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0000 0001 1053 1954
Jones, Delight Quincy (jun)
Jones Jr (Quincy Delight)
Jones, Quincy
Jones, Quincy D.
Jones, Quincy Delight
Jones, Quincy Delight Jr
Jones, Quincy Delight (jun)
Kuinsi Cons
Kvinsijs Džonss
Quincey Jones
Quincy D. Jones
Quincy Delight Jones, Jr
Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones (acteur américain)
Quincy Jones (actor estadounidense)
Quincy Jones (American record producer, conductor, arranger, composer, television producer, and trumpeter)
Quincy Jones (Amerikaans dirigent)
Quincy Jones (amerikanischer Musikproduzent, Komponist, Jazztrompeter, Arrangeur und Bandleader)
Quincy Jones (amerykański muzyk i aranżer jazzowy)
Quincy Jones (arrangiatore, direttore d'orchestra e produttore discografico statunitense)
Quincy Jones (Músico, produtor musical, director, compositor e produtor de televisión estadounidense)
Κουίνσι Τζόουνς
Джонс, Куинси
Квинси Џонс
Квінсі Джонс
Куинси Джоунс
קווינסי ג'ונס
كوينسي جونز
کوئینسی جونز
ควินซี โจนส์
퀸시 존스
ジョーンズ, クインシー
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Agostini, Gloria (co-performer)
Barretto, Ray (co-performer)
Basie, Count (1904-1984)
Basie, William (1904-1984)
Bown, Patti (co-performer)
Byers, Billy (co-performer)
Charles, Ray (co-performer)
Clarke, Kenny (co-performer)
Coleman, Gary (co-performer)
Dixon, Eric (co-performer)
Dizzy Gillespie and his orchestra
Fuller, Curtis (co-performer)
Hall, René (co-performer)
Hrasko, Jo (co-performer)
Hubbard, Freddie (co-performer)
Jones, Eddie (co-performer)
Jones, Elvin (co-performer)
Jones, Jimmy (co-performer)
Jones, Jo (co-performer)
Jones, Quincy (1933-...)
Jones, Reunald (co-performer)
Jones, Thad (co-performer)
Lee, Peggy (1920-2002)
Lumet, Sidney (1924-2011)
Naxos Digital Services
Pedersen, Guy (co-performer)
Poitier, Sidney (1927-)
Polygram Records Inc
Polygram, Division Polydor
Quincy Jones All Stars Affiliation (see also from)
Quincy Jones and His Orchestra
Quincy Jones and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Quincy Jones and His Orchestra Affiliation (see also from)
Quincy Jones and the All Stars
Quincy Jones and the All Stars (isMemberOf)
Quincy Jones and the All Stars (see also from)
Quincy Jones Big Band Affiliation (see also from)
Quincy Jones's Orchestra
Quincy Jones's Orchestra (see also from)
Renaud, Henri (co-performer)
Sassetti & C.ª (editor de música)
Saurer, Marcel (1969-)
Spielberg, Steven (1946-...)
Suhrstedt, Tim
Tamia, 1976-
Tate, Grady (co-performer)
Terry, Clark (1920-...)
The Jones Boys (isMemberOf)
Trbovich, Tom
Warner home video France
Warner music France
WEA Europe
Wilkins, Ernie
Woods, Phil (co-performer)
Young, Eugene (co-performer)
Żbikowski, Zbigniew (1952- ))
Zeller, Karl (skladatelj)
$ (Music From the Original Motion Picture Sound Track)
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Quincy Jones
4th Cut to Hood / Wait
À Cannes cet été (Fragile Eyes)
A&M Gold Series
Addie's at It Again
After Hours
Ai No Corrida (12″ mix)
Ai No Corrida (12″ version)
Ai no corrida (Cha Cha, 31mpm)
Ai No Corrida (feat. Dune & Charles Hugh May)
Ai No Corrida (I-No-Ko-Ree-Da)
Ai No Corrida (single version)
Ain't That Peculiar
Air mail special
Airmail Special
Al No Corrida
Along Came Betty
Anderson Tapes, The
Anybody Could
Apache Camp/Massacre Montage
At the End of the Day (Grace)
Ay No Corrida
B.B. Jones, The
Baby, Come to Me
Baby Elephant Walk
Back At the Chicken Schack
Back at the Chicken Shack
Back at the Chickenshack
Back on the Block (Club Trip Part One)
Back to the Chicken Shack
Back water blues
Ballad Medley: What's New / We'll Be Together Again / Time on My Hands / You Go to My Head / Laura
Banja Luka
Be My Guest
Beautiful Black Girl
Begining of the Shift
Behold, the Only Thing Greater Than Yourself (Birth)
Bess, You Is May Women Now
Bess, You Is My Woman Now
Best of Quincy Jones
best, The
Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me (feat. Patti Austin), I
Big Band Bossa Nova
Big Sir
Big Sound of Quincy Jones, The
Billies's Bounce
Bird Brain
Birdland (5 min 33 s)
birth of a Band!, The
Black Cherry
Black Orpheus: Carnaval (Manha De Carnaval)
Black Pearl
Blood & Roots
Blue 'n Boogie
Blue's Day
Blues at Twilight
Blues cross country
Blues Day
Blues for Mister Tibbs
Blues for Mr Tibbs
Blues for Trumpet & Koto
Blues in the Night
Bobb's at Gunpoint
Body Heart
Body heat
Body on Elevator
Boo's Bloos
Boo's Blues
Boogie Bossa Nova (Boogie Stop Shuffle)
Boogie Joe/The Glinder
Boogie Joe, the Grinder
Boogie Stop Shuffle (issued as Boogie Bossa Nova)
Boogity Boogity
Bossa Nova U.S.A.
