jean
Black Sessions, The
Blast Off
Blastoff (demo)
Blowin’ My Stack
Blue / Green / Red
Booby Trap
Boys at Play
Brain Stew
Brave New World
Brightening Day
British Are Coming, The
Brown Eyed Girl
Buddy Holly (acoustic) (live)
Buddy Holly (iTunes Originals version)
Burndt Jamb (live)
Butterfly (acoustic) (live)
Butterfly (alternate take)
Butterfly (Electric version)
California Kids
California Snow
Can Love, I
Can’t Knock the Hustle
Can't Stop Partying, I
Change the World
Christmas CD
Christmas Celebration
Christmas Song, The
Christmas With Weezer
Cobo Challenge, The
Cold Dark World
Come to My Pod
Conquistadors of Nothing
Cygnus X
Da Vinci (radio edit)
Damage in Your Heart, The
Dawn, The
Death and Destruction
Death to false metal
Do, I
Do You Believe
Do You Wanna Get High?
Don't Let Go (live @ Kalanazoo)
Don't Pick on Me
Don’t Want to Let You Go, I
Don't Want Your Lovin', I
Don’t Want Your Loving, I
Dope Nose (live)
Dude, We're Finally Landing (Good News!)
Dukes of Hazard
Dukes of Hazzard, The
Dusty Gems and Raw Nuggets
Eating Pork and Beans With Candy (interview)
[encore break]
End of the Game, The
Endless Bummer
Eulogy for a Rock Band
Ev'ry Night
Everybody Get Dangerous
Everybody Go Away
Everybody Needs Salvation
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Everything will be alright in the end
Faith in the Light
Fake Smiles and Nervous Laughter
Fall Together
Falling for You
Feels Like Summer (acoustic)
First Noel, The
Flying Under the Radar of That Whole World (interview)
Foolish Father
Freak Me Out
Friend of a Friend
Fun and Steady Stream of Inspiration (interview), A
Futurescope Trilogy: I. The Waste Land / II. Anonymous / III. Return to Ithaka, The
Get Me Some
Get Right
Get You
Getchoo (tracking rough)
Getting Up and Leaving
Gimme Some Love
Girl Got Hot, The
(Girl We Got a) Good Thing
Glorious Day
Go Away
Gone to Stay
Gonna Make My Move
Good Life (acoustic) (live), The
Good Life (live and acoustic), The
Good Life (live at X96), The
Good Life (live at Y100 Sonic Session), The
Good Life (LP version), The
Good Life (radio remix), The
Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn), The
Green album
Hang On
Happy Hour (acoustic)
Happy Hour (Eden Prince remix)
Happy Hour (Lefti remix)
Happy Hour (Ødyssey remix)
Happy Hour (radio mix)
Happy Hour (THANKS remix)
Happy Hour (The Remixes)
Happy Together
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Hash Pipe CD-ROM Video
Hash Pipe (Chris Vrenna’s Kick Me remix)
Hash Pipe (Chris Vrenna’s Under Glass remix)
Hash Pipe (Chris Vrenna Tweaker remix)
Hash Pipe (iTunes Originals version)
Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop remix)
Hash Pipe: The Remixes
Haunt You Every Day
Heart Songs
Hey Domingo!
High as a Kite
High Up Above
Hold Me
Holiday (Live) with Grammy Acceptance Speech; 2002-05: Zendai, California
Hot tub
How Long
I'm a Believer
I’m a Robot
I’m Just Being Honest
I’m Starting to Get Vertigo (interview)
I'm Your Daddy / Beverly Hills (live)
I’ve Had It Up to Here
If I Fell (live, 1993-04-29: Club Dump, Los Angeles, CA, USA)
(If You're Wondering If I Want You to) I Want You To (live)
If You Want It
In the Garage (acoustic)
In The Garage (Storage Mix) (2001)
In the Mall
Inside a Smile
Interview - 107.7 The End - Blue vs. Pinkerton
Intro (live)
Island in the Sun (acoustic)
Island in the Sun (live)
Island in the Sun (Mr Deeds)
It's Been So Long
It’s Easy
It’s Really Become a Great Story (interview)
iTunes Originals
Jacked Up
Jamie (acoustic)
(Just Like) Buddy Holly
Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams, I
Keep Fishin’ (cdrom video)
Keep Fishin’ (Franklin Mint)
Keep Fishing
Kids / Poker Face (iTunes Originals version)
King of the World
Kitchen Tapes, The
Knock-Down Drag-Out (live)
L.A. Girlz
Last Days of Summer / Prom Night, The
Let It All Hang Out
Let's Sew Our Pants Together
Life Is What You Make It
Like a Good Neighbor
Lion and the Witch 'redux'
Lion and the Witch, The
List of 50 Songs That Were Amazing (interview), A
Listen Up
Little Songs
Live in Germany
Live in Irvine, California 9/17/09
Live in Philadelphia 2001
Living in L.A.
