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Jag Panzer
Jag Panzer Musical group (Musical group or band)
Jag Panzer (Musical group or band)
began 1980-10-19
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Briody, Mark (hasMember)
Broderick, Chris (hasMember)
Carlson, Reynold (hasMember)
Conca, Daniel (hasMember)
Conklin, Harry (hasMember)
Cronk, Chris (hasMember)
Hilyard, Rick (hasMember)
Kostka, Chris (hasMember)
Lasegue, Christian (hasMember)
Montez, Steve (hasMember)
Parduba, Bob (hasMember)
Stjernquist, Rikard (hasMember)
Tafolla, Joey (hasMember)
Tetley, John (hasMember)
age of mastery, The
All Things Renewed
Ample Destruction
Banquo's Final Rest
Battered and Bruised
Battle Zones
Black Sunday
Bloody Crime
Book of Kells, The
Born of the Flame
Bringing the End
Burning Heart
Call of the Wild
Call to Arms
Cardiac Arrest
Casting the stones
Chain of Command
Children of the Sea
Choir of Tears
Church, The
Clown, The
Cold Is the Blade (And the Heart That Wields It)
Condemned to Fight
Crucifix, The
Death Row
Decade of the nail spiked bat
deviant chord, The
Dissident Alliance
Divine Intervention
Do You See What I See
Downward Fall, The
Dream Theme
Edge of Blindness
Era of Kings and Conflict, The
Eye Of Penance
Eyes of the Night
Face of Fear
Fall of Dunsinane
Fallen Angel
False Messiah
Far Beyond All Fear
Fate's Triumph
Feast or Famine
Fire of Our Spirit
Foggy Dew
Forsaken Child
Four Hidden Gems
fourth judgement, The
Frozen in Fear
Future Shock
Gavotte in D
Generally Hostile
GMV 407
Guitar Solo - Downward Fall
Guitar Solo - Rondo Alla Turca
Guitar Solo - Slap Song
Guitar Solo - Take to the Sky
Guitar Solo - The Scarlet Letter
Harder Than Steel
Harkening, The
Hell to Pay
Hidden in My Eyes
Historical Battles: The Early Years
Insanity's Mind
Iron Eagle
Iron Shadows
Jag Panzer Interview
Jeffrey - Behind the Gate (radio edit)
Judgement Day
King at a Price
Last Dying Breath
Legion Immortal
Let It Out
Licensed to Kill
Life on the Road
Long Awaited Kiss
Lustful and Free
Lying Deceiver
Making Take to the Sky
Mechanized warfare
Metal Melts the Ice
Mission (1943), The
Moors, The
Never Surrender
On the Rocks
Oracle, The
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Power Surge
Prelude + Chain of Command
Premonitions, The
Psycho Next Door
Ready to Strike
Reign of the Tyrants
Requiem for Lady MacBeth
Return, The
Ride Through the Storm
Rock & Roll Suicide
Salacious Behavior
Scarlet Letter, The
scourge of the light, The
Setting of the Sun, The
Shadow Thief / Inner Ascendance
She Waits
Silent, The
Sit on My Face
Sonet of Sorrow
Spectres of the Past
Spirit Suicide
Starlight's Fury
Sworn to Silence
Symphony of Terror
Take This Pain Away
Take to the Sky
Thane of Cawdor
Thane to the throne
Three Voices of Fate
Tower of Darkness
Tragedy of MacBeth
Treachery's Stain
Twilight Years
Tyranny (live)
Under the Knife
Watching, The
We've Got Another Cup Coming
What Child Is This
When the Walls Come Down
Whisper God
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, The
Contributed to or performed: 
Am I Metal? Yes I Am!!!
Century Media Collaboration
Century Media Disharmony Sampler
Century Media X
Dark Places
Evil Lives: A True Metal Tribute to Black Sabbath
Hit Parader Presents: The Wild Bunch (18 Metal Masters)
Holy Dio: A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio
Holy Dio: A Tribute to the Voice of Metal
Identity 6: Behold Another World
Identity 7: Deadly Sins
Identity Five: I Defy
Identity Four
Knuckle Tracks XXII
KnuckleTracks XXXV
Many Faces of Black Sabbath, The
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 46
Metal Museum, Volume 7: Heavy Metal, The
Metal Years: Progressive Metal, The
Power Metal Sampler
Rock Hard Lauschangriff, Volume 057
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 14
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 22
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 27
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 8
Rockdetector: A - Z of Power Metal
Testimony of a Metal Century
Unbroken Metal
W:O:A 2005
WOA: Full Metal Juke Box, Volume I