Bossa Nova USA
Bossanova Usa
Bowlegged Polly
Boy in the Tree, The
Boyhood to Manhood
Brandy, Heavy D & the Boyz - Rock With You
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Brief Encounter
Bright Moon
Britannia and Mr Bridger, If You Please!
Brooks' 50¢ Tour (main title collage)
Brooks' 50c Tour
Brown Ballad
Brown Soft Shoe
Bump in the Night
Bus Pulls Out
Cactus flower
Call Me Mister Tibbs (End Title)
Call Me Mister Tibbs (Main Title)
Call Me Mr Tibbs (end title)
Call Me Mr Tibbs (main title)
Call Me Mr Tibbs (reprise)
Can I Go On?
Can't Get No) Satisfaction, (I
Can't Get Outta the Rain
Candy Man
Canon del Oro/Waterhole Trek
Carnival (Manha De Carnaval)
Cast You Fate to the Wind
Cast Your Fate to the Wind
Celie Cooks Shug Breakfast
Celie & Harpo Grow Up / Mr. Dresses to See Shug
Celie Leaves With Mr.
Celie's New House / Body and Soul
Celie Shaves Mr. / Scarification Ceremony
Champagne Train
Chance of Pace, A
Change of Pace, A
Chant of the Weed
Chega de saudade (No More Blues)
Cherokee (Indian Love Song)
Chief's Drive to Mayor
Chinese Checkers
Choo Choo Ch' Boogie
Chump Chance
Chump Change
Classics, Volume 3
Clinger’s Waiting
Clutter Family Theme
Coin Collection, The
Color purple. Finale
Color purple. Selections
Color Purple, The
Comin' Home, Baby
Commin' Home Baby
Cool Joe, Mean Joe (Killer Joe)
Corner, The
Corrine & Olivia
Cotton Curtain
couleur pourpre
Count 'em
Crime in Progress II
Cry Baby
Cut to Cops
Dancin' Pants
Dans la chaleur de la nuit
Daylie Double
Days of Wine and Roses, The
Dead Dip Bird
Dead End
Deadly affair. Selections
Dear Old Stockholm
Death Scene
Desafinado (Slightly Out of Tune)
Dieter's First Mistake
Do It Properly
Do It-To It
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
Doctor, Come Home / Girl Died
Doctor, Wife & Supermart
Don’t Bug Me, Hug Me
Don't But Me, Hug Me
Don't Fly If It's Foggy
don't go for that (5 min 11 s), I
Don't You Believe It
Door Up the Ladder
Down Clutter’s Lane
Drawer Fulla Money
dude, The
Dukes Finale
Dynamite (from 'Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice')
Eight Classic Albums
Eleven O’Clock Time / Q.J. March / Frantic Fans / Let’s Go
Ellington Medley
Emerald City Sequence
En el calor de la noche
encyclopedia of jazz in the seventies, The
End of the Yellow Brick Road
End Title
Enter Laughing: David Dooze It
Enter Laughing: Enter Laughing (End Titles)
Enter Laughing: Exit Crying
Enter Laughing: I Hear You Calling
Enter Laughing: Main Title
Enter Laughing: Vienna Wails
Evening in Paris
Everybody's Blues
Everything Must Change
Exodus Song (SL 28)
Eyes Everywhere
Eyes of Love
Fallen Feathers
Falling in Love With Love
Falling In Love With Me
Family Man
Faraway Forever
Farbe Lila, Die
Fat Poppa Daddy
Fat Poppadaddi
Fat Poppadaddy
Finale (Shifts End)
Fine Dead Lady
First Letter, The
Fly me to the moon
For Lena and Lennie
For Lena and Lenny
For Love of Ivy
Foul Owl
Fox's Sugar
Free at Last? (The Civil War)
From Q, with love
Funny Farm
Funny Money / What The Hell
G'wain Train
G'wan Train (short version)
G'won Train
Genius of Quincy Jones, The
Gentle Rain From the Movie 'The Gentle Rain', The
Gerry Old Man
Get a Bloomin' Move On! (The Self Preservation Society)
Get the Funk Out of My Face
Get Up on It Like This
Getaway, The
Getta Bloomin' Move On! (The Self Preservation Society)
Give me a night
Give Me Until Morning
Glinda's Theme
Go West, Man!
Golden Boy
Good Witch Glinda, The
Got You (I Feel Good), I
Grace (Gymnastics Theme)
Gravity Waltz
Gravy Waltz
Great Wide World of Quincy Jones: Live!, The
Greatest Hits 1969-83
Greensleeves and All That Jazz
Greensleeves and All the Jazz
Guitar Blues Odyssey: From Roots to Fruits
Gula Matari (single version)
Gypsy, The
Had a Ball, I
Hang on Sloopy
Hangin’ Paper
Happy Faces (alternate take)
Happy Faces (version 1)
Happy Faces (version 2)
Happy Feet
Hard Day's Night, A
Hard Rock Dance
Hard Sock Dance
Harlem Drive
He'll Wash You Whiter Than Snow
He Says He Loves Me
heard that!!, I
heaven belongs to you (1 min 02 s)
Heaven's Girl
Heist - Original Soundtrack, The
Hello Mrs. Beckerman!
