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Adams, W. S.
Adams, Walter S.
Adams, Walter Sydney
Walter Adams (Amerikaans astronoom)
Walter Sidney Adams
Walter Sydney Adams (American astronomer)
Walter Sydney Adams (amerikansk astronom)
Walter Sydney Adams (amerykański astronom)
Walter Sydney Adams (astronome américain)
Walter Sydney Adams (astrónomo norte-americano (1876-1956))
Walter Sydney Adams (astronomo statunitense)
Walter Sydney Adams (US-amerikanischer Astronom)
Walter Syrney Adams (amerikansk astronom)
Волтер Сидни Адамс
Волтер Сідні Адамс
Уолтер Сидни Адамс
וולטר סידני אדמס
والتر سيدني آدمز
والتر سیدنی آدامز (ستاره‌شناس آمریکایی)
வால்ட்டர் சிட்னி ஆடம்சு
വാൾട്ടർ സിഡ്നി ആഡംസ്
월터 시드니 애덤스
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Adams, W. S.
Gale, Henry Gordon (1874-1942)
Hale, George Ellery (1868-1938)
Humason, Milton L. (1891-1972)
Humason, Milton La Salle (1891-1972)
Joy, Alfred H.
Joy, Alfred H. (1882-1973)
Joy, Alfred Harrison (1882-1973)
Kohlschütter, Arnold
Lasby, Jennie B.
Lasby, Jennie Belle
Mount Wilson Observatory Affiliation (see also from)
Strömberg, Gustaf
Wright, F. E. (1877-1953)
Wright, Frederic Eugene (1877-1953)
absolute magnitudes and parallaxes of 410 stars of type M, The
attempt to detect watervapor and oxygen lines in the spectrum of Mars with the registering microphotometer, An
Biographical memoir of Charles Edward St. John (1857-1935)
Biographical memoir of George Ellery Hale 1868-1938
Calibration of Rowland's scale of intensities for solar lines, by H. N. Russell, W. S. Adams and C. E. Moore. Preliminary results of a new method for the analysis of stellar spectra, by W. S. Adams and H. N. Russell
Convection currents in stellar atmospheres
Early days at Mount Wilson
investigation of the rotation period of the sun by spectroscopic methods, 1911:, An
Investigation of the spectra of iron and titanium under moderate pressures, by Henry G. Gale and Walter S. Adams
motions in space of some stars of high radial velocity., The
Note on the relative intensity at different wave-lengths of the spectra of some stars having large and small proper motions
Observations of the spectrum of Nova geminorum no. 2
Orbits of three spectroscopic binaries, by Walter S. Adams and Alfred H. Joy
Papers of the Mount Wilson Observatory
Parallaxes of 1646 stars derived by the spectroscopic method, by W. S. Adams, A. H. Joy, G. Strömberg and Cora G. Burwell
photographic comparison of the spectra of the limb and the center of the sun, A
Photography of the "flash" spectrum without an eclipse
Preliminary catalogue of lines affected in sun-spots, region [lamda] 4000 to [lamda] 4500
Preliminary note on the rotation of the sun as determined from the displacements of the hydrogen lines
Radial velocities of one hundred stars with measured parallaxes, by Walter S. Adams and Arnold Kohlschütter
Radial velocity and absolute magnitude; comments on Professor Perrine's article
Relations between the proper motions and the radial velocities of the stars of the spectral types F, G, K, and M, by J. C. Kapteyn and W. S. Adams
Relationship of stellar motions to absolute magnitude, by Walther S. Adams and Gustaf Strömberg
Second paper on the cause of the characteristic phenomena of Sun-spot spectra, by George E. Hale and Walter S. Adams
Some notes on the H and K lines and the motion of the calcium vapor in the sun
Some results of a study of the spectra of Sirius, Procyon, and Arcturus with high dispersion
Some spectral criteria for the determination of absolute steller magnitudes
Spectra of four of the temporary stars, by W. S. Adams and F. G. Pease
spectrum of Nova Ophiuchi, 1919, The
structure of interstellar H and K lines in fifty stars, The
Studies in astronomy ... Lectures delivered at the Administration building of Carnegie institution of Washington ...
Sun-spot lines in the spectrum of Arcturus
Systematic displacements of lines in the spectra of certain bright stars
Wave-lengths of certain oxygen lines