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James Young Simpson (British obstetrician)
James Young Simpson (Brits arts (1811-1870))
James Young Simpson (médico)
James Young Simpson (médico escocês)
James Young Simpson (medico scozzese)
James Young Simpson (obstétricien écossais)
James Young Simpson (schottischer Arzt)
Simpson, J. Y.
Simpson, J. Y. (Sir)
Simpson, Jam. Y.
Simpson, James
Simpson, James Y.
Simpson, James Young
Simpson, James Young (Sir)
Simpson, James Young (Sir, bart)
Джеймс Янг Симпсон
جيمس يانج سيمبسون
जेम्स यंग सिंपसन
सर् जेम्स् सिम्सन्
জেমস ইয়াং সিম্পসন
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Black, James Watt (1840-1918)
Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)
Morton, William Thomas Green (1819-1868))
Priestley, William Overend Sir, 1829-1900
Simpson, Alexander Russell (1835-1916)
Simpson, James Young Sir, 1811-1870
Simpson, Walter Grindlay (1843-1898)
Smith, Protheroe (1809-1889)
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Storer, Horatio Robinson (1830-1922)
Stuart, John (1813-1877)
Account of a new anæsthetic agent, as a substitute for sulphuric ether in surgery and midwifery
Acupressure a new method of arresting surgical haemorrhage and of accelerating the healing of wounds
Anæsthesia, hospitalism, hermaphroditism, and a proposal to stamp out small-pox and other contagious diseases.
Antiquarian notices of syphilis in Scotland in the 15th and 16th centuries
Archaeological essays
Archæology : its past and its future work ; being the annual address to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, given January 28, 1861
Case of amputation of the neck of the womb followed by pregnancy with remarks on the pathology and radical treatment of the cauliflower excrescence from the os uteri
Classics of medicine and surgery formerly titled "Epoch-making contributions to medicine, surgery and the allied sciences
Clinical lectures on the diseases of women
Contributions to intra-uterine pathology.
Des médecins attachés aux armées romaines
Edinburgh medical and surgical journal
Henry Drummond
Homoeopathy : Its tenets and tendencies theoretical, theological, and therapeutical
Hospitalism its effects on the results of surgical operations, etc
Is the Great Pyramid of Gizeh a metrological monument?
l'acupressure, méthode nouvelle de réprimer les hémorrhagies chirurgicales et d'accélérer la cicatrisation des plaies, De
List of the preparations, casts, drawings, instruments, obstetric machinery, &c. contained in Dr. J.Y. Simpson's museum, and employed by him in the illustration of his lectures on midwifery ....
Memoir on the sex of the child as a cause of difficulty and danger in human parturition
Notes on some ancient Greek medical vases for containing lykion and on the modern use of the same drug in India
Notes on the inhalation of sulphuric ether in the practice of midwifer
Notes on the progress of acupressure
NUC pre-1956:
obstetric memoirs and contributions of James Y. Simpson, The : edited by W.O. Priestley, ... and Horatio R. Storer.
Obstetrical statistics : &c. A second letter in reply to Dr. Collins, president of the King and Queen's College of Physicians, Ireland.
On ancient sculpturings of cups and concentric rings, & c.
On the duration of labour as a cause of mortality and danger to the mother and infant, etc. : in reply to a letter of Dr. Collins
On the relative danger to life from limb-amputations in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, and in country practice
Pathological observations on the diseases of the placenta.
Physicans and Physics. -
Physicians and physic; three addresses : I. On the duties of young physicians. II. On the prospects of young physicians. III. On the modern advancement of physic
Remarks on the conduct and duties of young physicians addressed to the Edinburgh medical graduates of 1842, on the occasion of their receiving their medical degree, at the annual public meeting of the senatus academicus of the University, held on the 1st of August
Remarks on the superinduction of anaesthesia in natural and morbid parturition: with cases illustrative of the use and effects of chloroform in obstetric practice.
Report of the Edinburgh Royal maternity hospital from 1844 to 1846
Scriptural authority for the mitigation of the pains of labour, by chloroform, and other anaesthetic agents
Selected obstetrical and gynecological works
Sir James Young Simpson and chloroform, 1897
Spiritual interpretation of nature, The