Hicky Burr
High Life / Proud Theme
High Rent District
Hikky Burr, theme from The Bill Cosby show
Holiday Message
Home / Intrusion / Chase / Good-bye
Homme de Fer (Ironside), L'
Hot Meter
Hot Rock, The
Hot Rock Theme
How Come You People
How Do U Want It
Hucklebuck, The
Hurricane Connie
I'll Be Good to You (12" remix edit)
I'll Be Good to You (Around the House mix)
I'll Be Good to You (Good for Your Soul mix)
I'll Be Good to You (single mix)
I’ll Have To Kill You
I'm A Believer
I’m Dying Of Thirst
I'm Gone
I'm gonna miss you in the morning (3 min 34s)
I'm Here
I'm Yours
If I Ever Loose This Heaven
If I Ever Lose This Heaven (single version)
If you go
In cold blood
in Crowd, The
In the Garden
In the Heat of the Night / Call Me Mr Tibbs
In the Heat of the Night (Ray Charles)
In the Heat of the Night / They Call Me Mister Tibbs
Index 1: Postcard Signed 'S', Index 2: Mendel Tails Elsa, Index 3: Tickets to 'S'
Ingrid Leaves Duke
Ironside (excerpt)
Ironside Theme (From "Ironside"), The
Is It Love That We Are Missin'
Is It Love That We're Missin' (single version)
Is It Love That We're Missing
Is It Love That Were Missin'
It might as well be swing
It's Caper Time! (The Self Preservation Society instrumental)
It's magic greatest hits 1952-1962
It's my party
It’s Over/Airport / End Title Card
It Sure Is Groovy!
Italian job, The
J.B. King
Jazz corner of the word (2 min 53 s)
Jazz corner of the world [S. Mos remix]
Jazz Masters
Jazz 'Round Midnight
Jessica’s Birthday
Jessica’s Day
Jive samba
Job Goes Down, Part 1, The
Job Goes Down, Part 2, The
Job Goes South, The
John & Mary
Johnson's Whack
Johnson’s Whacks
Johnsons Whacks
Jones Bash, The
Jones’ Bones
Jook Joint Intro
Jook Joint Outro
Jook Joint Reprise
Jumpin' de Broom (Marriage Ceremony)
Just a Little Taste of Me
Just a Man
Just Once More
Katutoka Corrine
Keep Cool
Kifka Car Caper
Kifka, My Driver
Killer Joe / Maybe Tomorrow
Killer Joe (single version)
Kinda Blues
King's Road Blues
Kings Road Blues
Kitty With the Bent Frame
L.A. Is My Lady
Lady in My Life, The
Lalo Bossa Nova
Landing / Discovery
Lester leaps in
Let the Good Times Roll
Letter search (3 min 06 s)
Listen to the Melody / Dixie Tag
Listen up
Listen (What It Is)
Little Hippy Dippy
Little Karen
Livin’ in America
London Derriere
Lonely Bottles
Lost Man (Main Title), The
Love and Peace
Love Dance
Love, I Never Had It So Good
Love Is Here to Stay
Love Is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)
Love Me by Name
Love, Q
Love Theme From "The Getaway"
Love You) Don't You Forget It, (I
Lover Come Back to Me
Lover's Concerto, A
Lullaby of Birdland
Mackenna's Gold / In Cold Blood
Magic Collection, The
Main Squeeze (Instrumental)
Main Theme (Main Title, Part I)
Main Theme (version no. 1)
Main Theme (version no. 2)
Main Theme (version no. 3)
Main Title: Mama Alfambeni (Premier Episode)
Main Title / Opening Hold‐up
Main Title (Overture, Part One)
Mam Caleba's Blues
Mama Caleby's Blues
Man Called Ironside: Theme, A
Many Rains Ago (Oluwa) (feat. Letta Mbulu) (African Theme: English version)
Marchin' the Blues
Massacre Montage
Maybe Tomorrow
Meanwhile, Back at the Mafia
Medley: What's New / We'll Be Together Again / Time on My Hands / You Go to My Head / Laura
Meet B.B.
Meet Benny Bailey
Mellow Madness
Merry Old Man
Messy but Good
Microscope / Let’s Get Him
Middle Passage (Slaveship Crossing)
Midnight Soul Patrol
midnight sun never sets, The
Midnight Sun Will Never Set (1959 Version), The
Miles and Quincy
Miss Celie's Blues (Sister)
Mister Tibbs!
