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Rankin, Robert
Rankin, Robert Fleming
Robert Fleming Rankin (britischer Autor humorvoller Romane)
Robert Rankin
Robert Rankin (British author)
Robert Rankin (Brits auteur)
Робърт Ранкин
Рэнкин, Роберт
ランキン, ロバート
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Language material
Musical sound recording
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Related names: 
Bauduret, Thomas (1963-...)
Černá, Irena (1950-)
Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress)
Hrách, Tomáš (1967-2000)
Prószyński Media
Siarkiewicz, Ewa
Spólny, Jacek
Wieczorek, Paweł
Zysk i S-ka Wydawnictwo
圷, 香織
After a great deal of passageway perambulation...
'And what about your brother?' said Eddie
Anthrax jogged merrily along
Apocalypse Blues
apokalyptischen Schokohasen Roman
Armageddon the musical
At length they were no longer in the factory
aventuriers du parking perdu
BONUS TRACK: Mark Stay interviews Robert Rankin
Book of ultimate truths
Brentford chainstore massacre, The
Buch der allerletzten Wahrheiten Roman
Burning Rope
cab was a fine looking automobile, The
car was an Anders Faircloud..., The
chocolate factory had big gates at the front..., The
'Clever,' said Eddie...
controller shouted instructions..., The
Curiously, the rich and famous folk did not seem...
da-da-de-da-da code, The
Dance of The Sugar-Plum Technofairy
Dance of the voodoo handbag
'Do you have a name?' asked Bellis, glaring upward daggers
dog called Demolition, A
Dziewczyna płaszczka i inne nienaturalne atrakcje
Eddie and Jack ran up the sweeping drive...
Eddie and Jack stood back...
'Eddie?' Jack went all weak at the knees
Eddie looked up at the young man...
Eddie was a most unhappy bear
Evening was coming by the time Jack and Eddie...
exterior of the bawdy house was nothing to speak of, The
exterior of Tinto's bar was colourful..., The
fandom of the operator, The
Fikané jezinky chiswické
For those who are unacquainted with the career of...
Garden of unearthly delights
Garten unirdischer Gelüste Science-Fiction-Roman
'Good evening to you, chef,' hailed Jack
Grand Salon of Oh Boy! was a monument to..., The
Greatest show off earth
grösste Show jenseits der Welt Roman
Had Eddie's eyes been able to widen...
Headless in Gunnersbury
Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse, The
homme le plus mieux de tous les temps
Humpty Dumpty
If Eddie had been able to make fists...
In the morning the big smiley sun arose...
invasion des mangeurs d'hommes
It is a fact, well known to those who know it well...
It is another fact well known to those who know it well...
It was two whole days before Jack got around to...
Jack and Eddie stood once more upon the gravel drive
Jack awoke to find himself in strange surroundings
Jack awoke with a start...
Jack carried Eddie back to Bill Winkie's office
Jack drove once more through the streets of Toy City
Jack drove the car and Eddie sat trying to fold his arms...
Jack lifted Eddie, who clambered onto jack's head...
Jack sat awkwardly, nursing himself
Jack stared
Jack was suddenly covered in blood
Jack woke to find he had been thoughtfully covered...
Jäger des verlorenen Parkplatzes Roman
Japanese devil fish girl and other unnatural attractions
Ketten-Läden-Massaker Roman
'Kidnapped.' Jack sat shivering in the coldness and dampness...
Knees up Mother Earth
Księga prawd ostatecznych
'Listen Eddie,' said Tinto...
'Little Tommy,' husked the Missy...
livre des morts banlieusards
livre des vérités ultimes
Lobster Cracking (Air on a Loom)
mechanical messiah and other marvels of the modern age, The
moon was ducking down now..., The
Most amazing man who ever lived
Największe przedstawienie zza świata
Nostradamus ate my hamster
Nostradamus zjadł mi chomika
Now, there is a knack to driving a car
Nursery Towers was big
Ogród nieziemskich rozkoszy
'Once upon a time,' said the big fat farmer...
Pelted with Stones
police van sped onwards through the night-time streets..., The
Poszukiwacze zaginionego parkingu
Presently he awoke from unconsciousness...
Presently they found themselves in a dead-end situation
Přišli a sežrali nás, aneb, Armaggedon II. jako akční krvák
Raiders of the lost car park
Requiem for Jonny
Sex and drugs and sausage rolls
Sides to a Story
single Spotlight illuminsted Miss Muffett, A
Smart Hat Johnny
So,' said Jack, 'tell me about the case...
'So where does Miss muffett live?' Jack asked...
Some Call Me Laz
Starker Tobak Roman
Suburban book of the dead : armageddon iii: the remake
sudden high pitched shriek..., A
sun was drifting down towards the horizon..., The
Tanz der Voodoo-Tasche Roman
'Terrible business,' said Eddie...
There was a really nice police car parked near by, as it happened
'There you go,' said Eddie Bear
They came and ate us Armageddon 2, The B-movie
They came and ate us : Armageddon II: the B-movie
thorough search of Bill Winkie's office..., A
'Three, two, one,' bawled the controller, variously
Time passes slowly in a police interview room...
Tinto's voice became slower and slower...
Toute la vérité l'intégrale de la trilogie
toyminator, The
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Track 10
Track 11
Track 12
Track 13
Track 14
Track 15
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
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Track 8
Track 9
two trudged up the toymaker's gravel drive..., The
Waiting for Godalming
Warten auf Oho Roman
Web site story
Wibbly inhabited a basement flat...
Witches of chiswick
With a struggling lad beneath one big leg...
'Women,' said Jack
workroom was exactly as Jack might have expected..., The
Would you mind opening the doors...'
wundersamste Mann, der jemals lebte Roman
Zahrada nadpozemských rozkoší
Най-прекрасният човек на света