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Swans (Musical group or band)
The Swans
The World of Skin
began 1982
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bronson, Bill (hasMember)
Dammit, Toby (hasMember)
Fier, Anton (hasMember)
Gira, Michael (hasMember)
Harris, Thor (hasMember)
Jarboe (hasMember)
Kane, Jonathan (hasMember)
Kiyzs, Algis (hasMember)
Mosimann, Roli (hasMember)
Parsons, Ted (hasMember)
Puleo, Phil (hasMember)
Rieflin, William (hasMember)
Seven, Lary (hasMember)
Signorelli, Vinnie (hasMember)
Steele, Clint (hasMember)
Wade, Jenny (hasMember)
Westberg, Norman (hasMember)
93 Ave. B Blues / Little Mouth…
Alcohol the Seed
All Lined Up
Am the Sun (Live Flesh Club 1996), I
Amnesia (long)
Amnesia (short)
Anonymous Bodies in an Empty Room
Another You
Anything for You (Hang Me)
Apost / Cloud of Unforming
Apostate (edit), The
Apostate, Part 1, The
Apostate, Part 2, The
Beautiful Child (fragment)
Beautiful Days, The
Beautiful Reprise - The Town and Country Backstab Cowardice
Better Than You
Big Strong Boss (Live at CBGB NYC 1982-3)
Black Eyed Dog
Blind Love
Blood and Honey
Blood on Your Hands
Blood on Yr Hands
Blood Promise
Blood Section
Body to Body, Job to Job
Bring the Sun / Black-Eyed Man
Bring the Sun / Toussaint l’ouverture
Burning World, The
Can’t Find My Way Home
Cathedrals of Heaven
Celebrity Lifestyle / Mother/Father
Child’s Right, The
Children of God / World of Skin
Clay Man (Live at CBGB NYC 1982-3)
Cloud of Forgetting
Cloud Of Unknowing (Continued)
Cop / Young God / Greed / Holy Money
Coward (Live)
Crawled, I
Crawled (Live at Heaven London 1984)
Damn You to Hell
Daughter Brings the Water, The
Dead at All Tomorrow's Parties
Dream Dream
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
Eden Prison
Encore Jam
Eyes of Nature
Failure / Animus
Fan’s Lament
Feel Good Now
Feel Happiness
Filth / Body to Body, Job to Job
Final Sac
Final Sacrifice, The
Finally, Peace (demo)
Fool (#2)
Forever Burned
Frankie M.
Gate, The
Get Out
Girl in Need, A
Glowing Man (Continued), The
God Damn the Sun
God Loves America
Going underground
Golden Boy That Was Swallowed by the Sea, The
Great Annihilator / Drainland, The
great annihilator, The ; Drainland
Greed - Holy money
Greed / Time Is Money (Bastard)
Half Life
Hanging, A
Hanging Man, The
Hello There
Hello to Our Friends
Helpless Child
Her Mouth Is Filled With Honey
Holy Money / A Screw
How They Suffer
Howling Red Sheet (Live at CBGB NYC 1982-3)
I’ll Cry for You
I’ll Swallow You
Ich sehe die Alle in einer Reihe
In My Garden
In the Eyes of Nature
Inside Madeline
[intro] / No Words / No Thoughts
It’s Coming and It’s Real
Jane Mary, Cry One Tear
Jim (intro)
Just a Little Boy (For Chester Burnett)
Kill the Child: 1985/1986/1987 Live
Killing for Company
Kirsten Supine
Kirstin Supine
Knot, The
leaving meaning.