Moanin' (alternate version)
Moanin’ (live)
Moanin (version 1)
Moaning' (version 2)
Mohair Sun
Money Runner / Money Is (medley)
Mood for Love
Moody's Mood for Love
Moon River
Mr. Lucky
Mr Tibbs Theme
Murder Scene
My Cherie Amour
My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style
My Funny Valentine
My Side of the Sky
Naked Truth, The
Need To Be Needed (Instrumental)
Needs To Be Bee'd With, I
Negro Speaks of Rivers (poem by Langston Hughes), The
Nettie's Letters
Nettie Teaches Celie
Never Has Seen Snow, I
Never Told You, I
New Centurions, The
New Earth sonata
Night Headlights
Night Patrol
Nitty Gritty Time
Nity Gritty Time
No Bones at All
No Place to Go
No Secrets
No Title
No Witnesses
No You Won't
Non-Stop to Brazil From the Movie 'The Gentle Rain'
Numéro treize
Odd Ball
Oh Happy Day
Oh Lord, Come by Here
Ole Fiddler
Ole Turkey Buzzard (English Version)
Ole Turkey Buzzard-Finale (Spanish version) (feat. vocals: Jose Feliciano)
Ole Turkey Buzzard (instrumental)
Oluwa (Many Rains Ago) (feat. Letta Mbulu) (African Theme)
On Days Like These (reprise)
On Days Like These (sax solo)
On Days Like These (vocal)
On Hundred Ways
On the Street Where You Live
On Your Feet, Boy!
One Hundred Ways (feat. James Ingram)
One man woman (3 min 44 s)
One Track Mind
Oom Is Blues, The
or de Mackenna
Os Tesouros de Sinatra Fotografias da intimidade, recordaçõese música da colecção da familia Sinatra
Osie’s Oasis
Otez's Night Off
Our Love Is Here to Stay
out-of-towners, The
Overture/Ole Turkey Buzzard (English version) (feat. vocals: Jose Feliciano)
Overture, Part Two
Oxygen Tent / 22 Possibles / His Room
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
Parisian Thoroughfare, A
Parole Party
Passin' the Buck
Pawnbroker. Selections
Pawnbroker / The Deadly Affair
Peep - Freak Patrol Car
Perry’s Theme
Peter Gunn
Pink Panther, The
Pink Panther Theme
Places you find love (6 min 24 s)
Places You Find Love, The
Plays Hip Hits
Pleaseingly Plump
Pleasingly Plump (first version)
Pogo Stick
Point One
Poppy Girls
Preacher, The
Prelude to the garden (54 s)
Preludium (Main Title, Part II)
Prologue (2 Q's Rap)
Pull The String / Drag Him Over, Escape
Q Digs Dancers
Q's jook joint
Q: Soul Bossa Nostra
Q the autobiography of Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones + Harry Arnold + Big Band = Jazz!
Quincy Jones ABC/Mercury Big Band Jazz Sessions, The
Quincy Jones and His Orchestra at Newport '61
Quincy Jones Explores the Music of Henry Mancini
Quincy Jones Interview #2
Quincy Jones Interview #3
Quincy Jones Interview, Part I
Quincy Jones Interview, Part II
Quincy Jones Interview, Part III
Quincy Jones Interview, Part IV
Quincy Jones Interview, Part V
Quincy Jones Interview, Part VI
Quincy Jones legacy series
Quincy Jones Originals: Songs for Pussycats / Quincy in Rio
Quincy Jones presents Who's who
Quincy Jones's Finest Hour
Quincy Plays for Pussycats
Quincy's Home Again
quintessence, The
Racines (Roots)
Rack 'em Up
Rap, Run It On Down
Ray, The
Real Gone Jazz
Redeye Runnin' Train
Remember Clifford, I
Reprise: Everything Must Change
Reunion / Finale
Rev Logan (Organ Solo)
Reve Parisien
Rico vacilon
Ridiculous Scene
Robot Portrait
Rock With You
Room 308
Roots: The Saga of an American Family
Rubber Ducky
Sahara Stone
Samba de Uma Nota So (One Note Samba)
Samba de Una Nota Só (One Note Samba)
Sanford and Son's Theme
Sanford and Son Theme (The Streetbeater)
Sanford & Son Theme (The Street Beater)
Scoping the Mark
Scrapple From the Apple
’Scuse These Blues
Se e tarde me pardoa (Forgive Me If I'm Late)
Se é tarde me perdoa (Forgive Me If I'm Late)
Secret garden (6 min 40 s)
Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite), The
Seldom Seen Sam
Separation, The
Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song)
Shadow of Your Smile, The
Shady Lady
Shag Bag, Hounds and Harvey
She Hangs Out (Doin' The Dentist)
Shook Up Fuzz / Mac Let’s Talk
Side Pocket
Sidewinder, The
Silent Moovies
Sinatra At The Sands
Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst
Slam City
Sleepin' Bee, A
Slender Thread, The
Slow Jams (new edit)(feat. Baby Face and Tamia with Portrait and Barry White)
Slow Jams (remix)(feat. Baby Face and Tamia with Portrait and Barry White)
Slum Creeper (Instrumental)
Smackwater Jack
Smell That Gold
Smell the Gold!
Snow Creatures
Soldier in the Rain
Soleil de minuit
Somethin’ Def
Somethin' Special
Somethin' Strange
Something About You
Something's Cookin'
Sometimes I’m Happy
Sophie Leaves Harpo
Soul Bosa Nova
Soul Bossa Nova (original mix)
Soul Bossa Nova (Original Version)
Soul Bossa Nova: The Fab & the Groovy (edit) (bonus)
Soul Bossa Nove (The Fab and Groovy radio edit)
Soul Bossanova
Soul Flower
Soul Full of Gold
Soul Motion
Soul Saga (Song of the Buffalo Soldier)
Soul Serenade
Sounds-- and stuff like that!