Living Without You
Lonely Girl
Long Time Sunshine
Longtime Sunshine (reprise)
Losing My Mind
Love Explosion
Love Is the Answer
Love My Way
Love the USA, I
Love You So, I
Lullaby for Wayne (pre‐production recording)
Mad Kow
Make believe
Making of Make Believe, The
Maladroit & B Sides
Mancha Screwjob, La
Mansion of Cardboard
Maria's Theme
Mexican Fender
Milli + Troublemaker, A
Miss Sweeney
Mister Deeds
Mo Beats
Modern Dukes
Morning Glory
Mr. Blue Sky
Mr. Deeds music from the motion picture
Mr. Moustache
Mr. Taxman
Mrs. Robinson
My Best Friend
My Evaline
My Name Is Jonas (live)
My Name Is Jonas (My Name Is Alex) (2001)
My Name Is Jonas / No One Else
My Weakness
Mykel and Carli
New Song
No One Else (acoustic)
No One Else (live)
No-One Hears Me
No Other One
No Scrubs
Not in Love
Now I Finally See
Number 026 (interview)
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Girl
O Girlfriend
O Holy Night
O Lisa
Odd Couple, The
Oddfellows Local 151
Oh Jonas (Maria's Theme)
Oh Lisa
Oh No, This Is Not for Me
On the Edge
Only in Dreams (Kitchen Tapes)
Only in Dreams, Part 1
Only in Dreams, Part 2
Opposite Sides of the Same Good Ol' Fence
Organ Player, The
Other Way, The
Outta Here
Pacific daydream
Paperface (Kitchen Tapes)
Paranoid Android
Pardon Me
Particular, Unique Flavor (interview), A
Peace and Quiet
Perfect Situation, The
Perfect Situation (vocal Up mix)
Piece of Cake
Pink Triangle (acoustic live)
Pink Triangle (live and acoustic)
Pink Triangle (live at Reading Festival 1996)
Pink Triangle (live at Y100 Sonic Session)
Pink Triangle (radio remix)
Pinkerton : Deluxe edition
pinkerton p
Pork and Beans (iTunes Originals version)
Pork and Been
Preacher's Son
Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World, The
Prime Cuts
Prince Who Wanted Everything, The
Private Message (live)
Prodigy Lover
Prom Night
Puerta Vallarta
Puerto Valarta
Purification of Water
Put Me Back Together
QB Blitz
Quick Quantum
Quiet Storm, The
Raditude …Happy Record Store Day!