Let It Come Down
Ligeti's Breath / Hilflos Kind
Like a Drug (Sha La La La)
Little God in My Hands, A
Little Mouth
Live at the Kitchen, N.Y.C. 1982/3: Strip/Burn / Heatsheet / Blackout / Clay Man / Stay Here / Weakling
Live Through Me
Living Arms (Live at CBGB NYC 1982-3)
Look at Me Go
Loop 1
Loop 21
Loop 33
Love of Life / Amnesia
Love of Life (long)
Love of Life (short)
Love Will Save You
Love Will Tear Us Apart (acoustic)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (black version)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (J. version)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Jarboe)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (red version)
Love You This Much, I
Low Life Form
Man Who Refused to Be Unhappy, The
Minus Something
Miracle of Love
Mona Lisa, Mother Earth
Money Is Flesh (#2)
Most Unfortunate Lie, The
Mother, My Body Disgusts Me
Mother of the World, The
Mother’s Milk
My Birth
My Buried Child (Live VPRO Radio 1995)
My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
My Phantom Limb
Nathalie Neal
New Mind (acoustic)
New Mind (purple version)
New Rhythm Thing (demo)
No Cruel Angel
No Cure for the Lonely
No Words / No Thoughts
Not Alone
Not Here / Not Now
Nub, The
Only I Can Hear, Only I Can Touch
Other Side of the World, The
Our Love Lies
Oxygen (acoustic version)
Oxygen (early version)
Oxygen (live at Primavera)
Oxygen (radio edit)
People Like Us (demo)
Picture of Mary Anne
Picture of Maryanne
Piece of the Sky, Part 1, A
Piece of the Sky, Part 2, A
Please Remember Me
Pow R Sac
Power and Sacrifice
Power for Power
Public Castration Is a Good Idea
Raping a Slave (live)
Real Love
Red Rhythm Thing (demo)
Red Sheet
Red Velvet Corridor
Red Velvet Wound
Reeling the Liars In
Remember Who You Are, I
Right Wrong
River That Runs With Love Won’t Run Dry, The
Screen Shot
Screw (Holy Money) (mix, no lead vocal), A
Seal It Over
Sealed in Skin
Secret Friends
See No More (acoustic)
See Them All Lined Up, I
Seer / Bring the Sun / Toussaint l’ouverture, The
Seer (intro) / I Crawled, The
Seer, Part 1, The
Seer, Part 2, The
Seer Returns, The
Sensitive Skin
Sex, God, Sex
She Crys (For Spider)
She Lives!
She Loves Us! (Live)
(She's a) Universal Emptiness (acoustic version)
Some New Things
Some Things We Do
Song for a Warrior
Song for Dead Time (J. version)
Song for Dead Time (MG version)
Song for the Sun
Sound of Freedom, The
Soundtracks For The Blind / Die Tür Ist Zu
Stay Here
Still a Child
Stupid Child
Surrogate Drone
Surrogate Drones
Swans Are Dead
Take Advantage
Thank You, Goodbye. Good Luck.
This is Mine (Live at Heaven London 1984)
Time Is Money (Bastard) (mix)
To be kind
Trust Me
Tür ist zu, Die
Unfortunate Lie
Unknown, The
Various Audience Members
Various Audience Tricks
Various Failures 1988-1992
Was a Prisoner in Your Skull, I
Was He Ever Alive?
We'll Hang For That (Live at CBGB NYC 1982-3)
We Rose From Your Bed With the Sun in Our Head
What Is This?
When I Will Return?
When She Breathes
When Will I Return? (demo)
Where Does a Body End?
White light from the mouth of infinity ; Love of life
Why Are We Alive?
Why Hide (Live at Heaven London 1984)
Will Serve
Will We Survive?
Willy in Ravensburg
Wolf, The
World Looks Red / The World Looks Black, The
You Fucking People Make Me Sick
You Know Everything (reprise 1990)
You Know Everything (reprise 1991)
You Know Nothing
You Need Me
You’re Not Real, Girl
Young God
Your Game
Your Property
Yr Property
Yr Prp
Yum-Yab Killers
Contributed to or performed: 
Art of Sysyphus, Extra: "Cover-Songs", The
Big Ears Festival Mixtape 2015
Bleep: The Top 100 Tracks of 2014
FACT 430
From the Kitchen Archives No. 3: Amplified: New Music Meets Rock 1981-1986
Indie Top 20, Volume V
Leaving Meaning
Music From Time and Space, Vol. 61
Musikexpress 0716
Musikexpress Mixtape 2014 - Die Songs des Jahres
Nub, The
Paste mPlayer #59
Post-Punk Legacy, The
Redefining the Prologue: 1981-2006
River of No Return
Rvng Prsnts Mx6
Smack My Crack
Speed Trials
Spex CD #117
They Came, They Played, They Blocked the Driveway: Live Music From the Studios of WFMU
Uncut 2015.01: The Best of 2014
Uncut: Signs of the Times