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Galfridus Sachs
Jeffrey Sachs (American economist)
Jeffrey Sachs (Amerikaans econoom)
Jeffrey Sachs (amerikansk ekonom)
Jeffrey Sachs (amerikansk økonom)
Jeffrey Sachs (ekonomista amerykański)
Jeffrey Sachs (US-amerikanischer Ökonom)
Sachs, Džefri
Sachs, J.
Sachs, J. D.
Sachs, Jeff
Sachs, Jeffery
Sachs, Jeffrey
Sachs, Jeffrey D.
Sachs, Jeffrey D. (Vollstaendiger Name)
Sachs, Jeffrey David
Sachs-Larrain, ..
Saks, Dž
Saks, Džeffri
Saks, Džeffri D.
Saks, Dzheffri D.
Sakss, Džefrijs
Sakss, Džefrijs D.
Джефри Сакс
Сакс, Джефри
Сакс, Джеффри
Сакс, Джеффри Д
Саксс, Джеффри
Саксс, Дзефрий
جيفري د. ساكس،
ساكس، جيفري د.،
জেফ্রি স্যাক্স
サックス, ジェフリー
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Earth Sciences and Resources Institute Affiliation (see also from)
ebrary, Inc
Froot, Kenneth
Harvard Institute for International Development Affiliation (see also from)
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Affiliation (see also from)
International Monetary Fund Affiliation (see also from)
Larraín B, Felipe
Larraín Bascuñán, Felipe
Madonna (1958-...)
MIT Press
National Bureau of Economic Research
National bureau of economic research (Cambridge, MA)
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Affiliation (see also from)
Organización Mundial de la Salud Comisión sobre Macroeconomía y Salud Working Group 2
Sachs, Sonia Ehrlich (Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Tornell, Aaron
United Nations Development Programme Affiliation (see also from)
Velasco, Andrés (1960-)
Warner, Andrew M.
Woo, Wing Thye
World Institute for Development Economics Research Affiliation (see also from)
محى الدين، محمود
野中, 邦子 (1950-)
Accelerating Privatization in Eastern Europe: The Case of Poland; Comments; Floor Discussion
Achieving rapid growth in the transition economies of Central Europe
Achieving the Millennium Development Goals - The Case of Malaria
Africa's lagging demographic transition evidence from exogenous impacts of malaria ecology and agricultural technology
African green revolution., The
African Millennium Villages, The
age of sustainable development, The
Agriculture, climate, and technology: Why are the tropics falling behind?
am because we are, I
America's Ungovernable Budget
Asia's reemergence
Asian financial crisis, The : lessons for a resilient Asia
Assessing "dangerous climate change": required reduction of carbon emissions to protect young people, future generations and nature
big push, natural resource booms and growth, The
Blackouts and cascading failures.
Bolivia 1952-1986
Bolivijska hiperinflacija i stabilizacija
Brazilian inflation and the Plano Real
Can extreme poverty be eliminated?
challenge of sustainable water., The
Challenges Facing Landlocked Developing Countries, The
Changing Cyclical Behavior of Wages and Prices: 1890-1976, The
Changing planet, changing health : how the climate crisis threatens our health and what we can do about it
class system of catastrophe., The
Climate change after Bali.
Climate change and the law.
Climate change : picturing the science
Climate change refugees.
Clunker of a Climate Policy, A
collapse of the Mexican peso: What have we learned?, The
Columbia university in the city of new york.
Comments on Paul Krugman's Essay
Common wealth economics for a crowded planet
Community-based approaches to HIV treatment in resource-poor settings.
Comparing the Global Performance of Alternative Exchange Arrangements
Compensation for 'Meaningful Participation' in Climate Change Control: A Modest Proposal and Empirical Analysis
Consolidating capitalism
Control of neglected tropical diseases.
