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Lonnie G. Thompson (US-amerikanischer Paläoklimatologe)
Lonnie Thompson (American paleoclimatologist)
Lonnie Thompson (Amerikaans hoogleraar)
Thompson, L. G.
Thompson, Lonnie G.
Thompson, Lonnie Gene
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Cecil, L. DeWayne
Green, Jaromy R.
Ohio State University
``Recent warming'': ice core evidence from tropical ice cores with emphasis on Central Asia
1000-year ice core climate record from the Guliya Ice Cap, China and its relationship to global climate variability, A
1000 years of climatic change in China: Ice core 6'0 evidence
25,000-year tropical climate history from Bolivian ice cores, A
4100-year record of explosive volcanism from an East Antarctica ice core, A
485 year record of atmospheric chloride, nitrate and sulfate: results of chemical analysis of ice cores from Dyer Plateau, Antarctic Peninsula, A
Abrupt tropical climate change: Past and present
Accumulation Rates over the Past 500 Years Recorded in Ice Cores from the Northern and Southern Tibetan Plateau, China
Analysis of the concentration of microparticles in an Ice Core from Byrd Station, Antartica
Annually resolved Southern Hemisphere volcanic history from two Antarctic ice cores
Antifreeze thermal ice core drilling: An effective approach to the acquisition of ice cores
Climate variation since the Last Interglaciation recorded in the Guliya ice core
Climatic changes for the 2000 years inferred from ice-core evidence in tropical ice cores
Climatic variations since the Little Ice Age recorded in the Guliya Ice Core
Climatological Significance of 6110 in North Tibetan Ice Cores
Climatological significance of delta super(1) super(8) O in north Tibetan ice cores
Concentration of nitrate in the Guliya ice core from the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau and the solar activity
Decade-to-Century-Scale Climate Variability and Change: A Science Strategy: Panel of Climate Variability on Decade-to-Century Time Scales Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Commission on Geosc
Dust in polar sheets. Analysis.
Earth paleoenvironments records preserved in Mid- and Low-Latitude glaciers
Experimental dendroclimatic reconstruction of the Southern Oscillation
First results of the two new projects of the deep ice coring on tropical glaciers
Forcing of the Asian monsoon on the Tibetan Plateau - Evidence from high-resolution ice core and tropical coral records
Francou A 25,000-Year Tropical Climate History from Bolivian Ice Cores
Geochemical analyses of a Himalayan snowpit profile: Implications for atmospheric pollution and climate
Geometry, motion and mass balance of Dyer Plateau, Antarctica
Glacial records of global climate: A 1500-year tropical ice core record of climate
Glacier loss on Kilimanjaro continues unabated.
Glaciological Evidence of Temporal and Spatial Tropical Climate Variability
high-resolution millennial record of the South Asian monsoon from Himalayan ice cores, A
High-Resolution Record of Paleoclimate since the Little Ice Age from the Tibetan Ice Cores
History of ice at Candelaria Ice Cave, New Mexico
Holocene climate variability archived in the Puruogangri ice cap on the central Tibetan Plateau
hydrogeochemical survey of Kilimanjaro (Tanzania): implications for water sources and ages, A
Ice core evidence for an explosive tropical volcanic eruption 6 years preceding Tambora
Ice core evidence for asynchronous glaciation on the Tibetan Plateau
Ice core evidence for climate change in the tropics: implications for our future
Ice-core palaeoclimate records in tropical South America since the Last Glacial Maximum
Investigacion Glaciologica Appovecharnientos Hidr: cos y USO Multisectioral Del Aqua
Kilimanjaro ice core records: evidence of holocene climate change in tropical Africa.
Late 20th century increase in South Pole snow accumulation
Late glacial stage and holocene tropical ice core records from huascaran, peru.
Late Glacial Stage and Holocene Tropical Ice Core Records from Huascardn, Peru
Late Holocene Ice Core Records of Climate and Environment from the Tropical Andes, Peru
Low latitude ice cores record Pacific sea surface temperatures
Mass loss on Himalayan glacier endangers water resources
Microparticles, ice sheets, and climate
PAGES: Past Global Changes
Paleoclimate and Environmental Variability Revealed by Ice Core Analysis-Overview In: IGBP-PAGES/PEP-11 Symposium on Palaeoclimate and Environmental Variability in Austral-Asian Transect during the Pa
Paleoclimatic change of Monsoonal China linked to Global Change
Past Climates from Stable Isotopes of Frozen Archives
pollen record of Holocene climatic changes from the Dunde ice cap, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, A
preliminary study on correlation between accumulation rates in ice cores from Northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and atmospheric action centers, A
Quantifying the Pinatubo volcanic signal in south polar snow
Recent ice core climate records from the Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Recent increase in South Pole snow accumulation
Recent warming as recorded in the Qinghai-Tibet cryosphere
Recent warming as recorded in the Qinghai-Tibetan cryosphere
Reconstruction of past climates from stable isotope records of palaeo-precipitation preserved in continental archives
Response of monsoon precipitation in the Himalayas to global warming
Tibetan Glaciers as Integrators and Sentinels of Climate Change
Tropical climate instability: The last glacial cycle from a Qinghai-Tibetan ice core
Tropical glacier and ice core evidence of climate change on annual to millennial time scales
Tropical Glaciers: Recorders and Indicators of Climate Change
Tropical ice core records: evidence for asynchronous glaciation on Milankovitch timescales
Variations in Temperature and Precipitation in the Past 2000 years on the Xizang (Tibet) Plateau
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--Ohio State University, 1976