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Tosca (Musical group or band)
began 1994
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Dorfmeister, Richard (hasMember)
Huber, Rupert (hasMember)
1504 / 7 (Session 5)
2504 / 1 (Session 11)
Amber November (Brendon Moeller dub)
Amber November (Brendon Moeller Rub)
Ambient Emely
Annanas (Cosmic Rocker dub)
Annanas (G-Corporation dub)
Annanas (G-Corportation dub)
Annanas (Groove Corporation dub)
Annanas (Organic Dub Mix)
Annanas (Organic Grooves Dub)
Annanas (Uko dub)
Apple Pie
Babylon to Vienna Voiceover
Bar lounge classics sunset edition
Bar lounge classics the finest
Bass on the Boat
Big Sleep (Señor Coconut mix), The
Big Sleep (Senor Coconut remix), The
Birthday (Grant Phabao version)
Bonjour (Beat Pharmacy Escape)
Bonjour (Brendon Moeller Reshape)
Bonjour (Echologist Dub)
Bonus Miles
Boom Boom Boom (The Going Going Going Remixes)
Boozoo Bajou remixes
Boss on the Beat
Boss on the Boat (Deadbeats version)
Brian Emely
Brian Virginia
Buona Sarah
Busenfreund (Baby Mammoth remix)
Busenfreund (Baby Mammoth version 3)
Busenfreund (Dzihan & Kamien dub)
Busenfreund (Philippe Lussan dub)
Busenfreund (Super Sultan remix)
Busenfreund (Walkner.Moestl Busenfetisch mix)
Busenfreund (Walkner Moestl dub)
Busenfreund (Walkner/Möstl dub)
Business chill out
Cavallo (AGF version)
Chill lounge
Chillin at the Playboy mansion with Chris Coco
Chillin' Prinz presents groove guide
Chin Bar
Chinabar (Stereotyp Rmx)
Chocolate Elvis (Au version)
Chocolate Elvis (Baby Mammoth Graceland dub)
Chocolate Elvis (Baby Mammoth version 1+2)
Chocolate Elvis (Baby Mammoth version 2)
Chocolate Elvis (Baby Mammoth version 3)
Chocolate Elvis (Babylon to Vienna Voiceover)
Chocolate Elvis (Bazoo Bajou Soul Searcher's mix)
Chocolate Elvis (Boozoo Bajou Soul Searchers dub)
Chocolate Elvis (Boozoo Bajou Soul Suffer version)
Chocolate Elvis (Boozoo Bajou Soul Sufferer mix)
Chocolate Elvis (Boozoo Bajou Soul Sufferer version)
Chocolate Elvis (Bozoo Bajou mix)
Chocolate Elvis (Bullitnuts version 1)
Chocolate Elvis (Bullitnuts version 2)
Chocolate Elvis Dubs (Baby Mammoth Version One and Two)
Chocolate Elvis Dubs, The
Chocolate Elvis (Quant dub)
Chocolate Elvis (Quant version)
Chocolate Elvis (Rockers Hifi dub)
Chocolate Elvis (Rockers Hifi vocal version)
Chocolate Elvis (Uptight dub)
Chocolate Elvis (Uptight remix)
Chocolate Elvis (Uptight version)
Coffee shop
Comfort zone
Crazy Love (Tom Demac remix)
Crazy Love (Tom Demac version)
D-Moll (Session 1)
Damentag (Madrid de Los Austrias mix)
Dave Dudley
Dehli 9
Different tastes of honey
Doris Dub
Dorus Dub
Dr. Dings
Echo Beach discollection
Einschlaf (Session 2)
Electra Bregenz (Bottin's Disco Spritzer)
Elektra Bregenz (Bottin's Disco Spritzer mix)
Elitsa (Kotey Extra Band disco version)
Elitsa (Kotey Extra Brand disco version)
Ende Mai (Joyce Muniz remix)
Erotic lounge deluxe edition
Every Day and Every Night
Every Day & Every Night (feat. Sugar B)
Export Import (Pacifica remix)
F***dubworksong (uptight mix)
Fashion TV spring summer 2001 collection
Final Call
Fluß (Session 9)
Fly Away
Forte (Urbs mix)