Rat Race, The
Reason to Worry
Red album
Represent (Rocked Out mix)
Ruling Me
Run Away
Run Over by a Truck
Running Man
Sandwiches Time
Saturday Night
Say It Ain't So (Ambient Version) (2001)
Say It Ain’t So (remix)
Say It Aint So
Schorcho, Le
Scorcho (live and acoustic), El
Scorcho (live at Reading Festival 1996), El
Scorcho (live at Y100 Sonic Session), El
Seafaring Jamb
She's Had a Girl
She Who Is Militant
Short Back and B Sides
Short Haircuts and Major Key Songs (interview)
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Silent Night
Simple Pages
Sister Song, The
Six Hits
Smallville music from "The Talon"
Smart Girls
Smile (live)
Song 2
Song by Song Commentary
Songs From the Black Hole
sound of fashion, The
Space Rock
Spend Some Time
Spider, The
Spotify Sessions
Stand by Me
Stay With Me Tonight
Story Is Wrong, The
Story of My Life, The
Sugar Booger
Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori
Summer Songs 2000
Superfriend (reprise)
Surf War America
Surf Wax America (live)
Surfwax America
Swap Meet
Swear It’s True (pre‐production recording), I
Sweater Song, The
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Sweet Mary
Sy It Ain't So
Take Control
Take on Me
Teenage Dirtbag
Teenage Victory Song
Thank God for Girls
That Girl Got Hot
There’s So Much Danger in Playing It Live (interview)
Thief, You've Taken All That Is Me
Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me
Third Demo
This Is Freaking Amazing (interview)
This Is Such a Pity
Thought I Knew
Time Flies
Tirbo S&A
Tire of Sex
Tired of Sex (tracking rough)
Too Late to Try
Too Many Thoughts in My Head
Tragic Girl
Tribute to Nirvana and Rare
Trippin’ Down the Freeway
Tripping Down the Freeway / (If You're Wondering If I Want You to) I Want You To (live)
Troublemaker (Azzido Da Bass Dub Remix)
Troublemaker (Baby Disaster Remix)
Troublemaker (Funky Monk Remix)
Troublemaker [Guitar Ensemble Version]
Troublemaker (iTunes Originals version)
Troublemaker Remixes
Troublemaker (Richard Vission Dub Remix)
Troublemaker (Tiny Evil Remix)
Turn Me Round
Turning Up the Radio
Ultra Hits
Unbreak My Heart
Underdogs, The
Undone – The Sweater Song (edit)
Undone the Sweater Song (Kitchen Tapes)
Undone (The Sweater Song) (live)
Undone: The Sweater Song (Redone) (2001)
Untitled 5th Album
Uptown Girl
Van Weezer
Victor, The
Viva La Vida
Waiting on You
Wanna Know (demo), I
Want a Girl, I
Want to Be Something, I
War Pigs
Was a Scientist, This Was an Experiment (interview), I
Washington DC Demo
We Are All on Drugs (video)
We Go Together
We Just Got to This Point (interview)
We Still Argue About the Call and Response (interview)
We Were Just Blown Away (interview)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Weekend Woman
Weezer (1994)
Weezer (2001)
Weezer - De luxe edition
Weezer (Rarities Edition)
Weight, The
Welcome Aboard
What America Needs
What Is This That I Find?
Where’s My Sex?
Who You Callin' Bitch?
Why Bother? (live at Reading Festival 1996)
Why Bother? (Live In Atlanta, 2002-07-29)
Why Brother?
Wind in Our Sail
Winter Is Seemingly Endless (interview), The
Winter Weezerland
Woke Up in Love This Morning, I
World Has Turned and Left Me Here, The
Worry Rock
Yellow Camaro (live)
You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
You Have to Have a Producer (interview)
You Might Think
You Won’t Get With Me Tonight
Your Room
Your Sister
Zep Jamb
Zep Song
Zombie Bastards
Contributed to or performed: 
(If You're Wondering If I Want You to) I Want You To
100 Essential Christmas Songs
100 Hits: Movies
100 Trésors Cachés Volume 2: Chansons Rares & Indispensables
101 90s Hits
101 BBQ Songs
1080° Borders HITS
18 Allein unter Mädchen
25 Years Pukkelpop
30 ans des Inrockuptibles, Les
80 Hits - Années 2000
90's Rock Gold
90s Anthems - The Ultimate Collection
90s Mixtape
90s Rock
99X Live X 10
Absolute 90's
Absolute Modern Rock Anthems
Afrekening, Volume 20(00): The Lost Tracks, De
Afrekening, Volume 25, De
Afrekening, Volume 28, De
Afrekening, Volume 29: Best of 2002, De
Afrekening, Volume 37, De
Afrekening, Volume 38, De
Afrekening, Volume 45, De
Afternoon, The
Album Rock 90's, L'
Album, Volume 2, The
Alle 40 Goed: Alternative
Alternative Moments
Alternative Times, Volume 101
Alternative Times, Volume 108
Alternative Times, Volume 113
Alternative Times, Volume 14
Alternative Times, Volume 17
Alternative Times, Volume 22
Alternative Times, Volume 62
Alternative Times, Volume 67
Alternative Times, Volume 71
Alternative Times, Volume 94
Alternative Times, Volume 95
Angus: Music From the Motion Picture
Anthems, The
AOX: The Regeneration Mixtapes Box Set
AP: Storm the Planet
Atticus Presents: Volume 1
Autobiography, The
Bares Canallas
Best Air Guitar Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Beer Drinking Album in the World ...Ever! The Second Round, The
Best Buy Deluxe Edition Sampler, Volume 3
Best of Goformusic Vol. 1, The
Best of Teenage Dirtbags, The
Beverly Hills vs. Fresh Rhymes & Videotape
Big Shiny 90s, Volume 2
Big Shiny Tunes 10
Big Shiny Tunes 13
Big Shiny Tunes 6
Big Shiny Tunes 7
Bort Compilation #1: Bort Picks Something Other Than His Nose!
