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Harvey-Simoni, Anna
Harvey-Simoni, Anna E. C.
Harvey-Simoni, Anna Elisabeth Charlotte
Simoni, A.E.C.
Simoni, Anna
Simoni, Anna E.
Simoni, Anna E. C.
Simoni, Anna E. C. Harvey-
Simoni, Anna Elisabeth Charlotte
Simoni, Anna Elisabeth Charlotte (Vollstaendiger Name)
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Manuscript language material
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British Library
British Library (see also from)
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Halkett, Samuel
Halkett, Samuel (1814-1871)
Halkett, Samuel (1814-1871))
Kennedy, James (1815-1899))
Kennedy, James (1842-1925)
Kennedy, James (m. 1925)
Laing, John (1809-1880)
Laing, John (1809-1880))
Porteman, Karel (1938-...)
Rhodes, Dennis E.
Rhodes, Dennis Everard (1923-....))
Rhodes, Dennis Everard (1923-...)
Roach, Susan
Sacré, Dirk (1957-....))
Sacré, Dirk (1957-...)
Smith, W. A.
Smith, William Allan
Storm van Leeuwen, Jan (1943-)
1598. An exchange of Dutch pamphlets and their repercussions in England
Across the narrow seas : studies in the history and bibliography of Britain and the Low Countries : presented to Anna E.C. Simoni
[Addenda to volumes I-VIII]
Anna's book, 2006:
Balthasar Bekker and the Beckington Witch
Bilingual poet : William Fennor, alias Wilhelmus Vener, Enghelsman
Brief van Em. Querido's Uitgeverij, Amsterdam aan Anna Elisabeth Charlotte Simoni (1916-2007)
Catalogue of books from the Low Countries, 1601-1621, in the British library
catalogus universalis, The : a facsimile edition of the Dutch booktrade catalogues compiled and published by Broer Jansz, Amsterdam 1640-1652
Codex Eyckensis : an insular gospel book from the Abbey of Aldeneik
Dictionary of anonymous and pseudonymous English literature
Dutch acquisitions
Dutch clandestine printing, 1940-1945
Dutch decorated bookbinding in the eighteenth century
Dutch printing in London
early Makeblyde edition from Louvain at the British Library, An
Emblematic exhibitions (affixiones) at the Brussels Jesuit college (1630-1685) a study of the commemorative manuscripts (Royal library, Brussels)
Flemish miniature painting in the 15th and 16th centuries
gauger gauged, or a bibliografical coelacanth, The
Haarlem's modest muse : anagrams, their solution, and the truth about a Haarlem worthy /Anna E.C. Simoni.
Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman and the Werkmaniana in the British Library
Henrick van Haestens, from Leiden to Louvein via ,Cologne'
Herman de la Fontaine Verwey's principal publications
Hiel's crossing : slow but sure
Johan Radermacher's German books
Jus belli sabaudici : evidence found, evidence wanted
Koppermaandagprenten : verkenning van een Nederlandse grafische traditie : observations on a Dutch printing tradition
Leiden booksellers - Leiden politics : Jan Jansz Orlers and Joost van Colster in 1618
librarians 'cri de coeur': rules for readers (1711), The
Lulofs to the rescue : a contribution to the history of Vondel studies
mockers mocked, The : the Brussels play of Saint Ignatius, 1610, and its Dutch counter attack
New light on a Grotius attribution
Newton in the timberyard
'Not in Van Doorninck' : the authorship of Yerlant verlost en hersteld
Op het belegh van Oostende, On the siege of Ostend
Ostend story, The : early tales of the great siege and the mediating role of Henrick van Haestens
[Over: Briels, J.G.C.A. Zuidnederlandse boekdrukkers en boekverkopers in de Republiek der Verenigde Nederlanden omstreeks 1570-1630. Een bijdrage tot de kennis van de geschiedenis van het boek. Met een Voorrede van Fontaine Verwey, H. de la. Nieuwkop, 1974]
[Over: Dorsten, J.A. van. Thomas Basson, 1555-1613 : English printer at Leiden. Leiden [etc.], 1961]
[Over: Eeghen, I.H. van. De Amsterdamse boekhandel 1680-1725. Dl 5, 1 en 2. De boekhandel van de Republiek 1572-1795. Amsterdam, 1978]
[Over: Keyser, Marja. Dirk Philips 1504-1568. A catalogue of his printed works in the University Library of Amsterdam. Nieuwkoop, 1975]
[Over: Landwehr, John. Dutch emblem books. A bibliography. Utrecht, [1962]; en over : Landwehr, John. Fable-books printed in the Low Countries. A concise bibliography until 1800. Introd. by Fontaine Verwey, H. de la. Nieuwkoop, 1963]
[Over: Studia bibliographica in honorem Herman de la Fontaine Verwey, Amstelodami, Kalendis Novembris MDCCCCLXVI. Amsterdam, 1968]
Paulus Sismus, forgotten physician
Poems, pictures and the press ; observations on some Abraham Verhoeven Newsletters (1620-1621)
Printing as resistance
Publish and be free
Rhetorical conundrum : 'Der Reden-rijcken springh-ader' (Haarlem 1614) re-examined
Simoni, Anna E.C. The Ostend story, cop. 2003:
Terra incognita : the Beudeker collection in the Map library of the British Library
twofold laughter of Gelasius, The
unidentical twins, The
unknown book of William of Orange discovered, An
Van Helderen /Heldoren /Hoorn : the case decided