Control of Neglected Tropical DiseasesCurrent Concepts:
Country studies-Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Turkey
Creating a Market Economy in Eastern Europe: The Case of Poland; Comments and Discussion
Creditor panics: Causes and remedies
Crossing the valley of tears in East European reform
curse of natural resources, The
deadline on malaria., A
Debt Crisis At A Turning Point, The
Debt Crisis: Structural Explanations of Country Performance; Comments, The
Defining and refining international donor support for combating the AIDS pandemic
Developing Countries in the World Economy
Developing country debt and economic performance
Development Challenge, The
Digital Soil Map of the World.
Dynamic optimization in two-party models
Dynamic Strategic Monetary Policies and Coordination in Interdependent Economies: Comment; Reply
East Asian financial crisis: diagnosis, remedies, prospects, The
Ecology and political upheaval.
Economía para un planeta abarrotado
economic and social burden of malaria, The
Economic convergence and economic policies
Economic reform and the process of global integration; Comments
economic transformation of Eastern Europe: The case of Poland, The
Economic transition and the exchange-rate regime
Economics of worldwide stagflation
einde van de armoede, Het : hoe we dit doel binnen twintig jaar kunnen bereiken
end of poverty: economic possibilities for our time., The
end of poverty, The : economic possibilities for our time
End of poverty, The : how we can make it happen in our lifetime
Ende der Armut ein ökonomisches Programm für eine gerechtere Welt
Ending Africa's Poverty Trap/Comments and Discussion
Ending malaria deaths in Africa.
Energy and resource allocation: a dynamic model of the 'Dutch disease'
Environmental science. Digital soil map of the world.
Escaping the resource curse
essential ingredient, The
Fiddling while the planet burns.
Fighting Tropical Diseases
Fin de la pobreza, El : cómo conseguirlo en nuestro tiempo
Financial crises in emerging markets the lessons from 1995
Financial systems at the crossroads : lessons for China
Forbes Latvija, Nr. 1 (2015, janv.), ISSN 1691-6018:
Fundamental sources of long-run growth
gains from privatization in transition economies: Is "change of ownership" enough?, The
Geography, demography, and economic growth in Africa.
geography of economic development, The
geography of poverty and wealth, The
Global Adjustments to a Shrinking U.S. Trade Deficit; Comments
Global capitalism: making it work
global competitiveness report 2001-2002 World Economic Forum, Geneva (Switzerland) 2001, The
Global Food Crisis, The : Observations
Global linkages.
Global public goods for health
Globalisation, State Intervention and the Impact on Living Standards
Growth and External Debt Under Risk of Debt Repudiation/Comment
Growth in Africa: it can be done
Health in the developing world: achieving the Millennium Development Goals
How to help the poor: piecemeal progress or strategic plans?t
Improving access and efficiency in public health services : mid-term evaluation of India's national rural health mission
Improving the health of the global poor.
Incorporating a rapid-impact package for neglected tropical diseases with programs for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.
Institutional aspects of high unemployment in the Federal Republic of Germany
International economics: unlocking the mysteries of globalization
International financial system, The
International policy coordination : the case of the developing country debt crisis
Investing in development a practical plan to achieve the millennium development goals
Investing in the World Health Organization
Investments Toward Sustainable Development
It could have been so much better: reflections on Russian economic reform
Keys to climate protection.
Koniec z nędzą : zadanie dla naszego pokolenia
Kraj siromaštva : ekonomske mogućnosti našeg doba
limits of convergence: nature, nurture and growth, The
Looking after the future.
Lower fertility: A wise investment.
Macroeconomía y salud : invertir en salud en pro del desarrollo económico
Macroeconomic adjustment with import price shocks, 1979 (a.e.)
Macroeconomics and health : investing in health for economic development : report of the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health
Macroeconomics in the global economy
Making the Brady Plan Work
Makroökonomik in globaler Sicht
Meaningful goals for climate talks.
measure of America 2010-2011, The : mapping risks and resilience
Meeting cholera's challenge to Haiti and the world: a joint statement on cholera prevention and care.
Mexican peso crisis: Sudden death or death foretold?, The
Mexican peso crisis, The : sudden death or death foretold?
Millennium Project, The : from Words to Action
Moving beyond Kyoto.
Nasze wspólne bogactwo : ekonomia dla przeludnionej planety
Natural resource abundance and economic growth
need for open process., The
Needed: A fiscal framework.
