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Barlow, Peter
Peter Barlow (britischer Mathematiker und Physiker)
Peter Barlow (British mathematician and physicist)
Peter Barlow (britisk fysikar og matematikar)
Peter Barlow (britisk fysiker og matematiker)
Peter Barlow (Brits wiskundige)
Peter Barlow (brittisk fysiker och matematiker)
Peter Barlow (brytyjski matematyk i fizyk)
Peter Barlow (matematico inglese)
Питер Барлоу
Пітер Барлоу
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Language material
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Comrie, L. J. (1893-1950)
Comrie, Leslie John (1893-1950)
De Morgan, Augustus (1806-1871)
Fourier, Adolphe
Hrenov, Leonid Sergeevič
London and Birmingham Railway
Quilhet, Ch
Willis, Robert (1800-1875))
Wood, Nicholas (1795-1865))
Хренов, Л. С. (1907-)
Хренов, Леонид Сергеевич (1907-)
Barlow's tables of squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots and reciprocals of all integers up to 12500
Baro no suhyo.
chart of magnetic curves of equal variation between the Lat. 60° N. and Lat. 55° S..., A
Elementary course of civil engineering, by D. H. Mahan,... edited by professor Barlow,...
Elementary principles of carpentry : A treatise on the pressure and equilibrium of timber framing, the resistance of timber, and the construction of floors, centres, bridges, roofs ; uniting iron and stone with timber, etc. With practical rules and examples. To which is added an essay on the nature and properties of timber.
encyclopædia of astronomy: comprising Plane astronomy, The
Essai sur la résistance des bois de construction, avec un appendice sur la résistance du fer et d'autres matériaux
essay on magnetic attractions, An : particularly as respects the deviation of the compass on shipboard : occasioned by the local influence of the guns, &c. : with an easy practical method of observing the same in all parts of the world
essay on magnetic attractions, and on the laws of terrestrial and electro magnetism ..., An : with an appendix, containing the results of experiments made on ship board from latitude 61 S. to latitude 80 N
essay on the strength and stress of timber, An : founded upon experiments performed at the Royal Military Academy, on specimens selected from the Royal Arsenal, and His Majesty's Dock-Yard, Woolwich ; preceded by an historical review of former theories and experiments, with numerous tables and plates ; also an appendix on the strength of iron, and other materials
Expériences sur la force transversale et les autres propriétés du fer malléable, dans son application aux chemins de fer ; Suivies d'un Rapport sur les rails du chemins de Liverpol à Manchester
Experiments on the transverse strength and other properties of malleable iron : with reference to its uses for railway bars : and a report founded on the same addressed to the directors of the London and Birmingham Railway Company
new mathematical and philosophical dictionary, 1814, A
New mathematical Tables, containing the factors, squares, cubes... and hyperbolic logarithms of all numbers from 1 to 10000... by Peter Barlow,...
Observations and experiments on the daily variation of the horizontal and dipping needles under a reduced directive power
On the Construction of a fluid lens refracting telescope, by Peter Barlow,...
On the present situation of the magnetic lines of equal variation and their changes on the terrestrial surface, by Peter Barlow,...
Rapport a monsieur Becquey, conseiller d'état, directeur général des ponts et chaussées et des mines ; et mémoire sur les ponts suspendus ; par M. Navier.
Recherches sur les rails et leurs supports, extraits des ouvrages anglais de P. Barlow et n. Wood suivi de la description des rails et des coussinets employés sur les principaux chemins de notes sur la durée ..des rails
Report ... on the atmospheric railway
Report on the weight of rails, the description of chairs and fastenings, the distance of the supports and the size of the blocks of the Liverpool and Manchester railway
"Sur l'attraction locale des vaisseaux", par P. Barlow, traduction de l'article paru en 1831 dans les "Philosophical Transactions" de Londres par Philippe-Jean Coulier, 16 septembre 1831 (11 f.), publié dans le "Bulletin de la Société de géographie", 1re série, 16 (1831), p. 205-211
Système Atmosphérique enquête devant la Commission de la Chambre des Communes pour le chemin de fer de Londres à Epsom, accompagnée du Rapport de M. Stephenson sur le chemin de fer de Dalkey à Kingstown, et de plusieurs lettres en réponse à ce rapport
Tables des carrés, cubes, racines carrées, racines cubiques et inverses : de tous les nombres entiers de 1 jusqu'à 10.000
Tablicy Barlou kvadratov, kubov, kvadratnyh kornej, kubičeskih kornej i obratnyh veličin vseh celyh čisel do 15 000
theory of numbers, The
Treatise on the manufactures and machinery of Great Britain, by Peter Barlow,... To which is prefixed an introductory view of the principles of manufactures, by Charles Babbage,... Forming a portion of the "Encyclopaedia metropolitana"
treatise on the strength of timber, cast iron, malleable iron, and other materials; with rules for application in architecture, construction of suspension bridges, railways, etc., with an appendix on the power of locomotive engines, and the effect of inclined planes and gradients. With seven plates., A
Таблицы Барлоу, 1965:
Таблицы Барлоу : квадратов, кубов, квадратных корней, кубических корней и обратных величин для всех целых чисел от 1 до 15 000