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Mac Kenna, Terence
MacKenna, Terence
Mc Kenna, Terence
McKenna, Terence
McKenna, Terence K.
McKenna, Terence Kemp
McKenna, Terrence
Terence K. McKenna
Terence Kemp McKenna
Terence McKenna
Terence McKenna (American ethnobotanist)
Terence McKenna (Amerikaans schrijver)
Terence McKenna (amerikanischer Pionier der Ethnopharmakologie)
Terence McKenna (scrittore e filosofo statunitense)
Terrence McKenna
Маккенна, Теренс Кемп
טרנס מק'קנה
ترنس مك کنا (نویسنده و فیلسوف آمریکایی)
マッケナ, テレンス
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Projected medium
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Abraham, Ralph (1936-)
Abraham, Ralph H. (1936-...)
Abraham, Ralph H. (1936-)
Fontes, Luís Torres
McKenna, Dennis J. (1950-)
Misiuna, Dariusz
Oss, O. T. (see also from)
Sheldrake, Rupert (1942-...)
Sheldrake, Rupert (1942-)
Sheldrake, Rupert A. (1942-)
Studniarz, Sławomir
Valenti, Orsola
中村, 功 (1943-)
小山田, 義文 (1923-)
Alien dreamtime
Along a Ghostly Trail
Alucinações verdadeiras
archaic revival, 1992:, The
archaic revival, The : speculations on psychedelic mushrooms, the Amazon, virtual reality, UFOs, evolution, Shamanism, the rebirth of the goddess, and the end of history
At Play in the Fields of the Lord
Atom Bomb, The
Brush with the Other, A
Call of the Secret
Camped by a Doorway
Catholic Rationalists
Chaos, creativity, and cosmic consciousness
Civilization Is a Carnival
Closed Topologies
Coming of the Strophariad, The
Conversation Over Saucers, A
Cracking the Psychedelic Code
Cyber-Talk mutige Anstöße für die Vernetzung von wissenschaftlichem Fortschritt und Heilung der Erde
Death vs. Dying
Deep Blue
Defeated Utopias
Demon Riddle
Denken am Rande des Undenkbaren über Ordnung und Chaos, Physik und Metaphysik, Ego und Weltseele
Descartes' Angel
Digital Oracle
Download of History, The
Dress Rehearsal
Edgy Shit
Electric Alchemy
Everything Wants to Communicate
evolutionary mind, The : conversations on science, imagination & spirit
Experiment at La Chorrera, The
Fifty Kilos of Yoga
Folk Technology
Food of the gods the search for the original tree of knowledge : a radical history of plants, drugs, and human evolution
Fractal Negotiation
From Plato to Playdough
Garland of Letters, The
Genkaku sekai no shinjitsu
Gumbies from Space
Hawaiian Connection, The
History Ends in Green: Gaia, Psychedelics and the Archaic Revival
In the Vortex
Into the Devil's Paradise
invisible landscape, The : mind, hallucinogens, and the I ching
John Paul II. - life and times Jan Paweł II. - człowiek, który zmienił świat
Kamigami no doraggu : Taiko no chie no ki o motomete : Shokubutsu to doraggu soshite ningen shinka no rekishi saikō
Kathmandu Interlude
Kinetic Unfolding
Late Antiquity
Logos Puree
Looking Backward
Losing Categories
Magical Material
Mind and Time, Spirit and Matter: Blue Moon Lecture and Workshop
Mining the Veins of Entelechy
Miracle, The
More On Opus
Native Intelligence
Návrat archaismu : spekulace o psychedelických houbách, Amazonii, virtuální realitě, UFO, evoluci, šamanismu, znovuzrození Bohyně a konci historie
Neoplatonic Math
Neviditelná krajina : mysl, halucinogeny a I ťing
Ninth Generation, The
Not William Burroughs
nourriture des dieux en quête de l'arbre de la connaissance originelle une histoire révolutionnaire des plantes, des drogues et de l'évolution humaine
On the Natch
Open Ending
Opus Clarified, The
Other, The
Oversoul as Saucer, The
Palatine talks: the Winterking on Friedrich V elecotor Palatine, ...
pão dos deuses em busca da árvore do conhecimento original uma história radical das plantas, das drogas e da evolução humana, O
Part 1
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Paus Johannes Paulus II : een leven in beeld
Pokrm bohů : hledání původního stromu poznání : radikální historie rostlin, drog a lidského vývoje
Postmodern Spirituality
Pravdivé halucinace : zpráva o výjimečném dobrodružství v ďáblově ráji
Prawdziwe halucynacje, czyli Niezwykłe przygody w diabelskim raju
Private Idaho
Psychedelic Ethics
Quasi at the Quackadero
Radykalna historia roślin, narkotyków i ewolucji człowieka
Revenge of Synthetic Matter, The
Right on Schedule
sacred mushroom seeker, The : tributes to R. Gordon Wasson
Saucer Full of Secrets
Say What Does it Mean
Shadow of the End, The
Shamanic Technology
Shamanic VR
Terence McKenna: The Last Interview
This timeless moment : a personal view of Aldous Huxley
Time and the I Ching
Time Will Perfect Matter
To Serve Man
Trialogen op de rand van het westers denken : chaos, creativiteit en verbeelding op weg naar een visionaire toekomst
Trialogues at the edge of the West
Trialogues aux confins de l'Occident chaos, créativité et re-sacralisation du monde
Trialogy na hranicích Západu : chaos, tvořivost a znovuposvěcení světa
True hallucinations.
Turbo-Charged Buddhism
Violet Psychofluid, A
Voedsel der goden : de zoektocht naar de oorspronkelijke boom der kennis : een radicale geschiedenis van planten, drugs en de menselijke evolutie
Wheel, The
White Cane, The
White Gloves on a Mouse
Zdążyć przed apokalipsą
神々の糧 : 太古の知恵の木を求めて : 植物とドラッグ、そして人間進化の歴史再考
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Alien Dreamtime
Archaic Revival, The
Black Sun Yadaki
Crop Circles
Dream Matrix Telemetry
From The Past Into The Present Future
From the Trees to the Starship
Fun With Mushrooms
Haunted Planet
Hooray in a New Way (The Elves of Hyper Space)
How to Make Money Out of Saving the World
Last Daze of the Underground: Delerium Records, The
Look Away
Look What's Going On With Santa Claus
Meaningwave Christmas
Meme Magic
Meme Magic (feat. Terence McKenna)
Question of Reality, A
Shaman I Am
Shaman I Am (Eclipse mix)
Shaman I Am (Solar Ray Mix)
Some Kind of Disinformation Project
What Is Going On?
Whisper in Trees, The