Spell You Spin, The
Split, The
Starry Night
Stockhold Sweetnin'
Stockholm sött och salt
Stockholm Sweetin'
Stockholm Sweetnin’
Stolen Moments
Stomp (Booker T. dub)
Stomp (Booker T. Underground mix)
Stomp (Frankie Knuckles radio mix)
Stomp (Mousse T. radio mix)
Stomp (Mousse T. Street mix)
Stomp (Mousse T. Ultimate Stomper)
Stomp: The Remixes
Stormy Weather
Straight, No Chaser
Strike up the Band
Stuff Like That (single version)
Summer in the City
Sunday Kind of Love, A
Super Hits
Supergolpe en Manhattan The Anderson tapes
Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
Sweaty Meeting
Swedish Jazz History, Vol. 7 (1952-1955)
Sweet Soul Sister
Swinging the Big Band
Syncopated Clock
Sztuka przetrwania
Tajni svijet
Take 5
Take Five
Takin' It to the Streets
Talkin' Verve
Talking Drums
Taste of Honey, A
Tell Me a Bedtime Story
That Midnight Sun Will Never Set
That's Enough for Me
Them From They Call Me Mister Tibbs
Theme From Cactus Flower
Theme From Golden Boy
Theme From Inga
Theme from Ironside
Theme From the Anderson Tapes
Theme From the Pawnbroker (45 Rpm EP version)
Theme From the Pawnbroker (45 rpm single version)
Theme From the Pawnbroker (instrumental version)
Theme From They Call Me Mister Tibbs
There's a Train Leavin'
There's a Train Leaving
They Call Me Mr. Tibbs
They Say It's Wonderful
Things Could Be Worse for Me
This Is How I Feel About Jazz
This Is How We Feel About "Q" 1956/1981
Threadbare (Main Title, Part III)
Threadbare (Main Title Pt.3)
Three on the Road
Tickle Toe
Tim's High
Time for Love (Is Any Time)
Time For Love Is Anytime ("Cactus Flower" Theme) (Organ Version], The
Time For Love Is Anytime ("Cactus Flower" Theme) (Piano Version), The
Title (reconstruction)
To Sir With Love
Toast to the New Centurions, A
Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me)
Tone Poem
Toots Thielemans - Velas
Toubob Is Here! (The Capture), The
Tracey Source
Tribute to A.E.: Daydreaming/First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Trouble for Charlie
Trouble on My Mind
Troubles at Home
Try, Try, Try
Tryin' To Find Out About You
Turn on the Action
Turn Out the Lamplight
Turtle's Last Lap
Tuxedo junction
Twitch, The
Two People, Two Rents
Ucieczka gangstera
Ultimate Collection
Under Paris Skies
Up Against The Wall (Instrumental)
Verb to be (29 s)
Verb to Be, The
Voice-Over Intro - "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Original Demo From 1978)"
Voice-Over Intro - Quincy Jones Interview #1
Voice-Over Intro - Quincy Jones Interview #4
Voice-Over Intro - "Workin' Day and Night (Original Demo from 1978)"
Wail Bait
Walk in the Black Forest, A
Walk on the Wild Side
Walk On the Wilde Side
Walk on the Wildside
Walking in space
Wasting Time
Wat's Goin' On
Waterhole Trek
Watermelon Man
We are the World, instrumental introduction
Wee B Dooinit (a cappella party)
What Good Is a Song?
What's Goin' On
What's Going On? (single version)
What's New, Pussycat?
What Shall I Do? (Hush, Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name)
Wheelin' and Dealin'
When You Believe
Where Whitey Ain't Around
Whipping Boy
Whisper Not
Who Needs Forever?
Why Daddy?
Wiching Hour, The
Witching Hour, The
wiz, The
Wonder What She's Doin' Tonight, I
Wrong Man, The
Yah Mo B There
You Have to Do It Yourself
You put a move on my heart
You Put It on Me
You’re Crying
You Turned the Tables on Me
You've got it bad girl
Contributed to or performed: 
100 All Time Classic Dance Hits of the 1970s
100 Best Jazz Tunes of the 1950's, The
100 Dance Hits of the Eighties
100 Greatest TV Themes
100 Hits: Jazz
100 Ways
100% Carnival!
100x Liefde 2009
12″ Club Classics: 80s Grooves
15 août
15 août - Extraits de la bande originale du film
40 Number 1 Hits
50 Jaar Studio Sport: The Music
70's - Les meilleurs génériques des séries T.V. américaines (Best of)
75 All Time Jazz Sessions
90s Soul Number 1's
Absolute 80's
Absolute Disco
After Hours - 18 Of The Best Piano Standards
After Hours: Mellow Jazz Moods
After Hours: The Chart Soaring Hits of Today
After Midnight: Another 20 Cool Cuts On the Lighter Side of Jazz
Agents Secrets
Ai No Corrida
All Right, Okay, You Win
All the Best '99
All‐Time Top 100 TV Themes
Amants solitaires, Les
Amazing Grace
Amoureux, Les
Angeles Blues, Los
Artist’s Choice: Ray Charles
As Time Goes By
Baby, Come to Me
Back at the Chicken Shack
Back on the Block
Back on the Block (808 vs. Q.)