Fresh chill out
Fresh chillout mixed by Uli Poeppelbaum & Eigenart
Friday (Stefan Obermaier remix)
Fuck Dub (Auinger mix)
Fuck Dub (Baby Mammoth mix 1)
Fuck Dub (Baby Mammoth mix 2)
Fuck Dub (Baby Mammoth mix 3)
Fuck Dub (Beanfield remix)
Fuck Dub (Fauna Flash "The Night Before the Morning After" mix)
Fuck Dub (Fila Brazilia mix)
Fuck Dub (Fila Brazillia remix)
Fuck Dub (Fuck Electro Beanfield mix)
Fuck Dub (Gambusa mix)
Fuck Dub (Haaksman mix)
Fuck Dub (Haaksman version)
Fuck Dub, Part 1
Fuck Dub Part 1+2
Fuck Dub, Parts 1 & 2
Fuck Dub (Pulsinger / Tunakan mix)
Fuck Dub (Pulsinger & Tunakan remix)
Fuck Dub (Shantel mix)
Fuckdub Baby
Fuckdub Part 1&2
Fuckdubworksong (Uptight mix)
Fucked Up (intro)
Fucked Up Voices
Future sounds of jazz
Gimmi Gimmi
Going going going
Gute Laune
Happy Hour (Demus dub version)
Harry Dean (Mato version)
Harry Holden
Have Some Fun (Falty DL version)
Have Some Fun (FaltyDL remix)
Have Some Fun (Speak + Spell version)
Have Some Fun (Urbs Big City mix)
Heatwave (Rodney Hunter Bounce-A-Thon version)
Heid Bruhl
Heidi Bruehl (Makossa & Megablast mix)
Heidi Bruehl (Makossa & Megablast remake)
Heidi Bruehl (Plant Life's Love Philosophy mix)
Heidi Bruehl (Plantlife's Love Philosophy mix)
Heidi Bruehl (Plantlife's Love Philosophy remix)
Heidi Bruehl (Sa-Ra remix feat. Sa-Ra)
Heidi Bruehl (Swag's Warehouse Workout)
Heidi Brühl
Honey (Azoia dub)
Honey (Biggabush dub)
Honey (Faze Action dub)
Honey (Freedom Satellite dub)
Honey (Freedom Sattelite Trio)
Honey (Funky Lowlines dub)
Honey (Funky Lowlives dub)
Honey (Kieser Velten dub)
Honey (M Kienzl dub)
Honey (Markus Kienzl dub)
Honey (Masai dub)
Honey (Only Child dub)
Honey (Organic Audio dub)
Honey (piano end)
Honey (piano intro)
Honey (Shelter Avenue dub)
Honey (Spatone 1 dub)
Honey (Supatone 1 dub)
Honey (Supatone 2 dub)
Ibiza grooves the best in chill and club sounds
In My Brain Prinz Eugen (Richard Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Austrias Ybbs version)
JayJay (Makossa & Megablast 80ies remake)
JayJay (Stefane Lefrancois version)
Jo Si Ha (live)
Joe Si Ha (Reverso 68 version)
Joe Si Ha (Spirit Catcher remix)
Joe Si Ha (Spirit Catcher version)
John Lee Huber (Rodney Hunter mix)
John Tomes
Johnny Waters (Silver City remix)
Key, The
Kickin It Down (Ogris Debris version)
King-size dub
Kontor sunset chill
Lebensart music
Listen My Friend
Lone Ranger
Loop magazin the compilation - better music for better people
Lounge couture
Mango di Bango
Mango Di Bongo
Me and Yoko Ono
Meixner (LTJ Xperience mix)
Między Nami
Mind the GAP
Mrs. Bongo
My First Ambient
My First (Nicola Conte version)
My Sweet Monday
Naschkatze (AGF Katzengedanken)
Natural High
Nice & decent
No Hassle
No More Olives
Ocean Beat
Open Sky (Stefan Obermaier version)
Orozco (Dubphonic dub)
Orozco (Dubphonic mix)
Orozco (Dubphonic remix)
Outta here
Oysters in May (Kalabrese version)
Pearl In
Pearl Off
Piano 1 (Session 12)
Piano Intro
Ping (Session 10)
Pony no hassle versions
Pure pleasure
Put It On (Headman/Robi Insinna version)
Pyjama (extended version)
Pyjama (Stereotyp mix #1)
Rolf Royce
Romanze in Es (Session 8)
Ronda Acapricio
