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Lydekker, R.
Lydekker, Richard
Richard Lydekker (Brits bioloog (1849-1915))
Richard Lydekker (englischer Paläontologe)
Richard Lydekker (English naturalist, geologist and writer)
Richard Lydekker (naturalista, geologo e paleontologo inglese)
Лидеккер, Ричард
Річард Лідеккер
ریچارد لیدکر
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Blaine, Gilbert (co-author)
British Museum (Natural History). Department of Zoology
British Museum (Natural History). Dept. of Geology
British Museum (Natural History). Dept. of Zoology
British Museum. Natural History
Dollman, John Guy
Flower, William Henry (1831-1899)
Flower, William Henry (co-author)
Gadow, Hans (1855-)
Guillemard, Francis Henry Hill (co-author)
Hutchinson, H.N. (1856-1927)
Hutchinson, Henry Neville (1856-1927)
Newton, Alfred (1829-1907)
Nicholson, Henry Alleyne (1844-1899)
Sclater, Philip Lutley (co-author)
Shufeldt, Robert Wilson (co-author)
Siebert, Georg (1845-))
Additional Siwalik perissodactyla and proboscidia
An introduction to the study of mammals living and extinct
Animal portraiture : being fifty studies
Catalogue of fossil mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians in the Science and art museum
Catalogue of the fossil Birds in the British Museum (natural history)... by Richard Lydekker,...
Catalogue of the fossil "Mammalia" in the British Museum... Part I, containing the orders "Primates, Chiroptera, Insectivora, Carnivora" and "Rodentia"...
Catalogue of the fossil Reptilia and amphibia in the British Museum (natural history),... Part I [-IV] by Richard Lydekker,...
Catalogue of the heads and horns of Indian big game bequeathed by A. O. Hume,... to the British Museum (natural history), by R. Lydekker,...
Catalogue of the remains of pleistocene and pre-historic Vertebrata, contained in the geological department of the Indian Museum, Calcutta, by Richard Lydekker,...
Catalogue of the remains of Siwalik vertebrata contained in the Geological Department of the Indian Museum, Calcutta.
Catalogue of the remains of Siwalik Vertebrata, contained in the Indian Museum, Calcutta... by Richard Lyddekker,...
Catalogue of the ungulate mammals in the British Museum (natural history)... by R. Lydekker,...
Catalogue of the ungulate Mammals in the Britisk Museum... by R. Lydekker,...
Cats, civets, and mungooses
Contribuciones al conocimiento de los vertebrados fossiles de la Argentina
Contributions to a knowledge of the fossil vertebrates of Argentina
Dictionary of birds, by Alfred Newton, assisted by Hans Gadow, with contributions from Richard Lydekker,... Charles S. Roy,... and Robert W. Shufeldt,..., A
fauna of the Karnul caves, The
Fossil Reptilia and Batrachia
game animals of Africa, The
Ganoid fishes from the Deccan
Geographical history of Mammals, by R. Lydekker,..., A
geographische Verbreitung und geologische Entwickelung der Säugetiere, Die
geology of the Kashmir and Chamba territories and the British district of Khāgān, The
great and small game of Europe, Western & Northern Asia and America, The : their distribution, habits, and structure
Great and small game of India, Burma, and Tibet, by R. Lydekker,..., The
Guide to the domesticated animals (other than horses) exhibited in the Central and North halls of the British Museum (natural history) [by R. Lydekker]..., A
Guide to the specimens illustrating the races of mankind (anthropology) exhibited in the Department of zoology, British Museum (natural history)... [by R. Lydekker.]
Guide to the Whales, Porpoises and Dolphins (order Cetacea), exhibited in the Department of zoology, British Museum (natural history) [by R. Lydekker]...
hand-book to the marsupialia and monotremata, A
Handbook to the Carnivora.
Handbook to the Marsupialia and Monotremata, by Richard Lydekker,..., A
Hertfordshire, by R. Lydekker...
Horns and hoofs, or Chapters on hoofed animals, by R. Lydekker
horse and its relatives, The
Indian Tertiary and post Tertiary Vertebrata ...
introduction to the study of mammals, An : living and extinct
Labyrinthodont from the Bijori group, The
living races of mankind, The : a popular illustrated account of the customs, habits, pursuits, feasts & ceremonies of the races of mankind throughout the world
Lydekker, Britisch mammals
Mammoth ivory
manual of palæontology, A : for the use of students ; with a general introduction on the principles of palæontology
Molar teeth and other remains of Mammalia
Nicholson, Henry Alleyne (DNB01)
On a crocodilian jaw from the Oxford clay of Peterborough
On a pecular horn-like dinosaurian-bone from the Wealden
On an apparently new species of hyracodontherium
On associated remains of a theriodont reptile from the karoo system of the cape
On certain Chelonian remains from the Wealden and Purbeck
On pleistocene bird-remains from the Sardinian and Corsican Islands
On remains of a large stork from the Allier miocene
On some bird-bones from the Miocene of Grive-St.-Alban, Department of Isère, France
On the occurrence of the so-called Viverra Hastingiae of Hordwell in the French Phosphorites
On the remains and affinities of five genera of Mesozoic reptiles
ox and its kindred, The
Phases of animal life, past and present, by R. Lydekker,...
Remarks on some recently described extinct birds of Queensland
Reptiles, amphibia, fishes and lower chordata
reptilia and amphibia of the Maleri and Denwa groups, The
Rodents and new ruminants from the Siwaliks, and synopsis of Mammalia
Royal natural history, The
sheep and its cousins, The
Sir William Flower
Siwalik birds
Siwalik Camelopardalidae
Siwalik Rhinocerotidae
Siwalik Selenodont Suina etc...
Supplement to Siwalik and Narbada Proboscidia
Tertiary fishes
Three years' sport in Mozambique
trip to Pilawin, A : the deer-park of count Joseph Potocki in Volhynia Russia
Trois années de chasse au Mozambique.
Wild life of the world : a descriptive survey of the geographical distribution of animals
Wild oxen, sheep & goats of all lands, living and extinct