Back on the Block (Q. vs. 808)
Back to Black
Ballroom Stars, Volume 2
Basin Steet Blues
Beautiful Black Girl
Beautiful Bossa Nova
Best Disco in Town, The
Best Disco... Ever!, The
Best Latin Party Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Latino Carnival in the World… Ever!, The
Best Nat ‘King’ Cole, Dean Martin, Tom Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Matt Monro, Peggy Lee, Louis Armstrong …and Friends Album in the World …Ever! Vol. 2, The
Best of 12" Gold, Volume 1
Best of 12" Gold, Volume 3
Best of Dance Classics, Volume 2, The
Best Of Jazz Club, The
Best Smooth Jazz… Ever! Vol. 4, The
Best Unofficial Footie Anthems …Ever!, The
Best Unofficial Footie Anthems... Ever!, The
besten Hits der 80er, Vol. 2, Die
Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me
Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me (special extended version)
Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me
Betcha’ Wouldn’t Hurt Me
Beuze, La
Big Band Bash
Big Score: A Soundtrack to the Black Films of the Seventies, The
Billy Eckstine & Quincy Jones at Basin Street East
Bird Song
Black Music Lounge
Blanchard: New Earth Sonata / Telemann: Suite in A Minor (Overture/Air a L'Italien/Rejouissance)
Blaxploitation 3: The Payback
Blaxploitation, Volume 3: The Payback
Blaxploitation: The Sequel
Blues & Black Jazz
Blues Cross Country / If You Go
Blues for Pablo
Body & Soul: The Best of Black Music, Volume 6
Body + Soul: Love & Tenderness
Body + Soul: Platinum
Body + Soul: Smooth Jams
Body Heat
Boogie Stop Shuffle
Bossa Nova
Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms, Volume 6: Film Bossa, The
Boston Beans
Boyz n the Hood: Music From the Motion Picture
Brasil Round Midnight
Burmester: Art of the Ear - Vorführungs-CD II
Café Continental
Café Continental: The Latin Quarter
Campari Lounge
Can You Dig It? The Music and Politics of Black Action Films 1968-75
Careless Love
Cast Your Fate to the Wind
Cat Meets Chick
Chillout Album 2: The Essential Late Night Mix, The
Chillout Album, Volume 3: Soft Mixed, The
Cien de la 100, Volume 2, Las
Cinema de Funk: Soundtrack Grooves 1968-1976, Volume 2 (Best Of)
Classic Jazz: Jazz Greats
Classic Movie Themes 4
Club Classics, Volume 2
Club Hits 98/99
Cocktail Mix, Volume 2: Martini Madness
Cocktail Mix, Volume 4: Soundtracks With a Twist!
Cœur d'artichaud
Collection of Various Interpretations of Fever, A
Collection of Various Interpretations of Take Five, A
Come prima
Cool Jazz
Cool Sounds for a Warm Night
Cool Summer Jazz
Cool Swing
Cult Files, The
Dance Classics Gold, The Ballads
Dance Classics, Volume 15 & 16
Dance Explosion: 50 Disco Hits From the 70’s, 2
Dance With the Big Bands, Volume 1
Dancing Party, Volume 6 (disc 1)
Dans mon île
Deep Purple
Dialog / Farewell / I Remember Clifford
Dialog / Letter to Justin #2 / Exodus
Dig (Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble), I
Dirty Dozens, The
Disco Fever, Volume 2
Disco Funk Fever
Don't Bug Me, Hug Me
Don't Make Me No Never Mind
Donna's Dansfolie 79-80-81
Drawing Room (interlude), The
Duke, The
Dusty Fingers, Volume 2
EAMS Compilation Vol. 12
Ebony - Soft Soul Classics
Empire Ultimate: The Best of the Best Ever Soundtracks
Encyclopedia of Jazz, Part 5/5: Modern Jazz - Cool Jazz, The
Erotic Garden (After Hours version), The
Erotic Garden (version of the Secret Garden), The
Eubie Walkin'
Everlasting Love Songs
Everything Must Change
Farewell To Arms
Feelin' Good
Ferry Maat's Soulshow Classics, Volume 2
Fetenhits: Summer Classics
Fiesta Brasiliana
Fiesta latino - A Latin Party
First Division 2004-2005
Fisherman's Wharf
Floorfillers 80s Club Classics
FM4 Sunny Side Up 10
Fragile Eyes The Class of 1978
Funk Chic
Funk on Film
Funk on Film: 70's Screen Scene Funk
Funky Dance Grooves, Volume 2
Funky End, The
Funky Jazz 6 - Cool & Soul
Gerard Ekdom's BBQ Box, Volume 2
Gerry Old Man
Get Along With You Very Well, I
Girls From Ipanema: Best of Bossa Nova, The
Gitanes Jazz - Big Band
Glimmer (Bedrock remix)
Goin' To Chicago Blues
Gold Encore Series: Digital Big Band Bash!
