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Campian, Thomas
Campianus, Thomas
Campion, 1567-1620
Campion, M.
Campion, Thomas
Campion, Thomas (M.)
Thomas Campian
Thomas Campion
Thomas Campion (britisk komponist og poet)
Thomas Campion (Brits dichter (1567-1620))
Thomas Campion (brittisk kompositör och poet)
Thomas Campion (compositore, poeta e medico inglese)
Thomas Campion (englischer Komponist, Dichter und Arzt)
Thomas Campion (English composer, poet and physician)
Кэмпион, Томас
ת'ומס קמפיון
托马斯·坎皮恩 (16至17世纪英国诗人与作曲家)
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Barańczak, Stanisław (1946-2014))
Bataïni, Marc
Buxtehude, Dietrich (1637?-1707))
Davis, Walter R.
Dowland, John (1563-1626)
Dowland, John (1563?-1626)
Harmonia mundi France
Hart, Joan (1917- ))
Johnson, Robert (1583-1633))
Kirkby, Emma (1949-...)
Lupo, Thomas (1571-1627)
Morley, Thomas (ca. 1557-1602)
Naxos Digital Services
Purcell, Henry (1659-1695)
Purcell, Henry (ap 1659-1695)
Rosseter, Philip (ca. 1567-1623)
Royal Musical Association
Scott, David (1943-)
Simpson, Christopher -1669
Sowerby, Robin
Vivian, Percival
Willan, Healey (1880-1968)
Wilson, Christopher R.
Ad Dianam
Airs, book 1 Author of light
Airs, book 2 Com you pretty false-ey'd wanton
Airs, book 2 Turne back you wanton flier
Airs, book 3 Oft have I sighed
Airs booke 1 All lookes be pale, harts cold as stone
Airs booke 2
Airs booke 3
Airs booke 4
Airs Voix, luth, basse de viole
All lookes be pale
Are you what your faire lookes expresse ?
Art of descant: or, Composing of music in parts.
As by the streams of Babylon
Author of light, revive my dying spright
Author of Light, Revive My Dying Sprite
Awake thou spring of speaking grace
Ayres, 1st book. Come chearfull day
Ayres, 1st book. Never weather-beaten saile more willing bent to shore
Ayres, 1st book. Selections
Ayres, 1st book. Sing a song of joy
Ayres, 1st book. Where are all thy beauties now, all harts enchaining?
Ayres, 2nd book. Come away, arm'd with love's delights
Ayres, 2nd book. Peacefull westerne winde
Ayres, 2nd book. Selections
Ayres, 2nd book. Sweet, exclude me not
Ayres, 3rd book. Could my heart more tongues imploy
Ayres, 3rd book. Fire, fire, fire, fire loe here I burn
Ayres, 3rd book. Selections
Ayres, 3rd book. Silly boy, 'tis full moone yet
Ayres, 4th book. Faine would I wed a faire young man, that day and night could please mee
Ayres, 4th book. I must complain, yet doe enjoy my love
Ayres, 4th book. Leave prolonging thy distresse
Ayres, 4th book. Selections
Ayres, 4th book. To his sweet lute Apollo sung the motions of the spheares
Ayres, libro 1º
Ayres, libro 2º
Ayres, libro 3º
Beaten Sail
Beauty is but a painted hell
Beauty since you so much desire
Book of Ayres: I Care Not for These Ladies
Book of Ayres: It Fell on a Summer's Day
Breake now my heart and dye
Care Charming Sleep
care not for these ladies, I
Character Songs: Jacke and Jone they think no ill
Come chearfull day, part of my life to mee Chant, luth, viole de gambe
Come chearfull day, part of my life to mee Voix (3), luth
Come, Cheerful Day
Come let us sound with melodie the praises
Come Let Us Sound With Melody the Praises
Come o come my life's delight
Come, oh Come, my Life's Delight
Come you pretty false-ey'd wanton
Courante on "I Care Not for These Ladies"
cypress curtain of the night, The
discription of a maske, The
Fain Would I Wed
Faine Would I Wed A Faire Young Man
Faire if you expect admiring
Fire, fire, fire, fire loe here I burne
Follow thy fair sun
Followe thy faire sunne, unhappy shaddowe
Four Poems of Thomas Campion
Four Songs: No. 3. Come, My Life’s Delight
Harke all you ladies that doo sleepe
Heart's Music
Her rosie cheekes, her ever smiling eyes
Here She Her Sacred Bower Adornes
If Love loves truth, then women doe not love
If thou long’st so much to learn
If thou long'st so much to learne