Bridal Shower: The Soundtrack
Buddy Holly’s Imagination
Buddyhead Presents: Gimme Skelter
Buy You Peanuts and Cracker Jacks and Show You a Real Good Time
C’était mieux avant : Les Années 2000
Can’t Stop Partying
Cars 2
Channel Z: The Best Of, Volume 2
Christmas Rock
Classic Cuts Presents: Anthems
Classic Rock
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 92: April 2001
Collision 3
Definitivt Beat Volume 1
Definitivt BEAT, Nummer 6•96
DGC Rarities, Volume 1
Different Shade of Green, A
Disney Pixar All Time Favorites
DJ Hero Complete Rip
Download to Donate for Haiti
Eska Rock Najlepsza Rockowa Dwudziestka
Essential Bands
Fake Smiles and Nervous Laughter / You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
Festival Anthems: The Headliners
Festivalguide Free CD 2001
Fetenhits: Party Rock Classics
FIFA 18 Soundtrack
Filter Magazine: Welcome to the Desert, Vol. 2
Fresh Cuts: Volume 4: Music by Guitar Center Employees
Frosh, Vol. 5
Geffen Rarities, Volume 1
Gods of Guitar
Greatest Ever! Driving Rock
Greatest Ever! Driving Songs
Greatest Ever! Pop Punk
Greatest Guitar Riffs of All Time
Greatest Hits of Modern Rock
Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero III - Set 4 - European Invasion
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Guitar of the Millennium II
Hear You Me: A Tribute to Mykel & Carli
High School Rocks
Hit Machine 7
HitDisc 060A
hiver 95, Un
hiver 97, Un
Hörsturz, Vol. 2
Hörsturz, Vol. 5
Hot Hits Pop, Volume 18
Hot Hits Pop, Volume 38
Hot Stuff. The Noise of Summer, The
Howard Stern Show: Musical Memories, The
Howard Stern: The Ultimate Live Music Collection
Huck 'em: Music for Real Sportsters
I'm Your Daddy
Incredible Son of Swag, The
Indie Pop Rock 2005 – Best News Songs
Indie, Volume 9
Inrockuptibles : L'Anthologie des InRocKs : 25 ans de musique, Les
Inrockuptibles présentent : 20 ans ~ 100 chansons : 1986-2006, Les
Inrockuptibles: 10 ans/100 chansons, Les
Introduced 100: 100 Issues Intro | Essential Music 1991–2002
It’s Called Rock
iTunes Holiday Sampler
Jackass 3D
Jacked Up (remix)
JDRF’s Hope for the Holidays: Rockin’ Christmas for a Cure
Jim Beam: The Best of 40 Shots of Rock, Volume 2
Kerrang! The Album '08
Kerrang! The Album, Volume 2
Kerrang! The Album, Volume 3
Kerrang! The Album, Volume 4
KROQ Kevin & Bean: Swallow My Eggnog
KROQ Kevin & Bean: The Real Slim Santa
Lance Armstrong: Run Longer
Latest & Greatest Guitar Heroes
Let's Rock
Life is Music: 100 onsterfelijke Studio Brussel songs
Livid 2002: Livid Superstars of 2002 & Life Members 2001-1989
Lords of the Boards Present Freestyle Beats
Loud, Volume 1
Lulz: A Corruption of LOL #V: Leg/i/on
Mastermix Classic Cuts 24: Alternative
maxx' de bruit, Un
McA Canadian Music Week Special Compilation
Mixtape, Volume Four, The
Modern Rock: July 2002
Monday Mixtape
Moonlight Recordings, Volume 05 (2004/05)
More Hope for the Holidays
Most Wanted Music 2: Rock
Most Wanted Rock
Most Wanted Rock 1
Mr. Deeds
MTV - 20 Years of Pop Music
MTV 120 Minutes Live
MTV Alternative Nation
MTV Fresh
MTV Rocks
MTV TRL: Christmas
MTV Weekender
mtvu's Year in Your Ear Sampler
Muppets: The Green Album
Music Is… Awesome!, Volume 2
Musikexpress 100: Sounds Live! Die besten Festival-Acts 2005
MySpace Records, Volume 1
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice, Volume 2
Nike My Best 10K: Beginner
No Fronts
Now That's What I Call Music! 20
Now That's What I Call Rock
Now That’s What I Call Music! 31
Now That’s What I Call Music! 61
