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Aoxue’er Sitanyin
Aoxue'er Sitanyin (Sir)
Aurel Stein
Aurel Stein (archeologo britannico)
Aurel Stein (archéologue, explorateur et orientaliste hongrois naturalisé britannique)
Aurel Stein (Brits ontdekkingsreiziger (1862-1943))
Aurel Stein (Hungarian-British archaeologist)
Aurel Stein (ungarisch-britischer Entdecker und Archäologe)
Marc Aurel Stein
Mark Avrel Steyn
Ōreru Sutain
Si Tan Yin
Sir Aurel Stein
Sitanyin, Aolei'er
Sitanyin, Aolei'er (Sir)
Sitanyin, Make Aoli'er
Ssu, T'an-yin
Ssu, Tʻan-yin
Stäyn, Mark Awrel
Stein, A.
Stein, Aurél
Stein Aurél (régész, nyelvész, orientalista)
Stein, Aurel (Sir)
Stein, Awel
Stein, M. A.
Stein, M. A. (Sir)
Stein, M. Aurel
Stein, M. Aurel (Sir)
Stein, Marc A.
Stein, Marc Aurel
Stein, Marc Aurel (Sir)
Stein, Marcus Aurel
Stein, Marcus Aurel (Sir)
Stein, Márk Aurél
Stein, Mark Aurel (Sir)
Stein, Sir Aurel
Stein, Sir Aurel (Hungarian archaeologist, 1862-1943)
Stein, Sir M. A.
Stein, Sir M. Aurel
Stein, Sir Marc Aurel
Stein, Sir Marcus Aurel
Stein, Sir Mark Aurel
Sutain, M. A.
Sutain, M. A. (Sir)
Sutain, Ōreru
Sutain, Ōreru (Sir)
Sutain, Sir M. A.
Sutain, Sir Ōreru
Стейн, Марк Аурель
אורל שטיין
أوريل ستاين
اورل اشتاین
아우렐 스타인
スタイン, オーレル
奥雪尔·斯坦因 (Sir)
Creation class: 
Cartographic material
Language material
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Andrews, Fred H.
Andrews, Fred Henry (co-author)
Andrews, Frederick Henry
Archaeological Survey of India
Gould, Basil (co-author)
Gregory, Shelagh (co-author)
Grierson, George Abraham (1851-1941)
Halász Gyula (1881-1947)
Hātim Tilawôñu
Hātim Tilawôñu (co-author)
Hultzsch, Eugen (co-author)
Kalhaṇa (1100?-1150)
Kalhaṇa (co-author)
Karimi, Bahman
Kaula, Govinda (1846-1899)
Kowalski, Tadeusz (1889-1948))
Kowalski, Tadeusz (co-author)
Magyar Tudományos Akadémia
Riley, D. N.
巫新华, 1963-
谷口, 陸男 (1914-1988)
20 shi ji zui wei da de wen hua fa xian
An archaeological journey in Western Iran
An archaeological tour to Gedrosia
Ancient Chinese figured silks excavated by Sir Aurel Stein at ruined sites of Central Asia
Ancient geography of Kashmir
ancient harbours of Tyre, The
Ancient Khotan. Detailed report of archaeological explorations in Chinese Turkestan carried out and described under the orders of H. M. Indian Government
Ancient Khotan report of the archaeological, historical, geographical and ethnological results of the explorations carried out in 1900-01 in the southers [i. e. southern] position of chinese Turkestan and particularly in the region of Khotan
Archaeological exploration in Central Asia
Archaeological explorations on the Roman frontier in North-East Jordan : the Roman and Byzantine military installations and road network on the ground and from the air
Archaeological reconnaissances in North-Western India and South-Eastern Iran
archaeological tour along the Ghaggar-Hakra River, An
archaeological tour in upper Swät and adjacent hill tracts
archaeological tour in Waziristān and Northern Balůchistān
Ázsia halott szívében Válogatott írások
Catalogue of the Sanskrit manuscripts in the Raghunatha temple library of His Highness the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir
Catalogue of wall-paintings from ancient shrines in Central Asia and Sistan
Chong fan Hetian lü zhou
Chūō Ajia no koseki, 1941
Desiccation in Asia, a geographical question in the light of history
Detailed report of an archaeological tour with the Buner field force. -
dipinto cinese della raccolta Berenson, Un
documents chinois de la troisième expédition de Sir Aurel Stein en Asie centrale., Les
Fa xian cang jing dong
Hatim's tales Kashmiri stories and songs
Hatim'sTales, Kashmiri stories and songs
Homokba temetett városok régészeti és földrajzi utazás Indiából Kelet-Turkesztánba 1900-1901-ben
Illustrated Rājataraṅgiṇī together with Eugen Hultzsch's critical notes and Stein's maps
In memoriam Panḍịt Govind Kaul, 1846-1899
Indian historical researches.
