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Christian Death
Christian Death Musical group (Musical group or band)
Christian Death (Musical group or band)
began 1979-10
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Agnew, Rikk (hasMember)
Beam, James (hasMember)
Chaos, Casey (hasMember)
DeMone, Gitane (hasMember)
Glass, David (hasMember)
Kand, Valor (hasMember)
Kota (hasMember)
Maitri (hasMember)
O, Eva (hasMember)
Schumann, Johann (hasMember)
Sedonis, Paris (hasMember)
Williams, Rozz (hasMember)
1983 (C.D.)
9 Is a 6, The
Absolute, The
After the Rain
All the Love All the Hate (Part One: All the Love)
All the Love All the Hate (Part Two: All the Hate)
Alpha Sunset
American Gothic compilation
American Inquisition
Androgynous Noise Hand Permeates
Angels and Drugs
Angels (Assassin mix), The
Angels (Cruciform)
Angels (Laibach mix), The
As Evening Falls
Ashes, Part II
At the Threshold
Audience With Encore
Awake at the Wall (live)
Baptised in Fire
Before the Rain
Believers of the Unpure
Beneath His Window
Between Youth
Bible, The
Black Empire
Black Ones, The
Blast of the Bough
Blood Dance
Blue Hour, The
Born Again Anti Christian
Born in a Womb, Died in a Tomb
Burnt Offerings
Catastrophe Ballet With Rhapsody of Youth and Rain, A
Cave of the Unborn
Cavity (First Communion)
Cavity (live 1999)
Cavity (version)
Cervix Couch (One by One)
Children of the Volley
Chimère de-ci de-là
Chimére de-si de-lá
Church of No Return (Endured version)
Climate of Violence (The Relinquishment / The Satanic Verses / A Malice of Prejudice)
Coming Forth by Day
Cry Baby
Damn You
Danzig Waltz, The
[data track]
Dead Sorry
Death box
Death club 1981-1993
Death of Josef, The
Death Wish (Birmingham 6 remix)
Death Wish (Wishful Death mix)
Deathwish (1992 version)
Deathwish (demo version 1981)
Decomposition of Violets, The
Deeply Deeply
Deliver Us
Desesperate Hell
Desperate Hell
Deviate Love
Dexter Said No to Methadone
Dissention of Faith (extended), The
Divine Enigma (previously unreleased), The
Do Do
Does It Hurt
Doll's Theatre, The
Dream for Mother
Drilling the Hole
Drowning (live), The
Electra Descending
Eternal Love
Evening Falls
Eyelids Down
Face (original version)
Fema Coffins
Figurative Theatre
Final Solution, The
Fleeing Somnabulist, The
Fleeing Somnambulist, The
Four Horsemen
Fucking in Slow Motion
Ghosts from the darkside
Glass House, The
Gloomy Sunday
Golden Age, The
Great Deception, Part A: The Corruption of Innocence, The
Great Deception, Part A: The Dissention of Faith, The
Great Deception, Part B: The Corruption of Innocence, The
Great Deception, Part B: The Dissention of Faith, The
Great Deception, Part C: The Origin of Man, The
Great Deception, Part D: The Lie Behind the Truth, The
Great Swarm of Bees, The
Hate You (Censored version), I
Hate You (uncensored version), I
Hate You / We Fall Like Love, I
Heresy Act 2
Heresy Act II
Heresy Act Two
Heretics Alive, The
Hour of the Wolf
I'm Using You (For Love)
In the Garden of Evilution
In Your Eyes
Incendiary Lover
Infans Vexatio
Infas Vexatio
Insanus, Ultio, Proditio, Misericordiaque
Insanus, Ultio, Prodito, Misericordiaque
Into Dust
Into the Shitworld
invitation au Suicide, L'
Invocation II
Invocation III
Invocations 1981-1989
iron mask, The
Is This the Will of God
Jesus Points the Bone at You?