Rondo Acapricio (DSL mix)
Rosa (K&K Streichquartett version)
Rosa (Rodney Hunter version)
Schwimmer (Session 4)
Shopsca : The outta here versions
Shoulder Angel
Slow Hell (Session 6)
Song (Session 7)
Sounds like stilwerk
Souvenirs: The J.A.C. Remixes
Springer Ambient
Springer (Smith & Mudd version)
Stuttgart (John Digweed & Nick Muir remix)
Stuttgart (Marlow and Trüby Refix)
Super Rob
Superrob (Frost & Wagner mix)
Superrob (Frost & Wagner remix)
Superrob (Henrik Schwarz mix)
Supersultan (remix)
Supersunday (Megablast remix)
Suzuki (Burnt Friedman / Nonplace dub)
Suzuki in dub
Swim Swim Swim (Mato version)
Tlapa: The Odeon Remixes
Tommy (Steven Cobby remix)
Utrecht Spa (Live)
Vendeuse des Chaussures des Femmes, Part 1, La
Vienna Scientists
What If
Wien in E (Session 3)
Wonderful (feat. Earl Zinger) (album version)
Wonderful (feat. Earl Zinger) (radio edit)
Worksong (Rue D'Irlande mix)
Worksong (Uptight mix)
Wotan (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet remix)
Zueri (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Nordic Flavour mix)
Zula Dub
Zur Guten Ambience
Contributed to or performed: 
!K7 Free Sampler 2018
!K7 Spring 2002
!Kollections 02: Classics
100 Hits: Chilled
100% DJ
Abstract Vibes
Acid Jazz, Volume 103
Acid Jazz, Volume 57
Acid Lounge Goes West, The
Animatrix, The
Another Late Night @ the Rizla Lounge
Art of Chill 3, The
Asian II
Balance 016: Agoria
Bambuddha Grove: The Arrival
Bar Lounge Classics, Volume 3
Bar Lounge Classics, Volume 4
Bar Lounge Classics: Deluxe Edition
Bar Lounge Classics: Oriental Edition
Bar Lounge Classics: Summer Edition
Bar Lounge Classics: Sunset Edition
Bar Lounge Classics: The Finest
Bar Lounge Classics: Weekend Edition
Bar Lounge Classics: Часть 5-6
Barcelona Paris 2nd Flight
Bargrooves: Later: Music for Night People
Barramundi, Vol. 4: Together
Bass Culture: A Zenzile Mix
Beachlife, Volume 2
Beats by Dope Demand Boxed (disc 3)
Best of Lounge Music
Best of Lounge, Volume One, The
Best of MTV Lounge 3, The
Best Relax
Best Seven Selections 3
Black Coffee Chapter 3: Wiggle
Black Coffee Chapter 4: Blue
Black Coffee Chapter 6: Feed Your Soul
Blue Bar, The
Boarding Time
Break n’ Bossa, Chapter 3
Buddha Lounge Classics: Classic Chilled Bar Grooves
Buddha Sunrise
Buddhist Lounge
Business Chill Out
Café Ibiza, Volume 4
Café Ibiza, Volume 6
Café Ibiza, Volume 7
Café Karma: The Cream of Lounge Cuisine
Carhartt Fusion Forum 2
Chill Out in Paris 4
Chill Out: The Album:01
Chill Pill
Chill Two Latin Lounge 2002.2
Chill Two: Sensual Lounge
Chill:in, Volume 4
Chilled House Session, The
Chilled Ibiza Double Pack: Compiled By Phil Mison - 40 Classic Poolside Grooves, The
Chillin at the Playboy Mansion With Chris Coco
Chillout Basscapes
Chillout Excellence Lounge 1
Chillout Sessions - Playa del Carmen
Chillout Voices, Volume 1
City Lounge 1.1
City Lounge 1.2
Club Quart 01
Cocktail Party 2
Coffee Shop: The Chillin' Sessions, Volume 3
Coffeeshop, Volume 3
Coffeeshop, Volume 5
Coffret FIP, Vol. 1
Comfort Zone, Volume 2
Comfort Zone, Volume 3
Conran Shop 2, The
Cool Summer - Chill Out
Delicious Tunes
Destination Lounge: Buddha CD
