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Henrī Çon Tempel
Henricus Ioannes Temple
Henry John Temple
Henry John Temple, 3. vicomte Palmerston (britisk politiker)
Henry John Temple, 3. Viscount Palmerston (britischer Staatsmann und Premierminister)
Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston
Henry John Temple (britisk politiker)
Henry John Temple (Brits politicus)
Henry John Temple, III visconte Palmerston (politico inglese)
Henry John Temple (politicien britannique)
Henry Palmerston
Henry Temple
Henry Temple, 3:e viscount Palmerston (brittisk politiker)
Henry Temple, 3.º Visconde Palmerston
Henry Temple, 3. wicehrabia Palmerston
Henry Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston (British politician)
Lord Palmerston
Lords Palmerstons
Palmerston, H. J. (Lord)
Palmerston, H. J. T.
Palmerston (H. J. T.; 1784-1865)
Palmerston, Henry John (Lord)
Palmerston, Henry John Temple
Palmerston, Henry John Temple (3. viscount)
Palmerston, Henry John Temple (3d Viscount)
Palmerston, Henry John Temple (3rd Viscount)
Palmerston, Henry John Temple (Vescomte)
Palmerston, Henry John Temple (vicomte)
Palmerston, Henry John Temple (Visconde)
Palmerston, Henry John Temple (Viscount)
Palmerston (J.; 1784-1865)
Palmerston, .. (Lord)
Palmerston of Palmerston, Henry John Temple (3rd Viscount)
Palmerston (Visconde)
Temple (H. J.; 1784-1865)
Temple, Henry (3rd Viscount Palmerston)
Temple (Henry John)
Temple, Henry John (3rd Viscount Palmerston)
Temple, Henry John (vicomte Palmerston)
Temple, Henry John (Viscount Palmerston)
Temple Palmerston (H. J.; 1784-1865)
Temple Palmerston, Henry John
Υποκόμης Πάλμερστον
Генрі Джон Темпл Пальмерстон
Генры Джон Тэмпл
Пальмерстон (Г. Д; 1784-1865)
Пальмерстон, Г. Д. Т
Пальмерстон (Г. Д. Т; 1784-1865)
Пальмерстон, Генри Джон Темпл (английский государственный деятель)
Пальмерстон, Генри Джон Темпль
Пальмерстон (Д; 1784-1865)
Хенри Джон Темпъл
Ҳенрӣ Ҷон Темпел
הנרי טמפל
वैकौण्ट पामर्स्टन
हेन्री जॉन टेंपल
เฮนรี จอห์น เทมเพิล ไวเคานต์พาลเมอร์สตันที่ 3
헨리 존 템플
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Althorp, John Charles Spencer (lord)
Ashley, Anthony Evelyn Melbourne (1837-1907)
Ashley, Evelyn (1837-1907)
Connell, Brian
Craven, Augustus
Graham, James Robert George Sir
Great Britain Prime Minister (1855-1858 : Palmerston) (see also from)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1859-1865 : Palmerston) (see also from)
Guedalla, Philip
Le Marchant, Denis Sir
Lindsay, H. H.
Melbourne, Frederick James Lamb Viscount, 1782-1853
Montalembert, Charles Forbes (comte de, 1810-1870.)
Strong, Felicity
Sulivan, Elizabeth (1790-1837)
Sulivan, Laurence
Thiers, Louis Adolphe (1797-1877))
Victoria, Queen of Great Britain (1819-1901)
Кирюшин А. Н. Алексей Николаевич
Ansichten und Politik des Visc. Palmerston
Autograph letter from Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, to his land agent Joseph Kincaid, regarding land near railway terminus [Kingsbridge Station now Heuston Station] and access to the Royal Kilmainham Hospital, Dublin
Brief van Henry John Temple Palmerston 3rd Viscount (1784-1865), geschreven aan Bunsen
Commercial pamphlets.