Needed: A New Generation of Problem Solvers
neglected tropical diseases., The
New Approach to Managing the Debt Crisis, A
New approaches to the Latin American debt crisis
new economic growth engine for China escaping the middle-income trap by not doing more of the same, A
new global commitment to disease control in Africa, A
new global effort to control malaria, A
New Global War on Malaria, The
Notes on a New Sociology of Economic Development
Oil Shocks and Macroeconomic Adjustment in the United States, The
onset of the East Asian financial crisis, The
Panel discussion-promoting better national institutions: The role of the IMF
Patterns of public sector in underdeveloped economies.
Paying for What Government Should Do
Peru's path to recovery a plan for economic stabilization and growth
Poland's Economic Reform
Poland's jump to the market economy
Political and Economic Determinants of Budget Deficits in the Industrial Democracies; Comments
Political Parties and the Business Cycle in the United Stat
Political Parties and the Business Cycle in the United States, 1948-1984
Precio de la civilización, El
price of civilization reawakening American virtue and prosperity
price of civilization, The : economics and ethics after the fall
Priorities for fixing the financial crisis.
Privatization in Eastern Europe: The Case of Poland; Comments and Discussion
Privatization in Russia: Some Lessons from Eastern Europe
Rapid population growth saps development
Rapid victories against extreme poverty.
real story, The
Recent Studies of the Latin American Debt Crisis
Recession Watch: Boost the developing world.
Reforms in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union in Light of the East Asian Experience
Reforms in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in light of the East Asian experiences
Resolving the debt crisis of low-income countries
Response to Amir Attaran.
Revamping U.S. Foreign Assistance
road to clean energy starts here., The
roadblock to a sovereign bankruptcy law, The
robust strategy for sustainable energy, A
role for public-private partnerships in controlling neglected diseases?, A
role of law and legal institutions in Asian economic development, The : 1960-1995
rule of law and economic reform in Russia, The
Russia's struggle with stabilization: Conceptual issues and evidence
Russie l'an II de la transition
Scaling-up coverage with insecticide-treated nets against malaria in Africa: who should pay?
Scaling up malaria control in africa an economic and epidemiological assessment
Seeking a global solution
Social conflict and populist policies in Latin America
Solving global crises: economists alone are not enough
Sources of macroeconomic imbalances ... 1987
specter of Malthus returns., The
Stabilization Policies in the World Economy: Scope and Skepticism
Starting over in Eastern Europe : entrepreneurship and economic renewal
Still needed: a climate plan.
Strategic Significance of Global Inequality, The
Strategy for Efficient Debt Reduction, A
Structural Adjustment and International Trade in Eastern Europe: The Case of Poland; Discussion
Structural factors in the economic reforms of China, Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union; Discussion
Sustainable Development
Tainted transactions: An exchange
Theoretical issues in international borrowing
To move the world : JFK's quest for peace
Toward glasnost in the IMF
Towards a global fund for the health MDGs?
Trade and exchange rate policies in growth-oriented adjustment programs
Trade and jobs in U.S. manufacturing; Comments and discussion
Transforming the auto industry.
transition at mid decade, The
Transition in Eastern Europe, The
Trends in regional inequality in China
Twentieth-century political economy: A brief history of global capitalism
U.S. Commercial Banks And The Developing-Country Debt Crisi
Unaccountable G-8, The
Understanding China's economic performance
United States as a Coastal Nation*, The
Virtuous circles and fragile states.
Weapons of mass salvation
Welfare states, beyond ideology.
What's good for the poor is good for America
Who will pay? coping with aging societies, climate change and other long-term fiscal challenges
Why do resource-abundant economies grow more slowly?
Why dollarization is more straitjacket than salvation
Wohlstand für viele globale Wirtschaftspolitik in Zeiten der ökologischen und sozialen Krise
Макроэкономика. Глобальный подход
Рыночная экономика и Россия, 1994:
نهاية الفقر : الاحتمالات الاقتصادية فى عصرنا الحاضر
貧困の終焉 : 2025年までに世界を変える
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