Now That’s What I Call Running 2014
NOW: 25 Top Hits of the 1990's
NOW! 25 Top Hits of the 1990’s
Now! Christmas 2
Nu Rock Traxx, Volume 408: CAN
Ö3 Greatest Hits, Volume 19
Official Forecastle 2017 Playlist
One Shot 1994
Only Rock Album You’ll Ever Need, The
Peaceful Greasy Feelin'
PLUG IN - Rock Anthems for Summer
Promo Only Canada: Modern Rock Radio, June 2001
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, August 2005
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, December 2005
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, April 2005
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, April 2006
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, January 2009
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, July 2005
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, March 2011
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, May 2001
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, November 2005
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, September 2008
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, September 2009
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, September 2010
Radio Disney Jams 9
Rainbow Connection
Reloaded 4
Reservoir Rock
Rip Curl - 'Ride On'
Rock - Road Trip - The Ultimate Collection
Rock Classics Top 100
Rock Legends: The Ultimate Collection
Rock Open
Ruckus, Volume 1
Runtastic Power Workout, Volume 1
Sampler Rock Sound, Volume 2
SATURN Exklusiv Edition: Alternative Rock Edition
Seagate® Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5TB (.860kg)
Seriously 90s
Shrek Forever After: Music From the Motion Picture
signed, sealed, deLIVID
Sk8er Rock
Skate Punk Anthems
Smallville Enhanced Soundtrack
Smallville: The Talon Mix
So Fresh: Songs for Christmas 2012
So Fresh: The Hits of Summer 2002 Plus the Biggest Hits of 2001
Sound of Fashion, Volume 3, The
Sounds Like Teen Spirit: Best of Alternative & Nu Rock
Spin This V
Spin This!
Studio Brussel – Het jaar van de gitaar
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 2001: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
Super Charged
Suretone Records Summer Slam Sampler
Techno Sucks
Teen Spirit 2
Teen Spirit 3
Teen Spirit Vol. 2
Teenage Dirtbags
Teenage Dirtbags 2
Télérama: 60 ans de musiques
Temptation Island
TM Century: GoldDisc 269
To Benefit Petra Haden
Top 50 - 30 Ans (100 Tubes), Vol. 3
Top Gear: Sub Zero Driving Anthems
Top of the Pops 2002, Volume 3
Top of the Pops: Autumn 2001
Top of the Spot 2006
Top of the Spot 2010: New Collection, Volume 4
Top of the Spot: New Collection, Volume 2
Total Rock 2
Tracks 20 År: Rocksamlingen
Trésors du Rock de Philippe Manœuvre, Les
Triple J: Eleven
Triple J: Hottest 100, Volume 10
Triple J: Hottest 100, Volume 17
Triple J: Hottest 100, Volume 4
Triple J: Hottest 100, Volume 9
Triple J: Hottest Box
Tune Up
Ultimate Collection: 90s Anthems, The
Ultimate Sk8er Rock
Undone (The Sweater Song)
Unleashed 2005
Virgin Recommends 4
VISIONS #100 Anniversary-Compilation, The
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 15
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 28
Waiting for the Weekend, Volume 2
What's Up 4
Whatever: The ’90s Pop & Culture Box
Where Is My Mind? A Tribute to the Pixies
Wild CD 03
WWF Tough Enough 2
X96 More Cheap Live X
Y-100: Sonic Sessions, Volume 1
Y-100: Sonic Sessions, Volume 5
Yaytime for Christmas, Volume 1
Yo Gabba Gabba! Hey!
YTV Big Fun Party Mix 7
YTV Big Fun Party Present