Destination Lounge: Hong Kong
Destination Lounge: Las Vegas
Destination Monaco: Amber Lounge (disc 2)
DJ-Kicks 4: Unofficial Release of True K&D Rarities
Do Not Adjust Your Set
Drum Rhythm Sound Check
Dub Anthology
Dub Sessions USA 2001
Earcandy, 16 Delicious Tracks
Echo Beach: Discollection, Volume 1
Eclectic Sound of Vienna, Volume 1, The
Eclectic Sound of Vienna, Volume 3, The
Electric Jazz, Volume 1
Erotic Lounge
Erotic Lounge 2
Erotic Lounge²
Erotic Lounge⁴: Bare Jewels
Erotic Lounge⁸: Intimate Selection
Essential Blu
Essential Lounge
Essential Lounge Volume I
Every Day & Every Night
Excellounge: The Grooves
Explorations Into Dancefloor Jazz, Volume 3
Explosive Beats
FabricLive 15: Nitin Sawhney
Fashion TV: Spring-Summer 2001 Collection
Fat Dub Combination
Fatboy Slim Presents Bem Brasil
Felix: Metropolitan Style Dining and Dancing
FIFA 2004
Fila Brazillia: B2
FIP : Sélection musiques électroniques, Volume 1
FM4 Soundselection: 19
FM4 Soundselection: 4
FM4 Soundselection: 5
FM4 Soundselection: 8
Freestyle Big Beatz Session 2
Freestyle Files, Volume 3: New Beat Science, The
Freezone 4: Dangerous Lullabies
Frequent Flyer: Kingston, Jamaica
Frost & Wagner Remixes
Future Sound of Jazz, Vol. 4, The
Future Sound of Jazz, Volume 3, The
Future Sounds of Jazz, Vol. 6
Future Sounds of Jazz, Volume 6
G-Stone Book
Gala City Sounds: Berlin Lounge
Global Underground Afterhours 3
Global Underground: Afterhours 3
Goa Berlin 2001
Greetings From Oslo
Guate Laune
Gute Laune
Hed Kandi: Winter Chill 2
Heidi Bruehl (Sa-Ra remix)
Hemispheres: By James Pearl
Hemmesphere Four
Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions, Volume 3
Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions, Volume 4
Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions: The Second Chapter
High Performance 2
Hit-Giganten: Best of Summer Chill, Die
Hôtel Costes 1999–2007: The Anniversary Boxset
Hôtel Costes, Volume 14
Hôtel Costes, Volume 6
Hôtel Costes, Volume 8
Hôtel Costes: A Decade 1999-2009
Hotel De Paris
Hotel de Paris - Deluxe Parisian Grooves
Hotel De Paris Sampler
Hotel St. Tropez
Hotel Voyeur
Hugo Boss 115, Champs Elysees - By Malik Alary (disc 1)
Ibiza Fever 2007
Ibiza Grooves: The Best in Chill and Club Sounds
Ibiza Tranquil: Mixed by Jose Maria (disc 2)
Ibiza: The History of Chillout
Ibiza: The Sunset Sessions
Intelligent Music Favorites, Volume 8
Jazz Boutique 2: Sounds for the Urban Adventure
Jazz Nouveau - Nu Cool Jazz and Beyond
Jazzpresso Vol. 1
John Lee Huber (Burnt Friedman mix)
Junglized 2: Beauty and the Beat
Just My Humanity
Karma Collection: Sunrise, The
Kevin & Perry 'Go Large'
Kevin & Perry Go Large
King Size Dub, Volume 7
Kontor: Sunset Chill
Kontor: Sunset Chill, Volume 4
Kontor: Sunset Chill, Volume 5
Kulturkantine - Contemporary Jazz Lounge Session
Kulturkantine: The Latin Lounge Session
Kulturspiegel: My Generation (disc 26: Chillout & Café 2000)
Kuschellounge 3
Late Night Chill
Lazy Hours, Volume 4
Lead With the Bass: Club
Lebensart music.two
Lido Lounge - Campari Retreat - Sessions With Ice
Lido Lounge - Campari Retreat - Sessions With Spritz!