Gone, Gone, Gone
Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Grain Belt Blues, The
Grande Storia del Jazz (disc 11: Jazz Rock), La
Grave Waltz
Greatest Jazz Hits, The
Groove Zone, Sector Two
Groovy Gravy
GRP Juice: A Taste of Jazz History
Here Come de Honey Man
Here's That Rainy Day
Hey! Look Me Over
Hikky Burr
Hikky-Burr (Kincaid Kinfolk)
Hikky-Burr (Mix Master Mike remix)
Hip Trips - Destination: Wild
History of Jazz 50’s–90’s
Hits of 77 & 78
Hits of the Sixties
Hits of… 81+82, Volume 9
Hold Up
Hot Piano
Hotel Lounge: Music Inspired by the VT4 TV-Series Het Hotel Westende
How Do You Keep the Music Playing
I'll Be Good to You
I'm Going to Miss You in the Morning
I'm Gonna Laugh You Out Of My Life
I'm Yours
I’ll Be Good to You
If I Ever Lose This Heaven
If You Go
In the Still of the Night
Infamous Queensbridge Collection (25 original Songs Sampled by Mobb Deep), The
Inrockuptibles présentent : Initials BO, Les
Introduction by Claude Nobs and Quincy Jones
Introduction to Miles Ahead Medley
Introduction to Porgy and Bess Medley
Is It Love That We're Missin'
Is It Love That We're Missing?
Is It Love That We’re Missin’
Jammin' With Herbie
Jazz & The City
Jazz Bossa Nova
Jazz Brasil 2
Jazz Brasil, Volumenes 1 & 2
Jazz Classics, Volume 1
Jazz Evening - Smooth Sounds
Jazz for the Road
Jazz Greats, The Essential Masterpieces / Trilogy
Jazz Meets Wine
Jazz Memories Collection, The
Jazz Moods
Jazz Number Ones
Jazz Playlist: Soul
Jazz Swings Motown
Jazz Swings Pop
Jazz Top 100 Allertijden: The Greatest Standards
Jazz Years - History of Jazz Box set, The
Jessica’s Day
Jimmy Cookin' on Top (interlude)
Jive Den
Johnson's Whacks
Jones Bash, The
Jumbo Hits
Jump for Jones
Jumpin' for James
Jumping for James
Junk Bucket Blues
Just Once
Kansas City
Kill Bill
Kill Bill, Vol. 1
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Kinky Beats
KKSF 103.7 FM Sampler for AIDS Relief, Volume 15
Klara Off Beat: A Jef Neve Jazz Compilation
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Drama (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 6)
KROQ Kevin & Bean: A Family Christmas in Your Ass
Late Night Jazz
Late Night London
Latin Fever
Latin Hits
Latin Jazz
Latin Jazz Hot Dance Summer
Left My Sugar (In Salt Lake City), I
Let The Good Times Roll
Li'l Ol' Groovemaker
Little Bossa
Live At Montreux
Lounge Movie (disc 1)
Love Me by Name
Love Songs Gold
Love Theme From "The Getaway"
Love Your) Gypsy Heart, (I
Ma (She's Making Eyes at Me)
Mad About the Boy (1961 version)
Mad Thad
Magic Funk
Maids of Cadiz
Mamboleo Summer Mix
Martini Lounge
Mastercuts Jazz Cafe
Mastermix Classic Cuts 49: Disco/Funk
Maximum Voice: A Cappella Goes Voice Pop
Maybe God Is Tryin' to Tell You Somethin'
Maybe It's Because
Maybe Tomorrow
Medley: Don't Get Around Much Anymore / I'm Just a Lucky So and So / Caravan / Sophisticated Lady
Medley: Fool That I Am / Everything I Have Is Yours
Meilleurs Génériques des séries T.V. américaines 80's, Les
Mellow Jazz
Mellow Madness
Mellow Mellow
Mes Soirées Funk N°1
Michael Parkinson Collection, The
Midnight Jazz (La Repubblica), Volume 1
Midnight Sun Never Sets, The
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Jazz 4 You, Volume 2
Miles & Quincy Live at Montreux
Miles Ahead
Miss Celies Blues (Sister)
Mission Impossible & Cult TV Themes of the Atomic Age and Beyond
Mojo Club Presents Dancefloor Jazz, Volume 6: Summer in the City
Mojo Club Presents: Dancefloor Jazz, Volume 2: For What It's Worth
Mojo Club Presents: Dancefloor Jazz, Volume 8: Love the One You're With
Mojo Club: The Remix Album, Volume 1: Some Essential Pieces
Mon p'tit pote
Monty, Is That You?
Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie's Grooves, The
Mood Mosaic 9: The Sound Bullett, The
Moody's Mood for Love
Moonlight Serenade
Mundo Latino
Music for Latin Jazz Lovers
música do século, volume 30, A
música do século, volume 47, A
My Funny Valentine
My Ship
New York City Blues
Nightwatch / Killer by Night
No. 1 Soul Hits
No.1 80s Oricon Hits
Nova 24h
Nova Classics Eight
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1981: The Millennium Series
Nuits, Les
Oh Happy Day
Oh Love Hast Thou Forsaken Me
Old Skool Reunion, The
One & Awake
One Hundred Ways
One Shot 1981
Only Soul 1985-1989
Only Way Is Up, The
Original Jam Sessions: 1969, The
Osie's Oasis
Our Definition of Latin
Pan Piper
Pan Piper, The
Party Power Pack: 70's Kult
Party Power Pack: Partyhits
Places You Find Love, The
Playboy’s 40th Anniversary: Four Decades of Jazz 1953-1993
Pottery Barn: on the rocks
Pozytywne Wibracje, Volume 1
Pozytywne Wibracje, Volume 10
Pozytywne Wibracje, Volume 6
Pozytywne Wibracje, Volume 8
Pure Love
Pure Love, Volume 5
Pure Soul 1997
Q: The Musical Biography of Quincy Jones
Quiet Sip
Quincy Jones & the Jones Boys
Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby: The New Mixes, Volume 1
Reality (Killin’ Every Nigga) (a cappella) / Summer in the City
Really 'Serious' Introduction, The
Recovered, Volume 1
Reprise! When Jazz Meets Pop, Volume 3
Resort+Music: Mediterranean Sea
Respect: The Soundtrack to The Soul Generation
Rhapsodies in Black: Music and Words From the Harlem Renaissance
Rhythm & Soul N°2
Rhythms del Mundo: Cuba
Ritmo de Janeiro
Rock Your Soul
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 3: Der andere Soundtrack: Coole Filmmusik-Versionen
Romance of Jazz: Hot & Cool
Romance of Jazz: Round Midnight
Rose That Grew From Concrete, The
Sampled, Volume 3
San Francisco Blues
Sax in the Garden
Say It Isn't So
Say It Loud! A Celebration of Black Music in America
Score: 20 Ultra-Cool Soundtracks From the Producers at Mojo, The
Screen Cuts
Scrubs: Season 5
Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite), Part I, The
Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite), Part II, The
Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction), The
Secret Garden, The
Secret Love
Serie Club
Sex Songs
Sexploitation, The
Shaken Not Stirred
Sit Down, People
Smoke Rings
Smooth Grooves: Jazzy Soul, Volume 1
Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz 2
Smooth Jazz Cafe Collection
Smooth R&B
Something Swingin', Volume 2
Soul Bossa Nova
Soul Bossanova
Soul Classics: Best of the 80's
Soul Kitchen
Soul Moods
Soul Pleasure
Soul Train (Hall of Fame): 20th Anniversary
Sous le Pont des soupirs
St. Louios Blues
Stereoplay Special (disc 65: Entertainment, Volume 3: The Latin Touch)
Stockholm Jazz Sensation! Metronome Sessions 1949-1960
Stormy Weather
Story Of Impulse, The
Story of Impulse!, The
Street Soul 2
Strictly Breaks, Volume 1
Studio Collection: Disco 54, The
Stuff Like That
Suite in A minor for Flute & Strings: Air à l'Italien
Suite in A minor for Flute & Strings: Overture
Suite in A minor for Flute & Strings: Réjouissance
Summer in the City
Summer Moods
Sunshine Soul - 20 Scorching Soul Classics
Supa Funky
Superhits #2
Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
Swingin' Sixties, The
Swingin’ Talkin’ Verve
Synanon / Enter Laughing
Take Five
Talkin' Verve - With a Twist
Talkin' Verve Groovy
Tarantino New Hits from Kill Bill Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
Television's Greatest Hits
Television's Greatest Hits Volume 3 - 70's & 80's
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 1: From the 50’s and 60’s
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 3: 70’s & 80’s
That's Disco: 60 All-Time Classics
That’s Soul 7
Thriller Jazz
Toe Jam
Together Forever
Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me)
Tony Blackburn: Soul Survivor
Too Darn Hot
Top of the Spot 2006
Top of the Spot 2010: New Collection, Volume 4
Top of the Spot Jazz
Total 80s Pop
Totally Big Band Jazz
Touch My Soul: The Finest of Black Music, Vol. 5
Traffic Jam Jazz
Train Blues, The
Trip to Brazil: 40 Years of Bossa Nova, A
Trip to Brazil: Bossa & Beyond, A
Tropical Fever
Tubes Disco
Turn Out the Lamplight
Turn Up the Sexy: Smooth R&B
TV Land Crime Stoppers: TV's Greatest Cop Themes
Ultimate Club Mix, Volume 2
Ultimate Gold Seal Collection 3 (R&B's Greatest Hits 1986-1996), The
Ultimate Jukebox Hits of the 80s, The
Ultimate Latin Album 10: Hip Hip Chin Chin, The
Ultimate TV Themes 2
Uptown Saturday Night
Urban Chill
Valse des lilas
Verve New Releases March 1997
Very Best Jazz Instrumentals, The
Very Best of Latin Jazz 2, The
Very Best of Latin Jazz, The
Very Best of the 80's: 1981, Volume 1, The
Voix en or, Volume 3 (disc 2), Les
Voix en or, Volume 3, Les
Walk on the Wild Side
Watermelon Man
Waxin' Lyrical, Part 2
We All Love Ennio Morricone
What's Goin' On?
When I Was A Child
Whisper Not
Who Needs Forever / The Deadly Affair
Wicked Jazz Sounds 5
Wickie, Slime und Paiper XL
Wise Guys: The Gangster Connection
Wish I Didn't Love You So, I
Wiz, The
Wiz: Original Soundtrack, The
WKCR Stretch and Bobbito Show (intro)
Work Song
World Cup Party Fever
World of Jazz: The Modern Sound
You Put a Move on My Heart
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You