Jesus Where's the Sugar
Jezebel's Tribulation
Kill Me
Kill Your Sons
Kingdom of the Solemn Kiss
Kingdom of the Tainted Kiss
Kneel Down
Knife, The
Lacrima Christi (English version)
Lacrima Christi (Italian version)
Lake of Fire, The
Lament (Over the Shadows)
Last Thing
Live Love Together
Look at the Light...
Love and Hate
Love Don't Let Me Down
Love Is Like a Bitchin'in My Heart
Loving Face (extended mix), The
Luxury of Tears, The
Malevolent Shrew
Malus Amor
Man to Father Fire
Millenium Unwind
Millenium Unwinds, The
Mors - Voluntaria
Mysterium Iniquitatis
Narcissus Metamorphosis Of
Nascent Virion (new version), The
Nazi Killer
Nineteen Ninety Nine
No Shame
Obscene Kiss, The
Of the Wound
Official Anthology of 'Live' Bootlegs, An
Omega Dawn
Omega Time
Only Theater of Pain
Only theatre of pain
Out of Control
Painted Aura, The
Panic in Detroit
Past, Present and Forever
Peek a Boo (Cradle of Filth version)
Penitence Forevermore
Pig Half Man, The
Pillars of Osiris
Pornographic Messiah
Prelude (Introtape with audience)
Psalm (Maggot's Lair)
Raw War
Reflections of the First Sesom Fo Koob
Resurrection - Sixth Communion
Rigor mortis
Ringing in Their Ears, A
Romeo’s Distress (demo)
Romeo's Distress (live)
Romeo’s Distress (version)
root of all evilution, The
scriptures, The
Secrets Down Below
Seduction Thy Destruction
See You in Hell
Serpent's Tail (live 1999), The
Sevan - Us Rex
Sex and drugs and Jesus Christ
Sex Dwarf
Sexy death god
She Never Woke Up
Sick of Love (live)
Sick of Love (Song of Solomon)
Silent Thunder
Six, Six, Sixth Communion
Skeleton Kiss
Sleepwalk (live 1999)
Sleepwalk (original version)
Snake Pit
Some Men the Other
Somnolent Pursuit, The
Song of Songs (extended mix)
Speaking With the Audience
Spectre (Love Is Dead)
Spilt Blood
Spiritual Cramp (Mission UK mix)
Spiritual Cramp (Mission UK remix)
Spiritual Cramp (Sacrifice version)
Spontaneuos Human Detonation
Stairs (Uncertain Journey) / Trials
Still Born / Still Life
Stop Bleeding on Me
Strange Fortune
Strapping Me Down
Suivre La Trace de Quelqu'Un
Superstition and Fear
Surviving Armageddon
Tales of Innocence, A Continued Anthology
Tar Black Liquid
Temple of Desire
Temples of Desire
Ten Thousand Hundred Times
Theatre of Pain
Third Antichrist, The
This Cross
This Glass House
This Is Heresy (video edit)
This Is Not Blasphemy
This Mirage
To Disappear
Tragicus Conatus
[untitled] (Followed by Crowd Chaos)
Upon the Sea of Blood
Venus in Furs (Leæther Strip remix)
Victim X
Vita - Voluntaria
Washing Machine
Water Into Wine
We Fall Like Love (extended version)
We Have Become
Weave My Spell
What's the Verdict (Blasphemy in the U.K.)
When I Was Bed
Wind kissed pictures, The
Wind Kisses Pictures, The
Window Pain
With You, Die
Woman to Mother Earth
Working on Beyond (original version)
Worship Along the Nile
Wretched Mankind
Zero Sex (live 1999)
Zodiac (He Is Still Out There)
Contributed to or performed: 
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Abby: The Compilation, Part 2
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Call on the Dark 2
Call on the Dark, Volume 2
CD-Side 42
Dancing on Your Grave
Dark Box - The Ultimate Goth, Wave & Industrial Collection 1980-2011, The
Dark Noise
Dark Noise 2000
Death Club 1981-1993
Demons of the Night
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Industrial Music for Fitness
Künstler zum 7. Wave Gotik Treffen
Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box, A
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Metal Years: Gothic Doom, The
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Myths of Avalon, The
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