Despatch from Sir Henry Bulwer to Viscount Palmerston : dated London, May 30, 1848.
despatches of Earl Gower, English ambassador at Paris from June 1790 to August 1792, to which are added the despatches of Mr. Lindsay and Mr. Monro, and the diary of Viscount Palmerston in France during July and August 1791, now published for the first time., The
Discours prononcé par le vicomte Palmerston dans la Chambre des Communes, le 25 juin 1850, sur la motion de M. Roebuck, relative à la politique étrangère du gouvernement, et traduit par M. Antonin Roche
Don Pacifico Speech
Falla do visconde Palmerston sôbre as relações de Inglaterra com Portugal.
fudger fudged, or, The devil and T***y M***e [i.e. Tommy Moore], The : M. DCCC. LXXXVIII
Gladstone and Palmerston : being the correspondence of Lord Palmerston with Mr. Gladstone, 1851-1865
Lady Palmerston and her times
Letter from Lord Palmerston to M. Thiers : dated Foreign Office, August 31, 1840. Reply of M. Thiers to Lord Palmerston : dated Paris, October 3, 1940 : with additional memorandum.
Letter from Viscount Palmerston [Henry John Temple] to his brother "William", discussing various personal and political matters including the forthcoming trial of Daniel O'Connell and the proposals to introduce "stringent laws" if he is not convicted
Letter from Viscount Palmerston [Henry John Temple] to Messrs Chance, enquiring about the price per square foot of grass as provided to the Royal Botanical Society for their "winter garden" in Regents Park
Letter from Viscount Palmerston [Henry John Temple] to R. Stewart, concerning the length of a proposed lease for a tenant which was dependent on whether he intended to build a new farm house and offices on the land
Letter from Viscount Palmerston [Henry John Temple] to Samuel Peto, introducing and recommending Mr. Kineaid, a young Irish civil engineer and the son of "Mr. Kineaid the great Irish land agent"
Letter from Viscount Palmerston [Henry John Temple], War Office, to Standish O'Grady, Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer, enclosing official copies of the "articles of war" established under the 'Mutiny Act'
Letter from Viscount Palmerston [Henry John Temple], War Office, to unknown recipient, stating that certain negotiations should be considered "as at an end" and regarding the matter of compensation for "certain ground occupied by Government for the Erection of a Signal Tower"
Letter from William Law, on behalf of Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerston, to Isaac Butt, concerning D'Alton's claim for a literary pension, stating he will look after his claim but is unwilling to make a promise as there are many candidates
letters of the Third Viscount Palmerston to Laurence and Elizabeth Sulivan, 1804-1863., The
life of Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerston, The : with selections from his diaries and correspondence
Lord Palmerston sa correspondance intime pour servir à l'histoire diplomatique de l'Europe de 1830 à 1865
Ministère de la réforme et le Parlement réformé[traduction par Adolphe-Narcisse Thibaudeau de : The Reform Ministry and the reformed Parliament.]
Mr. Disraeli and the "unknown envoy." A letter to the Right, Hon. the Lord Viscount Palmerston ...
Ms copy of the official order of the Select committee on the Irish Insurrection Act requesting the Rev. Michael Collins, parish priest of Skibbereen to attend the committee, signed by Viscount Palmerston
New Whig guide, The
Opinions and policy of the right honourable Viscount Palmerston, ... as minister, diplomatist and statesman, during more than forty years of public life
Pie IX et Lord Palmerston
politica inglese. Lettera a lord Palmerston testè pubblicata in Parigi..., La
Portrait of a golden age.
Recognition: its international legality, its justice, and its policy
Regina v. Palmerston; the correspondence between Queen Victoria and her Foreign and Prime Minister, 1837-1865
Rupture with China and its causes, The : including the opium question and other important details in a letter to Lord Viscount Palmerston
Selections from private journals of tours in France in 1815 and 1818
Speech of Lord Viscount Palmerston, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the electors of Tiverton, on the 31st July, 1847
Speech of the Viscount Palmerston, in the House of Commons, on wednesday, the 19th april, 1837, on the civil war in Spain, The
Ulubieniec narodu, c1981:
Генри Джон Темпль третий виконт Пальмерстон как политический деятель и дипломат монография