Lifestyle2: Chill Lounge 2
Listening Room, Volume 1, The
Lounge Couture
Lounge Couture, Volume 2
Lounge Couture, Volume 3
Lounge for Lovers
Lounge for Lovers 2
Love Boat (Shanti Roots & Scheibosan Distraction version)
Marek Niedźwiecki i Agnieszka Szydłowska prezentują: Chillout Cafe
Me & Yoko Ono
Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 11
Mezzanine de l'Alcazar, La
Miedzy Nami Cafe, Volume 3
Miedzy Nami Cafe, Volume 4
Millennium Jazz Two
Mind the Gap: Ultimate Breaks & Beats, Vol. 2
Mindness Lounge
Ministry of Sound: Chillout Sessions 8
Ministry of Sound: Late Night Sessions
Mission Mini
Modern Jazz Movement MJ5
Modern Mood (West Elm Sampler)
Mosquito Bar IV
Moxa, Volume I - Follow the X
MTV Lounge, Volume 3
Music at... Moonlight
Music For Chaise Loungues
Music for Cocktails: Fashion Show
Music for Urban Lovers (disc 2)
Musikexpress 13: Compost Records
Musikexpress 42: !K7
New Jazz Deluxe 2
New Masters Series Vol. 1 Bottin: Discoursive Diversions
Nice & Decent 2
Nightflight: A Long Smooth Dalliance in Music
NIL: Schall & Rauch, Volume 2
No Showdown
Nu Jazz Anthology
Nu Jazz, Vol. 3
Nu Jazz, Volume 2
Nu Reggae
Oorgasm 12
Orient Express
pas dans mon rythme (paris, 2008)
Perla Black Label, La
Playboy Lounge
Playground, Volume 1
Playground, Volume 3
Presents Deluxe 3
Private Lounge 4
Private Lounge 5
Privé II: The Lounge Anthology
Punta Del Este Sunset
Purobeach, Volumen Uno (disc 1: Día)
Pyjama (Stereotyp Need No PJ's mix)
Rangali Island
Rebirth of Cool
Richard Dorfmeister - The Missing G-Stone Mix
Rolf Royce
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 36
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 18: Electricity: TripHopDubFunkAmbientAusWienUndUmgebung
Room Service
Rough Guide to Global Dance, The
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café, Volume 7
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café: Paris
Salinas Sessions, The
Seleccion Natural
Sensual Bedtime 2
Serious Dropout Step Three-Wake the Town and Dub the People!
Sessions Summer 2007
Siesta II Sunset at Mambo Cafe
Sinners Lounge: Pure Pleasure
Sixteen F**king Years of G-Stone Recordings
Skin Is In
Slow Mo
Solar Spectrums 2
Sound of Milano Fashion, Volume 5, The
Sounds Like Trip Hop, Volume 1
Space Jazz
Space Night Vol. VI
Space Night Vol. VIII
Stars on 33, Volume 1: Aim
Stereo Pictures Vol. 05
Stud!o K7 vs. Dazed & Confused
Summer Chill Classics
Summer Lounge: Chill Out Classics
Superrob (Frost & Wagner Street mix)
Superrob (Haaksman & Haaksman mix)
Supperclub 10 The End
Supperclub 7 Presents Cruise
Supperclub Presents Lounge 1
This is Acid Jazz: Trip Hop & Jazz V.2
Trax, Volume 60
Trip Hop Anthology
Trip Hop Music
Trip Hop Music - The Must Have Selection 01
Trip Hop Shop
Trip-Hop Anthology
Trip-Hop Classics 1993–2009
Trip-Hop Vibes
Triphoprisy II
Ultimate Chill Out
Ultimate Chillout
Ultimate Chillout Classics Album, The
Ultimate Late Night Lounge Album, The
Ultimate Lounge
Ultra.Chilled 02
Ultra.Chilled 04
UltraLounge - Succulent Chilled Beats
Underground Music Collection Vol. 4 - Trip-Hop
Very Serious Smokin', Volume 2
Vienna Scientists III: A Mighty Good Feeling
Vienna Scientists IV: Five Years of Solid Grooves
Virtual Brazilia
Voodoo Roux
Wallpaper Mach 1.5
Weekend in Paris, A
Wind Down
Word of Mouth: June 2005
Xclusive Ibiza Chill
Yoga One
Zen Electro
Zwei Jahre FM4 Soundpark