indo-iranian borderlands their prehistory in the light of geography and of recent explorations
Innermost Asia detailed report of explorations in Central Asia, Kan-Su and Eastern Īrān
Kalhaṇa's Rājataraṅgiṇī a chronicle of the kings of Kásmīr
Katalog der Sanskrit-Handschriften ... 1990:
Kharoṣṭhī inscriptions discovered by Sir Aurel Stein in Chinese Turkestan.
Letters of P.S. Allen
Limes report
Lu jing Loulan
Map showing portions of Kun-lun Range, Chinese Turkestan : to illustrate the explorations of Dr. M. Aurel Stein and his assistants R.B. Lal Singh and R.S. Ram Singh, Survey of India, 1906-8.
Maps illustrating the ancient geography of Kaśmīr
Mountain panoramas from the Pamirs and Kwen Lun
Nagy Sándor nyomdokain az Indushoz. -
Notes on maps of ancient Kaśmīr and Śrīnagar
Notes on Ou-k'ong's account of Kaçmir
Notes on remains of the roman limes in north-western Iraq
Old routes of western Iran, narrative of an archaeological journey carried out and recorded by Sir Aurel Stein,... Antiquities examined, described and illustrated with the assistance of Fred H. Andrews,...
On Alexander's track to the Indus personal narrative of explorations of the North-West Frontier of India carried out under the orders of H.M. Indian government
On ancient Central Asian tracks : brief narrative of three expeditions in innermost Asia and northwestern China
On ancient tracks past the Pamirs
Ősi ösvényeken Ázsiában három kutató utam Ázsia szívében és Kína északnyugati tájain
Romvárosok Ázsia sivatagjaiban
Ruins of desert Cathay : personal narrative of explorations in Central Asia and Western most China
Sand-buried ruins of Khotan; personal narrative of a journey of archaeological & geographical exploration in Chinese Turkestan
Serindia; detailed report of explorations in Central Asia and westernmost China carried out and described under the orders of H.M. Indian government
Sha mai Hetian fei xu ji, 1994:
Sir Aurel Stein's Central Asia detailed reports of explorations in Central Asia, Kan-Su, China, Mangolia [sic.], russian Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet, Oxus and Hindukush
Sir Aurel Stein's "Limes report" the full text of M. A. Stein's unpublished "Limes report" (his aerial and ground reconnaissances in Iraq and Transjordan in 1938-39)
Sir Aurel Stein's Sprachaufzeichnungen im Äinallu-Dialekt aus Sudpersien. "Zapiski Sir Aurela Steina w dialekcie Äinallu z południowej Persji"...
site of Alexander's passage of the Hydaspes and the battle with Poros., The
Thousand Buddhas. Ancient Buddhist paintings from the cave temples of Tun-Huang on the western frontier of China
Tibetan word book, by Sir Basil Gould,... and Hugh Edward Richardson,...
Torwali an account of a Dardic language of the Swat Kohistan
Tun-huang wen wu wai liu kuan chien jen wu tʻan wei, 1993:
Wall paintings from ancient shrines in Central Asia
Ya Zhou fu di kao gu tu ji, 2004:
Zapiski Sir Aurela Steina w dialekcie Äinallu z południowej Persji
Zoroastrian deities on Indo-Scythian coins
アレクサンダーの道 : ガンダーラ・スワート