In praise of Neptune
It fell on a sommers daie
It Fell on a Summer's Day for Voice, Lute and Bass Viol
It Fell on a Summers Day
Jack And Joan
Jack and Jone
Jacke and Jone they thinke no ill
Kinde are her answers
Lords maske
Love me or not, love her I must or dye
Lute Songs (countertenor: Steven Rickards, lute: Dorothy Linell)
Miserere My Maker
Mistris since you so much desire
Most sweet and pleasing are thy waes o God
Most Sweet and Pleasing Are Thy Wayes O God
Move now with measur'd sound
Move now with measured sound
My Love Hath Vow'd
My love hath vowed hee will forsake mee
My sweetest Lesbia, let us live and love
Never love unless you can
Never weather-beaten sail
Never Weather-Beaten Saile More Willing Bent to Shore
New way of making fowre parts in counterpoint
Now hath Flora rob'd her bowers
Now hath Flora robb'd her bow'rs
Now hath Flora robb'd her bowers
Now let her change and spare not
Now winter nights enlarge
O griefe, o spight
O never to be moved
O sweet delight, o more than humane blisse
Ode to the Queen, op. 83: III. Yet once again, let us our measures move
Oft have I sigh'd for him that heares me not
Oft Have I Sigh'd for Him That Hears Me Not
Oft have I sighed
Peaceful Western Wind, The
Pin'd I am and like to dye
secret love or two, I must confesse
See where she flies enrag'd from me
Seven Elizabethan Lyrics, op. 12, no. 2: My Life's Delight
Shall I come sweet love to thee?
Shall I then hope when faith is fled ?
Shows and Nightly Revels
Sing a Song of Joy
Sleepe angry beautie sleep, and feare not me
So try'ed are all my thoughts
Song for Voice, Lute & Bass Viol "Never Weather-Beaten Saile"
Song for Voice, Lute & Bass Viol "The Sypres Curten of the Night"
Songs, lute, viol accompaniment. Selections
Songs of Farewell: No. 3. Never Weather Beaten Sail
Sweet exclude me not nor be divided
sypres curten in the night is spread
Sypres Curten of the Night Is Spread, The
There is a garden in her face
There is none, o none but you
Thinkest thou to seduce me then with words that have no meaning
Thomas Campion: 'It fell on a summer's day'
Thou Joy'st Fond Boy, to Be by Many Loved
Though you are yoong and I am olde
Thrice tosse these oaken ashes in the ayre
Time, That Leads the Fatal Round
To musicke bent is my retyred minde
Triumph now with joy and mirth!
Tune Thy Musicke to Thy Hart
Turn Back, You Wanton Flyer
Turne All Thy Thoughts to Eyes
Turne backe you wanton flier
Vayle Love Mine Eyes, O Hide from Me
View me, Lord
Were my hart as some mens are
What If a Day
What Is It That All Men Possesse, Among Themselves Conversing?
When Icicles Hang: II. Winter nights
When Laura smiles
When to Her Lute Corinna Sings
When to her lute Corrina sings
Winter nights
Woo Her and Win Her
Wooe her, and win her, he that can
Works. Selections
Your faire lookes enflame my desire
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A224 Inside Music
Alte Werk - 50 CD Collection, Das
Art Du Chant Anglais Et Italien, L'
Blame Not My Lute
Dances from Terpsichore, 1612 (The Parley of Instruments feat. director: Peter Holman)
Dark Is My Delight and Other 16th-Century Lute Songs, The
Elizabethan & Jacobean Consort Music
Elizabethan Lute Songs
Elizabethan Songbook, An
English Lute Song, The
Evening of Elizabethan Music, An
Fairest Isle
In the Streets and Theatres of London: Elizabethan Ballads and Theatre Music (The Musicians of Swanne Alley)
Julian Bream Edition (disc 6: The Julian Bream Consort)
Masque of Moments, The
Now is the Merry Month of May: het Mooiste uit Renaissance en Barok
Oiseau-Lyre: Medieval and Renaissance, L'
Part Songs, Englische Kneipenlieder: Country Pastimes and Citie Conceits
Songs And Dances of the Renaissance & Baroque
Sweet Music for Bathing
Virtues and Vices (tenor: William Bastian, lute: Edward Martin)
World of Early Music: From the Middle Ages to the Dawn of the Enlightenment, The