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Lai-tʻe, O-wei-erh
Laite, Aoweier
les frères Wright (famille)
Orvil Rajt
Orvilis Raitas
Orville Wright
Orville Wright (aéronaute)
Orville Wright (American aviation pioneer)
Orville Wright (amerykański pionier lotnictwa)
Orville Wright (pioniere statunitense dell'aviazione)
Orville Wright (US-amerikanischer Flugpionier und Flugzeugbauer)
Wright, bracia
Wright ((frères))
Wright, les frères
Wright, Orville
Wright, Orville (American aviator, 1871-1948)
Орвил Райт
Орвил Рајт
ריט, אוריל
来特, 奥维尔
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Chanute, Octave (1832-1910)
Ferrus, Léonce-Aimé Commandant
Freedman, Russell
Jakab, Peter L. (19..-...)
Kelly, Fred C.
McFarland, Marvin Wilks (1919-)
Smithsonian Institution
Wright, Milton (1828-1917; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Wright, Wilbur
Wright, Wilbur (1867-1912; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Young, Richard Leo
Young, Rick
Young, Rick (19..-...)
[1903 machine and large camp building where it was housed, and smaller building used as a workshop and living quarters at Kill Devil Hills]
[1903 machine on the launching track at Big Kill Devil Hill, prior to the December 14th trial. Four men from the Kill Devil Hills Lifesaving Station helped move it from the shed to the hill, accompanied by two small boys and a dog]
aéroplane des frères Wright, L' : historique, expériences, description : avec une planche de dessins originaux
[Banquet of the wives of the "Ten Annuals"]
[C H & D (i.e., Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Dayton) train wreck below Dayton, Ohio]
[Carrie Kayler, Belle Kayler, and Clo Barnes, December 31, 1900]
[Clarence "Grandpa" Liv and Alonzo "Teddy" Tucker behind the Wright Cycle Company]
[Close-up view of airplane, including the pilot and passenger seats]
[Eleanor and Billy Prentiss and Enyeart Crume, Wright neighbors]
[Exterior side view of the Wright Company factory; Dayton, Ohio]
[Flight 41: Orville flying to the left at a height of about 60 feet; Huffman Prairie, Dayton, Ohio]
[Front view of Hawthorn Hill in winter; Dayton, Ohio]
[Helen Wright, age 12, niece of the Wright brothers, daughter of Reuchlin Wright]
How we invented the airplane : an illustrated history
[Kitty Hawk lifesaving crew: Captain Joseph Payne, Oliver T[...]ford, Jos. Best, Ben Toler, Tom Suerling, and Tom Heintz]
Lai-tʻe hsiung ti, 1988:
[Launching track on Big Hill, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and north slope of Kill Devil Hill]
[Lifesaving crew at practice in the ocean, distant view]
[Lorin Wright pulling his daughter Leontine, age three, on a sled]
[M.F. Keiter "blackmail" letters]
[M.F. Keiter forgery]
[Milton Wright, Ivonette Wright, and Leontine Wright seated on sled]
[Milton Wright, nephew of Wilbur and Orville, son of Lorin, approximately age nine, [sic], copy photograph]
Miracle at Kitty Hawk; the letters of Wilbur and Orville Wright.
[Mr. and Mrs. Lindemuth, farmers, at Shoup's Mill, near Dayton, Ohio]
[Mrs. Lorin (Lou) Wright, half length]
Narrows], [The
[Oberlin College, class of 1898]
[Oberlin College reception, group photograph, Oberlin, Ohio]
[Orville Wright, age 34, head and shoulders, with mustache]
[Orville Wright, Major John F. Curry, and Colonel Charles Lindbergh, who came to pay Orville a personal call at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. June 22, 1927]
[Otto Lilienthal glider, 1895]
[Rear view of the Wright brothers' four-cylinder motor as installed in their 1903 airplane]
[Right rear view of one of the successful glides made on October 21, 1903 with the 1902 glider (one of three pictures taken on this date); Kitty Hawk camp buildings in the distance]
[Scipio, a St. Bernard dog Orville acquired in March, 1917]
[Series of flights from May through July, just after the opening of the Wright Flying School, probably Orville acting as instructor; Simms Station, Dayton, Ohio]
[Start of the first flight of 1905, Orville Wright at controls of the machine, near the hangar at Huffman Prairie. The two figures in the center are probably Wilbur Wright and Charles E. Taylor. The catapult launching device appears for the first time in a photograph]
[Three-quarter left rear view of glider in flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina]
[Tom Tate, son of Captain Tate's half-brother Daniel Tate, posing with a drum fish in front of 1900 Wright glider]
Unser Flieger
[View of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, photographed by the Wright brothers in the vicinity of their 1900 camp, where they conducted their first gliding experiments in October]
[View of the camp building at Kitty Hawk from the northwest, showing the old building to the left and the newly constructed building on the right, with a window on its east side and outside wall braces visible on its west side]
Visions of a flying machine : the Wright brothers and the process of invention
[Wilbur and Orville Wright with their second powered machine; Huffman Prairie, Dayton, Ohio]
[Wilbur gliding to the right, bottom view of glider]
[Wilbur in glider turning rapidly to the left, Dan Tate running alongside; Big Kill Devil Hill]
[Wilbur in prone position in damaged machine on ground after unsuccessful trial of December 14, 1903; Kitty Hawk, North Carolina]
[Wilbur Wright, age 30, seated facing right, half-length side view]
[Wilbur Wright gliding from No. 2 Hill, west of the camp building]
[Wilbur Wright working in the bicycle shop]
[Wolf Creek flood]
[Wolf fire]
[Woods near camp at Kitty Hawk]
[Wright brothers rebuilding their glider in a wooden shed erected in July to serve as a workshop and to house the glider in bad weather, August, 1901; Kitty Hawk, North Carolina]
Wright brothers' scrapbooks, 1876-1970
Wright home, 7 Hawthorn Street, Dayton, Ohio], [The